Episode Highlights:

  • 00:09 – Follow Up On Pump And Dump Group
  • 01:06 – What Pump And Dump Group Is All About
  • 03:15 – My Direct Experience
  • 03:57- My Observation About Pump And Dump Group
  • 04:49- Big Bump Signal Group
  • 06:44 – My Observation On Five Pumps
  • 12:07- Another Pump Group Bnt
  • 13:16- Xzc Pump

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Hey guys, what’s up? Again it’s Dan from cryptocamacho.com where each day I guide you through this crazy cryptocurrency revolution.

00:09 – Follow Up On Pump And Dump Group

Today guys I want to do a follow-up on a video I made just a few days ago around pump groups, pump and dump groups. I want to make a follow-up video, because now I’ve had a little bit of experience with the groups, directly observing them, directly watching the pumps, I have been engaging, not actually participating in them myself, but actually watching them you know from how they construct the pumps to actually going out and carrying out the pumps. I want to show you exactly kind of what has happened, what it looks like, and I want to caution you a little bit about these pump groups because they’re not all that they are cracked up to be right. everything that being advertised, everything they’re telling you, how you can make easy money, how you can fight against the whales and you know to stick it to the man not necessarily all it’s cracked up to be, and I want to show you exactly what I’m talking about here in just a second. So, guys, if you haven’t seen my previous video about pump and dump groups, go to my YouTube channel and you’ll be able to find there in the videos.

01:06 – What Pump And Dump Group Is All About

But essentially what a pump and dump group is, it’s something that a group or an individual will organize, and they’ll get thousands and sometimes hundreds of thousands of people to participate in these pump groups through the Telegram App or through the Discord App or websites or web pages. And at the right time what they’ll do is they’ll announce that on X you know X date and at X time we’re going to pump a coin. often it happens on Binance, often it happens on Bittrex, or maybe another exchange, but they’ll have a coordinated effort to get everybody included in the pump group to at the same time buy a particular coin on a particular exchange, so that the price gets driven up you know to the moon, if you will and people can make a quick buck before cashing out. They’ve been doing this in a couple of different ways, couple different flavors, and it seems like they’re continuously trying to improve and refine the process, but honestly from my experience so far these are nothing but just hype right. There has been no potential for profit, and any of the pumps that I’ve seen, I’ve seen four of them now take place over the last let’s say two weeks approximately. and each time I’ve seen them I thought to myself if I were to invest right now, and I just watch them I just kind of watch what happened, but if I thought to myself you know if I were to put money into this right now, $1,000 or $10,000 you know where it is now, I would have lost money every single time. I would have lost a significant amount of money, which is why I am making this video to kind of you know to caution you guys about these pump groups. I’m not saying never participate in them, but just be very cautious of them. and I would just be careful when you invest you know being very, very close to how you’re investing, how much you’re investing, the timing of when you’re investing so forth and so on. So, let me give you a few examples of what I’m talking about. So, for you, newbie’s that don’t know what pump groups are, just go to Google type in Bitcoin pump groups you’re going to get a whole host of results around what pump groups are right. There are even websites now trying to organize these pump groups, whether or not they’re legitimate, whether or not they’re legal I don’t completely know. I would think that most of them are scamming, but again I don’t know I’m going to keep kind of researching this myself, but I do want to show you the direct experience.

03:15 – My Direct Experience

So, interview with cryptocurrency pump and dump group telegram, let’s see John McAfee pump and dump groups. I mean these pump and dump groups are popping up right you can find them on Reddit, you can find out about them on Reddit, you can find out how they work on Steamit. A variety of different areas and like I mean here’s where it says it’s an ad saying participating in 3,000% pumps completely not the case. if I go to like let’s say crypto pump groups I’ll probably get similar results here, let’s just say cryptocurrency pump groups get yeah I get the [inaudible, 03:49], where crypto trainers pump and dump groups on telegram pumping dunkers on the telegram. So, I want to give it to you straight and show you exactly what I’ve observed.

03:57- My Observation About Pump And Dump Group

So, the channels that I belong to it’s called the big pump signal Bitcoin pump group, if you look over here I have a discord account. That is essentially giving me access to this big pump signal pump group. Here’s their telegram link you can get the telegram App on my phone, I have a telegram App, I have the discord App and usually when they notify you about the pump the pumps that are going to happen, they’ll do it on the Apps. They’ll do it on the telegram, they’ll do it on discord, and sometimes they’ll do it on Twitter, but I’d say the most reliable place is on the telegram. So, if you do want to check out these pump groups you can go to this link right here up in the top, check this out, sign up for discord. You can also sign up to the telegram group which is really where it happens, but again be careful when you’re doing this guys. I’m not promoting this; I’m just educating you guys on how this actually is working.

04:49- Big Bump Signal Group

So, now this group called a big pump signal they now actually have a website; bigpumpsignal.com and basically, even a small fish can beat a whale while in a strong group. So, they’re really touting and promoting that hey we are trying to pump up prices of cryptocurrencies, because of the market manipulators and whales that are bringing the prices of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies down. We’re going to fight against them; we’re going to fight against the man. in theory I agree with that and I think that’s great, I think that you know overall that would be a great thing to do, but in reality it’s not really working like they’re claiming it’s working on their site, on their discord channel, and on their telegram App right. If this changes I’m happy to report otherwise, but it’s just simply not the case of what they’re promoting, so they say we do pumps big pumps and we do it fair not true. The cryptocurrency market provides great opportunities are you going to stay away with your hands in your pocket while others make money? Big pump signal is the biggest cryptocurrency pump community worldwide, unlike other pump groups pumping dump groups. We have proved to be fair for all users. During our pumps we spread tweets and other social media posts to get outsiders in. this way most people in our group can make money. We choose coins with a lot of future potential so, people won’t get stuck when the price goes down directly after the pump. That I do agree with. they have picked coins that I think have longer-term potential which is great right, but it doesn’t mean you’re going to make quick money on that actual pump, but they organize at the time of the organism nice pump right. Okay, we will still be monitoring the market in order to maintain its uptrend blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. We are going to rule the market and you are the lucky one. We just launched our new referral ranking system. I am not going to put a referral link in this YouTube video right now, because I have not seen this proved out well and so, I do not necessarily want to promote it. If you do want to go to it you’re welcome to go to bigpumpsignal.com but again I’m not endorsing this at all.

06:44 – My Observation On Five Pumps

Okay so, let’s jump right into it. So, I’ve participated on about four maybe five pumps not participated on sorry, I have observed about four or five pumps and I want to show you exactly the ones that I’ve participated on again observed, I haven’t participated on and I keep using the wrong word. Okay so, first I CN. So, ICN was really kind of the first pump group that I witnessed and that I am observed and watched. It kind of plays out and if you look right here let me mark this big right here. This big candle upwards is what I saw, and when I saw it was on January 15th. So, on January 15th right the price of the ICN cryptocurrency went up about 120- 150%. Literally, within let’s just zoom in here to the five-minute charts. So, literally within the span of about five to 15 minutes the price went up 120%. That is definitely by any definition a pump, but the problem is that when I get the notifications on the App and let me just open it up to show you what I’m talking about here. Let me login to the telegram App. Okay so, this is the telegram app right here. I don’t know how well you can see it, but here’s the telegram App you go you know big pump signal and here’s kind of the messaging that they give you. I know you can’t see the words but this is what they give you and typically a day or two before the pump happens, they’ll start sending messages to that telegram group saying get ready for the big pump. The big pump is going to be on X date X time get ready to do it. They’ll give you some tips and recommendations on how to approach the pump. You know they may even tell you know the price, the target price of where they’re looking to buy them; they may give you the target price of where they’re looking to sell. They may even tear that off right because different pump groups act differently and have different requirements and so forth. Anyway, the first one I jumped in on and was watching was this one was ICN right. And literally, when they announced the coin by the time they announced the coin on the pump group ICN the price was literally already about 50% up. It was literally about up to here, when I first even saw the message that it was ICN so that’s problem number one right. There they’re claiming that they’re giving you a complete heads up into you know and to make it fair when you can get in on this pump, but that’s not actually happening before the pump actually happens you already see a tremendous number of people have already bought in on the coin and have already known that this was going to be the coin that they pumped. So, they have a huge, huge advantage of getting in early to make money, and I’m sure who does this? It’s probably the founders of the pump group right. Maybe it’s their close friends, their family, whatever extended people. They claim that if you’re an affiliate and you get X amount of people to sign up under you as an affiliate, you’ll get a head start. You’ll be given you know the information about what coin is going to be pumped before anybody else and typically they tear it. Typically it’s like you know two seconds before anybody else, or five seconds, or six seconds. So, in reality it’s only a couple seconds before anybody else and that’s by promoting these pump group. So, for example if I were to promote a pump group on my YouTube channel, and put my affiliate link there, they would say you know for everybody you get signed up, you’ll get X amount of time lead time you know to join the pump before anybody else knows about it right. So, if I invite a thousand people maybe I’ll get a four second head start to anybody else. Well, that’s great but four seconds one isn’t very much right.  Two you know four seconds wouldn’t made any difference in this ICN chart at all. And so, by the time I got in you know I looked at this and the price was already up to here right. This particular coin ICN it’s on Binance right. It’s on the Binance exchange. That’s where you need to trade it. When I went over to Binance to see if I even actually could buy ICN coin Binance was locked up and frozen because of all the traffic hitting it trying to participate in this pump group. So, that’s one interesting sign that they do have a lot of people trying to participate in these pump groups and it was clear maybe right, because they were all trying to log into finance at the same time. They were all trying to hit that ICN coin and buy it at the same time. So, that was the second problem I couldn’t even buy the coin. If I wanted to because I was going to put you know like 50 bucks and just to see what would happen. I couldn’t even do it, because Binance was locked up and I couldn’t do it. So, by the time I wasn’t even able to trade anything on Binance the price had already gone way up right 120% and it was already really on. Its way back down. So, that again is another problem that I saw with this, and then shortly thereafter the price dips you know down from the starting point it dips down about 4% right. So, that was a terrible way to make money in a terrible way. If I were to participate on this pump I would have lost you know maybe 50-70% of my initial capital. Don’t do it guys bad, bad move. The one trend I am noticing though and I’ll point it out here again at the end is that typically after a pump the price will go lower than where it started. And typically there’s a rundown and then there’s another run-up. I’ll show you this in another few examples here in a seconds.

12:07- Another Pump Group Bnt

Well, let’s jump over to another coin another example of a pump right. The next pump group that I saw was BNT. BNT right and on I think this one…I got to go check let me check hold on one sec. I’m going to pause this alright, the next one that I just had to check the date of when I actually did it. Okay so; the next one was on the 20th. So, January 20th they pumped…this group pumped BNT and here’s BNT right here on the 20th.  So, if you look at this big sharp candle right here, that’s where the pump took place, guys. And if you look at the starting point we were all the way let’s see down here, and we went up this one only went up about 25%. So, it was not a huge pump. I would think it wasn’t a success they touted as being extremely successful, and in reality it wasn’t I mean this is again a very similar situation that I just described in the last example where the pump went up very, very quickly within like five minutes literally, and then just tanked all the way back down very, very quickly. Couldn’t participate in it you know didn’t participate in it. And again I would have lost a lot of money if I did participate in it.

13:16- Xzc Pump

The next one which is let’s see XZC and this one was on let’s see he was on this right here January 23rd. let me just double check the App to make sure that’s the right date. Let’s see 20th XZC 23rd. yep yes it was on the 23rd and they sent a little picture. And if you could see they sent a little picture with a bunch of coins in it XZC is the one that they wanted you to pump right. That’s been viewed 75,000 times so, people definitely are watching these. But again look what happened guys, in the price shot up. So, we were down, we were down starting point was let’s see about I mean the day before like earlier in the day you can see it right here. I mean earlier that like the 22nd the price was really down right. Then on the 23rd the price stabilizes to 006 and then it goes all the way from 006 all the way up about you know again about 15% not a whole lot. Not a whole lot guys and that’s where you know let me just zoom out. Okay these are the hour charts, let me zoom out to the five-minute charts. And okay the 23rd I’m going back up sorry guys usually I’ll just go back to the hours it’s easier to see. Okay so, the 23rd so again not a huge this is the 23rd right here, again not a huge lift I mean again it’s only like 20% that happens like almost every day in the cryptocurrency market. So, it’s not a huge deal, but the people that got in down here right, they got in at the bottom and they made that 20% or whatever it is 15% because they got in earlier. When I looked at this and when they announced it on telegram the price was already about up to here. It’s already halfway up so, it didn’t even make sense to participate in this pump because you know it’s going to go up a little more, but then it’s going to go down and you never know when that’s going to actually happen. So, if you are interested in participating in pump groups what I would do is I would watch them go all the way up to the top and then I would literally watch them fall all the way back down, down to here right. Because if you were to get in when the drop happened right here you could have very, very easily made a quick like five to ten percent in this case it was about 7% right. And that 7% held strong for a very long time and I think people were selling off because they were panicking a little bit that the pump caused the price to dip so much they didn’t know how low it was actually going to go. And so, that’s what I would recommend if you’re going to participate in pump groups watch the pump happen and watch the pump dip back down because it will typically dip below where it started which will basically propel a lift up. And that’s what I’m going to start doing when watching these pumps moving forward. And I wanted to give you guys kind of the straight from the mouth about how this would actually how these pump groups actually work. So, take it or leave it you know this is my experience with pump groups there’s another one KMD you know similar very, very similar situation. Take it for what it’s worth, but guys if you do want to participate in pump groups go up for it you know I’m not endorsing and recommending it, I’m just giving you my experience. If this turns around and I see that it is very. very possible to make money in these pump groups I’ll let you know. I’ll make a video about it and I’ll show you exactly what happened. The next pump group I see, the next one that happens I’m going to try my strategy, where I’m going to wait till the pump goes all the way up. I’m going to wait for it to crash back down. And I’m going to see if it’s a viable opportunity to invest on the dip. So, I can buy the dip again before it goes back up and that’s what I’m going to try to do moving forward we’d love to know your thoughts on that. Love to know if you guys have participated in pump groups, what you think about them. If they’re scams, if you’ve made money on them or not, I’m Dan from cryptoCamacho.com and if you haven’t subscribed please click on that little red button that says subscribe. Guys I will talk to you later and hopefully you enjoyed this video see you guys.