Episode Highlights:

  • 00:03 – Ag Tech Ico
  • 00:53 – What’S Ag Tech?
  • 01:25 – Trends In Ag Tech For 2018
  • 04:13 – What Is Pavo Coin
  • 04:48 – What Are We Expert In
  • 05:27 – Feature Of Pavo Coin
  • 06:57 – System Feature
  • 08:46 – Pavo Functionality.
  • 09:12 – Pavo Token
  • 09:43 – Pavo Team
  • 11:36 – One-Pager
  • 12:50 – The Problem Pavo Will Solve
  • 13:25 – Pavo White Paper

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Hey, what’s up, guys? It’s Dan again from cryptoCamacho.com

00:03 – AG TECH ICO

And today guys I want to review another ICO, because these ICO just keep getting better and better and better and the opportunities just keep kind of flooding in and I’m just always amazed at how people are taking Blockchain technology, how people are taking the IOT or Internet of Things technology and applying it to Blockchain and industries and circumstances or for use cases, that I would never even expect, that I would not imagine in a million years. And that’s exactly what Pavo coin has done. Pavo coin is the first IOT Blockchain for the AG Tech ecosystem. So, when I first saw this, I had to ask myself what in the world is the AG Tech ecosystem right. I assume that it’s relating to something with agriculture right. So, I started to look it up right.

00:53 – WHAT’S AG TECH?

I first looked up AG Tech and I looked okay what’s AG tech acting definition? Okay so, AG tech is entrepreneur group’s start-up. Australia says the term AG tech refers to transforming the global food system through digital technology. At the root of it, AG Tech is simply combining two words to define the joining two worlds of agriculture and technology. Okay, pretty interesting right. They’re trying to digitize the agricultural industry, farming production, distribution of food right of foods that go throughout the world throughout your local communities and so forth. That is what AG tech is referring to.

 01:25 – TRENDS IN AG TECH FOR 2018

So, I looked a little deeper and wanted to see okay well, what are the trends in Ag tech for 2018? So, a little more googling came up with this article talks about Ag tech, gives a little diagram of how AG tech works right. And it shows that there’s a little farm the food is actually grown and produced in crops. It is then you know produced or what’s the word I’m looking for…it is I can’t think of the word that I’m thinking of, but it’s produced right. And then it’s distributed to different factories all over the world right. So, but let’s just take a look at this article really quickly. The distribution over the last decade in the retail food value chain gained momentum in 2017 with the IPO of Blue Apron. So, you’re seeing a Blue Apron, you’re seeing Amazon buy whole food to get more in the distribution and production of foods and delivery and distribution of food. So, Amazon is getting into that space. A continued slump in commodity prices has seen big AG facing declining margins. And so, agriculture technology is now becoming a big, big thing for our folks in this space to keep their business models going, to keep pace with the market growing and growing demand of efficiency of digitization and so forth and so on right. Even GE is getting into agricultural technology right. The future of Agriculture indoor farms powered by LEDs G reports let’s see what else do we have here. Big data in smart farming GE powers internet of agriculture the Internet of Agriculture well pretty interesting right. So, that should give you an idea of what Pava coin is right. They’re entering the agriculture technology space by building an IOT Blockchain application that will help to kind of encapsulate the whole process into one single platform on the Blockchain and that’s exactly what Pavo coin is doing very, very fascinating this ICO has been brought to you by ICO box, which is a pre-packaged solution for folks that want to launch an ICO, it also is a good indicator when you see something with ICO box on it, that it is not a scam, that it has been approved and has gone through a number of reviews and regulatory kind of checkpoints. If you will to make sure that the ICO is legitimate, and it is not a scam, it’s also been reviewed by a number of other ICO reviewing agencies which you can take a look at right here, but let’s dig in a little deeper right. So, here’s some, some testimonials you have a testimonial from Jeff Burton, from EA Sports which you can see right here. Pretty, pretty cool Electronic Arts. I’m sorry not EA Sports Electronic Arts which is a big video game manufacturer. You’re seeing from ICO box the founder here you’re seeing him talk about it.


Okay, so now let’s get into the product itself. What is Pavo coin? Because I think this is the most exciting piece right. So, the product is bringing together the cutting-edge technologies of IOT and Blockchain and our vast experience in crop cultivation. We are serving an aggregate AG ecosystem focused on a highly technological crop growing processing and distribution alright. So, they’re trying to digitize everything from growing crops to distributing crops, growing crops and distributing crops around the world. They’re trying to digitize that whole process to bring crop growing and farming and agricultural really to a more operationalize or kind of supply chain type of process right on the Blockchain itself right.


Okay so, what are we experts in building monitoring systems for valued crops, 10 years of experience with almonds hazelnuts and walnuts. So, they’ve been in this industry for 10 years that’s why we built it. Pavo’s IOT system is used for monitoring and optimizing the entire lifecycle of crop production. Today Pavo’s being beta tested in California where I’m from the right. It’d be interesting to go check out these guys and go do an interview with these guys, which I’m not actually considered trying to do. Because I think it’s pretty cool right. What they’re trying to do.


So, ok so, features. So, this is where it gets really cool. Pavo’s IOT Blockchain software platform is designed for the data-driven agriculture professional of the future right. So, they’re going to put sensors in the soil, they’re going to put sensors in the environment, they’re going to monitor the light that’s coming into a particular crop, the contaminants that may be in the soil. They’re going to check the water quality, the pH level, so salinity, and the ORP levels of the particular soil that they’re using. They’re going to check the CO2 sensor in the plants and in the crops themselves. All of that is going to be delivered as data back into the Pavo platform into an application. Right now the IOT software component exists and is deployed in two greenhouses in California. So, they’re already doing this where they’re monitoring all of these different types of parameters and indicators in an app, in an ecosystem in California. This is already happening right. And they’re pulling it back into a platform, a decentralized platform. The Pavo platform and they’re going to be able to track all of this information in the platform and guys this is already happening. The platform already exists; it is in beta testing in California as we speak. So, very exciting you can see what the interface of the app looks like very, very cool. I think all the farmers are going to be you know soon caring their smartphones and looking at their crops. However, my almond tree is doing, how are my orange trees doing? Oh no my strawberries have too much salinity, and they’re too much salt in their soil. I need to go correct that problem and they’re going to go rush over their crops alright. Maybe it will be that crazy, but it gives you an idea of what’s going on here alright.


So, the system features to record and monitor production practices in real time via the Pavo IOT gateway.

  • Record, report and analyze activities from planting to spray records to shipping.
  • Track labour records and productivity to optimize human resources and related costs.
  • Easily measure and track the entire cultivation operation from anywhere right.

So, this is awesome on a kind of a one-to-one farm level, like if you give this to a farmer, this technology right. It’ll help them really optimize their crop production and make their distribution more efficient, ultimately overall helping them profit more. But if you look at this at a more kind of macro scale, now what happens when you get all farmers and all you know producers right of food farming. Hey, what about when you get all of them on this application in this ecosystem on this network then what starts happening right. Then you start being able to see farmers and crops from specific or regions in the world, from specific areas in the world. And you can start then monitoring how much food will be produced in a particular region of the world and how much food will be distributed to a particular region of the world. You can essentially quantify all of this, all crop production in the world and then you can more efficiently distribute food to places that need food more easily accessible right. You can more easily tap into what markets May you know pays more for a particular kind of food or may pay less for a particular kind of food. I mean the number of business models that can be created off of this simple technology not simple, but these technologies are mind-blowing. I mean to me they’re mind-blowing. I mean the potential here goes far beyond individual crops and individual farmers into a much, much broader strategic play on a worldwide level on a worldwide scale. When it comes to food distribution, you know helping people that need food, helping countries that don’t have enough food. This is awesome I mean this is a very, very cool platform in technology right.


Okay so, Pavo functionalities solving industry problems; a software solution that helps with regulatory compliance from seed to market. A solution that helps growers better man manage the cost of labor, supplies, and electricity. away for growers to better track their product and test yields and to better brand themselves as providers of a safe, high-quality environmentally friendly product so forth and so on. This is awesome alright. Okay, let’s keep going through this because I’d like to show you a few more things.

09:12 – PAVO TOKEN

So, on their token sale, this is what the token distribution looks like pretty standard right. Go ahead and check that out yourselves. Here’s the tokens sale stage right now, you get a 45% bonus if you buy Pavo coins during this ICO presale. You will get 45% bonus and the price goes up from there right. So, that’s something too worth taking a note on. I’ve been doing that and I’d be getting in on these presale bonuses and it actually is paying off quite well right.  Because you get a lot more bang for your buck when you’re buying it.

09:43 – PAVO TEAM

Check out this team guys I’m not going to go to individually every person’s LinkedIn profile, but very, very solid team. Alan Young who’s the co-founder and the vice chairman; he has vast experience in this scene. He founded Runway, a major startup incubator and support firm in San Francisco in Silicon Valley. He’s fostering start-ups, he’s also got experience in private equity and venture funding all around the Bay Area. So, he’s definitely a Silicon Valley veteran. He’s done multiple ICO I’m sorry I POS in the stock market world and is prime and a great leader for this particular product. The advisory board enormous as well. Jeff Burton founder of Electronic Arts, the video game company is backing this. He’s one of the main advisors here, which is again a very, very strong indication that this company is going to do really well. Interesting one of their partners is weed club. So, literally, as I was making this video, I was thinking this would be a great product for the marijuana industry right. The emerging marijuana industry in the United States, California, Colorado, Washington marijuana is becoming legalized everywhere right. And so, they’re partnering with weed clubs starting to tap into that market which is a multi-billion dollar market, another very, very, very smart move on their behalf right; to get this technology out there and to get it used alright. Pavo in the media again ICO box talking about that; Partners frequently asked questions, you can check that out on your own. Let’s look at their following like how much trash is getting right. So, when we go over to their telegram page they already have almost 5000 members on the telegram. If you go to their Bitcoin talk page they already have 49 pages and they’ve only been on this since April 2nd. So, not very long, but there’s already a lot of excitement about this platform and you could kind of read through this and kind of just see what the excitement is if you haven’t looked check out this one-pager it’s right on their website. It gives a very, very good breakdown of how the platform works and I’ll talk about it quickly, but check it out yourself.

 11:36 – ONE-PAGER

So, the agricultural market size is five trillion dollars globally. So, it’s not a small market by you know it’s only growing and digitizing every aspect of the economy is happening right. The software is eating the world and Blockchain is now going to start eating the internet and eating software that has eaten in the world right. So, we’re kind of at a pivot point here where Blockchain technologies are going to start eating traditional internet applications. This is happening right when agriculture is becoming digitized and not only digitized but on the Blockchain, you got to look out you, got to take note because this is a big, big shift and a big disruption that’s about to happen to this market. And I’m very bullish on this particular app. I’m actually going to go and invest in this myself because this is very, very promising and I’ve worked for companies like GE and they’re focused on the Internet of Things and their focus very, very seriously and spending billions of dollars on things like what Pavo coin is actually doing. Cisco’s doing it, Intel is doing it, Microsoft is doing it, and Google is doing it. they’re all getting into this space and they’re actually threatened by little startups like Pavo coin that have much more flexibility you know can growth hack can much more nimble and how they execute. And they’re going to give these big players a big run for their money okay.


So, anyway what problems this Pablo solved? So, a seed is planted, monitor the actual tool the Pavo ecosystem, and in technology monitors the crop production, provides real-time feedback with their analytics right. Ongoing monitoring for crop health developing, chronic and then storing data for future production; so, it’s kind of like you know you can store this data over time and see what conditions actually yield the most crops. What conditions are most favorable for distribution and processing of crops and so forth and so on right? Wow, I’ve said a lot this is an awesome one pager check it out. I’ll put it in the show notes.


And then you got the white paper 85 pages long. It’s a very, very thick dense white paper. They’re located on Market Street in San Francisco. I’m probably going to go take a visit to these guys because I think their technology is so, so fascinating and I’ll let you know how that turns out. If I do, I will film it and I’ll aim them but take a look at this white paper. It’s very, very well-written very, very well laid out. The ways their Blockchain and ecosystem and platform will work highly recommend it. They’ve spent a lot of time thinking through this. I’m not going to read through the white paper obviously because it’s very dense and very thick, but it is fascinating. It’s very, very, very clever what they’re doing here. Again I’m Dan from cryptocamacho.com. Check out Pavo coin you got one more day for the 45% bonus. It’s phase 1, so you have time to invest even if you don’t get into phase 1 you still want to get into phase 2. Again this is an ICO put together by ICO box which I am beginning to trust much more, now that they’ve been launching so many quality ICOs, I can see that they’re a serious business. They seriously want to help companies get into this space successfully and they pre-packaged up solutions for launching ICOs that I think it’s worth noting if you are looking to launch an ICO yourself very, very, very cool guys. I’m not a financial adviser, I’m not a CPA, I’m not saying go out and buy this, but I personally am going to go out and buy some Pavo coins, because I am very, very excited at what they’re doing. I think this is very, very clever and done. Anyway, let me know what you guys think alright. I’m Dan from cryptoCamacho.com. Subscribe to my YouTube channel to get all the latest updates on the latest ICOs that have the most potential guys. I’m only finding ICOs and reviewing ICOs that I think have the highest potential for you because I’m in the same game as you guys. I want to make money on ICOs, I want to make money from cryptocurrency. I don’t want to lose money right. I’m finding quality ICOs that you guys can get behind obviously do your own research, but I’m backing these because I believe in them and I think they have future potential. Check it out, guys. I’m Dan from cryptocamacho.com and I will see you tomorrow. See you guys