Episode Highlights:

  • 00:09 – Advice You Will Receive In This Video
  • 00:55 – What Is Tron\Trx?
  • 01:37 – Why Has Tron Prices Gone Up?
  • 02:11 – Tron Vision Statement Explained
  • 03:36 – What Is The Concept Of Tron And What Is It Trying To Solve For.
  • 04:46 – What Is The Peiwo App
  • 04:58 – The Role Of Tron With Peiwo
  • 05:24 – How Does Tron Work?
  • 07:58 – How Does Tron Work?
  • 08:56 – Tron Core Values And Bill Of Rights
  • 09:12 – The Four Basic Characteristics If Tron
  • 11:48 – The Revolutionary That Tron Is
  • 13:35 – Three Major Issues That Tron Solves
  • 14:32 – Tron Allowing Users To Create Their Own Cryptocurrency
  • 16:34 – Tron Allows Media Houses To Create New Business Models
  • 17:08 – How Tron Allows For Traffic Conversion And Building Gaming Platforms
  • 17:36 – What The Tron Company Is Trying To Accomplish
  • 19:59 – The Difference Between Web 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 And 4.0
  • 20:18 – What Is Web 1.0
  • 20:49 – What Is Web 2.0
  • 21:52 – What Is Web 3.0
  • 23:04 – The Next Era Of Web 4.0
  • 24:44 – Tron And Web 4.0

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Hey guys what’s up again, it’s Dan from cryptocamacho.com where each day I teach you how to make more money in cryptocurrency.

00:09 – Advice You Will Receive In This Video

Guys today I want to talk about a very strong strong cryptocurrency that has recently seen gains of a couple hundred percent and I think that we are still at the early days and we’re going to see some more upward movement in the long term. So what am I talking about guys, I’m talking about Tron, I’m talking about TRX coin. If you’ve been following TRON at all, if you’ve seen what’s been happening in the cryptocurrency world as of the last few days, last week or so, it would be hard to miss Tron. SoTRON has sky rocketed from just a couple pennies or actually pennies, a couple cents all the way out to about thirty cents, approximate thirty cents and then now quite a bit you know lower than thirty cents.

00:55 – What Is Tron\Trx

And what’s all the hype about, what’s all the hubbub about, why has TRON recently just exploded in price? If you go and look over coin market cap right here, TRON has now hit the top ten list on point market cap in terms of market capitalization. We’re at ten billion dollars for Tron, behind bitcoin, etherium, ripple and some of these others. But literally a month and a half ago TRON was completely unheard of. It was a completely unknown coin, a completely unknown business. And all of the sudden it’s now in the top ten on coin market cap for market capitalization for all of cryptocurrencies. That is pretty astounding.

01:37 – Why Has Tron Prices Gone Up

So what is the deal with Tron? What is TRON doing that has made this price explode? Sure there’s definitely some fear of missing out, there’s definitely anticipation that the price is going to go up, there’s definitely some pumping going on from some of the influencers in the industry. But there’s definitely got to be more than that behind Tron. Right this is not one of those shitcoins, if you will, that’s not going to go anywhere. TRON actually has a business plan, has a well-educated, well-seasoned team behind it.

02:11 – Tron Vision Statement Explained

And let’s take a quick look at TRON and I’ll show you exactly what I’m talking about. I think TRON is really positioned in a good place right now and is still very undervalued for at least what their vision is stating. So here’s the TRON website guys and what it says up top, ‘it’s a decentralized tropical trustworthy application smart contracts empowered by block chain digital values issued in obtained by everyone. A next era of Web 4.0.

This is very key guy. Let’s take a second just to dissect this because this is important in how you will understand TRON and what TRON is. I see a lot of people making videos about TRON on YouTube. And I see a lot of people talking about TRON and honestly they have no idea what TRON is actually trying to do. They have no idea what the technology is trying to solve for and they have really no idea why the company even exists. And they’re really doing reviews purely based on technicals like in coin market cap; the market capitalization, the volume blah blah blah blah blah which is good, I’m not discounting that those things are all good and dandy and great. But you really need to truly understand the technology of TRON and what they’re trying to do to really understand what the potential TRON is. So that’s what I want to try to break down in this video with you guys. I did some technical analysis on TRON in one of my previous videos but I really want to break down what the concept of TRON is and what they’re trying to solve for.

03:36 – What Is The Concept Of Tron And What Is It Trying To Solve For.

So let’s not let’s take a quick look at this. The next era of Web 4.0, we’ll come back to that in a sec. let’s keep going down the site and let’s just read what TRON is. TRON is blockchain based decentralized protocol that aims to construct a worldwide three content entertainment system with the block chain in distributed storage technology. That’s pretty key to guys. The protocol allows each user to freely publish, store and owned data in the decentralized autonomous form, decides the distribution subscription and push of content and enables content creators by releasing circulating and dealing with digital assets thus forming a decentralized content entertainment ecosystem. Peiwo app has over ten million users and will become the first TRON compatible entertainment app.

So really it says it all right here in this statement guys. I know this statement is a bit heavy. It’s very difficult for a lot of people to understand especially if they don’t have experience in the technical field or they aren’t technical themselves. This is very hard to understand but they do say it all right here and I want to break it down for you guys.

04:46 – What Is The Peiwo App

So first I just let you know what this app is. So the Peiwo app is really like a Snapchat. It’s like a Snapchat competitor in China.

04:58 – The Role Of Tron With Peiwo

The founder of Peiwo right here, Justin’s company Peiwo is one of the founding member of the national Internet finance Association of China. the organization blah blah blah blah…I want to show you guys what is was but basically just take it from me and you can you can look this up on your own time. But really the Peiwo app is basically a Snapchat competitor that China is rolling out. And now TRON is trying to leverage for this content distribution ecosystem that they’re trying to build out.

05:24 – How Does Tron Work

So let’s break this down in terms of what TRON actually is. It’s a protocol that aims to construct a worldwide free content entertainment system with block chain and distributed storage technology. so think about it like this guys, they’re going to allow any content producer or creator or publisher to essentially store their content whether it’s text, whether it’s audio, whether it’s a video, whether it’s any type of coding language, whatever type of digital asset that may be or whatever type of digital content that maybe TRON will allow you to store that in their ecosystem. They will tag that content, they will associate that content with the user that created or produce that content and then they will be able to use that content within their entire ecosystem. So as they connect with things like the Peiwo app with snapchat, with the Facebooks, with all these different media companies out there. And there’s a lot of them; the NBCs of the world, the CBSs of the world. They’ll be able to use this content in any form they feel viable to push a particular message or to push a particular marketing program or whatever it may be. They’ll be able to use your content in this distributed network that’s decentralized. Andthey’llbeable to basically infuse your content into any of these other entertainment systems and ecosystems and networks that exist today.

So imagine if I created a video or I created a podcast or whatever, a white paper, I can push that into the TRON ecosystem, they can associate that with me, that Dan Crypto Camacho created that piece of content. But then they can use that content in any one of the networks or any one of the partners that they have in the ecosystem. They can then use that content, leverage that content, do whatever they want with that content. And the end user, me the creator of that content will be the beneficiary of any revenue or monetization that happens with that content. so any time you somebody wants to use your content they’ll need to essentially license it from you through the TRON network and be able to use that and you’ll get paid some sort of revenue stream or currency from this network. And most likely that currency will be in Tron, TRON cryptocurrency. I’m sure you’re going to support a number of other cryptocurrencies but essentially TRON is going to be the main coin that they’re kind of building this ecosystem around. So hopefully that helps with kind of the touching of it.

07:58 – How Does Tron Work

So let’s begin a little more. So the protocol allows each user to freely publish, store, own the data and in a decentralized autonomous form, decide the distribution, subscription and cost and push the content and enable content creators by releasing, circulating and dealing with digital assets forming a decentralized content entertainment ecosystem. so think about this, if they get a number of content producers and creators on this network, on this ecosystem and they get some big players on this ecosystem, think of how they can then start moving that content around and programming that content, programming artificial intelligence around that content to basically put it where it needs to go in their overall ecosystem. And so that’s kind of one aspect of it.

And let’s keep going down and let’s look a little bit more at what TRON is. This is about the team. You can read about the team here a little bit later.

08:56 – Tron Core Values And Bill Of Rights

Let’s see. Here’s how their core values are setting up. It’s kind of their bill of rights if you will for how they’re going to handle content, how they’re going to treat content and you could read through this and you can get a better idea you know what I just was talking about.

09:12 – The Four Basic Characteristics If Tron

Here again as a decentralized content protocol TRON is of the following four basic characteristics compared to the centralized Internet. This is also very important guys. The first one, data liberation. On a free and uncontrolled basis the contents including characters, pictures, audios and videos may be unloaded, stored and spread.

Content enabling. Digital assets are obtained through provision and spread of contents thus economically stimulating the enabling of content ecology. That’s very important as well.

So let’s just go through these. Data liberation; on a free and controlled basis the contents including characters, pictures, videosmaybeupload, stored and spread. So this is what I first said guys, they are going to take content from content creators, content producers and they’re going to store it on the block chain and they’re going to make it freely accessible to everybody.

The next one, content enabling. They’re going to allow content producers to provision their content, to basically rent out their content or license their content out to other content consumers, if you will. That’s kind of what the content ecology is that theyare talking about there.

Personal ICO. An individual may freely distribute digital assets in the form of an ICO while others may enjoy the benefits and services brought due to the continuous development of data contributors by purchasing digital assets. So it looks like right here what their essentially going to do is they’re going to allow you to create personal ICOs based on the content that you produce. So for example if CBS created a number of content assets, they can put this in the block chain, in the TRON ecosystem. They can then create an ICO around that to enable other people to buy in on their content and create their own ecosystem around their subset of content. So they are enabling content producers and content distributors to essentially create a currency backed ecosystem around the content that they produce.

This is big guys. This is very powerful for companies like the CBSs, the NBCs of the world, all these big major media outlets. This is very big for them.

It’s another way it’s another business model and another way that these companies can take advantage of the content they create and monetizing that’s the key here. TRON is setting up the infrastructure to allow these big media companies to take their content in essentially to rewrap it and then to monetize it in different business models today. OK so keep that in mind as well.

Next infrastructure. With distributed digital assets we’ll be equipped with a complete set of decentralized infrastructures including distributed exchange, autonomous gaining forecast and game system. This is basically just telling you that they’re creating the ecosystem, the infrastructure around what I’ve just been talking about guys.

11:48 – The Revolutionary That Tron Is

So let’s dig deep into this a little bit more. So this really breaks it down here guys if you just read up about what I just went through this really kind of breaks it down here. I’ll try to explain it a little bit more and bear with me. This video might be a little bit long but I really want you to truly understand what TRON is. I’m going to show you some are examples of how revolutionary this can become here in just a moment.

So one exodus. A day deliberation a mechanism of upload storage and distribution which is based on peer to peer and distributed content. In the Exodus phase, on the basis of distributed storage technology, TRON will provide users with a completely free and reliable platform for data publication storage and dissemination. So they’re essentially creating a digital asset management system that is built in the block chain as a distributed Ledger, a decentralized distributed Ledger. They’re going to allow users or content producers to put their content there to store it, to manage it, to publish it. So nothing really groundbreaking right there, that’s existed before it has not existed in the blockchain.

Andthen we’re going to two, Odyssey. Content empowerment, economic incentives empowerment, content ecology and blockchain technology will create a fully competitive economic mechanism with fair returns for content creation. Distribution and dissemination. Therefore individuals can be encouraged and contents can be empowered thus constantly expanding the boundary of the system. so what they’re basically saying here is that they’re going to allow content producers to then use that content and leverage that content to create new economic models, to create new content ecosystems, to create new ways of distributing the content and getting paid or incentivized to actually share and use that content through other channels. So that’s kind of what they’re saying right there.

13:35 – Three Major Issues That Tron Solves

Number three; great voyage, personal ICO which i just talked about. And based on the advantage of blockchain, TRON solves three major issues. Income measurement, dividend payment and management of supporters. And achieves significant transformation from the fan economy into the fan finance. So this is kind of like a way that they’re going to basically take crown funding to a whole new level, right. They’re going to look at the assets that you have on the block chain ecosystem and they’re going to say ok, this person has x number of assets on the blockchain ecosystem that we’ve created. They have x amount of content. Then that content producer will be able to take that content and they will say I want to create an ICO around this to raise money to do some sort of innovation around that content that they’ve produced. And basically enabling other people to then use that content and then getting paid for it in their own type of monetary ecosystem that they’ve created. Hopefully that makes sense. It a little confusing but bear with me here.

14:32 – Tron Allowing Users To Create Their Own Cryptocurrency

Next free movement of value and decentralized token trading exclusively for individuals to reach the goal that each content producer in the TRON system can issue their own tokens. The system must have a complete solution for decentralized trading. So this is big guys. so if you heard the last video I made about Smart Media tokens, if you haven’t, you should go look up Smart Media tokens but what essentially TRON is going to do, after they build this infrastructure they’re going to enable content producers to create their own cryptocurrency, their own tokens that can then be used to create their own business models or own paradigms andessentiallytheir own businesses around the content they produce.

So let’s just say hypothetically I have ten thousand videos and I have five thousand podcasts and whatever. I have ten thousand videos in this ecosystem. These ten thousand videos maybe they’re educational videos about math, about how to learn math. Right. Ten thousand educational videos about how to learn math. So maybe you know teachers and schools want to use that content, maybe tutors want to use that content, maybe tutoring programs want to use that content, maybe high schools want to use that content. A number of folks may want to use the math content that I’ve produced with my ten thousand videos. So I may say ‘ok, you guys can use my content but in order to use my content you actually need to purchase it in the coin that I create. So I will create an ICO, I will create a cryptocurrency and I will say in order to use my math content that I created you need to buy my cryptocurrency. So essentially anybody that wants to use that content will buy my cryptocurrency, bringing the value of my cryptocurrency up. The more people that buy into my cryptocurrency the more people can use the content. The more people that support it, the more people that get on the network, the stronger my network becomes the higher the value of my content and my cryptocurrency become, the more I can charge to give it out. So this is kind of how it’s working guys and this is what you’re going to start seeing popping up and hopefully that makes sense.

16:34 – Tron Allows Media Houses To Create New Business Models

For the big media publishers and big media producers this is very big. They don’t have to create this infrastructure, TRON is doing it for them. This is going to be very very big for them to create new business models that they’ve been waiting for very very very long time. And if you look at most of the media outlets in the world they have either consolidated or gone out of business because of the Internet. They have completely reinvented their business models based on what’s happened with web 1.0, Web 2.0, web 3.0. we’re about to enter a phase of the web 4.0 which I’m going to get to in just a moment to show you how profound this could actually end up being.

17:08 – How Tron Allows For Traffic Conversion And Building Gaming Platforms

Let’s keep going through this. Star Trek. Traffic monetization; gaming decentralization and market forecasts. The size of global gaining market bla bla bla make it possible to go on gaming platforms. Developers can freely build online gaming platforms through Tron, for autonomous and predictionmarkets. That’s another aspect I’ll get into at a different time. And then traffic conversion, decentralization of the game. So this is again something else I will have to get into in a later time.

17:36 – What The Tron Company Is Trying To Accomplish

But I really want to go back and go through up here, a next era of Web 4.0. So before you jump into this let me just show you one thing here. So if we go over, and I want to just again explain what TRON is, I really really want you to understand what the TRON Company is trying to accomplish it. So, here’s just an article I’m reading, this will give you a better idea of what TRON is. So the TRON token tracks users’ entertainment behavior, shares credit, value data with apps within the Tron. TRX access initial values of the information storage and identification which records about user acquisition and TRX spending’s stored in the blockchain. Coin information will be accessed by all TRON apps. While TRON will support all kinds of virtual currencies as the official currency, the platform TRX will be used in the conversion and circulation of the entire world’s virtual currencies in Tron.

Sun boldly add, Sun is the founder, ‘we are very confident that TRON will reach a target of one million wallets registered within a year. The first million registered users will be rewarded with considerable TRX tokens by registering on the TRON platform.

And let’s read a little bit further and then we’ll stop guys. Nowa days as entertainment absence systems have short monetization cycles and life cycles, individual developers cannot store or maintain users’ credit information in a particular entertainment system. So every entertainment system is almost like an information silo. Before Tron, a global digital entertainment system would be faced with various problems in respect to payments. For example if Iranian wants to buy digital product from Japan it is a problem for the user to pay a Japanese company in question. The payment change in procedure for long has it impossible for a user to open a bank account in Japan bla bla bla bla.

So what TRON is essentially trying to do is set up the infrastructure to allow anybody to do these types of things. Anybody. Any entertainment company, any content producer; they’re trying to allow to do these types of things, to create an ecosystem around the content they produce. And the added bonus is that TRON will be tracking everything within this network. And this is where web 4.0 comes into play. And this is why it’s going to be very very powerful.

19:59 – The Difference Between Web 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 And 4.0

So guys let’s break down. Really quickly it says on their website the next era of Web 4.0. So what’s Web 1.0, what’s 2.0, what’s 3.0?

Let’s break that down really really quickly here guys. Here’s a picture that really kind of describes it quite nicely.

20:18 -What Is Web 1.0

SoWeb 1.0 was the web. It was just web pages, like static web pages. If you remember they’re just static web pages, you didn’t see any type of programming in Web sites, you didn’t see banners changing a lot, you didn’t see a whole lot of that. Static web pages. It’s a read only web. You just go to the web, you see it, what you see is what you get, that’s it. It was just to share information, back and forth between people. Sharing information, not doing a whole lot more than that. You know personal Web sites which was kind of the main thing around Web 1.0.

20:49 – What Is Web 2.0

And then all of the sudden came along Web 2.0, which is basically the social web. Like the Facebooks of the world, the Twitters of the world, the My Spaces. Now rather than just reading what’s on the Internet, you can actually read and write what’s on the Internet. You can go and read somebodies blog post and you can comment on that blog post. You can then go to maybe a video and you can share that video. Right. You can share it with your friends and family. SoWeb 2.0 really brought the social web into mainstream. You can now read and write on the web. Not just read it and read a web page but actually read the web page and interact with that web page. Like it, share it, comment on it…whatever you want. That’s what Web 2.0 did for everybody. It connected people together. Connected people in a way that has never happened before. And a by-product of that where Facebook was produced, blogs were produced, Twitter was produced; all these different social network sites were produced. And look at how much those companies have grown because of the Web 2.0 infrastructure.

21:52 – What Is Web 3.0

Now Web 3.0 which is currently the phase we’re in of the Web, It’s called the semantic web. You can read the web, you can write back and forth on the web and you can execute on the web. You can write code that executes different commands on the web based on user behavior, based on data, based on traffic volume based on all of these different factors. You can now interact with the web like you’ve never been able to before. You can do personalization. So if I go to a Web site what I see is different from what you go to a website and see. if I go to Amazon and I’m looking for shaving equipment, next time I go to Amazon I’m going to see shaving equipment because are trying to pitch me. If my wife goes to Amazon, she’s going to look at maybe clothes. And the next time she goes to Amazon, she’s going to look and see clothes not shaving equipment. That is the semantic web. That is web 3.0; the ability to program the web and to be able to personalize it and customize it for different personas that are actually interacting with a particular website, right. That is web 3.0. So think about it like all of the different things Google does, personalizing ads. Allthe things Amazon does, the different products you see, retargeting ads; things like that. I have a background in marketing so this is very very relevant to me.

23:04- The Next Era Of Web 4.0

But now what is Web 4.0? And how is Web 4.0 going to change everything? Here’s a really good breakdown of kind of everything I just went through. Web 1.0, the read only web. It lasted for x amount of years and this is what it was. Web 2.0, social community explosion. Web 3.0, immersion in a virtual Web. Basically the semantic web. So web 4.0 is sensually when the interaction between humans and machines is driving the force behind 4.0. We might still be in Web 3.0 but Web 4.0 is coming and it’s coming fast. Facebook recently launched Agent N, an artificial intelligence agent on chat and we’re all aware Siri. So what Web 4.0 is going to do is it’s going to bring together the best of Web 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 and it’s going to basically put it on steroids. It is going to start taking artificial intelligence, taking machine learning and trying to make sense of all of the data that you see out there. It’s going to start trying to make sense of it all and it’s going to start programming that data in ways that have never before been done. It’s going to start making recommendations based on previous behavior. I mean Google is already doing this quite a bit. LinkedIn is doing this quite a bit. Facebook is doing this quite a bit. But they’re essentially trying to program the Web to be able to use all of the inputs it’s getting, user inputs, third party data inputs, trending inputs; all these different types of data inputs and program the Web in a way that’s relevant for only you.

24:44 – Tron And Web 4.0

And so what TRON is trying to do, they’re saying ‘ok we’re going to take all of the content that’s being produced by all of these media publishers, all these media outlets, all these individuals that create content on the Internet, we’re going to create an infrastructure, an ecosystem for that to allow people to put their content on our ecosystem to then be able to disseminate, distribute that information and that content to anybody who wants to use it. We’re going to then be able to track the behavior around all of that content and we’re basically going to be able to, using artificial intelligence we’re going to be able to identify where the needs are for that content, who might want to use that content and who may gain benefit from using that content. And all of a sudden you have a scenario where there’s an engine, a very strong engine or ecosystem behind TRON which is constantly recommending and pushing content to content publishers from content producers and then paying back the content producers with how the content is being used. so they’re developing a very smart, artificially intelligent ecosystem that not only understands what content is in theecosystem but what users actually produce that content and where that content is being used in the overall Internet world where it’s being used and then being able to track payments back, micro payments back to users that individually are creating that content.

So it essentially creates new business models all across the table in many many different ways.

So if you were skeptical about Tron, I hope you’re not now. The potential for TRON is a massive whether or not they’ll be able to pull off what they’re trying to do is something else but their vision is spot on. Their vision is worth gold. In just their mission alone, it makes me understand why there’s been such a large increase in price just in the last couple weeks with Tron.

Again, whether or not this will pan out the way they want I don’t know. They do have a great management team but the vision is solid. It’s spot on. It is very very very good. It’s very very smart. And I’m going to be holding TRON for a while now because of this, because I understand what they’re trying to do. If you go to otherYouTubers out there and they say ‘oh Tron, it’s had a huge pump and it might dump now based on the chart in the technicals, that’s fine. It may very well drop. But if they pull off what they’re trying to do, it’s going to be valued much much much higher than where it is right now. Even up there with kind of the Iotas of the world. I don’t know whether iota will be bigger or not but this is truly a massive opportunity if they can pull off what they’re saying they will pull off.

I hope this has been helpful for you guys. I know it’s been a long video. Hopefully for those of you that I’ve stuck through the entire thing understand kind of what’s going on and what TRON is trying to do. I’m Dan from cryptocamacho.com. I hope this video has been helpful for you guys. If you have any questions about TRON please leave your comments in the comments below. If you haven’t subscribed please do. Subscribe to the YouTube channel, you see that little red button there. I’m Dan again I’ll talk to you guys next time.