Episode Highlights:

  • 00:04 – Reviewing Of Specific Cryptocurrencies
  • 02:11 – Huge Referrals On Binance
  • 06:31 – Ncash Coin
  • 07:30 – Ncash; Nucleus Vision
  • 08:12 – Introducing Nucleus Vision
  • 08:30 – Nucleus Vision Retail Phase 1
  • 08:43 – How Does Nucleus Vision Work?
  • 10:06 – Nucleus Iot Sensors
  • 11:17 – Live Data Feed
  • 11:35 – The Ion Ease
  • 12:02 – Company
  • 12:15 – How Does The Nucleus Vision Work?
  • 13:23 – Where Is The Company Based?
  • 14:28 – Ncash On Coin Market Cap
  • 15:00 – Ncash Chart

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Hey guys, what’s up? It’s Dan again from cryptocamacho.com


And today I have something really special for you guys. I want to start something new, and I want to start reviewing specific cryptocurrencies, or specific coins based on how popular a coin may be. and you ask how am I going to determine the popularity of a particular coin right? I could always go to coin market cap, I could look at the prices of certain coins, and do reviews of different cryptocurrencies that way, but I actually want to use a much more unique method of really helping you guys discover new cryptocurrencies, new tokens, new coins, and really help you guys understand what these new coins are, and what they’re all about, and how popular these coins are. So, what I really want to do guys show you exactly what I’m talking about. So, first, I want to explain something to you guys. So, I think I’ve made a video before on this, but I have a Binance account right. I’ve been on Binance since the very, very beginning. I started promoting Binance when they first launched their platform, their cryptocurrency trading platform. If you don’t know Binance, you’ve been living under a rock for a little while. Binance is a cryptocurrency trading platform, where you could buy, sell, and trade different cryptocurrencies like Binance, Ethereum, Lite coins so forth and so on right. And so, since I’ve been a Binance member for quite some time now, I’ve actually been part of the referral program for a while as well. And by being part of the referral program, I’ve actually gone in amassed up to 948 referrals on the program. And so, what does that actually mean? So, anytime somebody clicks a link that I provide my Binance referral link which is right here. I will get a very small commission 20% of a transaction fee, from those people that have signed up as my referrals under me, under my Binance account right. And you can see that every day I’m getting a small amount of commission for different purchases that happen right. Today there have been some purchases of Bitcoin, of Nano, of BNB so forth and so on. And I get these very, very small Commissions every day. And you can see they’re very small right. They’re fractions of a Bitcoin, or fractions of different cryptocurrencies, and every day I get these commissions.


And so I’m making this video to brag about Commission’s or brag about the number of referrals I have for Binance. Although I am very happy with the number of referrals I do have. So, thank you guys for using my link. If you do want to use my link to sign up for Binance, it’s in the video. A notes below, but that’s not really why I want to talk about referrals today. So, every time I get a commission, because of my referrals, and because my referrals are buying different cryptocurrencies on Binance; what typically happens is I’m getting a lot of new coins coming into my Binance account, coming into my wallet that I may have never even known existed there before. And let me just show you an example. Let me pull up my Binance account. So, this is my Binance depositing withdrawals wallets. These are my wallets. I’m not going to show you the balance of my wallet for all of these cryptocurrencies, but you can see because of these referrals I have a lot of different

cryptocurrencies in my Bianance account right. Most of these are very, very low in value. They’re you know under $10. They’re not really anything high, but what I’m doing is, I’m accumulating different amounts of cryptocurrencies, ranging you know throughout different cryptocurrencies. And I must have probably you know gosh a couple hundred different cryptocurrencies on here. And every day, I go into my account and I look at what cryptocurrencies are starting to accumulate. What cryptocurrencies are starting to really you know show up, and really starting to be built out? And how many cryptocurrencies and tokens am I accumulating for each of these different tokens? That I’m getting through commissions, through the Binance referral program. And you can see that I have you know things like Ncash, [inaudible, 03:49], Iota. A lot of these I have not even purchased myself. I mean some of them I have obviously, I’ve purchased TRON, purchased POE, LEND and some of these other ones. But as you start going down the list, and these are sorted by the number of tokens, I have for each of these cryptocurrencies right. So, if it was from top to bottom, let’s say TRON, I have 100 coins, and let’s say at the bottom. I have you know one BTM coin right. As an example that’s not my actual balances, but that’s an example right. And every time somebody uses my Binance link to go in and do a trade on Binance I will get that Commission and it will come into my Binance account right. And so, what happens if, what has been happening over several months is that, I’ve been accumulating coins you know across the board from different referrals that are just buying these coins on under my Binance account right. And so, when that happens I’m starting to accumulate coins like Ncash coins, or FUND coins, or Storm coins. and half the time I don’t even know what these cryptocurrencies are like, I don’t even know what a lot of these are, I don’t know what ELF is, I don’t know what ZRX is, I don’t know what DLT is, I don’t know what a lot of these different cryptocurrencies are. I don’t know what they do. But what I’d like to start doing on this YouTube channel every week, I would like to start going into my Binance account, looking at tokens that I’m noticing are starting to accumulate in total volume of coins that I have and then I’m going to do a review on that particular cryptocurrency so, you guys know what it is. The reason I’m doing this and my logic is that you know if I have a thousand referrals just shy of a thousand referrals in certain coins that are starting to stand out to me and starting to rise to the top. That means to me that there’s enough people in my pool of referrals that are buying certain coins and why are they buying certain coins right. Likely because that coin is either really popular, it has some potential to go up in value; people are talking about it a lot in the blogosphere, on the internet so forth and so on. Or somebody has purchased a very large volume of coins, which then a fraction of that volume of coins ends up in my Binance account right. So it’s an indication or an indicator to me that these coins are popular in one way or another, and that they have potential to go up. So when I’m starting to now look at cryptocurrencies to invest in you know new ones that I should be investing, and watching and so forth. I’m now using this as a gauge to tell me okay, yesterday I didn’t see Ncash up here, today I’m seeing Ncash up there. It looks like somebody’s purchasing a lot of Ncash. Why are they purchasing a lot of Ncash? Is there something I don’t know about Ncash? What is Ncash right? And so I’m going to start looking at these high popularity coins, and doing reviews of these coins.

06:31 – NCASH COIN

And so, today the first one I want to do a review of is Ncash. And the reason I’m skipping all these others up here TRON, POE, LEND, and ICX, SUB, blobby, because these coins are all coins that I have bought into, and that I’m holding for the long run right. So, I’m holding these coins more or less the ones below this; I’m not necessarily holding with the exception of IOTA and XVG I’m not necessarily holding them. I’ve just been accumulating them through my referral program right. So, I’m going to start with Ncash. And I’m going to do a review of Ncash, tell you what it is, tell you what the market cap is, what the price is, what I think the potential is of Ncash. And I’d love to know if you guys like this methodology for reviewing coins? I want to know if it helps you to discover new coins. You know if you’ve known about these coins, or not as I review them on a weekly basis. I’d love to know if there are any coins specifically that you would like me to. If there are, please leave a comment in the YouTube comments there. And I will definitely start reviewing coins that people want me to review.


So, anyway let’s jump into it right. I’m going to jump in Ncash which is nucleus vision. And I don’t even know what nucleus vision is. I’ve never seen it. I have heard of it, but I’ve never seen it actually before in practice. So, I’m going to go and go to nucleus visions website. Its nucleus.vision and this is the nucleus website right. Can you tell who entered your building? We can. Wow! Sounds kind of intriguing right, the company is backed by Tim Draper and by a couple other partners. Tim Draper if you guys don’t know, he’s the one who invented the internet. He invented the World Wide Web. So, definitely a heavy hitter, big player trusted by hundreds of brands GAP, and these are all retail outlets. So, that’s pretty intriguing right. This company is being backed by multiple retail outlets. So, what do they actually do right?


Introducing nucleus vision founded at Harvard University. Another plus, nucleus vision is an IOT-based contactless identification system that empowers retailers to identify and better serve their customers right. Well, that’s pretty interesting, but that doesn’t really tell me much what does nucleus vision actually does.


Nucleus vision retail phase 1 in-store customer identification and personalization, security monitoring so forth. So, let’s jump down and see if we could find you know what actually you know Ncash or nucleus vision is.


How does nucleus vision work? Okay, this should tell us something right. Nucleus vision they have installed ion sensors. The ion sensor identifies customers, sends data over secure orbit layer, creates real-time personas, and gets a recommendation. Okay, so what it sounds like to me is that, there’s going to be some sort of device that sits in a retail store, that has a sensor on it, and when customers walk into that store, they will be identified by their Smartphone, or by something else in that data from their Smartphone or smart phones right, or if it be, or App, or watch, or whatever devices they may have on at the time. That data will be then submitted or transferred to this device that Ncash or nucleus vision is building right. And then that data will then be sent over to the Blockchain or data layer that’s stored on the Blockchain in that particular retail outlet. We’ll be able to create a persona of that customer in real time based on other customers that are similar to that customer that walked into the store right now. And what this will allow the retail stores to do is, it’ll allow them to give certain discounts, or specific coupons, or product recommendations for customers that fit within a particular profile or persona, customer persona right. A particular demographic, or audience category if you will right. So, that’s pretty interesting. That’s pretty cool. I had no idea this even existed right.


Nucleus IOT sensors; don’t depend on RFD, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or even facial recognition technologies to operate. No app required; no barriers to adoption, no Wi-Fi. So, I’m not quite sure how they’re going to get the data, but that’s how they’re going to do it. And we’ll read a little bit more here in a seconds. The CEO and founder is Abhishek Pitti. looks like they have a strong team. They have some Ted speakers a big team here. You can look at all their LinkedIn profiles. It looks like the CMO of Levi’s is endorsing this company, which is a very, very good thing. Chief design officer at Ted is endorsing this company. Illinois’s Institute of Technology at University is endorsing this company. All very, very good signs, very positive signs that lead me to believe that this is a solid company; with a solid vision more and more partners, Intel, Vodafone .Wow! This can’t get any better right. And featured in all these different popular news outlet, often you’ll see a cryptocurrency and it’s featured on all these cryptocurrency related blogs, or news outlets. But not in real world like big news outlets, like Fox, BBC, Business Insider, Nasdaq market, watch these are all huge companies right; Huge, huge companies, huge publications that people are reading, another very good and bullish signs right.


Live data feed. Oh! Looks like they’re already live in 10 retail stores, looks like they’re already processing data in their system; it looks like they’ve already been offering offers to people as well. Wow, this is looking very, very interesting, but I still want to know how this actually works right.

11:35 – THE ION EASE    

So, product; let’s go quickly look at the product right. The ion ease yep I’m right. Is it a device right? So, there’s a device placed into retail stores, and it looks like that device then picks up data about a customer, and then does all this personalization and so forth and so on. Looks like they…let’s to look at the technology really quick. Actually, what I really like to look at is the FAQs to see if they….

12:02 – COMPANY

Okay, the company what does nucleus vision do? Nucleus vision is an Indian technologies solution that captures and provides previously an accent accessible data to retailers, and other brick-and-mortar businesses through its proprietary Blockchain real-time sensor technology.


How does the nucleus vision work? Nucleus vision has created a proprietary sensor technology that can uniquely identify customers, and detects temperature, pressure, motion, acceleration, and sound within its vicinity. The sensor can identify any customer in a physical store without Bluetooth, WI-Fi or GPS protocols, and is completely seamless and frictionless. Our IOT sensor technology is able to detect mobile phones as they pass through storefronts or any other location where a sensor is set up. Wow! So, I’ve seen something like this similar at events, at conferences, that conferences they sometimes will have sensors, or what they call beacons you know strategically placed throughout the conference. So, that the admins of the conference the marketers of the conference, the salespeople can figure out, and find out where all the traffic is going to the conference. Where are people you know aggregating? Where are people all meeting up? Where are people…what classes are people attending? And workshops are people attending. Very effectively used in the event environment right. at live events, at live conferences. I think it works really, really well and it looks like these people nucleus vision is moving it to the Blockchain, which is actually pretty a pretty interesting idea right.


And where is the company based? I’m curious. San Jose California and in India very cool. Because I am located in California myself, not too far away from San Jose Bay Area; I’d love to go and visit these folks at some point or another, but right now I’m just discovering what they are on their telegram account. They have over 90 thousand followers. That is very, very big compared to many other cryptocurrencies on their Twitter account; let’s see how many followers they have 52,000 followers. So, this company is definitely, definitely heating up, definitely on the right track profitability. Let’s look at some charts, now that we know what Ncash actually is, and what they do. Now I can start to understand why this is starting to pop up in my Binance account right. Ncash is going towards the top, and I will tell you, I have hundreds of n cash coins or tokens and I have not purchased Ncash tokens at all, ever didn’t even know what they were before today. But now I’m actually considering purchasing some of the coins because they are so intriguing of a business plan.


So, I’m on corn market cap right now, I’m going to go and search for Ncash to see where they are. They’re number 88 in overall market capitalization compared to other cryptocurrencies. So, they’re still pretty far down on the list, but out of thousands of cryptocurrencies, 88 are actually not too bad. They have a market cap today of 110,000 oh! Sorry 110 million market cap today, priced at about 0.2 cents, Almost 3 cents about 2 cents, 21/2 cents. Ncash is worth today and lets’s go and look at a chart all right.


So, here’s NCash’s chart. Obviously, when the ICO…they started way up here, and they’ve dropped pretty significantly since they’re at their ICO and but the entire market has right, the entire market has crashed completely. And they launched their ICO February 26, which is when everything was tanking as well right. So, they definitely took a hit from that. and so, we’ve seen them go down a bit since then this chart though is actually quite interesting, it’s been going up and down now for probably almost a month. And it looks like recovery is in sight; as with all other cryptocurrencies. I’m thinking that this is the trend upward. If you look down right here, we have…let me do a different chart here, because it’s kind of hard to alright. So, if you look down here, we have a low right here. We have a low here, a low here, and then another low here right. So, these are looking like they’re starting to come up a bit. I don’t know for sure obviously, but it does look like they’re coming up right. And at two cents this seems like a very, very good price point, even if you get in on the short term. And you look at you know what some quick gains could be. You know we could easily go up 5 to 10% as the market is starting to recover overall for cryptocurrency. So, definitely a good time to buy Ncash if you’re interested; again I’m not a financial adviser, I’m not a CPA, this is not financial advice, but I do think Ncash has a lot of potential. And I am very, very bullish on Ncash especially at the 2 cent price tag. I am going to go and buy some Ncash right now. Because I am so bullish on Ncash and yeah, anyway I hope you guys you know understand what I’m doing here. So, what I did is, I went to my Binance account and I looked at all my referrals that I have every day. I’m getting new cryptocurrencies coming in. a lot of people are buying cryptocurrencies every day, and I’m getting a small percentage of Commission whenever somebody buys those cryptocurrencies and people have been buying Ncash like crazy. Which means that Ncash is likely very popular; I want to go look over at social mention, because I do want to see if there is any social sentiment data that I can look at to tell me whether or not Ncash is popular or not right. Very, very well rounded 24 % strength, 22% passion, 24 % reach and a 10 to 1 positive sentiment right, 19 positive, 1 negative very, very good this is a really good chart to look at it’s Ncash right. And if you guys want, if I go over to cryptocamacho.com/sentiment, I’ve actually aggregated all the information from social mention here. I’ve aggregated it into a chart on cryptocamacho.com/sentiment which you can go and check out right here. And if you go and look at this page, you’ll notice that cryptocurrency is under $1 Ncash should pop up here, because it has very, very good strong metrics right. So, I’m going to look nucleus there. It is nucleus vision right? So, it’s not very far down has a lot of positive sentiment here. Actually, it is pretty far down on the list, but I would think it’d be higher than data is a…oh sorry that’s a little bit old of a data. Let’s go check up here real quick Ncash okay alright. So, it’s only it’s only down in there. Okay so, you can check that out if you guys want but it. Looks like it’s got very, very good potential when numbers are all very rounded like this, and we don’t see any zeros that’s a really good sign for me; as I’ve been watching these the sentiment analysis here. It’s a good sign for me. So, anyway guys that are how it’s working. That’s what Ncash is. Nucleus vision checks it out. I’m bullish on it, and if you want to know more let me know. I could do a deeper dive into this cryptocurrency, but want to do at least help you guys discover this, because I think there’s a lot of potential in this cryptocurrency at current price of 2 cents almost 3 cents right. I’m Dan from cryptocamacho.com, if you haven’t signed up already, please click on the red subscribe button below. This video and I will see you guys next time. Later guys.