Episode Highlights:

  • 00:03 – Yours.Org
  • 01:23 – You Can Buy Into Additional Content

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Hey, what’s up, guys? It’s Dan again from Crypto Camacho

00:03 – YOURS.ORG

And hey guys right now I literally just signed up for a new platform called yours.org. so, yours.org it’s kind of a new version or a new social network kind of like steamit, but it’s based on Bitcoin cash and it’s a social network. It’s a social community where you get paid for the content you produce. So, if you can see right here on the screen, there are blog posts basically that people have posted and you can see the kind of right here there are people that are voting for how much money this particular post should be paid for this particular content right. So, there are a couple different ways you can earn money on yours.org. You can publish just like a blog post right. And I’ll just click on one for example. You can publish a blog post like this like you would on any type of blogging platform. And you can see it’s just a blog post right. And then people go to the bottom of your post or the top view of your post right and they actually can upvote your post. And you can earn $0.25 right. And so that’s kind of one way you can also tip people for the content they produce at $0.25. And so, you can see there have been a number of people that have either voted or tipped. And you know this particular article and blog post has actually made some money right. So, that’s kind of the first thing.


The second thing is that you can buy into additional content right behind a paywall. So, the paywalls are blocked by a Buy button right here. Look this is a Buy button for example and if you buy this, if you click to buy you can actually you can actually go and buy whatever content it is behind this paywall. And the author of the content can actually make some money right. And then you can see the reviews of people that are saying it is or it is not worth paying for. And you can see the amount of money people have actually paid to view this content behind the wall. You can see how many people have tipped, how many people have voted on the particular content right. This gets really, really interesting when you start talking about microtransactions and micropayments right. Because you could essentially earn cents for content that’s being produced and it can be quickly transacted in Bitcoin cash right. You could quickly set up a kind of payment wall or a payment gateway in which you produce content training materials, tutorials lessons, courses whatever you want behind this payment wall and people can then pay for the content in micropayments or however much you want. And they’ll be given access to that content behind the paywall right. So, this is a first attempt really not a first attempt but an attempt at building a new social network to take on the likes of Facebook and other large social networks, like Twitter and so forthright .it is to decentralize the social network from the corporation and actually create a decentralized and distributed social network platform that nobody in particular owns. That’s widely distributed cannot be shut down. And it can be you know people can actually earn money from the content, they produce based on the quality and based on the merit or overall value of the content that they produce right. So, I just signed up for yours.org I’m going to give it a while I literally just signed up like 5 minutes ago. I haven’t even added a picture; I haven’t connected my payment accounts or anything like that. So, I’m going to go ahead and connect to it and I’m going to start playing around with it. I’m going to start posting content to it. Initially, I’ll probably post free content right. so, blog post, videos, things like that I’ll post on here for free and you guys can you know go check out my blog post and whatnot on here on yours.org and then second I may produce some high quality content right. Some training materials or some tutorials or lessons or whatever it may be and I may put a payment gateway up. So, that the content if its training course for example; you would have to pay for that and I’m curious to know what you guys think. If you think that’s a good idea, if you think you know if you’d be willing to interact and try this out with me. It’s kind of an experiment to see how it works you guys. You guys don’t know that I have a steamit account, and my steamit account you know I used to publish my content on Steamit for quite some time. And I just wasn’t really getting any traction, wasn’t really getting too much you know traction on the platform in general. And I wasn’t really impressed with the capabilities and functionality of the platform. I do think Steamit has potential don’t get me wrong, but I think it was lacking overall. An overall kind of vision in guidelines and you can see that people on Steamit have actually stopped it kind of slowed down and the number of posts that they’re receiving. Again don’t get me wrong I think steamit has huge, huge potential in the future and it’s a great example of setting up a decentralized distributed social network based on Blockchain, but I just think that there were there are some issues with Steamit. Anyway so, yours.org is something else I’ll be trying out. And I’ll let you know how it goes. If you guys have signed up let me know. I’ll put the link to my profile in the comment section of this video and I’ll let you know how it goes guys; Until next time I’m Dan from cryptocamacho.com. Thank you. Later see you guys