Episode Highlights:

  • 00:04 – Trading Opportunity
  • 00:18 – The Poly Ethereum On Kucoin Chart
  • 03:20 – The Real Trading Opportunity

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Hey, what’s up guys? It’s Dan again for cryptocamacho.com


And today guys I’m going to show you a quick day trading opportunity that you guys can get into quickly. You have a probably about 1 2 3 4 days for this to all kind of take place. And I want to show you the opportunity, so you can get in as quick as possible if you’re interested.


So, guys jumping over to the chart, the chart I’m looking at, is the poly Ethereum combination on the KuCoin exchange. I’m using Coinigy to look at my charts here. if you don’t use Coinigy, again I highly recommend you do, but anyways I’m using the chart from poly Ethereum combination on the KuCoin exchange. So, if we look at the chart for poly, the coin itself has been around since the middle of February. That’s when it hit the exchanges and that’s really when the ICO is finished. Price jumped up and it’s kind of gone down since then because the overall market and cryptocurrency have been down. But if you look, we see that it is starting to kind of recover back to where it stopped was. So, it’s top the all-time high for poly, was 1754 and then we’ve seen a couple dips and Rises. Let me make this as a different color here. Let me start it here okay. Let me make this a different color and go back alright cool. So, you see there was a big, big, big dip here right, went all the way down then we see kind of a small top here up at 106, we see another top here at 115, another top or area of resistance up at 1227 and then we’ve gone down from there right. But if you notice each time you’re seeing kind of these curved Bowl opportunities right here, for many, many different times with this particular coin. And keep in mind that I’m looking at the one-day chart just to prove, just to illustrate a point here. So, one-day charts. This is what it looks like right. The next high I can see being you know somewhere up here, you know and it just kind of keep climbing. So, it makes this kind of bowl shape view for poly right. And keep this the shape in mind because this is a one day chart. And I want to zoom down now into the hour charts right. And I’m going to clean this chart off. Okay so, this is now the hour chart of the same thing, we looked at right. And you can see that there’s this bowls that it forms. There’s typically a bowl for Poly. It’s very, very common that there’s this kind of bowls and there’s a down, down flatten and then it kind of parabolically goes up right. you can see this over and over in the chart. You see one forming right here, but it hasn’t actually finished yet, but we can see that it is starting to form just like it has historically in the past right. So, historically if a cryptocurrency has done one thing, and there’s a pattern that you can start to find in the cryptocurrency, in the chart itself, you should start following that pattern. And you can notice that not only does it happen on the hour charts, it also happens on the day charts, it also happens on the 5-minute charts right. Because of a fractal ling and so whenever a coin is traded on a chart, we see spikes going way up and then we go down and then we see kind of this fractal pattern of waves that happens from trades you know from traders. it’s really just the psychology of how somebody is trading and we see that that pattern in that kind of those waves here in the Poly chart as well.


So now let’s get it down into the actual opportunity that I’m talking about right. so I’m going to clear this chart, the price right now is actually at 80910, which is actually pretty low right. Right here is really where the chart is…right here is really where the price is right. Trying to mark this here; right here is really where the price is right now. So, now if I zoom down into the 5-minute chart guys; I’m going to clear this out. I’m going to look at the bowl that is forming right. so, just a probably a week ago, maybe a little bit less than that we see multiple bowls that have actually formed with this chart right. Right here’s a bowl, right here is a parabolic bowl. Right here is another bowl like. So, every single time there’s these bowls forming, there’s another bowl right and there are these fractal patterns of a bowl forming of the larger bowl. And I’m hopefully explaining this correctly, but look there’s also in the broader pattern. If you go to right here up to the top you see this other bowl, that’s formed right. We go up to the top, we go all the way and then there’s this kind of parabolic bowl shape. Well, the same thing is happening right here before our eyes guys. This bowl is forming right here right. So, we’re going down, down, down. We’re about to flatten out now.  Let me redraw that, that wasn’t a very good drawing, but you see we’re going down, down, down flattened out. And pretty soon it’s going to flatten out. And it’s going to start going up a bit right. and so, I want to just continue this drawing here, because it’s really going to go like that that’s kind of what’s going to happen and ignore…actually let me delete this and I’m going to show you exactly what’s going to happen here all right. So, we’re going to go down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down and it may just go back up like this right. And it’s hard to say exactly how the pattern is going to play out, but the bowl pattern is looking strong it’s looking consistent with the past bowls that we’ve seen right. You can see another bowl right here. I mean it just happens over and over and over with this chart poly. And so now if you get down in at the bottom here let me zoom in on the chart. So, look where the price is it’s actually lower than it has been for quite some time. And you see these areas of resistance right here, right here, right here and we’ve consistently gone down. But we’re shortening right. We’re starting to rise back up the intervals are getting smaller; they’re getting shorter which means that we’re starting to round the corner right. There could be another peak right here. So this could be a day trading opportunity you know even within a couple of hours. It could be a day or two we could see another one right here, another one right here, and then so forth and so on. As it goes up and all in between, you’re going to see these kind of ups and downs, and you’re going to see a spike, then you’re going to see upside down spike. You’re going to see up and down spike and every single chance you’re going to have an opportunity to do a day trade when it spikes up like that right. So, you can get in for the very, very short term. I’m going to clean this up a little. You can get in for the very short term or you can get in for a few days and have an opportunity to trade this and the percentage is I wanted to show you. If you were to invest right here, and we go back up to this kind of top that’s 3% right. you put $10,000 into a 3% percent trade you have a couple person…I’m sorry a couple hundred dollars just like that really just quickly. Just quickly making money every single time, and if you do that you 300 here, 300 here so forth and so on. But the bigger play is really trying to get the coin to return to the top right. So, the top is…let me clear this off. The top is really right here guys. So, if you look at the top up here, let’s change the color of that. So you guys can see what I’m talking about, but you see the top is really right here right. And as this bowl plays out you’re going to go back to the top and that’s going to be a quick like 10% gain right. If you look from where it is now, all the way to the top, it’s about 8 – 9% gain right in a few days. So, from the top peak that was yesterday right. and we can see this kind of closing in the next 1-3 days I would say going back up to that point right. As we continue our climb to the moon with everything else right. And after this little bowl right. Here we’re going to see another kind of uptick right. And I’m ultimately banking that we’re going to go up you know somewhere right here to complete this bowl at some point in time right. So, I hope that makes sense to you guys? It’s an opportunity to do some day trading, to do some swing trading. if you have it start small, test it outright, set your alerts, mark your charts and just watch this play out. Watch the music happen here guys. I’m telling you this is going to be fairly consistent and I’m really curious to see how you guys take this. You know it’s going to be a quick 10% gain for anybody watching. And again I’m not giving you financial advice I’m not telling you to buy this per se. it’s an opportunity that I’m looking at buying, but again consult your CPA, your financial advisor so forth and so on. I’m not a legal or financial adviser guys. I’m Dan from cryptoCamacho.com hopefully this was helpful? Let me know if you did make some money on that trade, if you guys get into poly Ethereum on KuCoin. You haven’t subscribed? Please do by clicking on this little red button right below called subscribe to my YouTube channel. And I will talk to you next time guys. Happy trading, see you guys good luck.