Episode Highlights:

  • 00:01 – Introduction And What This Video Is About
  • 01:56 – Poloniex Vindicated
  • 04:11 – How To Transfer Steem Coins From Poloniex To Bitrix
  • 04:59 – How To Sell Steem Coin For Bitcoin On Coinigy
  • 07:33 – How To Transfer Bitcoin From Poloniex To Bitrix

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00:01 – Introduction And What This Video Is About

Hey! What’s up, guys? It’s Dan again from cryptocamacho.com where each day I teach you how to make more money in cryptocurrency. Guys things are heating up. I don’t know if you have been watching the Bitcoin Cash, the Bitcoin debate, but man, Bitcoin cash just surged about 50% today. It’s up at over $3000 dollars, it hit over $3000 today and I am super, super excited about that. I would love to show you what my trades look like. That’s not what I want to make this video about today. Today, I actually want to do a follow-up video, on a video, I made previously about the exchange Poloniex. Poloniex, in the past I made a video and I said that they scammed me out of over 300 steem coins, that I never got back; I tried to transfer them from the Poloniex Exchange to the Bitrix Exchange and it got lost in translation and the transaction never went through, never was cancelled or anything like that and Poloniex essentially just kept my coins. Kept my steem coins. Well, today, I am happy to announce that they have actually responded to me and they have actually released my steem coins to me about 4 months later, and I am thrilled. I couldn’t be any more thrilled. I had 300 coins maybe, 4 months ago and it was around $300 now it’s closer to $800 so I’m actually pretty happy about that. I found out that I got the coins back and I found out that the price went up quite a bit.

Let me show you exactly what happened with Poloniex and I want to somewhat vindicate them for being a scam. I made a video before and said that Poloniex was a scam. Still not super thrilled with the exchange but I’m super happy that they released my steem coins. Let me actually go ahead and show you what I am talking about and I also want to show you how to trade, how to sell on Coinigy and then after you sell on Coinigy, I’m going to transfer these steem coins from Poloniex Exchange to my Bitrix account. I want to show you exactly how that works.

01:56 – Poloniex Vindicated

First, let’s go into Poloniex. This is my Poloniex account, right here I have nothing in here except for those steem coins. You can see that there’s 318 coins right here, but first I want to show you when I actually went in ‘Ask Support’ about this transaction. Here is the support page for Poloniex, here is my submission I am going to go ahead and open it up so you guys can see what exactly happened. I logged this ticket, 3 months ago guys. It was in … Let’s see, the date is on here somewhere. Let’s check real quick right here. I logged this ticket guys on October 5, so gosh. October, November, December it’s been about 3 months. Three months ago I logged this ticket with Poloniex and said: Hey, you guys. I tried to withdraw my 318 steem from Poloniex to deposit it into another exchange, I got an error and now the steems are gone. Can you please help or cancel. I wrote them back multiple times. As you can see, right here and this morning. Seven hours ago, Mateo from Poloniex wrote me back and said:

Dear Dan;
My sincere apologies for the delay in reply. I have refunded those coins to you so you’re free to try again when ready. If you have any further questions about this, please don’t hesitate to ask.
Thank you

Wow! So 3 months later, they decide t respond to me and they decide to release my steem coins. Which is great. It’s good and bad, right? It’s terrible that they took 3 months to actually respond to me and release my coins. It’s good in the sense that I got my coins back and the price of the coins went up. Still not extremely happy, because if the price had gone down, and ultimately went to zero, I would have lost all my money. In this case, it turned out to be fairly lucky and I am really happy that it actually turned out the way it did because I actually made about $500. Super happy about that, but I’m still hesitant to use Poloniex because of this particular issue. I don’t like it when exchangers don’t respond, especially when they’re holding your money and they won’t release your money. I definitely don’t like that. I would say use Poloniex if you like, but I would use it with caution but I did want to vindicate them and say that they actually did not scam me. They were just very, very slow to respond, so they just have terrible customer service, right?

04:11 – How To Transfer Steem Coins From Poloniex To Bitrix

Anyway, now let’s jump into the meat. What I want to do is I’m actually going to … I wanted to transfer these steem coins from Poloniex to my Bitrix account but look at this. Another right flag that I don’t like necessarily.Temporarily disabled. The steem coins, I can’t actually withdraw or deposit from Ploniex to another Exchange because it says it’s disabled. Why is it disabled? I have no idea and it gives no explanation as to why it’s disabled so essentially I cannot withdraw my steem coins from this Exchange and put them on another Exchange. Super disappointing, super frustrating but I do have a work around this. What I am going to do. I’m going to sell these steem coins right now for bitcoin. Once I sell them for bitcoin, I will then transfer them from Ploniex to Bitrix, then I’ll show you how that’s done.

04:59 -How To Sell Steem Coin For Bitcoin On Coinigy

Let’s jump over to Coinigy, real quick, right here. One thing I noticed was when I found out about this the price was actually about up here. It’s gone down a little bit not too worried about it, it’s not a whole lot of money so I’m not extremely worried about it but nonetheless, I still want to get this moving on. I’m in Coinigy right now I’m connected to Poloniex right now you can see. You can see steem and I’m on the Poloniex side right here. Here’s my 318 steem coins that I am going to sell. You simply click up. Let me refresh the screen. I think this Windows has been opened for quite some time but all you really need to do is to click on that total and you will actually start the sale order on Coinigy and then I can actually complete the transaction here.

Let it load here for just one second. Okay, great. It looks like the price has actually gone up in the last hour or two which is fantastic for me. I’m going to go ahead and sell and why can’t I sell? This is concerning guys. Okay, let’s put in a manual order. Alright. Boom! There it is guys Now I’m going to go and I typically put it just slightly under, because I just wanted to sell quick, because sometimes if you don’t put it under it won’t sell that quickly and it will just be waiting around for a while and I want this to sell instantly and it’s literally probably a matter of a couple dollars. Not too worried about it. Oh, Boom! There it is, so when you make your sale so there we go. I sold my steem coins for bitcoin. Right? Buy steem or sell steem so I’m selling my steem for bitcoin. Right here is the transaction. Boom! When I refresh this window on Coinigy a little error will pop up wherever I buy and sell. It will pop up here, you will see that here in just a minute. There it is. That’s where I sold. So happy about that. Let’s jump back over to Poloniex. I’m going to close this window. Let’s jump back over to Poloniex. Let’s go ahead and unhide the zeros. Let’s refresh the account and I should have a bitcoin now $807 in bitcoin perfect, perfect. Okay now let’s hide zeros again and look, there is my bitcoin. Fantastic! Now I can go ahead and withdraw this but first I need to jump over to my Bitrix account. Here’s my Bitrix account, I’m going to… Let’s see here. Alright guys so I’m on Bitrix now and I’m going to deposit the bitcoin from the Poloniex account to this Bitrix account right here.

07:33 -How To Transfer Bitcoin From Poloniex To Bitrix

What I do is I click on this little arrow for deposit and make sure that when you deposit bitcoin from one account another make absolutely certain that you are using the bitcoin the BTC wallet. Not the BTCD wallet, not the bitcoin cash wallet. The BTC wallet otherwise you will lose your money. So I’m going to deposit which is this little plus sign. Click to deposit. Great, here is my address, to deposit I’m going to go ahead and copy that I’m going to jump back over to Poloniex account. I’m going to click on withdraw. I’m going to put in the amount. Sorry, I’m going to put in the address and then I’m going to put in the amount which is the total amount because I’m going to transfer all of it and just going to verify that my address is correct. I always verify like 3 times 1 and f, and woof! Okay, 1and f and woof perfect! so looks like we’re good to go I’m going to go ahead and click withdraw and it is asking me for my google authenticator code which is on my smartphone right here guys I’m going to get that real quick. So that I can simply submit this. Perfect, now it’s asking me to go to my email Poloniex makes you do like 5 verifications which in and of itself isn’t bad, it’s a little annoying but not terrible considering they are trying to protect you. So I’m not opposed to what they are trying to do here. Okay, let’s go ahead and click on the email link to withdraw you actually have to verify through email or validate, confirm that you want to make this withdrawal so for Poloniex, put withdrawal, yes I want to make this withdrawal. I’m going to send these funds. Withdrawal. Confirmed. Alright, so now, basically I win. So let’s go to the deposit and withdrawal page. It’s not quite here yet. Oh, here it is. It actually did pop up okay cool. So it’s pending transaction and if I wanted to I could dig into this a little bit more and actually look at the status, I’m not going to do that quite yet.

There’s a link that usually generated that goes like blockchain.info somewhere like that to show you the status of how quickly this is happening but now when I go back into Bitrix I should be able to see. Let’s see here. I should be able to see pending deposits. It actually hasn’t comeup yet, because it does take a minute but in probably 10/15 minutes it could probably take longer. There should be a pending deposit pop up right here to show me that everything is going through correctly. So that guys is essentially how you sell on Coinigy, which you just saw and how you transfer from Poloniex to the Bitrix Exchange which you also just saw. I have gosh, I have about [laugh] .0007 cents on here. Anyway, guys, I can’t stress enough how much I love Coinigy. If you haven’t used Coinigy yet I highly, highly recommend it. Purely for the fact that I could connect all these exchanges. Look at this, there’s probably like 50 exchanges on here and I could trade any altcoin, bitcoin, ethereum, lite coin any really cryptocurrency that’s on the market. I can trade within Coinigy or be adding more all the time but I could trade that within Coinigy, just at the tip of my fingers, right here guys and you could do it all literally right here any exchange and you saw how quick that was. You could also set alerts. Anyway, not trying to pitch Coinigy but I am trying to pitch Coinigy because it’s such an awesome product that’s made me alot, alot of money. It’s about $15/20 per month. Not a big deal. There is a 30-day trial. You can click on the link in the show notes on this video and you can get started with your free trial.

Anyway guys. I’m Dan from cryptocamacho.com hopefully you found this useful. If you guys do use Poloniex that’s fine, just use it with caution be aware of the issues that I have encountered: poor customer service, holding your coins hostage for X amount of months, not responding to customer service inquiries or not responding to … you know me when I’m finding out… Gosh, look at this guys. The price is already going up of steem. It makes me feel like I shouldn’t have sold it but that’s what happens. I do want to look at one really last thing. So I may just go and buy that steem coin back but I want to see… Oh, no. So I confirm this with the stochastics is what they’re called. This down here is called the stochastic, and it looks like we’re at a downtrend now so I am not going to buy this back right now but anyway if you guys have not subscribed please do. Click on that little red button down in the corner there called subscribe. I will talk to you next time. I’m Dan and thanks for tuning in. See you!