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Hey, what’s up, guys? It’s Dan again for cryptoCamacho.com


And today guys, I have a trading opportunity for you. So, guys a few days ago I made a video on a trading opportunity that would enable you to make anywhere from like 5, 15, 20% in profit on day trades. That opportunity is still going strong. Look back at my previous videos and you’ll see what I’m talking about. It’s the poly Ethereum a trading opportunity on cue coin. Today I have a different opportunity that I want to show you, it is on Binance and it is specific to EOS.


So, let’s jump over the chart here guys. So, if we look at the EOS Bitcoin combination on Binance, this is the chart you see right. So, EOS has been a very strong player in the crypto space for some time now. There’s been talk that EOS may unseat Ethereum, it may actually surpass the Ethereum at some point in terms of market cap price so forth and so on right. If EOS is a platform plan similar to what Ethereum is, which it enables other companies to make decentralized applications on the EOS Blockchain alright so, that’s what EOS is. There is a trading opportunity for EOS right here that I’m going to show you. Doesn’t necessarily look like it from this chart, this is the one day chart for EOS. So, we’re zoomed way out, I like to zoom way out just to get the context of the overall chart. The overall direction of the particular cryptocurrency and market and this does a nice job at doing that. So, what I want to point out here guys is that EOS does this parabolic Bowl kind of shaping similar to what Poly and Ethereum did back in my other videos. So, if you notice here, you’ll see that it’s very common for EOS to have highs and then see a dip right at the lows, and then come back to return to the highs and kind of this parabolic Bowl type of shape right. It’s happened right here. It’s happened right here, it’s happened right here, it’s happened right here. I mean it just repeats itself over and over and over. And if you look right here from the top all the way to where we are now, it’s actually done the same thing right here right. It’s done the same thing recently to get back to the recent highs, which we saw in January. We saw the same recent highs about five days ago for EOS right. So, keep this in mind. It’s making these parabolic Bowl type of shapes right. And that’s very, very important for what I’m about to show you all right.


So, I’m going to erase this and now let’s drill down into the chart into one-hour charts right. So, this is the one-hour chart of EOS. It brings it a little bit closer to home, to what we’re looking at here and I will show you where the opportunity is for this trade right. So, the big opportunity is pretty obvious right. Here’s the top and then we slowly see this decline, decline, decline which is shaping this parabolic Bowl and that it has done so many times in the past right. And so, this will likely continue to play out. Let me just make my chart a little bit bigger here. This will continue to likely play out all the way up to the high right. It may not be exactly like this, but this is what you’re going to see guys and this is the opportunity that I want to show you because I think it’s really important. And it’s not only one trading opportunity; it’s going to be an opportunity over and over and over again. And this is important with day trading right. So, if you notice and I’m going to make a different color here, I’m going to make it pink here. So, let’s make that the yellow here, let’s get a new one and we’ll make that pink right. So, there’s been a top high of resistance right here, resistance right here, and resistance right here. And then two resistance points right here right, which this makes me think that this is more of the kind of the middle and it may go a little bit further. It makes me think it’s the middle of this parabolic Bowl that we’re creating right. So, we’re likely going to see another downtrend and you know a couple uptrends, and we’re going to see this kind of play out kind of something like this right all the way to the top. So, the key here is that the next time that EOS drops, it’ll likely drop somewhere down let me let me delete that and let me give you a better line here because what’s going to happen is EOS is likely going to drop somewhere down by this pink line right here right. So, this is kind of the bottom area of support that we’re seeing. So, we’re likely going to see the price drop again down to those levels, but just slightly higher right. So, you can see, you can expect the bottom you know maybe somewhere right here, maybe somewhere right here, maybe somewhere right here, right here, right here. And so, every time the price goes up and down you should be playing the balance right. So, when it goes down put in a stop order for down here right. And then put it in another sell order for right here right. Then put in a stop order for right here, put in another sell order for up here right. And you’re going to see, this going all the way up. So, this is an opportunity that you can attack multiple times guys. And so, the long-term is this can go up and I’m going to clear this chart out, but the long-term shows that you could gain a percentage anywhere of like 30% right. From the bottom all the way back to the top, that’s about 30% right. But these little spikes that you’re seeing are about 10 to15% right. All right let just say 5 to 15% right here we got an 8%, we got a 10%, most recently we had a 12, 13% right. So, this is going to keep going up, and up and you can see the pattern and the trends have happened to other times right. Here’s another one, here’s another parabolic bowl. I mean this is very, very common with this chart right. And it’s playing it out on the micro and the macro level if you can see what I just showed you right. So, again guys this is a trading opportunity, I would not get in it right at the moment. I would wait for this price to drop, but I’d put in your stop order somewhere around the tens; so, that you can get in on this trade, hopefully, this is really useful for you guys? I’m Dan from cryptocamacho.com. Let me know if this is good for you. let me know if it worked out for you, but here’s another trading opportunity to help you make more money, get in guys while you can and watch us this is going to be huge guys. I’m going to make lots of money in the process. See you guys later.