Episode Highlights:

  • 00:10 – Strategy For 2018
  • 01:08 – About Lockchain
  • 02:31- What Lockchain Is Doing?
  • 04:05 – What Travel Industry Is Offering
  • 05:14 – The Media Talking About Lockchain
  • 06:42 – Fiat Currencies To Pay For Booking
  • 07:48 – Ico Team
  • 09:24 -The Price Of Lock Token
  • 11:04 – The Travel Industry A Billion Dollar Industry
  • 13:52 – The Market Place
  • 15:07 – Looking At The One Pager
  • 16:43 – White Paper
  • 18:23 – How You Can Learn More About Lock Chain

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Hey what’s up guys its Dan again from Crypto Camacho where each day I bring you the latest news tips and tricks to help you make more money in this crazy Cryptocurrency revolution.

00:10 – Strategy For 2018

Guys I want to share with you kind of my strategy going into 2018, in terms of the types of companies, the types of ICOs, the types of cryptocurrencies that I’m looking at to go through 2018 as we’re going to start seeing an uptrend across all the market here coming soon. So now guys I’ve been looking at new ICOs, new crypto currencies you know that are popping up all over the place. Right now I’m specifically focusing on companies or ICOs that have a price point of below $10 and I’m looking at companies that have existing platforms, existing products and existing services that they’ve had before they’ve gotten into the cryptocurrency space or cryptocurrency industry if you will. I’m doing this because I feel that companies that have had a product, they have a services, they have teams already built that are now getting into cryptocurrency have a much higher likelihood of succeeding than a brand new shop that’s never done anything before in cryptocurrency.

01:08 – Lockchain

Guys today the company that I want to review with you guys today it’s called Lock Chain or LOC Token is the cryptocurrency that they have, they’ve already launched an ICO in the last few months they’ve concluded it, they’ve raised millions of dollars to build out their platform which is essentially the first hotel booking in vacation rental market place with zero commissions. So these guys are trying to take on the big players in the travel and hospitality industry they’re trying to disrupt you know the players like bookings.com Expedia.com Airbnb.com; they’re trying to displace those companies by bringing vacation and property rentals on to the blockchain on to the cryptocurrency scene. That’s really exciting to me because if you remember Airbnb did not even exist a couple years ago and they have completely wiped out, completely disrupted the hotel industry, the property rental industry, vacation rental industry; Airbnb has done a number a complete number on that industry and the size of that company now is astronomical, it’s mind-blowing how big Airbnb how quickly they’ve grown and I think LockChain/Lock Token has a big big opportunity to disrupt the travel industry again. Given that they’re building out a platform to enable transactions to buy and sell or to rent property and vacation rentals on the blockchain.

02:31- What Lockchain Is Doing?

So let’s jump right into it guys, here’s their website lockchain.co I want to talk about the price the current price of the cryptocurrency, I want to talk about the forecast in 2018 and where I see the price going and I want to talk overall about the company about the platform itself and why I think it has potential to really explode in 2018 and beyond. So first let’s quickly look at what Lock Token is and what they’re trying to do; let’s just read through the first page here on their home page blockchain powered marketplace and technology where hoteliers and property owners can rent their property globally, collect money and manage bookings without paying any Commission’s to middleman. Essentially they’re trying to set up this vacation and property rentals platform on blockchain to eliminate agencies, travel agents any type of intermediary that may charge a commission fee when you book a property rental or a vacation rental. They’re trying to eliminate those fees, eliminate the middle middleman and equalize the playing field. I keep talking about this over and over and over guys the internet is going through a fundamental transformation now being disrupted and rebuilt from the inside out this is just another example. Lock Token is another example of how companies are now doing this, they’re going to take the travel industry, the vacation property rental markets and turn it on its head by equalizing it, equalizing the playing field by bringing it to blockchain I think that’s really exciting.  I think the potential is huge and I think the industry is ripe for disruption it’s a massive industry and we’re going to talk through that here in just a second.

04:05 – What Travel Industry Is Offering

The travel industry guys let’s look through what are they actually offering right; so they launched an ICO, they’ve raised 10,500 etherium tokens from 4,000 backers to fund the ICO to really build out this platform Lock Token itself will have a supply of 18.5 million Token so a very low total volume which in my mind and in my experience leads to a higher price equal to the market cap and we’ll look at that here in just a moment. The project potential has a five hundred billion dollar industry so the travel industry is a very large industry. I’m going to get into some numbers on that in just a second and they’re saying that their token is going be highly liquid throughout the exchange and so forth and so on. A few of the highlights of this platform of Lock Chain of LOC token, strong team and the only project backed by president of a country- that’s pretty interesting instant purchase from smart contract through your personal wallet fast-growing organic community one year investing so they’ve been doing this already a year digitally limited supply smart contracts so forth and so on. I mean you could read through some of this stuff.

05:14 – The Media Talking About Lockchain

The media has been talking about Lock Chain quite a bit, it’s in many different news outlets and  here’s kind of the value prop of Lock Token and what Lock Chain is trying to do with their platform so here’s the pure benefits right; 20% lower hotel prices than any other site and do

the advanced capabilities of blockchain technology, hoteliers and short term rental owners can sell their rooms on our integrated marketplace for 20% lower prices without affecting their profits. They can do this because they’re eliminating the middleman, travel agencies, travel agents booking agents things like that; they can lower the overall price of the booking the accommodation and transfer that value to the end customer themselves- pretty cool? Seamless integration for property owners and hoteliers will be able to add their short-term rental properties and hotel rooms to the decentralized lock ecosystem through a one-click seamless integration. This is really important guys think of property owners that have properties on

Airbnb, booking.com, Travelocity, on VRBO is another big one here in the United States- Lock Token will be allowing or enabling those folks that offer property rentals to easily migrate those property details over to the Lock Token platform-the Lock Chained platform to be able to quickly get their listing up and running and utilize this ecosystem- that’s very cool I think that’s very essential, very smart of them to think of that, okay no commissions on revenue open  source and free use so Lock Chain will be free to use for hosts and travelers regard list of the numbers of properties and size of the revenue generated.

06:42 – Fiat Currencies To Pay For Booking

If you look at other companies Airbnb booking, Travelocity, on Expedia they all take fees of bookings; they all take fees which is why the prices of the hotels and property rentals are a little bit higher because they all take fees. They also advertise on their websites and I assume that Lock Token is not going to be doing that either which is really great  accepting Lock Tokens as well as the Bitcoin, etherium and other fiat currencies. On the marketplace which I’ll show you here in a second you can rent a property using your Lock Tokens, you can use Bitcoin, etherium other cryptocurrencies as well as fiat currencies. As far as I know nothing like that exists today you can’t go to Airbnb and you cannot pay for a property rental in Bitcoin so Lock Token is trying to change all that as well. Totally decentralized a booking engine or project consists of two parts a decentralized booking engine the lock ledger which is built on the etherion blockchain and a marketplace that will be fully integrated into the decentralized ledger. They’re trying to marry a marketplace a decentralized ledger system like etherion or a blockchain and they’re trying to marry those two things together to do the stated purpose that I’ve been talking about here.

07:48 – Ico Team

Technology, security and liquidity blockchain technology they just kind of talk about how blockchain is very secure which it is. So here’s the ICO that they ran I’m not going spend a whole lot of time on this ICO because they already ran the ICO but they did reach 10,500 etherium tokens for their ICO sale. Their team here, they have a very extensive team you could spend some time and go through their LinkedIn profiles here but they do have an extensive team if you kind of look through you can look at all their expertise the companies based in

Bulgaria but their team is international, well known in the travel industry, well known in the technology blockchain industry and it’s actually a fairly extensive team which gives me a lot more faith that this team existed beforehand, this company existed beforehand and they’re simply extending their offering out to the market by building out a marketplace coupled on to the blockchain. Again, another very promising sign here, their roadmap won’t go through they did launch several events just late year you mean you can see all these events so they’re serious about pushing this platform, about building this platform out, they went on a worldwide tour to promote lock token to really get people prepared with what’s coming to the travel industry. I think that’s really exciting it means that they have budget, it means that they have money and finances to actually promote and market this platform which will definitely be needed. I think that’s also a very good sign but again, overall this company looks like it’s a very established company, it looks like it’s really well thought out, really well organized which is why I’m bullish on 2018.

09:24 -The Price Of Lock Token

Now, let’s take a quick look into the price of Lock Token…if we jump over to coin market cap you can see that Lock Chain is traded on the exchanges today you can go and you can buy Lock Tokens today on hit BTC, you could buy them Yo bit and I believe there’s several other exchanges you can buy tokens on. You can look through their site there are a number of other exchanges you could buy on. Current price Lock Tokens are 159 I think that is significantly under priced and undervalued considering where I think the markets going to be going in 2018 and 2019, considering that we’re on a downtrend right now the price has been affected. If we look at the chart from really the last let’s say 3/4 months you’ll see that in December the price point was under $1 about 80 cents approximately  maybe as low as 70 cents at some points. Oh actually yeah as low as 60cents at the end of December there, then we see the huge rise when all cryptocurrencies rose up the price here got to I think about $4; we got all the way up to four dollars about four and a half times what it was trading at just a couple months ago. Now we’re sitting at a price point of 159 per token I think again, very undervalued especially given the dynamics of the mark the cryptocurrency markets right now I can definitely see this going back up at least to $3 perhaps even to $4 by the end of 2018; beyond that it will really depend on their platform and how robust they build out their platform, how much adoption they get on their platform and so on, but I definitely think the current price under two dollars is very undervalued and I’m going to show you exactly why here.

11:04 – The Travel Industry A Billion Dollar Industry

If you look at the travel industry as a whole, I downloaded this PDF from US Travel Association and let me zoom in on this just a little bit but if you look at the travel agency as a whole I mean look at these numbers it’s a massive industry and we all saw with Airbnb how quickly this industry can be disrupted and turnover and grow a multi-billion dollar company like a Airbnb has done in just a few simple years- a few short years. So direct spending on leisure travel by domestic international travelers total 683.1 billion dollars in 2016 that’s probably higher today- let’s see here US residents logged 1.7 billion at personal trips for leisure purposes- that’s crazy that’s a huge number of trips and if you look at this chart right here again let me zoom in on just a little so you can see it. But for leisure travel 683 billion for business travel there was a spending of 307 billion dollars in 2016 so combined between business travel and leisure travel that’s a trillion dollar industry guys a trillion dollars that is a massive industry. Now I realize not all of that money has been spent on lodging, vacation rentals, and property rentals hotels things like that. I realize that,  but look down here so sources of travel spending lodging in and of itself in 2016 accounted for 210.8 billion dollars that number has gone up in 2017 we’re really more around a 500 billion dollar market right now for the travel industry in general; specifically for hotel bookings and property vacation rental bookings.

So again massive industry, massive growth in that industry I see that industry continuing to grow, people keep wanting to travel obviously, travel is becoming easier, it’s becoming less expensive to travel,  it’s becoming easier to get visas so the travel industry is only going explode. It goes up higher and higher and higher in terms of overall market cap in the industry so that is again why I’m bullish on this at a price point of $1.59cents…very undervalued. Guys if they even can capture a fraction of the market cap- I’m sorry if they can even capture a fraction of the market share that Airbnb has this price is going to go up through the roof! One other thing to note the total supply is 18.5 million tokens they have current lease 9.2 tokens in circulation with a total market cap of $14 million. Again, once this price goes up this market cap is going to go up 14 million is very low market cap guys and I think that this should be at least at 50 million- at least probably quite a bit higher than that if you do the numbers and you move that to a 50 million dollar market cap this number right here goes up quite significantly; so again, quite bullish on that as well.

13:52 – The Market Place

Let’s jump into a few more of the details here I want to show you the market itself so I’ve opened up the market place is really Alpha.lockchain.com and it’s where you can buy and sell I’m sorry, where you can rent a property rental or a vacation rental, just like Airbnb, just like other hotel booking sites you go you type in your location, your check out check-in dates the number of nights you want to stay and the number of people and then you just go and you go through and you pick a property outright you can go through and you can see that the  properties can be purchased in Lock Tokens and Bitcoin etherium and fiat currencies, this is loading here… I’m on a kind of a slow internet connection so just give this a minute here, but I’ll come back here in just a sec I don’t know why my internet is loading so slowly all right guys so here it is loaded up it was a problem with my internet here but. You can see again that you can buy these properties, you could rent these properties using your Lock Tokens or using other fiat and/or other crypto currencies right. I just wanted to show you that marketplace to show you that the product actually exists; they have a product today now they’re trying to promote the product, they’re trying to develop the product out and that’s exactly what they’re using the ICO funds for; is to build out that platform, to build out that product.

15:07 – Looking At The One Pager

Let’s jump over to the one pager here really quick; we’ve already covered a number of points here on this but I do want to take a quick look through because I want to show you again what problem does Lock Chain solve. Lock Chain enters the industry of online travel agencies dominated by established middleman like booking.com and Airbnb hoteliers and property owners are forced to use their centralized platforms paying ten to five percent commission. Lock Chain is here to remove that commission by decentralizing the marketplace that’s exactly the point here; for property owners they will receive the rent money using Lock Tokens in a transparent and secure way they will be able to transfer their existing property listings with a single click which we already talked about and add new ones very easily and manage all of their listings on the Lock Token platform. Travelers will be empowered to book the same listings but for ten to twenty five percent cheaper- I’m excited about that I travel quite a bit. How does Lock Chain work right and here you can go through and look at how it actually works; the platform is built on an html web platform and centralized backing in terms of keeping records of listing information, making sure the listings are up to date so for the so on but a decentralized back in right built on the etherion blockchain which we just talked about. What is the big vision all humans are citizens of the world and traveling to different locations  should become an easy and affordable as possible until now using decentralized architecture to further improve the working models was not possible. Block chain now utilizes the emerging new technology to disrupt an industry of $500 billion alright so that’s all I’m going to do and say on the one pager.

16:43 – White Paper

But I do want to jump over quickly to the white paper; this is the Lock Chain/Lock Token white paper and I just want to read a few points from here because I think it’s  really important here this part really quick is important so the abstract we’ve already gone through and I’ve explained what the platform actually does, existing platforms booking.com, Airbnb.com, Expedia are currently centralized and take fees from the property owner and end customer additional middleman are the payment processors all this things in deal parameters on Lock Chain will be decentralized on the etherion blockchain eliminating all middleman and guaranteed transparent execution very cool. For property owners Lock Chains marketplace web and mobile clients will present an easy-to-use interface to add and edit their listings on the decentralized LOC or LOC ledger one-click solutions by transferring current listings from other platforms will be provided to make it very easy for customers. You will be able to rent property in vacation rentals for 10 to 25% less and this will really overall expand the ability for travelers to travel at a less expensive option, it’ll give you also more flexibility in terms of what properties you want to rent in what countries you want to rent, what currencies you want to use to pay for those properties. So a lot of advantages all the way around and again at the price point of 159 I think this is a very good deal and again I’m looking at platforms that already exist, I’m looking at things that are already established rather than some company that just kind of came up overnight. I’m looking at things that are established and a Lock Token/Lock Chain is definitely established.

18:23 – How You Can Learn More About Lock Chain

I think that’s really all I wanted to cover here, let me see here alright so one more thing I want to just convey to you is their blog, so their blog it’s on medium.com@LockChainCo you can go check this out you can see kind of what’s going on with Lock Token with Lock Chain right now, you can see the different posts they have, you can see the progress they’re making; you can see how successful the token sale was so forth and so on. They also have a telegram group you can join on the website if you’re interested to basically ask any questions you may have, you can ask me questions that you may have as well and I’ll answer the best that I can. But overall guys I’d be really curious to know what you think of this and when I’ve made videos in the past and I’ve said look the internet is going to be eaten by cryptocurrency this is another really good example of this specifically. I guarantee Travelocity, Expedia, booking.com, Airbnb.com are probably shaking in their boots they’re probably scared for technologies like Lock Token to come out because it will significantly disrupt their own business models by offering a better more efficient cheaper or less expensive option in more flexible more flexibility in their option. I think that’s the main selling prop here is that there’s a lot of things that not only buyers but sellers or property owners can actually gain by using this type of platform.

I’m Dan from Crypto Camacho guys I’d love to know if you guys think this is a valuable video, if you think that Lock Token has potential in the future, if you think that other types of companies are going to start creeping up and doing similar things I’d love to know your opinion on this. Go over to LockChain.co check it out love to know what you think about it; buy some Lock Token if you’re interested I’m going buy some today because I think this has again a lot of potential price target, probably at least two to three dollars within 2018 definitely – it’ll definitely go over to likely it will hit three; I’m not prophesying, I’m not a financial advisor please do not take that for a financial advice I’m just giving you my opinion in my perspective. But again I do think that this has a lot of potential if you guys haven’t subscribed to my YouTube channel please do by clicking on that red button that says subscribe and again I’m Dan from Crypto Camacho it’s been a pleasure and I will talk to you guys next time thanks guys.