Episode Highlights:

  • 00:08 – The Tool That Finds Bases That Are Difficul To Find
  • 02:03 – Base Trading Explained In Dept
  • 07:11 – Why Should You Wait For The Bases To Crack

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Hey guys, what’s up? It’s Dan again from CryptoCamacho.com, where each day I teach you how to make more money in cryptocurrency.

00:08 – The Tool That Finds Bases That Are Difficult To Find

Today guys I’m really, really excited about a tool that I want to share with you. This tool is phenomenal, it’s awesome. It’s free, it doesn’t cost a thing and it’s going to help you trade and it’s going to help you trade with almost 99% accuracy, why am I so confident? How do I know that? Because it utilizes the base training method that I’ve been talking about for a very very long time. This tool finds the bases that are sometimes difficult to find and somewhat subjective and it actually will find these bases for you and it will mark them on a chart so that you know exactly where there is a base and so you know where to look for the next time there’s a big dip or a big drop in the cryptocurrency markets. Let’s jump right into it here.All right, so this tool is QFT.Hodloo.com, I will put this link in the show notes but if you can see what you’re looking at here is the chart of Ethereum to US dollars and all of the bases completely marked for you, why is this important? This is a game changer, this is such a great tool and I can’t even tell you how excited I am to start using this, I haven’t used it yet, but it essentially marks the basis for you on this chart and whatever cryptocurrency you want. I can go, and I can say, let’s say I want a Bitcoin, I just go up in here, I type USD Bitcoin and there is the chart for Bitcoin, right? A lot of different action of when people bought and sold on Bitcoin right here, right? This is awesome guys. Another thing right here, let’s just type in USDT and you can do this for any coin, let’s go to ADA, of the bases marked out right there. Let’s go to, let’s see, Light Coin, all of the bases marked right there. For the sake of this conversation I’m going to go to Ethereum because I just want to talk about how this works exactly.

02:03 – Base Trading Explained In Dept

So, I’ve talked before about base trading, when there’s a big base of support and that base is cracked that’s when you buy and you can see right here in this example, this was a strong base right, this was also a strong base we saw in the most recent dip, it cracked both of those bases right, so actually if you were to buy anywhere right in here you would have already made your money back. If you were sold here right, we’ve gone down again but it’s gone back up and this tool allows you to see exactly where all these bases are, so that when there’s a big dip you know exactly where or where not to buy, I mean this is a game changer man, this is really really exciting to me and you can see how this works, right? So, here’s a base, here’s a base, here’s a base and on this dip, which was in December, there was a pretty big dip December went down, down, down and oh it cracked these two bases, so where should you buy? You should buy right here, let me change the color of that, let me change it to a light blue. You should’ve bought right there right and then what happens we recover, we’ve gone over those bases again. So, these are more bases haven’t been cracked yet, here’s a pretty big base that was cracked, we see a rise, rise, rise, rise, rise, rise, rise, then we see a huge drop right in there’s the base, where it’s marked, right? Then we still see a rise, right no times to buy, no times to buy but then we see this huge drop cracking these bases and the great great time to buy down here.

Let’s jump over to another chart and let’s just go to Bitcoin just for ease of use. Okay, so here’s the Bitcoin chart and here’s all of the bases associated. So, if you are smart, you’ll use this tool in the next time Bitcoin drops below, let’s see $9,932 approximately that’s where you buy, you buy right in here at 10, 15, 20% lower than that base, you buy right here. Same thing here, if it drops below $9,000 you would buy there because what happens is there are bounce backs, there’s bounce backs, there’s bounce back. So, if you look at the charts back here, you know all of these bases one, two, three, four, let’s just say five basis, right last time they cracked many many of these bases and they’ve gone up, they’ve recovered since then on almost all four of those bases, now were down again so you got to pay attention and get in and out at the right time but this tool essentially you know draws the basis for you, it’s fantastic. I’m going to go to one other chart, let’s just say USD and we’re going to Bitcoin cash, let’s see what Bitcoin cash chart looks like.

So, the whole concept in this and if you guys haven’t seen my previous videos, I definitely recommend you go back and watch those but the basic concept is that when there is a rise, a rise in price of a cryptocurrency, that means that a lot of people believe in that coin, believe the price is going to go up and they’re just dumping their money into that coin, like what happened right here with Bitcoin cash, up, and up, and up, and up, and up, and up and people just started throwing their money into it. When there’s a decline, there’s typically a decline to a certain level, there’s a decline to you know often even numbers, often you know the $2,000, $1,000, you know $500, all these even numbers or in between there typically is drops to those bases and I call them bases because those are bases of support and what do I mean by that? When a price is going down, you know there’s people actively trying to invest and actively watching the charts to decide where should I get back in when something’s dropping, where should I get back in and when will it go back up and you can see that there was an attempted base here, there was some support here when the price was about $2,750 and there was a base, there was support.

People were supporting that price and said, oh yes, we think the price is going to go up and you can see there was a spike in price. It did not hold very long, it went up to $3,000 and then it dropped back down and kept going, kept going, kept going and what happened again there’s a new base drawn, so at about $1,800 there was a base of people that said, oh wow that is such a low price, it’s below $2,000, I want to buy this because I think it’s going to go back up and they were right, the price did shoot up pretty dramatically right, did pretty dramatically. So, went up and then it came back down there’s always these highs and lows, there’s a ceiling and then there’s a floor, there’s a ceiling and there’s a floor, and it’s basically the psychology of how people are thinking, I want to buy or I want to sell, we’re at the top, we’re at the ceiling, I want to sell and that’s when you see the drops or we’re at the bottom and I want to buy and that’s the bases of support, where people are starting to buy in. This marks all of the bases, so that you know when a base cracks like right here as an example right here, if this base cracks you have all this room to buy and if you buy any were below that base, typically within the next cycle you’ll see a spike above that base and that’s exactly what happened right here. So, all this is upside right, same thing’s going on today guys, there’s a lot of bases that have been cracked, these bases have been cracked, we haven’t recovered back yet but we will recover back to these bases. Same thing happened here there was a base there was a crack and we’re already seeing that upward tick.

07:11– Why Should You Wait For The Bases To Crack

So, use this tool to your advantage to profit on 99% of your trades and what I mean by that is you don’t have to make any trades, any speculation, all you have to do is wait for the bases to crack. So, for this one for ADA, this is the base, this is a base too, if you see a base cracking below .43, you know that’s a great time to buy, you know because it’s going to bounce back. People are going to see that as the floor, they’re going to say, oh .43 is definitely near the floor right, maybe it’s lower, maybe it’s right here but .43 is essentially one of the lowest points in Cardano or ADA’s history and people think if it goes below 43 cents that’s a tremendous deal, that is a fantastic deal unless Cardono is going out of business, you know or completely getting rid of their token, 43 cents is a fantastic deal and you’ve already seen a bounce back, you know for those that saw that and the same thing happens over and over and over, so I will be using this chart, you know daily. I do use Coinigy and here’s you know the Coinigy chart for Ethereum, I do typically draw bases myself and say, oh there’s a base, when it goes down below this base. I’m going to buy but you know now, I don’t actually need to do that I can just go to this tool, QFT.Hodloo.com and do that here. It’s free, I don’t get any affiliate, you know commission from this or anything like that. I just want to share this with the community because I think it’s a fantastic tool and I think this is going to be a game changer for a lot of reasons.

I’m Dan from Cryptic Camacho guys, I hope this was useful for you guys, I hope this was helpful and let me know what you think of it. Let me know if you use it. I’ll go deeper into this on a different video and show you exactly how base training works but I wanted to get this out, so that you guys saw it first. Again, I am Dan from Crypto Camacho, please subscribe on the red button there and YouTube Channel and you’ll get daily updates from me, every day. See you guys.