Episode Highlights:

  • 00:14 – My Top Privacy Coins
  • 00:45 – First Recommendation For Privacy Coin Is Monero
  • 04:02 – Second Recommendation For Privacy Coin Is Zcash
  • 07:09 – Third Recommendation For Privacy Coin Is Verge
  • 10:08 – Fourth Recommendation For Privacy Coin Is Deep Onion
  • 13:41 – Fifth Recommendation For Privacy Coin Ispivx
  • 16:58 – The Last Recommedation Is A Platform, Particle

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Hey, what’s up guys? It’s Dan again from CryptoCamacho.com. Where each day I help guide you through this crazy cryptocurrency revolution and hopefully help you guys make more money on investing in cryptocurrency.

00:14 – My Top Privacy Coins

Hey guys, 2018 is going to be a fantastic and very, very strong year for cryptocurrencies and in particular for privacy coins, for Alt coins that have some element of privacy baked into their technology. So, today guys I want to talk about my top picks for 2018 specific to privacy coins. So, what are my top privacy coin picks for 2018? That’s what I want to dig into today in this episode.

00:45 – First Recommendation For Privacy Coin Is Monero

So, hey guys let’s jump right into it and my first recommendation that I want to make is really the king of privacy coins, the king of kings, the king of privacy coins. If Bitcoin is the king of all cryptocurrency and then Monero is the king of privacy coins. Monero, I did a review of Monero, I’ve talked about Monero in the past and I think Monero, although it’s been around for a while, although the price is a little bit higher than some of the other privacy coins, I think it has the most potential in the privacy coin space if you will because it’s the most established. Long, long, long, term, I don’t know it may be unseated by another privacy coin, but I think right now Monero in 2018 has huge potential.

Right now, Monero is sitting on coin market cap at number thirteen, it has a five billion dollars market cap, it’s at a price point of $316 with the supply of fifteen million, so you can see the actual supply of Monero actually is quite low, which makes it attractive to me and makes the price point higher. Interestingly Dash, which is another you know form of a privacy coin has about half the supply as Monero and look it’s about twice the cost of Monero itself, a little bit more actually so this even actually gives me a little more validation that even you know, the market cap on Monero should and can be a little bit higher. The reason I’m bullish on Monero is because it’s been tried and true, it’s been around for for quite some time now, it’s been heavily adopted on the dark web and in the dark net. If you go to the dark net, dark web using a tor browser, you’re really going to only see you know acceptance of Monero and Monero type of transactions in the cryptocurrency space on a dark web, really in Monero everybody is moving to Monero in the dark web, they’re moving away from Bitcoin, away from any other type of cryptocurrencies specifically to Monero because it is such a strong privacy coin.

We talked about this before so I won’t jump in too deep but this is what makes Monero, so, so powerful, it’s untraceable, it’s unlikeable, it’s secure, it’s private and it’s analysis resistant, meaning that authorities cannot track how you have been using your Monero coins, where you spent them, what you purchased, who you sent transactions or received transactions from, those kind of things cannot be tracked with Monero, it is essentially bullet proof when it comes to a privacy coin and that is why I think Monero is going to rise in 2018. I think has a lot of room to rise, right now it’s sitting at $316, you know the high last year was $450 approximately and it’s slowly, you know been recovering from the recent dips that we’ve had, it’s sitting kind of mid-level of where it has been sitting for the last probably two months approximately and I think that this year will be a telling year for Monero, gives me a lot of strength and reassurance that it’s been used in the dark web and that it’s almost exclusively used in the dark web, it means that it’s gaining adoption, it means that it’s being scaled, it means that the technical challenges or potential technical challenges that one may see with Monero have been ironed out, they’re being ironed out now because it’s been used so much on the dark web. So, that’s why, it’s established, you know just like Bitcoin, so I think that’s why Monero is going to rise in 2018.

04:02 – Second Recommendation For Privacy Coin Is Zcash

ZCash another favorite on the privacy coins. I’m a little bit mixed on ZCash but I think ZCash has a very, very strong market presence. If we go over to Coin Market Cap and let’s just search for ZCash, right here it’s number twenty-six on Coin Market Cap with a valuation of about 1.5 billion in market cap, valuation of $448. The reason that ZCash is so attractive to me is because look at this supply, the supply is very, very, very low. It’s around three million, which is essentially half of what Monero and Dash are. If we look back at what Monero is, there’s a supply of fifteen million, Dash there’s a supply of seven million, well for ZCash there’s a supply of three million in the price is $448, I think there’s a lot of room to grow there especially when you’re comparing it to Dash in Monero. I think the price is actually quite low for the supply that it has, so the market cap over all is quite low, I think it should be double what it is right now, and I think there’s going to be a lot of room for ZCash to grow in the future. ZCash, you know essentially, it’s a privacy coin, it’s a privacy layer that’s built on top of the Bitcoin core block chained.

If you just read here you know, Bitcoin and most cryptocurrencies expose your entire payment history to public ZCash is the first open permission-less cryptocurrency that can fully protect privacy and transactions using zero knowledge cryptography. So, they were the first to market in terms of a true privacy coin, the thing I don’t like about ZCash is that it’s a layer, a centralized layer built on top of the Bitcoin core block chain and so it’s not necessarily 100% decentralized because there is a centralized layer on top but I’m bullish because it already has widespread adoption, it’s already been tried and true in the market, it’s been around for some time, it’s got a very, very low supply which makes the actual tokens themselves much more valuable over time and that will only increase. It’s functional, it has the ability to enable new applications to use it and it up holds your confidentiality. So, the last thing I’ll read about ZCash is that the scientists, advisors and engineers of ZCash developed and launched the ZCash protocol, this includes all of the authors of the zero-cash protocol, most of the creative zero-point protocol and leading researchers of the ZSnarks themselves. So, guys let’s just take a quick look at ZCash on the charts and one thing I noticed about ZCash is that it has consistently risen, you know over time it drops hard, yes but it has consistently bounced back.

We have a drop here, boom go back, we have a drop here, boom go back, we have a rise and then another drop here and it’s slowly going to make its work back up, I mean this is essentially identical to what’s going to happen over here, you know you see a drop, you see a lag for a while then you see a bump, then you see a drop, a little bit of a lag for a while, you see a drop, you see a lag, pretty soon we’re going to see a big spike up like you see over here, which is why I am bullish on ZCash in 2018. Do not take your eyes off of this one guys.

07:09 – Third Recommendation For Privacy Coin Is Verge

All right next one, Verge. I am a very bullish on Verge because it is one of the most popular, most hyped, most well marketed cryptocurrencies in Alt coins in existence. If you look at any type of sentiment data, you look at any type of traffic, Google traffic data, trending data, Verge is coming out on top consistently over time. Their web traffic is the highest, they have the most positive social mentions, they have the most positive mentions in forums, the most engagement on all of social media, whether it’s Facebook, you know aside from Bitcoin of course, on Facebook, on Twitter, on Reddit, on all these different forums a very, very popular and Verge is a secure and anonymous cryptocurrency built with a focus on privacy. Again, I’ve gone through this in more detail in previous videos but essentially what Verge is doing, let’s just jump right to it so you guys know exactly what Verge is actually doing here and I’m going to jump to it. Okay, not only is Verge a very powerful privacy coin but you have the ability to turn the privacy functionality on or off, you can make your transactions private or you can make them you know fully, you know fully knowing who you are, right? You can turn it on and off, that’s what I like about Verge, it’s completely ready for mass adoption, the protocol was released, it was well received recently, and it’s decentralized right, like anything else but look at the price point.

So, let’s just go quickly to Coin Market Cap, Verge is sitting right behind ZCash on the Coin Market Cap at number twenty-seven, it’s got a 1.3 billion dollars market cap, it’s got a huge, huge supply of coins, you know 14 billion, which is quite, quite large but the price is nine cents guys, nine cents is you know very, very, very low for any cryptocurrency and definitely given that the supply is pretty high, I would expect the price of the coin to be a bit lower but nine cents is just ridiculous it’s very, very low in my opinion and if we go over to Coinigy, over here you can see I actually sold some right here right before that dip but you can see that it’s gone all the way up to twenty-four cents, twenty-five cents and now it’s back sitting down about nine. When this corrects itself, it’s going to be hovering at least to double what it is now, at least that you know 15, 16, 17, 18 cents right and that’s kind of a no brainer, that definitely will happen in 2018. I don’t know if it’s going to happen next month or in a couple months but it will definitely happen, there’s way too much demand, way too much popularity, way too much hype around Verge to let this just kind of fizzle out, I mean it’s definitely going to go at least a bit higher, I’m not prophesizing, I mean I’m just looking at the dynamics of really the marketing and social sphere around Verge, the hype is so, so strong that there’s no way this won’t be pushed up just purely by speculators, you know not even talking about the technology itself. So, that’s why I’m bullish on Verge in 2018.

10:08 – Fourth Recommendation For Privacy Coin Is Deep Onion

I have a couple more that I want to review with you, the next one I’m bullish on in 2018 is Deep Onion, I’m really, really excited about Deep Onion because Deep Onion is using the Tor network. So, if you remember a video I made, I talked about how Napster was kind of the first to the peer to peer music scene then Napster, it was a centralized company, centralized technology and eventually the government shut down Napster and what was invented after that there was Nutella and then eventually there was something called Bit Torrent that was invented after Napster, which was essentially a decentralized version of Napster with more capabilities. That’s essentially what Deep Onion is but for money for cryptocurrency, so they’re essentially leveraging the Tor network, they’re building a privacy cryptocurrency on top of the Tor network and they’re utilizing it to make it 100% untraceable, 100% decentralized and distributed just like the Bit Torrent network is today, just like the Tor browser is today.

Anything on the dark net will use something similar to this type of technology and I think it’s got a ways to go to get some traction but I do think that it’s already gained quite a bit of traction and anywhere, everywhere I turn in social media and forums on Reddit on wherever, in any type of trending in search analysis, Deep Onion pops up again and again and again and again and the reason it’s very, very cool is that it uses layers of technology, layers of anonymity as it’s making transactions to protect users identities, to protect the transactions, to make it completely and 100% anonymous and untraceable to third parties, to governments, to regulators, so forth and so on, so, I think you’re going to see a lot more adoption of Onion. If you go over to Coin Market Cap, we don’t even actually see Onion on here yet, I thought it was listed but it’s not listed quite yet, the price point of Onion is about $9.48 and actually funny story yesterday I tried to record this video and successfully in the price was about $8, so I think the prices are already going up and I need to hurry up and get in on me some Onions for me. So, yeah, I was right, I should have actually bought this yesterday, I didn’t and I wish I did, let me look at the quicks to cast again doing some live analysis here with you guys. This one is ripe, this one has right to go up and I can just tell by the trend, it’s completely up you know what I mean, you can see this trend, it’s just completely going up. Not all the cryptocurrencies are doing this now given the downturn that we’ve seen, so this is actually a really promising sign for me as well.

A lot of support right in here and I think $9 is undervalued, I think that Onion is going to go up just purely based on the technology itself, there’s strong, strong technology behind it. I think you’re going to see a recovery up to these levels up here into the 1-3’s from these eights, I am probably going to go buy some of this after this video because I do think that there is significant potential to Deep Onion. If you don’t believe me go to the Deep Onion website, start reading about it and you’re going to see it, go search the net, you’re going to see Deep Onion popping up all over the place, not only because of the technology itself but because people just have faith in this, they have faith in this type of technology. Tor is not a new technology, you know the Tor network is not new, people have faith in it, people have used it, hackers have used it, technologists use it and they love it, they keep using it right, that’s why I am bullish on Deep Onion in 2018. I will probably do an individual review of Deep Onion at a later time, but I wanted to give you my at least, my initial thoughts on it.

13:41 –Fifth Recommendation For Privacy Coin Is Pivx

Next, the next privacy coin, there’s two more guys, so bear with me but there’s two more. The next one is Pivx, why do I like Pivx? There’s many reasons, first let’s jump over so Pivx is relatively new, it’s got a very strong community behind it, it’s again built for privacy, built for security and private transactions. Let’s go down and give you some good quick nuggets of Pivx. So, Pivx is private instant verified transaction, transactional security and privacy focus based decentralized open source cryptocurrency. It launched February 1st, 2016, so it is about two years old, they’re trying to build their platform and the reason why I like this is because you know, there’s many aspects of Pivx that I think are going to be adopted in the future. So, here is what I wanted to get you guys, this is the main reason why I like Pivx, is there’s Zerocoin protocol technology, it’s not a coin that’s been built on top of the Bitcoin core like ZCash and like some of these others, it is a completely new protocol that they developed themselves, Zerocoin. Let’s just read this little bit, Zerocoin has been implemented by Pivx, is a protocol that does what Bitcoin cannot do, Zerocoin provides full privacy to the users of Pivx, the Pivx implementation of the Zerocoin protocol, converts publicly viewable Piv into anonymous Piv, dubbed by the Pivx team have ZerocoinPiv or zPiv for short.

When a user wishes to spend that is to send a transaction from A to B, ZPiv appear in the receiver as well as a regular Piv without any history of where that Piv originated from. So, there is no way to track where transactions came from because of these layering technologies that Pivx uses. This is the main reason why I like Pivx and why I think it has a lot of potential in 2018. A little bit more of a gamble because the technology needs to be proven out, it needs to be developed a little bit further and it needs to get a little bit more widespread adoption, but I think the main reason is for the technology itself. People love this type of technology and not only is it a coin but it’s essentially enabling you know applications to be built around this technology, something that others can’t necessarily do because they’re ultimately built on the block chain core technology. That’s what I like about Pivx, that’s why I think it’s going to rise, if you look at Pivx Coin Market Cap, it’s number fifty-one, at a market cap of $582 million, it’s got to supply $55 million, so not an incredibly large supply and a price point at $10. I think there’s a lot of room for that to go up. Recently it’s been pumped all the way up to about the fourteen’s relative to Bitcoin now it’s down to nine and you can see that it has not even fallen back to its base levels of eight, so already there is some support, a lot of support actually right here. I see this downward trend coming but I think this downward trend is coming to an end, we’ll see shortly if this continues you go a little bit sideways and not down, you’ll see that there’s support gaining right here and then from here it’s really just all the way up you know it’s just a matter of time how long it’s going to take. So, that’s why I am bullish on Pivx in 2018.

16:58 – The Last Recommedation Is A Platform, Particle

The next one and the last one I’m going to talk about on this video is pretty interesting technology and the reason I’m bullish on this, it’s particle. Particle is a relatively new platform. The reason I’m very bullish on Particle is because it’s a platform, it’s not an individual coin, it’s not a token, it hasn’t been built on top of any other cryptocurrency block chain, I’m sorry it has been built on the block chain but it’s a platform that’s being built to facilitate privacy in e-commerce type of environments. If we go look at their website on Particle here, let’s just read quickly, Particle is a privacy and security on the block chain featuring private currency framework for apps, messaging and self-governance for disrupting e-commerce. So, they’re essentially trying to disrupt the e-commerce space by allowing anonymous transactions and allow apps to be built with this anonymous functionality in the e-commerce space. So, think of an Amazon that can use privacy technology, so that nobody knows who you are on Amazon, nobody knows what you’re buying and selling on Amazon, nobody knows you know all that information about you like Amazon does, that’s what particle is trying to enable. They are trying to enable a framework, a foundational framework for others to build technologies like e-commerce stores, like messaging apps and so forth on top of the Particle platform, so that they are anonymous in nature right, from the very beginning, from the core.

Another reason I like Particle is because recently they added Charlie Shrem to their board of advisors, he’s now part and has a stake in this company, he’s, if you don’t know who Charlie Shrem is, he’s one of the early, early adopters and founders of Bitcoin, not founders but enthusiasts of Bitcoin, he really was the one with Eric Vorhees that really launched business for Bitcoin before he had to go to prison for some fraud. I have faith in him and I have faith that this platform, you know will develop as they say, and this is one other thing that I want to read here, confidential transactions. Particle is the first de-app, decentralized app built on Bitcoin with confidential transactions. Confidential transaction keeps the amounts transferred visible only two participants in the transaction and those they designate, while they still guarantee no more coins could be spent than are available in a cryptographic way. So, you can choose and designate who you want or not want to actually see the transactions that you make on the Particle network, on the particle platform guys. Let’s see, what else? Those are the main reasons here, it’s a platform, a privacy platform by design. This is the main reason I like it. The native marketplace currency tokens and suite are encrypted, of encrypted communication tools offer unfettered access between buyers and sellers worldwide or just down the street. Our privacy tools allow two parties who interact in complete anonymity without the need for third parties, this is huge, and this is why I love Particle. So, Particle is relatively new, I don’t even think it’s on, oh it is. Its number eighty on Coin Market Cap, so it’s already kind of rising up through the ranks. It has a price point of $39, a market cap currently at $345 almost $346 billion, a supply a very limited supply, if you will of eight million, sorry eight million almost nine million guys, so that’s actually you know very interesting to look at because look at this Particle has a supply of let’s just call it nine million right and a price point $39 or market cap of $345 compared to Zcash, Zcash has a supply of three, actually let’s it compare with, let’s see, Dash right here.

Let’s just compare it to Monero and Dash, so Dash has a supply of seven almost eight million and the price point almost $800 right, contrast that with a Particle, let me go back there real quick, has just a slightly larger supply of almost nine, so only $2 million in supply higher than Monero but the price point is dramatically lower, it’s at about $39 where Monero is about $315 dollars and you can look at Dash very similarly. So, I think Particle is poised to explode simply by the dynamics of supply and demand honestly, not even talking about the technology and I actually just kind of realize that right now myself. It’s recently up 30%-42% and I see why. If we go over Bit Tricks and see Particle and it recently rose, I missed this jump and everybody else missed this jump to, dang I knew this was coming guys, I should have bought this yesterday but I still have a tremendous faith in Particle in 2018 because of everything I just showed you and this is kind of proof in the pudding that you know everything else is declining and Particle is going up in value. So, watch this one closely guys, the next dip I would buy the next dip on this one if you guys can get in. So. that is definitely another recommendation I have for 2018, I’m eyeing this one very, very hard for when it dips down a bit, I’m definitely going to take a position on this one.

So, anyway I hope that helps you guys understand why I’m choosing privacy coins for 2018, I’m not choosing only privacy coins but definitely want to use privacy coins because I think they have tremendous, tremendous potential. Again, I’m Dan from CryptoCamacho.com, if you have not already subscribed, please subscribe to my YouTube channel. Would love to know your thoughts about these picks and I would love to know if you guys agree with me or disagree on these picks. Until next time guys, I’ll talk to you later.