Episode Highlights:

  • 00:07 – Bitxoxo Exchange
  • 01:55 – Bitxoxo Ico
  • 03:24 – Blockchain Bitcoin Exchange
  • 04:58 – Bitxoxo Platform
  • 05:35 – Benefits Of Bitxoxo
  • 07:01 – Bitxoxo Gift Card
  • 07:56 – Bitxoxo App
  • 08:08 – Bitxoxo Ico Launch Pad
  • 08:19 – Bch-Altcoin Marketplace
  • 08:58 – Bitcoin Cash (Bch) E-University Certification Program
  • 09:12 – Bitcoin Cash (Bch) Pos App
  • 09:27 – Token Structure
  • 10:53 – Bitxoxowhitepaper

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Hey, what’s up, guys? It’s Dan again for cryptoCamacho.com where each day I help you make more money in the cryptocurrency space.


Today guys I want to review a new exchange that’s about to be built right now in the crypto land. There’s a bunch of different types of exchanges being built right. There are decentralized exchanges being built. There’s Binance, Poloniex, Bitrex. I mean the numbers of exchanges are really kind of blowing up and they’re going throughout a number of different countries right. China is very active, Japan is active, the US is active, and Europe we have a few going on there, India so forth and so on. And different types of exchanges are popping up left and right. I want to talk about one exchange today that I think is pretty interesting. They’re launching an ICO. The exchange I’m talking about is a BitXOXO exchange. And it is an exchange based in India. And it’s going to be a primarily Bitcoin cash pairing exchange at least initially and you’ll see here why in a second here. But it’s going to be one of the fastest growing exchanges pairing with Bitcoin cash opposed to Bitcoin core. So, that’s pairing with BCH versus BTC. I think that in itself is pretty interesting, because of what’s going on with Bitcoin cash and what is actually happening with Bitcoin cash. A lot of development of applications, a point of sale solutions, different apps to text message Bitcoin to people. The economy, the network, the ecosystem for Bitcoin cash is growing and is rapidly expanding very quickly. And it’s very interesting to see Bitxoxo you know dedicating and building in exchange primarily for BCH or Bitcoin cash pairings at least initially right. They’re trying to expand the number of pairings so that not all altcoins and cryptocurrencies are really paired with Bitcoin itself because we all know that affects the price pretty significantly when Bitcoin goes up and down. So, anyway let’s go through this just a little bit. I do want to talk about the actual platform and how differentiates.

 01:55 – BITXOXO ICO

First I want you to know there is a token sale. They’ve already hit 62% of their soft cap. There are five more days for the pre ICO token sale where you’re going to get some incentives and some additional tokens for participating now in the program. And so, that’s what’s going on now. They already have a good user base; they already have a product and I think an exchange you can actually use and I’ll show you here in just a second. If you go to their Twitter account and their telegram account you can see that it is growing very quickly. You could see that the exchange is going quickly. The social media channels are going pretty quickly. I don’t like this loading but there are already 20,000 followers right. And they haven’t even launched their ICO yet on Twitter right there are 20,000, there are 12 thousand followers on the telegram. So, this ICO is going to do well because they already have a following that’s a really key factor in launching an ICO and raising funds for an ICO. It’s almost like you got to build the audience and then build the ICO after you build the audience as with any product or service right. The better time is to have an audience and if you have an audience then if you launch a product or service that fits that audience specifically, you’re going to be a lot more successful at raising money and at you know being successful launching your product or service or whatever it is. This is definitely noted here by just looking at a 62% already reached on their soft cap right. So, very interesting but let’s look at the actual exchange itself and let’s look at what it actually does different right than other exchanges that are out there.


Blockchain Bitcoin exchange; here are some of the features of the exchange itself. The team itself has been the encrypted currency for about 15 years. They’ve been you know almost since the beginning. They’re veterans at cryptocurrency and at exchanges. The platform itself while fast execution real-time trading as with any other exchange. flexible interface which I think is very, very important. And I’m really interested to see the interface because I’ve been using KuCoin lately and man that interface sucks. It is a terrible interface which makes it difficult to trade right. So, I’m hoping Bitxoxo it has a better interface than KuCoin and some of them do Binance has a really good interface. Some of them do have a good interface but KuCoin, I just don’t like it right. Mobile optimized, Blockchain Technology, very good support 24/7 support. Another very important thing we all know that Coinbase support is terrible, it’s probably by far the worst. We know that Binance, Poloniex all of the exchanges, their support is terrible. So, it’s very promising to see this. I hope they kind of go through and live up to what they’re saying and promising here. Okay so, they already have a hundred thousand active customers and I’ll show you a minute why? They already have a product. They already have a platform which is why they already have so many customers right. Trading is going to be at 0.1% fees whereas Binance, Bitrex, others do I usually at 0.2 or 0.3% fees. So, that’s attractive in and of itself right. Because if you’re making a $50,000 trade, your fees are going to be about $500,000 sorry about 250 on one side of each trade right. So, you’re going to have quite a bit of fee. So, that’s very good to see that there.


Okay so, let’s see the platform itself is in exchange and they offer the widest spectrum of services for both people in India and outside of India. You can easily buy and sell Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. You can easily buy them for your family with within minutes right. They don’t necessarily need to do KYC. And Bixoxo is the first the world’s first company to launch a Bitcoin physical gift card. This is pretty intriguing to me and I’ll talk about it more in here in a second, but also they’ll be incorporating…excuse me let me pauses this for a second. Oops sorry about that almost lost it there a second ago. But okay let’s go on with more of the benefits what the platform is it’s up right.


So, they’re going to be launching a gift card strictly based on Bitcoin right. There Bitcoin cash then they’re going to create a point-of-sale system for merchants. They’re going to be able to incorporate and integrate with point-of-sale systems for merchants which are very, very interesting right. They’re going to offer a Bitcoin payment gateway for e-commerce websites which is awesome because I want a payment gateway and they’re going to offer travel portals recharges and shopping. So, it looks like this exchange is not only going to be a cryptocurrency exchange but they’re going to start integrating into other decentralized applications. They’re going to be integrating with e-commerce shops. They’re going to begin integrating with financial services like gift cards and merchant services. They’re going to be offering payment gateways. I mean this is huge. This is big for me. I’ve tried the Coinbase e-commerce solution not great. I’ve tried the Bitpay e-commerce solution; it’s okay not bad right. But not great I’m looking for something a lot more robust. I’m hoping this platform can deliver that, but very exciting that they’re thinking beyond the exchange right. Beyond the exchange where they’re going to actually incorporate and integrate all of their technology that they’re offering on the exchange level into other applications and services to make the experience seamless between buying, selling, transacting, moving you know gifting Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. They’re trying to make that smoother and easier which is needed in the crypto space. To improve and increase user adoption another smart move Bitcoin cash. I’m pretty sure they’re involved in this as well right.


Okay so, let’s see the Bitxoxo gift card. It is the first exchange in the world to launch a crypto prepaid gift card for users. It’s a physical gift card similar to the cards available with e-commerce website for shopping. Any Bitcoin users can buy a gift card for their self, family and other Bitcoin web. Okay so, looks like you’re going to be able to buy a gift card with cryptocurrency and then give it to somebody in your family or anybody right. And they can just spend it as if they would spend anything else right. Very intriguing, very interesting way to get more adoption with Bitcoin is to put it in the gifting industry right. Safeway Blackhawk and network is really Blackhawk Network which is a subsidiary of Safeway is one of the largest financial services in the world. They do gift cards all over the board. This would fit very, very nicely with what they’re trying to achieve right. So, another partnership in the making, I can see that being very strong and since I used to work there I should actually maybe make a connection here because I think I can.


Anyway okay so, the Bitxoxo app. they’re going to be building an app to boot, to do trading if you’ve used Binance and any of the other exchange apps today. They aren’t very good, they’re okay but they’re not great. And so I’m hoping that’s going to be successful here.


And then ICO a launch pad for other Blockchain products. That is based on the Bitcoin cash Blockchain technology. They’re going to be launching that as well.


BCH-Altcoin marketplace. So, they’re trying to you know shift altcoin marketplaces being tied to Bitcoin to be tied to Bitcoin cash. Another very smart move of Bitcoin cash and if they’re successful, it’s going to disrupt Bitcoin in a way because not all coins are going to be paired with a Bitcoin itself right. So, that is very, very exciting and you’re going to be able to convert your Bitcoin cash into other fiat currencies or into other cryptocurrencies through atomic swaps which is coming right. It’s when you can convert your cryptocurrency into whatever else you want on the fly on a chain on the Blockchain itself right. Bitcoin cash is setting that up now.


Bitcoin cash (BCH) E-University certificate program; it looks like they’re trying to get the public more aware of what cryptocurrency is and they’re offering a certification program to do that, which I think is awesome.


The Bitcoin cash POS app which is coming, which is all laid out right here to offer merchants a solution to accept cryptocurrency there; they’re going to be setting up an incubator, a debit card similar to others. So, they’re just doing a number of things right.


And their token structure, the ICO. This is how it’s structured; they’ll have a total supply of 20,000,000 coins. It’ll be based on the Ethereum ERC 20 Blockchain at this point in time. And they’re going to be launching an ICO with it right. If you get in the pre-sale you get a 25% discount. You’re going to buy tokens at $1.5 versus $2 at the ICO sale. So, if you get in now you have an opportunity right here. Let’s see what else and their roadmap right. all kinds of goodies right here and they got an experienced team. So, you should definitely check out their team. I’m not going to go through all of them but they have a very, very veteran experienced team. They’re going to be at different events very established well-oiled machine here. I want to show you also they have a product that’s already out right. You go to bitxoxo.com. You’re going to be able to sign up to their platform and start using their exchange. you’re going to start being able to use their app itself .and you’re going to be able to get information and start using the payment solution that they have built already as well right. So I’m going to try this out myself. I’m going to try it and see if it works right. I’m going to try their POS. I’m going to try their merchant services. I’m going to try a number of things, their exchange see how it works right. I’ll let you guys know how it goes right, so the launch pad coming soon. They’re building this all out as we speak, but sign up to get access to this as well.


That’s just an article about it and their white paper very well written forty page white paper talks all about what their vision is, and how they’re going to achieve their vision with this broad big vision that they do have. Okay so, yeah read over the white paper. I think it’s uh it’s worth a read and I’m actually very bullish on Bitxoxo.  I was bullish and even after doing this review now; I’m even more bullish just because I think that there’s going to be a lot of potentials. I don’t like the fact that it starts at $2 for an ICO. I think that’s quite high, but if we are in a bear market, I would say be cautious of that considering we’re in a bear…sorry in a bull market right now. And things are starting to ship and go upwards in the cryptocurrency space. I think it’s actually not a bad time to get into ICOs that have a little bit higher of a price point. I think that’s okay and the supply on these coins is quite low as well. So, I also think that’s okay, but just something to consider right. So, again I’m Dan from cryptocamacho.com hopefully this has been useful for you guys? Let me know what you think and subscribe by clicking on that little red button below. See you guys