Episode Highlights:

  • 00:16 – Advice You Will Receive In This Video
  • 00:46 – What Is Redcoin
  • 01:19 – What Does Redcoin Do
  • 02:22 – Using Redcoin To Send And Receive Money
  • 03:13 – Redcoin In The Press
  • 03:39 – What Is The Market Capitalization For Redcoin
  • 04:23 – Redcoin Current Market Trends
  • 05:14 – The Future Of Facebook With Cryptocurrency
  • 07:16 – Redcoin, Rdd Is Red Hot
  • 08:54 – Overstock.Com Accepts Redcoin As A Form Of Payment
  • 09:55 – What Is Trending On Twitter About Redcoin
  • 10:48 – What Is Eric Chow Saying About Redcoin
  • 11:12 – Facebook Buys Out Redcoin – Top Story On Twitter
  • 11:40 – Trading Trends For Redcoin

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Hey what’s up guys, it’s Dan again from cryptocamacho.com where every day I talk about cryptocurrency and I help you navigate this crazy cryptocurrency revolution that’s going on right now and hopefully you will make some money in the process of this wild wild west that we’re in now.

00:16 – Advice You Will Receive In This Video

Today guys I want to talk about a specific Alt coin that I think is positioned to go to the moon in the next one to three months. The current price of the coin is about $0.02 and I think there’s a lot of room for growth this coin. I think there’s several people, several indicators that are basically indicating that this coin is going to go up to a dollar. I don’t know exactly when that’s going to happen but at two cents I think it’s definitely worth taking a look at, definitely looking at a review of this coin.

00:46 – What Is Redcoin

So the coin I’m talking about guys it’s called RedCoin. What is RedCoin?It’s a decentralized digital currency. Sound familiar? It’s actually a lot more than that guys let’s read down here.

If you go to redcoin.com, you can see everything that I’m looking at here. But essentially what they say is RedCoin is the social currency that enriches people’s lives and makes digital currency easy for the general public. That’s very very much. needed half the public doesn’t even understand how to use bitcoin, doesn’t even understand what blockchain is, so this is actually very very very nice to hear and to read.

01:19 – What Does Redcoin Do

RedCoin achieves this by integrating the digital currency platform seamlessly with all major social networks to make the process of sending and receiving money fun and rewarding for everyone. This is big guys. This is really really big. If these guys can pull this off, the market size is tremendous. I mean think of the size of Facebook who has a billion users or maybe even more than a billion users at this point. Think of Twitter, think of Google+, think of Dig, think of Stumble Upon, think of Instagram, think of Tumbler…gosh, the list goes on and on and on right now. Andthat’s only U.S. based companies. There’s other ones internationally; China and Russia and so forth and so on. There’s quite a few of those social networks that are out there. And if RedCoin can be the default platform to allow social sharing of money, of crypto currency, tipping of cryptocurrency and enable a way to basically gamify how people send and receive money over social networks, I think the RedCoin has a lot of potential. And a lot of potential especially at two cents.

02:22 – Using Redcoin To Send And Receive Money

So let’s look in to this a little bit more. I highly recommend you watch this video on the RedCoin website. I’m not going to go there right now. But I very very much recommend you go through that. So the features, they actually offer a very different way of mining and they call it knitting their coins. I’lllet you read about that but it’s actually very different than the way bitcoin is processed through a proof of stake. This is a little bit different, they offer a tip platform which enables a user to give a monetary or financial tip to somebody on Facebook, on Twitter, on Reddit, you know on any social network out there. They also provide a Reddit wallet and then they also provide a way to link your wallet with your social media network or your social media profiles so that you can always be tipping between the social media profiles and so forth.

03:13 – Redcoin In The Press

RedCoin has recently been in the press a bit. I’m not going to go through that a whole lot right now. So this is the website guys and I encourage you to go and check it out. Definitely go and read these white papers. There’s a couple of them, actually they’re down right here. There’s a couple of white papers. They’re really well done. The team is established, the developers know exactly what they’re doing and I think RedCoin is positioned to go to the moon fairly soon.

03:39 – What Is The Market Capitalization For Redcoin

Let’s take a look at market point, market cap and see what the market capitalization is for red. As I said, the coin is trading at right now two cents, a little bit more than two cents. In literally about a week ago it was trading for about one cent. So you missed the boat on theone cent opportunity but you definitely have an opportunity here to get in at two cents.

Currently we have a circulating supply of around twenty eight billion RedCoins. you may think that’s high but it’s actually not that high considering all of the users on these social networks that you see. There is actually not that many coins in circulation if you take the total account of all of the users on all the social networks. It has a total market cap 654B approximately, I think that’s going to go up quite significantly here in the next days to come. And that’s really what Coin Market Cap says about this coin.

04:23 – Redcoin Current Market Trends

So now let’s look at my Coinigy account. the price is going down a little bit right now which is actually good news for people that are looking to get in. now is actually a really good time to get in. if you’ve seen some of my other previous videos, you’ll notice that when things start trending up, you’ll see that these drops get shorter and shorter and shorter and it looks like it’s already starting to maybe move a little bit. it could go down further a little bit guys but I do expect to see you know another bump up right here and then maybe another lower drop, another bump up lower before we actually go and take off to the moon. So that’s what I expect to see but you can see right here we’re gaining support and I’m going to see if it keeps going. I thought we were gaining support here it looks like we lost a little bit. So that’s ok, I think it’s going to keep going down a little bit but I still think that there’s a big opportunity here. So I just wanted to show you the chart.

05:14 – The Future Of Facebook With Cryptocurrency

Recently I’ve been reading the news and this kind of intrigued me as I’ve been looking at RedCoin and I’ve been starting to invest in RedCoin fairly heavily here. I’ve got a pretty big position in RedCoin. But just recently, today, yesterday Mark Zuckerberg came out and said that he’s going to back cryptocurrency and he’s going to start exploring blockchain and other cryptocurrency technologies to basically push Facebook into this cryptocurrency revolution that’s going on right now. Looks like he has a vision to decentralize Facebook in general which is smart because you have to like Steem It popping up which are essentially looking to decentralize the social networks like Facebook and Twitter. It’s already starting to do that. SoMarkZuckerberg is actually smart to take notice and to start thinking on his own, how he’s going to decentralize Facebook and put it on a decentralized platform or blockchain type of technology.

So the fact that Mark Zuckerberg is exploring this, is again a promising sign for me that the social network industry if you will, social network or social media space is ripe for disruption right now especially when we see things like cryptocurrencies coming out like RedCoin. It’s possible that Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg will explore RedCoin. Even if just type in Facebook and RedCoin you’ll see that there’s a number of speculations coming out you around Facebook to partner with RedCoin. I don’t know if that’s actually legitimate or not, don’t take my word for it. Do your own research. But if you google it you can start to see articles popping up that Facebook is looking at RedCoin and they may acquire RedCoin, they may buy RedCoin. There’s just a number of things that are very interesting around this coin. Integrating the number one social media cryptocurrency RedCoin into Facebook; if this actually happens this will make RedCoin blow up and completely go to the moon. So now it’s a very very good opportunity to get in on it.

07:16 – Redcoin, Rdd Is Red Hot

If you go to Steem It there is actually a very very good piece written by this guy, Haejin on Steem It. he’s very very well known in the Steem community and he’s one of the top analysts on cryptocurrencies as cryptocurrency rises and falls. He’s very very bullish on RedCoin. Heposted seven days ago, ‘RedCoin, RDD is red hot. Target is .0.8. Right now it’s at 0.2 and he’s targeting 0.08, 800% profit potential. And if you go through it I’m not going to go through andanalyze all his findings but I’ll put thins link in the show notes and you can go and find this. And he actually draws out the technicals around how he sees this rising. And so we have seen a bit of a drop here but the way he’s projecting this is quite interesting. He uses the Elliott Wave method in theory to actually do his projections. And he is actually very very reputable and he’s been right on many many many of his predictions. And so I would definitely give him and this article worth a read here. He again, goes through all the technicals on how this will happen, he breaks down how Elliot Wave trading methods work so forth and so on. So he’s obviously bullish on RedCoin and then you’ll see the comments down here. You can read about it as well.

But I have a lot of faith in haejin and his predictions as well. Rememberguys, influencers influencers influencers. He’s an influencer, he has a very very large following. And I’m not going to say he has a big of a following like John MacAfee or someonelike that but he has a big following and the guy is extremely smart with his technical analysis of crypto currency. Sodefinitely give it a shot.

08:54 – Overstock.Com Accepts Redcoin As A Form Of Payment

One other thing to notice guys is that Overstock.com is now except they can red calling as a form of payment to actually buy things on Overstock.com. This actually happened a while ago but it’s been reinvigorated in the last few days that Overstock is accepting RedCoin which is fantastic. That’s just another sign to me that it is starting to be accepted in the community and vendors and different parties are getting a shot. At least testing it out. You have another vendor here Shapeshift, they’re also using RedCoin. I think they’ve disabled it recently. Not to fret, they’ve done it with a lot of coins I’ll go ahead and show you in here. You see all these coins are temporary temporarily disable but they have a RedCoin listed here. So you can see RedCoin is on shapeshift and they’re looking to add this or enable it very soon. So you can convert from bitcoin to RedCoin, from etherium to RedCoin, whatever you want. But that’s promising as well.

09:55 – What Is Trending On Twitter About Redcoin

And then I want to jump into this but I do want to jump into the twitter. If you go to twitter and you search for RedCoin, you would pop up with official RedCoin site, the RedCoin community and twitter page and so forth and so on. And then you will start seeing news articles like this, Facebook perhaps partnering with RedCoin’, top picks; you will see that RedCoin is now starting to get top performing alt coins for 2018 across a number of different profiles and across a number of different people. They are starting to talk about RedCoin. And as more and more people start talking about crypto currency and ALT coin, you can imagine and you can bet that it is going to go up. Even the pure hype of talking about the coin, if enough people are doing that across social media, the coin will inevitably go up from traders and from so forth and so on. So I recommend you look at that.

10:48 – What Is Eric Chow Saying About Redcoin

This guy is also very smart, Eric Chow, I am a little plug for him, I don’t even know the guy. I have been looking through his profiles, very smart, very good at technical analysis. He has also endorsed RedCoin. He has bought it early on. I bought it very early on as well and am waiting for it to go up a bit further. It has gone up a little bit but not too much since I bought it.

11:12 – Facebook Buys Out Redcoin – Top Story On Twitter

Rumor is correct, Facebook is to work with RedCoin with potential buyout. That’s big guys. It’s a really really big. I can’t confirm this but I’m just reading this off of twitter. You can see the types of things coming in on the top five best alt coins. So I think if nothing else we have a big opportunity here with RedCoin. The other day it surpassed three cents, it has now dropped from there but all alt coins have dropped since then. So the alt coins are down right now in general.

11:40 – Trading Trends For Redcoin

Jumping back over we see that it’s already starting to go up here just a little bit. I may end up buying a little bit more. Let me pause is video. Give me one second guys and I’ll be right back. I was unable to buy anymore right now, I’m waiting for my transfer from coin base to come into my Bitrix account so I can go ahead and trade. I was hoping I could get some down about here. I didn’t but I did get some a bit earlier on. So as you can see I have been trading RedCoin quite heavily. I just about someone little bit ago right here. We’re already seeing a little bit more of upward movement here. I bought pretty early on down over here when it was maybe a half the price of what it is now. I made a lot of profits here and sold some of the coins. I made a little bit of error right here and purchased at the top but I made up for it when I purchased it down here at the bottom. Not sure what was happening here, I thought there was going to be a much higher run-up then there was but there was a correction sooner than I thought. But not a big deal, I was able to get in early on and by its here again. So I have a big holding in RedCoin. I am pretty bullish on it and I just wanted to share this with you guys. So anybody interested can get in on RedCoin before it really pops and goes to the moon. You can see a buy wall right here coming in, a lot of folks are looking to buy big big positions right here. That’s a very good sign and it’s going up. It’s still going up right now. I hope you guys are going to watch this soon enough.

I am actually going to go and post something right now to my YouTube channel because I want you guys to get in on it.

So guys I am on my YouTube Chanel now and I do this periodically because I can’t automatically upload a video. So I am going to go ahead and post a comment here on my YouTube page on the last video that I uploaded and say ‘take a look at RedCoin, it’s going up.’ So just give me a minute; ‘RedCoin is starting to rise and going up now. Check it out’. And I would put a link here to my Coinigy chart that I wasn’t just showing you guys. Let me take a little snap shot of that right here. I will copy this link. That’s one nice thing about Coinigy, again if you guys don’t have Coinigy you should definitely get it. Going back here, RedCoin is starting to rise and going up now. Don’t miss the opportunity. So you can check that out if you’re interested. I’m just trying to forewarn folks before big things happen like this which is exactly why I am posting this right now.

So guys I am down from cryptocamacho.com. I hope this was useful for you. Let me know what you guys think of RedCoin. I have a very very optimistic outlook on RedCoin. I’m very bullish on it, I think it is going to go up at least a few cents in the next 1 to 3 months. So you have an opportunity to double your money, if not double then triple your money if it goes even higher. Let’s all hope it does. If you guys have any questions, let me know. I would love to know your thoughts on RedCoin. I’d love to know if using RedCoin would be viable using it with Facebook, twitter and other social networks like Reddit; would you use it? Would you tip people? Do you watch their videos? If you read somebody’s blog post and it had really good content, would you take them with RedCoin rather than liking and sharing, would you just give a tip in crypto currency via RedCoin? Very very curious about your thoughts guys. I think this is a big big opportunity. Do not miss out on it. If you haven’t subscribed, please do. Click on that red button on my YouTube channel and I will see you next time.