Episode Highlights:

  • 00:01 – Introduction
  • 00:45 – Where Blockchain Technology Can Take Us
  • 01:17 – What Is Pinkdate?
  • 02:59 – Why Use Pinkdate?
  • 04:22 – How Pinkdate Works
  • 05:34 – Benefits Of Pinkdate
  • 07:02 – Why I Am Reviewing Pinkdate
  • 07:39 – Features Of Pinkdate
  • 09:11 – Legality
  • 09:38 – Fighting Sex Trafficking
  • 10:36 – Token Sale And Whitepaper
  • 12:42 – Pinkdate In The Media And On Social Media
  • 14:53 – Conclusion

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Hey guys what’s up, It’s Dan again from cryptocamacho.com, and guys just when you thought you’ve seen everything related to blockchain, to cryptocurrency, I’m going to bring you something new, it is, guys, blockchain is infiltrating and seeping into every corner of our society, you know the Internet is being gut out and completely rebuilt from the inside out and I want to show you exactly some of the examples or some of the projects that are being done on block chain that you probably have not even thought about, you probably haven’t even considered, but this ICO that I’m about to review will show you how blockchain can be used for so many different use-cases, like it’s such a variety of use-cases that will use blockchain and this technology, it’s truly fascinating for me to talk about it.


so today guys, the ICO that I want to talk about and review, I typically would not talk about because the industry, in and of itself, may offend some people, maybe a little bit controversial to some people, but I find it so fascinating that blockchain has found a home in this particular industry that I thought it would be worthwhile to at least give a quick review of this particular ICO. I think it’s important because I think it will highlight and it will illustrate why blockchain technology is so important now and how and where this technology can go and where it may take us.


So what am I talking about guys, I’m talking about an ICO called PinkDate.is, escorting meets the sharing economy. PinkDate is the first ICO to offer an equity position with returns on investment based on profit. So what is PinkDate? What is PinkDate? I mean you can see here, by the website here, that it’s obviously related to adult and kind of like the adult industry, and essentially what Pink Davis trying to do is they’re trying to bring escort services onto the blockchain to help minimize fraud, to help minimize the issues and the problems that are seen in the escorting industry and the adult industry today, PinkDate is trying to solve all of that with their ICO. Let’s jump into it because I think this is really fascinating that the more that blockchain is talked about, the more we get into this new type of technology, you’re going to see more and more and more types of projects popping up like PinkDate. Like it or not, you may not agree with the adult industry, you may not agree with this particular service, you definitely don’t need to invest in this service but I think you know if you’re interested in it, I think there’s a place here for blockchain and I think that there is potential for this particular ICO because I think it’s a problem that is a global problem, wherever escort services may be, and in the U.S. there’s a variety of states that have legalized escort services, in other countries, of course, it’s definitely legal and there are different regulations and rules depending on the country that you’re in, but I think there’s also a lot of dirty business, a lot of bad things that go on in this particular industry that I think PinkDate is poised very, very strongly to solve.


So let’s jump right into it right? Escort work is hard, PinkDate makes it easier, so let’s jump in and let’s look at what PinkDate is actually trying to solve here. So many people do not realize how much work goes into being an escort, they often see an hourly rate and think that it’s a great gig, but for every paid hour of work, a typical escort will spend about three hours of effort, marketing, safety, verification, talking to leads, handling references, hosting, it adds up very quickly and PinkDate is trying to make this easier, not only for escorts but for customers that are end-users as well. They will streamline the escort work, they will save you time, they’ll save you effort for the escort and they’ll help customers that want to subscribe or that want to participate in this type of service, they’re going to create a platform that makes it very, very easy for people to do so in that anonymous way, in a safe way, in an efficient way, in a very clean environment they’re going to enable this. I mean if you look at you know places like Craigslist, or Back Page or other kinds of Internet marketplaces if you will, that offer escort services, often times they’re very sketchy, they’re very shady, you don’t really know what you’re going to get, I mean just gone to Craigslist and type in…go to their adult services section on their site, you’re going to get a whole host of different things and you don’t know if they’re really you know legitimate or they’re not legitimate.


So what PinkDate is trying to do they’re trying to legitimize escorting and escorting services by putting it on the blockchain and centralizing everything on that blockchain in a distributed, decentralized way, as other blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies and projects are doing as well. So, let’s just read here for just a moment, “marketplaces like Craigslist or BackPage create more problems and they solve. Buyers and sellers are left to fend for themselves, such companies cannot do…can not and do not get involved in individual transactions, this is where PinkDate comes in. PinkDate acts as a broker between clients and companions, delivering a real customer service and quality experiences, with a convenient, easy to use platform in a fully anonymous way. Our booking commissions and other revenue streams you want your significant profits to grow and deliver world-class service.” So, it looks like PinkDate, what they’re going to offer, is a marketplace for escorts and clients is to meet, connect and actually do business transactions and PinkDate will just shave a portion of that transaction off as a transaction fee, which is how they’ll be profitable and which is how they will monetize the platform itself.


So think of Pink date as your ultimate matchmaker, It’s, kind of, like a dating service, a dating service for clients and companions to interact directly, they’ll handle all the logistics, they’ll handle logistics for finding a companion, for paying a companion, for scheduling a visit with that companion, helping you select what type of companion or profile you would like to date, they will help with screening, they will help with so much more. And on the escort side, on the actual side where escorts will join the platform, PinkDate will easily, easily let them choose the level of screening and the guarantee payment in case that there’s no shows or cancels from the client’s, and that’s a problem I think that’s probably pretty prevalent in the escorting industry in general, is that clients, I’m sure, often scam the escorts, I’m sure they take their money, I’m sure there are fights and there’s fraud, there are all kinds of things and PinkDate is trying to reduce that type of issue or those types of issues in this particular industry. For the clients, PinkDate is going to ensure companions are real, that they’re accurate, that you get what you pay for, you get what you see, there’s going to be no more spam, no more fake profiles, no more disputes that can’t be resolved and I think that there is a place for this type of service and I think it’s very, very unique and interesting that PinkDate has found a place on blockchain to put this type of service, to really improve the overall experience, the overall quality of escorting services today.


I think it’s a very unique use-case, I think it’s a very unique situation which is why I’m doing a review on it because I’ve seen nothing like this before. In as long as I’ve been in cryptocurrency, as long as I’ve been learning about blockchain, I’ve never seen anything like this before and it’s truly fascinating that technology is being used for literally everything you can possibly think of. So, here’s an example of how like a profile would look from a particular escort and how you may go through and navigate what profiles you might want to see, highly recommend you watch this video demo of PinkDate, it will explain the platform, will explain exactly how everything works.


But let’s take a look at some of the features really quickly here. So think of a Tinder, if you’ve ever used Tinder you know that it’s a dating service, a dating website where you literally go on a mobile phone and you download their app and then you browse through different profiles of whatever person you may want to date or be interested in dating, and if you’re interested in dating a particular person you may swipe right, if you’re not interested in dating that particular person, you may swipe left. So PinkDate is going to offer a similar app where clients can swipe their companions and make a favourites list, you know make it more fun, right? It’s more fun than browsing ads and it will be fun to actually find what type of client, I’m sorry, what type of escort or companion you actually want to do business and engage with. So also, another feature is they’re going to offer hassle-free scheduling, no more back and forth between multiple companions or escorts, they’re going to see…they are going to enable a calendaring system and scheduling system to allow you to see who’s available, when and where they’re available, to help you book instantly and guaranteed for availability. They’re also going to help you match your own profile with a companion profile that matches your needs, your desires and so forth. They’re going to offer a safe platform where there’s a verification on the actual clients and the escorts, although the data will be anonymised on the blockchain and in the cloud, you will remain in control of your data and you will be able to expose, or not expose, who sees that data. So it’s 100% secure, 100% anonymous and I think it’s something to worth looking at.


So lastly, being extra jurisdictional and anonymous, PinkDate minimizes legal risk for everyone involved. PinkDate is immune to subpoenas. As an EJC, PinkDate is able to put users and ethics before legality. So this is going to kind of circumvent the legality of escort services depending on where you are, but I think they’re going to operate in a way that is kind of in compliance with whatever state or with whatever city they’re doing business in.


One last thing is that they’re going to help fight sex trafficking, and who does not think that is a noble and fantastic cause, to fight sex trafficking, it’s a huge problem in the world today, it’s a very, very sad problem in the day and I think that if PinkDate could even alleviate some of the sex trafficking we see today, I think that’s a huge, huge win for the company, even aside from monetization or anything else, if they can help fight sex trafficking that is a huge win. And I just want to read this real quick, PinkDate will grow quickly as the global commercial organization that will stand up for sex workers working for PinkDate will be safer and more profitable than being independent or working for a local organization. We will have strict verification of escort ages, done via a proprietary software. We are working on measures to detect coercion and offer help to escorts suspected of being coerced. Abusive clients will be banned. If you are a stakeholder in sex worker rights and want to work with us to shape our policies, please email us at humans@pinkdate.is. I think that’s actually very, very interesting that they’re going to be doing that.


so let’s jump over to the token sale, there is a presale going on right now for PinkDate, they have already sold almost forty million of their eighty-five million shares or tokens and if you do want to participate in this pre-ICO, go ahead and sign up here, it’s at invest@pinkdate.is. You can sign up to be on the whitelist when the ICO actually starts they’ll notify you and you can participate in the ICO. If we jump over to the White Paper PinkDate, PinkDate’s escorting platform and check out the white paper, it’s twenty-two pages long, gives a very, very good summary of what the company is trying to do and just let me read a few lines here “PinkDate is the first anonymously-operated, world-wide escorting service that combines screening, booking, and payment in a single platform. We offer an enhanced companionship experience to trusted clients and verified escorts who value discreet, secure transactions. Unlike our competitors, we provide a single meeting place for screening and planning a date. This allows us to offer safety, convenience, peace of mind, and reduced costs. Escorting is a high-risk profession containing many inefficient business practices. Multiple steps need to be taken by the client and provider in order to schedule a date and to provide security and discretion on both ends. PinkDate offers an elegant solution to this problem by providing search, screening, booking, and payment services in a secure way to pay for a companionship escort or companion. The company is organized to avoid regulation by being extra-jurisdictional, ensuring it can operate in any jurisdiction across the globe” So I think that…wait, this is one last important point: “By capturing 20% of each transaction on our platform, we anticipate that our run-rate will be $56M per year, based on the Gross Revenue in Month 36. So they’re projecting that they would by Month 36, in their third year, they are going to be profiting at fifty-six million dollars per year, based on the 20% transaction fee that they’re going to be taking from client and companion transactions.


So very very interesting use-case here, there’s a lot of news surrounding PinkDate, if you go to their news section you’ll be able to see that there’s a ton of news going on, fireside chat with an escort, you can understand how this platform works, you can understand why not only clients but escorts think this is a phenomenal idea to help facilitate sex work. And sex work, in general, they’re trying to make it more efficient, better quality standards and so forth and so on. If you go and check out their Reddit page at Reddit.com/r/pinkdate, I’ll put this in the show notes, you don’t have to worry about remembering it, there’s a lot of activity in the sub-reddits, if you can look here you’ll be able to get more information about the company, about the platform, about the ICO itself and how they’re actually going about working this platform, so definitely go ahead and take a look at that. There’s also be on YouTube called ‘the PinkDate ICO’ that I recommend you check out, it’s a very, very good overview of the platform itself, and you can see, kind of, how exactly it works, I’m not going to play this for you now but you can go through, I’m showing you some of the highlights and showing you how the platform actually works itself. And then lastly, well not lastly, but they have a blog, they have a media blog so you can get the latest and greatest on what’s happening on the PinkDate platform and lastly their Twitter profile, their Twitter profile is starting to grow, they have almost a thousand followers on here, they haven’t been around too long, recently launched, but you can get all the updates on what’s happening here. And if you want to check out. their founder, her name is Sarah Stevens, she has been an escort herself and she is the one leading this company, let me just check here, OK, no, that’s not where I want to go. She is one leading the company, very, very good person to interface with and engage with if you want to know more about this, if you want to interview and if you want to know more about the platform. This is the roadmap and right now they’ve done a number of things already, the ICO has opened on March 12th, the token price is fifty-eight cents, which I don’t think it’s a terrible price, I think it’s decent and then here’s some other things that will be happening across PinkDate, across the platform as this develops.


So guys, again, I don’t typically do ICO reviews in this particular industry but I think it’s fascinating that blockchain, that cryptocurrency is entering this space, the adult industry space because I think it goes to show that blockchain and cryptocurrency is here to stay, it is not going anywhere, it is not going away, it’s only getting bigger and this is a testament and proof of how blockchain, of how crypto currency is going to be used in every…in any and every industry you can possibly think of. I mean if you can marry up an escorting service onto the blockchain to help improve the conditions, the quality, reduce fraud in an industry that is typically not regulated very well, often very shady, very sketchy in terms of operations that take place in that industry, I think it’s apparent that PinkDate can actually make a big difference by providing this type of service on the blockchain. Again, I’m Dan from cryptoCamacho, hope you enjoyed this, if you did, please let me know, if you didn’t and you think it was a little too much, too racy, too much in the adult space, please let me know as well, I would love to know but I thought it would be good to point this out because I think it’s just completely fascinating and crazy where blockchain is going and what spaces it’s infiltrating today, it’s literally everywhere guys and now’s the time, if you haven’t already, get into Bitcoin, get into Ethereon, get into cryptocurrency and watch your money go up guys. Again, thanks for joining, if you haven’t subscribed, please click on the little red button below this video and subscribe to my YouTube channel and I will talk to you next time, thanks guys.