Episode Highlights:

  • 00:04 -What Dan Love About Cryptocurrency
  • 02:04 –Ico Called Zapit
  • 03:52 – How Zapit Works
  • 05:08- Amazon And Reviews
  • 06:22 – Zapit Makes Us Rethink Review Process
  • 07:44 – Further Plans For 2018
  • 09:28- How Dan Feels About The Product

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Hey what’s up guys its Dan again from Crypto Camacho.com.

00:04 -What Dan Love About Cryptocurrency

One thing I love about cryptocurrency is that every single day it changes, every single day there’s something new that happens, every single day there’s a new ICO that comes out there’s a new company being built there’s a new solution being built there’s a new cryptocurrency that you can trade there’s it’s just crazy how things are changing and how much things are changing nowadays and it’s crazy to think that the internet is now being really kind of rebuilt andrestructured from the inside out using blockchain technology. I’m going do a different video on this in the future but one the thing I love about the cryptocurrency space is that it’s changing so often and there’s new technologies coming up all the time it makes it very interesting to just do research and to look at what’s actually coming in the market what to understand what the world is going to be like in five years in ten years and so forth. It’s just really intriguing to me and that’s one of the reasons why Ireview ICOs and why I look at companies that are trying to enter the blockchain and cryptocurrency markets because they’re going to make a difference in the years to come- they’re going to make a big difference.

One I say that I want to review today it’s kind of just an interesting one to me I haven’t invested in it yet, I’m considering investing in it but I’d love to know what you guys think about it; but it just is kind of a testament to me that there are so many different opportunities and different ways that we can use blockchain technology, that really the sky is the limit when it comes to how we can use this technology and of course some of these technologies are going to live on forever and become the next Facebook, the next Google, others are going to fall by the way side but one thing is very clear- blockchain is here to stay the technology is so disruptive and is offering opportunities to so many different types of applications and people and it’s just really crazy it’s really fun for me to look at it.

02:04 –Ico Called Zapit

So I did want to talk about this ICObriefly, it’s called Zapit and what Zapit is trying to do it’s the onlyblockchain verify to verify by product reviews; so it’s essentially a platform they’re trying to build out tobe able to verify reviews on other third-party sites; so think of Amazon as an example- on Amazon you go shop for a product and what doyou do immediately when you go shop fora product you go immediatelyand you look at the reviews if there are a certain amount of negative reviews you immediately skip thatproduct and move on to the next.Ifthere’s a certain amount of positive reviews you keep reading further into that product because you have faith that the people before you thathave purchased, if they’ve given a good review on it then the product is probably good and youcould probably go and buy it.But, theproblem is that those reviews are not necessarily always legitimate they’re- not always honest reviews often people will go in and competitors will go in they’ll give a bunch of negative reviews or hire people to givea bunch of negative reviews about a product that they may compete with, which brings that products review score down and essentially will hurt that competitor. On the flipside there are products or companies that will buyreviews, they’ll buy positive reviews, they’ll go to 100 people and say ‘hey wewant to buy a positive review go toAmazon and review this positively andwe’ll give you some money’.It’llbring their reviews up in Amazon butthen you don’t really know if it’shonest and if it’s trustworthy and sothe whole reviews ecosystem getsconvoluted and it gets kind of muddy, where you don’t really know if thereviews you’re looking at are true or not and so that’s what Zapit is actually trying to solve for;is toverify reviews in the cloud on theblockchain so that you know they’relegitimate, whether negative or positive.

03:52 – How Zapit Works

How are they going to do this; this is what I want to drill into in this video is how Zapitis planning on doing that.So what is Zapit?Zapit is the only blockchain verified product reviews platform,Zapitis the need which adds trust between Amazon sellers, consumers and product evaluators. Here’s what I just said exactly kind of what I was just talking about consumers are tired of fake positive reviews while Amazon sellers are frustrated with negative review campaigns from competitors, product evaluators need to get paid for their time.How can this problem be solved while creating a win-win everybody and that’s what Zapit wants to do.With Zapit Amazon sellers can add their Amazon affiliate link to start earning additional 4 to 8% in profits; consumers are then compensated to write reviews,blockchain review moderators earn tokens and add credibility to their portfolio. So they’re trying to bring this under a single umbrella which rewards reviewers by not only giving them an additional percentage but allowing them to sell the product that they’re reviewing to, sell that through an affiliate link on

Amazon so they can make a little bit of money from the review; pretty clever right pretty interesting.

05:08- Amazon And Reviews

Let’s drill down a little bit further, so this is talking about Amazon but I could see the platform being used for other things, for really any e-commerces hop on the internet can have some sort of system like this. Amazon is obviously the biggest 600 million products to billion products worldwide 3 million sellers, 1 billion reviews already to date on the Amazon platform. So, in a nutshell this is how Zapit works sellers will get real reviews that customers can trust and create an affiliate -an Amazon affiliate link to their account so that they will get additional profits if a customer purchases through that link. So any review that a customer may put on an Amazon product if anybody clicks on that link on the review you will get a percentage of the purchase of that product.So that’s one incentive to review products pretty clever right?Okay consumers you will get the trusted reviews before making a purchase decision with your hard-earned money and get compensated for your time that when you write a review for the products you love or hate and heard by the following community so consumers will be able to do this right.

Moderators they are like Bitcoin miners and will build credibility and improve your payouts so they’ll be able to pay you more.

06:22 – Zapit Makes Us Rethink Review Process

The last thing I want to read here built with blockchain technologies app it makes us rethink the ways review processes should be organized. Decentralization makes it possible to change the logic behind writing and moderating reviews and establish the new standards to benefit all sellers, consumers and product evaluators so that you don’t miss your chance. Here’s the team pretty well-established team you can go and check out their LinkedIn profiles I’m not going to go to all them but they all have previous business experience. You can kind of look and see where the founders have been entrepreneurs before; they have a lot of very technical leading talent which I think is really important for a company like this. I think it all comes down to the technology itself so that’s encouraging and then these advisors as well –I think some of these advisors you should go look up yourself but again very good backing for this. So the ICO presale itself you can participate in stage one still going on right now through February 28th one Zapit is .001 etherium if you go down here it’ll give you the details about the actual token sale. They’ve already had a private sale it’s been funded 100 percent now they’re on to the public sale; they do have a hard cap let’s see what’s- okay hard cap of 10 million tokens,10 million token sin stage one. So you got to get in early so you could get this 50 percent bonus if you so choose.

07:44 – Further Plans For 2018

Down below you can see their road map and we’re already in Q1 of 2018 right so now they’restarting to work with development teams to actually start building this out and launch their ICO. They’re going to launch their beta platform in Q2so actually not very far from now in about a couple months here they’re going be doing that and then in Q3 they’re going expand internationally right after they kind of launch their beta make sure all the kinks are worked out they’re going launch into internationally.The last thing I want to do is look at their white paper here very quickly; here’s the Zapit white paper about 20 pages long.In the abstract I think there’s some interesting so we’ve already kind of gone through this I won’t go through the abstract but I do want to go through a little bit more on the vision here. Our vision is to create the trust between sellers, consumers, producte valuators and moderators; Trust is the core mission of blockchain technology and Zapit incorporates this value with the combination of artificial intelligence software along with multiple human moderation processes this gives it Zapit platform and immense advantage in technology time and credibility over any future competitor. Our vision is to become a core review platform and plug-in that consumers allover the world will use regardless of where they are shopping; this will help to create an online worldfree of spam product reviews.This is really important guys because if they widgetize and create a plug-in, if they widgetize their solution they can essentially use this review ecosystem for any e-commerce shop out there; obviously they want to start with Amazon because it’s the biggest out there but I can very easily see this incorporate integrating with Shopify, with WooCommerce, with jet, with WordPressstores, with all kinds of different things if it’s successful.

09:28- How Dan Feels About The Product

I’m intrigued by this concept, I’m very intrigued at what they’re doing, I’m very intrigued at how they’re using blockchain to solve a problem that millions of people deal with and Amazon hasn’t been able to figure out yet so it’s very interesting that they’re doing this I could see something like this- a company like this, I could see going on for a year. So building on a nice platform and then getting acquired through an acquisition from like an Amazon or a Jet or Woo Commerce or something like that; Amazon would probably acquire somebody like this and then they’re their token prices would just go through the roof. Let me know what you think I’m very curious to know if you guys think this technology is interesting, if you think it would be worthwhile to build a platform like this.  I’m Dan from crypto Camacho.com hopefully you found this useful if you haven’t subscribed yet please do click on the red link above right up there is a and we’ll talk next time see you guys