Episode Highlights:

  • 00:00 – Introduction
  • 00:54 – Nuggets.Life
  • 01:26 – What Nuggets Is Trying To Achieve
  • 02:21 – Features Of Nugget
  • 03:50 – Why Is This So Significant
  • 05:29 – Why I Like This Platform
  • 06:28 – The Safety Of Blockchain
  • 07:34 – Customer Benefits
  • 09:15 – Benefits For Businesses
  • 10:50 – Fraud Reduction
  • 11:31 – Token Sale
  • 12:22 – The Team
  • 13:07 – Whitepaper
  • 13:42 – Frequently Asked Questions
  • 14:51 – What Is The Nuggets Token Used For?
  • 15:27 – Jd.Com
  • 17:05 – Ico Of The Week
  • 19:15 – Why I’M Bullish On Nuggets.Life
  • 19:58 – Conclusion

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Hey guys, what’s up, it’s Dan again from cryptocamacho.com where each day I bring you the latest tips, tricks and best ways to make money in cryptocurrency today. Today guys I want to focus on an ICO review that I think has tremendous potential. It was rated as the ICO of the week among hundreds of ICO’s, and  I think it has a lot of potential moving into 2018, into 2019 and I want to review the platform with you today because it’s a problem that has been…you know people been trying to solve this problem for a very, very long time, ever since the internet took hold, ever since you know the 90’s, the 2000’s when data and privacy and security became a very, very big issue people have been trying to solve this problem for a very, very long time, several decades and haven’t been able to do so but I think this ICO and this platform that’s being built out has the potential to actually solve this age old problem that we’ve been seeing in the last few decades here.


So let’s jump right into it, what am I talking about guys? I’m talking about Nuggets.life, so Nuggets the platform is trying to take back control of your data, take control of your own data and they’re trying to put all of your personal identification information on the blockchain, make it private, make it secure,  remove the need for passwords ever again and store your data on the blockchain and allow you to utilize that data and enable others to use that data as you give permission to them to use that data.


So let’s dig into the platform let’s dig into exactly what Nuggets is trying to achieve. So, this is the website Nuggets.life, you go it, you can go check it out, they are running a token sale which I will get into in just a moment, but I want to talk about the platform itself for just a moment. So they’re claiming that they’re trying to enable end-users like you and me to take back control of our own data, payment and ID without sharing personal data, so they’re going to anonymize your personal data on the blockchain and then allow you and enable you to decide who can access that data, whether that’s a service provider, whether that’s a government entity, whether it’s a legal entity, whether it’s an insurance company, whatever it may be, it could even be a website, trying to log onto a website, typically we have to put in our e-mail address, we have to put in our password, they’re trying to get rid of passwords and get rid of all the stuff by putting your personal data in the cloud and so let’s jump right into it and see how this is actually going to work.


So when we scroll down the platform they are developing is actually coming along very nice, the website is very, very nice, the design has been phenomenal so I think that’s great, shows that the leadership team definitely has a good hold on how to market a company, how to build out a company and a platform with a very solid U.I. and user experience, but let’s go through some of the features of nugget to explain exactly what they’re trying to do. So, they’re trying to set up this system where you can you know put your personal data onto their platform, onto the blockchain that they’re going to be creating and then to access that data and share that data or enable others to access that data with your permission. They’re going to allow biometric identification, so you’re not going to need to save passwords or log in with passwords, you’re going to be able to literally use your thumbprint or other biometric information, biometric data, to access and authorize the use of your personal data. They’re going to protect your ID and not even Nuggets the platform themselves is going to be able to see your ID, be able to see your personal credentials, it’s going to be anonymised in the blockchain so only you, and only you, will be able to access that data or give permission to somebody else to access or verify that data. Verify in moments because blockchain is distributed all over the world, you don’t you know wait because of latency between servers or locations and things like that, it will be instant because it’s distributed across the world on a blockchain on many, many, many computers.


So this is another profound impact of blockchain and blockchain technology is to enable apps like this to function across a very, very large network of people that are distributed across the world. So control your data, keep it to yourself, I’ve already said that, pay securely without storing or sharing your data so you can pay with this biometric feature to basically confirm that you are who you say you are and that you have the funds or the payment information that’s needed to make a purchase. Trust network, only trusted people and businesses so you will be able to enable and allow others to access the data as you see fit. Recommend you watch this video, I think it’s a very, very good video about the platform, there are many being endorsed by many, many players in the market, by Forbes, by TechCrunch, by JD.com, which is the Internet’s third largest Internet business overall, I mean so think of Amazon, Facebook, Google, JD.com is the third largest Internet business in the world, so they’re endorsing Nugget’s life, the platform itself. So, stop worrying about your private data, stop fearing the next big data breach. This is a pretty important point here, how many services hold your payment details, identity data and passwords? Usually, it’s one hundred plus, and if just one is breached there are all vulnerable. With Nugget’s, they’re going to enable one secure account for everything, log in, payment, I.D. verification and they’ll never share or store your data with anybody, not even Nugget, so the platform will not be able to be hacked, and if it is hacked, everything is anonymized on the platform itself so the data is a virtually untrackable, untraceable and impenetrable, if you will, it’s not penetrable.


I think this resonates very, very well with me on the left side here. I have so many accounts, like e-mail accounts, Amazon or e-commerce accounts, you name it, I mean there’s accounts across the board that I hold online that do include my name, my personal identification, my passwords, maybe phone numbers, address, things like that, and they’re all spread out across the Internet, and this is a very, very true point, if one is breached, if my Gmail is breached, or if my bank account is breached with a password and my identification, they all are technically breached if I’m using the same login information for all of the apps and services that I’m using, so I think this is very, very important. They are trying to consolidate this down into a single point of control, so an end-user will not need to worry about passwords and account information spread across all these different apps across the Internet, all these different services across the Internet, they’re going to centralize it into one single place to simplify it, to make it more efficient and so forth.


So this has been a problem, like I said that’s been you know, that businesses have been trying to solve for a very, very long time and they haven’t been able to because it’s been very, very difficult to centralize data in a single place and at the same time make it secure, and make it unhackable, With blockchain that is now a reality because blockchain, as far as we know, cannot be hacked directly, so I think this is a very, very crucial kind of turning point or pivot point for the market to be able to embrace something like nugget. So, I think it’s actually very good in terms of timing and positioning to go to market with something like this. We’ve seen others try before, but they fail, I think Nugget’s has a very, very good shot at succeeding because they’re embracing blockchain. So we’ve already kind of gone through some of this, no my passwords payment peace of mind through biometric data, verify that it’s you or your biometric data, you control your data, nobody else controls your data, it’s the ultimate in online security because it’s unhackable, blockchain cannot be hacked and will not be hacked, so it essentially creates this big, big trust network on both sides through businesses and consumers and I think that’s really the value proposition here.


So let’s jump in a little bit deeper, for customers, you and me, people like you and me, will take back our data and let’s just explain a little bit thoroughly right, a little bit more thoroughly, so the customer benefits specifically with Nuggets is Nugget is an e-commerce payments and identification platform, so they’re going to enable you to make purchases across any e-commerce website and they are going to integrate with many, many different e-commerce platforms to enable this feature on the e-commerce platforms that you’re already using, again very smart and why they have they have partnered with JD.com and I’ll get into that more in just a second here, so it stores personal and payment data securely in the blockchain so you never have to share with anyone, not even Nugget, that means that no more data breaches because companies don’t have the store your data, they don’t have your data, they’re just accessing an anonymized form of your data to validate that it’s you and to validate that the payment information is there, so that’s pretty cool so you can use services and make payments without worrying about your privacy and security. And then goes through a bunch of different points of why this is important, some of these I’ve already gone through, single sign-on with all biometric data, verify your ID, true internet of value, so the more you use Nuggets, the more Nuggets tokens you earn to pay for products and services. So, when you use Nuggets you actually also earn Nuggets and can make payments for different products and services using the Nuggets token and so that’s really kind of how that’s going to work. No more passwords, say goodbye to all your passwords that you have stored in a spreadsheet or in your email or printed out, you will not need to deal with that anymore because you can literally just simply use a thumbprint to verify it is you, and I think that’s coming guys, that’s already here but it’s never been integrated with blockchain which makes it highly secure so I think that’s very important as well.


And so that’s really for consumers, let’s go to the business side of things. On the business side, I think there’s a lot a lot of advantages and potential here. The end of vast, vulnerable customer databases minimizes regulatory and reputational risk, it also hugely reduces losses of fraud, false positives and fraudulent charge backs and increases revenue, all with privacy and security of blockchain, so if you know anything about business, about Fortune500 companies, they have to deal with privacy and data breaches and database security all the time, I mean they have to deal with the stuff all the time, they have to deal with GDPR,  which is a compliance regulation in many, many different countries, to prove that customers have not opted into something, to prove that customers are saying they are who they say they are, they have to deal with this all the time and it cost businesses millions upon millions of dollars to do these things, and with Nuggets, and with the platform like Nuggets, they’re going to be able to reduce the overhead from these businesses that have to deal with these compliance or regulatory issues, and in many, if not every single business, has to deal with these type thing, so the market size here is enormous. And reducing fraud is obviously very important, I mean we’ve heard of a lot of data breaches and hacking going on at different companies, Target has been hacked, Amazon has been hacked, Airbnb Has been hacked, Chase Bank has been hacked, Bank of America has been hacked, I mean you name it, the list goes on and on, Visa has been hacked, the list goes on and on and on and on and with blockchain, as far as we know it, can’t be hacked and so I think this is a very, very good way to make a stronger security when it comes to personal identification and personal information.


So they’re saying they’re going to reduce fraud, fraud was probably sixteen billion in 2016 and they’re going to help reduce that number with their system, reduce false positives, one hundred eighteen billion in 2015 was lost or passed up in the use of their false positives, reduce fraudulent charge backs, these make up of 42% of retail fraud losses so people definitely chargeback, it’s an area of fraud, I didn’t know it was 42%, that’s pretty high, and you know you can go through all these yourself, there’s a lot of, a lot of benefits why Nugget’s life is building up this platform and how the market sizes is there and how the market is actually ready to consume something like this.


so let’s jump into the token sale really quickly, actually before we jump into the token sale, no, let’s jump into the token sell right now OK. So let’s jump into the token sale, so here’s the token sale, it’s Nuggets.tokenhub.com, and this is their token sale, if you join the presale now you get 20% off, so you get 20% more with your money, your money will go 20% farther and you can check it out here, here’s the vision, ‘we have all been handing control of our sensitive private data to countless online services, the data is vulnerable to breaches, hacks and abuse and billions of records have been exposed or stolen in recent years’, so they’re looking to solve that problem, again we’ve gone through a lot of this I’m not going to go through all of this again with you guys but you can look through all the benefits and all the reasons why they’re creating this platform and again here is the whitepaper, let’s jump into the White Paper really quickly but first.

12:22 THE TEAM

The team, Alastair Johnson is the founder and C.E.O. and Seema Johnson is the co-founder and C.O.O., check out their LinkedIn profiles, they have a lot of experience as entrepreneurs, as innovators in the data space, they’ve worked with definitely big companies, Fortune500 companies, Microsoft, Skype, X-Box, Disney Ted, you name it you know, they’ve been around the block for quite some time, they have a company that’s established, this platform is being established and so I think it’s very, very important point here, but if you want to participate in the pre-sale definitely go ahead and sign up for email address here, you can join the presale and the presale list right here by signing up and they will keep you informed when you can actually start buying tokens through the ICO sale.


let’s jump into the Whitepaper very, very briefly, we’ve got a thirty-two page whitepaper, very nicely designed, very well laid out and I think that’s important as well, it shows professionalism, it shows the seriousness of the company and of the business proposal and vision that they’re going after, it really shows that they’re there thinking that through, their spending money to actually make it polished and so forth so I think that’s also another really good sign. You can go through this whitepaper, it talks a lot about the things I’ve already discussed, and it even breaks it down, for consumers, for businesses and the platform itself, how it’s platform agnostic and how to have a best-in-class team.


So now let’s jump into the F.A. Q’s because I think there’s some Nuggets here that…some Nuggets pun intended, there are some Nuggets here that are very, very valuable. So how does Nuggets work? Nuggets is an e-commerce payment and identification platform, it stores your personal and private data and payment data securely in a blockchain so you never have to share it with anyone, not even Nuggets, with Nuggets you create a secure personal cloud of data, so all your personal data would be there in a zero-knowledge blockchain storage, so completely anonymized, unhackable and so forth, not even Nuggets can access your data, you decide if and when you want to share it and do so on your own terms. Nugget’s gives power back to the people so you, back to the end-user by enabling self-sovereign identity at a mass or on a massive scale. A lot of companies have tried to do this before but they have used centralize technology to do it, which we all know is susceptible to hacking and security breaches so I think this is taking it to the next level and the technology is right, this industry is ripe for destruction because of the technology and again, the Internet is going to be built…the Internet is going to be rebuilt and gutted and rebuilt from the inside out and this is another example of how that’s actually going to happen.


what is Nuggets, the token actually used for? You get Nuggets tokens when you sign up, refer, login, pay and verify with Nuggets and if you choose to share some your information, you’ll get more Nuggets. Once you have tokens you can use them to buy products and services with merchants across the Nuggets ecosystem, and I think this is very, very important because…let me show you in just a second here, so recently in the Nuggets newsletter, they announced that JD.com was partnering with Nuggets the platform and that’s a big deal guys because JD.com is the third largest Internet company in the world.

15:27 JD.COM

let’s jump over really quickly to, you know if you just search ‘what is JD.com?’ and go to Wikipedia you’ll see that it was a…and I’ll jump over to Wikipedia in a second, but just look at these search results ‘JD.com isn’t the next Amazon of China, it’s the next Dangdang of…’ and you go through and it shows you how big of a market they have, they’ve got two billion in payables, so they’re a massive, massive company guys and just look through some of these, you know they’re poised to even take on Ali Baba, they’re poised to take on a lot of other companies because they’re such a massive company and just jumping over to Wikipedia really quickly over here, it’s a Chinese company, so obviously in the U.S. We don’t hear too much about this because they’re headquartered in Beijing, but they were founded in1998, they went public and online with their B2C platform on 2004 and they have grown ever since. You can look at the history and timeline of the company, JD.com spins off JD Finance and raises $2.1 billion in a capital finance, I mean the list goes on and on and on, this is a solid company and they are backing Nuggets.life because they see the potential, and I think that’s a huge opportunity for Nuggets because they’re partnering with one of the largest e-commerce companies in the world to implement this platform in that environment, and then they’re going to move to other retail services, other e-commerce companies to employ the same technology on those platforms as well, so very, very important guys that they got this partnership and I think this is one big reason why I’m bullish on Nuggets as well because they’re already they already have their foot in the door with you know some massive e-commerce players that will help them to integrate their solution into their existing environment so I think that’s very, very important guys.


One other thing is that Nuggets picked up the ICO of the week accolade from popular ICO review company and I’ll show you that in just a second here, ‘the Future of e-commerce is here, we’re thrilled to reveal that we’ve joined forces with Chinese e-commerce giant JD.com, with a huge network and two hundred sixty-six million customers, this is an incredible opportunity to implement Nuggets at a vast scale’ and who thought they would come so far, so fast, that’s another very important point why I’m bullish, is that they’re growing very, very quickly and they haven’t even done their pre-sale yet, right? I mean you can take that for what it’s worth. You can also check out the coverage of Forbes, TechCrunch, CoinDesk, on their blog here, I’ll put this in the show notes and you can check it out, a lot of people are bullish on Nuggets.life and I think that’s important as well because if there’s a lot of hype in the market a lot of positive sentiment in the market that’s a good, good sign because right now the cryptocurrency markets are largely driven by hype, by fear of missing out and people do not want to miss out on a really great opportunity and I think Nuggets is a great opportunity and it has some of that hype and some of that news and media to support that from big players, from the really big players and big partners and so I’m not going to go through this whole blog post but you can check it out, it touches on some of the articles from Forbes and how data security and GDPR are going to be transformed by Nuggets.life. And I want to jump over to where, you know, the ICO of the week, so if you go to ICObriefing.com, and I’ll put this in the show notes as well, you’ll see that Nuggets was chosen to be kind of their ICO of the week on their platform, so after looking at 155 token announcements, we’re choosing Nuggets as our ICO of the week, this is a solid ICO with a great team, a great idea and a good token economics. So every week ICObriefing that looks at different ICO’s, and in this case it was 155 tokens that they looked at, they chose Nuggets as the number one, their number one pick, because of its potential, because of the solidness of the team, the platform and the vision and I think that’s also very important, when people are promoting it like that I think that’s a very, very good sign and again you can go back down into all the details of this and it will highlight all of the different advantages that they have and all that the positive things that they’re doing to drive this vision forward guys.


So again I mean I think I’ve covered the majority of this but if you guys have any questions let me know, I am bullish on Nuggets.life, when they allow you know the ICO to open up I’m going to be investing in the ICO, I’m not giving you financial advice, I’m not a CPA, not a financial advisor so please do your own research and you know, do your own research, talk to your own financial advisor about this, but I personally am bullish on Nuggets.life I think it’s a phenomenal idea, I think it’s a phenomenal platform to try to build and I feel like it is an age-old problem, ever since the Internet that’s been trying…that companies have been trying to solve and they’re probably the closest, and if not in the best position to solve it especially with the partnership of JD.com.


So, guys, I am loving this ICO, I’d love to know your thoughts on this ICO, I’d love to know what you guys think, join their telegram if you want to get more answers and have questions about the ICO, they’ll answer that right away, I’ve already joined it and they respond very, very well. Also, like always, go check out their Reddit, go check out their BitCoinTalk profile because I think that’s very enlightening and shows you a lot aboutwhat people are starting to think about the platform, and I’m not going to do it in this video but I urge you to do that, but I think, again, I think this is a great opportunity guys, there are so many of these good opportunities going on but there are not too many that I find that are very, very solid opportunities, I think Nuggets is another very, very solid opportunity like others I’ve reviewed in the past, like CrowdMachine, like SyncFab, like a number of others that I’ve reviewed in the past because I think the opportunity is massive, even if you have one hundred dollars, two hundred dollars, I mean that the opportunity is massive, in a year, two years, three years, as we go down the road of ICO’s, as cryptocurrency grows, these are going to keep building out and the money you invest now is going to grow over time so I urge you to take a hard look at this and again do your own research but  take a hard look at this one so I think this one’s a good one guys. Anyway, I’m Dan from cryptocamacho.com, I hope this was beneficial, I hope this is useful for you guys, don’t forget to subscribe by clicking on that little red box below the video here if you haven’t, I will update you daily on new ICO’s, on new tips and tricks but again I’m Dan from cryptocamacho.com and I hope you enjoyed this review guys. Let me know what you think, leave me a comment and let me know. See you guys.