Episode Highlights:

  • 00:04 – I Made My Website
  • 01:41 – Monetized Coin
  • 02:39 – My Blog
  • 03:30 – What Is This?

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Hey, guys what’s up? Its Dan again for cryptocamacho.com and guess what?


Today guys I made you something. I made you something very, very cool put a lot of time and effort into this project, and I want to show you guys what I made. I made a website. It’s called cryptocamacho.com. If you haven’t been here yet, if you haven’t visited cryptocamacho.com please do. I’ve been making videos for a long time, haven’t had a website for as long. And I’ve recently launched the website, which you can see right here behind me in the video. And I’m very, very excited. It couldn’t be happier with the website definitely still need to build out the site, the content, the functionality and so forth. But I’m happy that the site is up. I’m happy that there’s content on the site and more and more content coming into it daily. So, guys, you’re looking at the homepage here. If you want definitely go to the site browse around. It’s got my picture on it. If you guys want to get daily updates if you want to get updates click on this subscribe link. This actually is now up to about 10,000 vs. 7,000. But it’s a pretty basic site right. Cryptocurrency 101; if you’re just starting your cryptocurrency journey, if you’re looking to make more money in cryptocurrency, I can show you how to make at least $300 a day by doing day trading, swing trading, based trading of cryptocurrency on different cryptocurrency exchanges. If you want to know what tools to use if you’re just getting into cryptocurrency, or if you’re a seasoned vet, you want to discover new tools, you want to know what tools are helpful for you in the cryptocurrency space, definitely visit that section right here. And then you know some of my most trusted resources I use Coinbase quite a bit. I use Coinigy every day; I use Binance all the time. So, very, very, very useful links there for you guys to check out. And then every month I’m going to be experimenting with something new right. Something I’ll be experimenting with each month.


And today I’m actually experimenting with a company called monetized coin. It’s a lending platform, but it does not work the same as other lending platforms. They’re actually backed by collateral and marketing material and so forth. So, check that out go to cryptocamacho.com to check that out. And if you want, you can check out my online course right here. Again if you’re just getting into it, click on the start here button it’ll give you kind of an overview of what the website is, what’s going on in the cryptocurrency space. it’ll give you a video that shows you a variety of different ways that you can make money in the cryptocurrency space. I’d break it all down right here on this video. you know why cryptocurrency changes everything, and then some tools that you can use to help you in your cryptocurrency journey. One other thing I want to point out is there’s a recommendation or a recommended section on the site. Obviously, everybody is pretty familiar with Coinbase but there are a lot of other tools here that I think you’ll find very useful. I update this all the time. So, go and check that out.

02:39 – MY BLOG

My blog is something I’m very, very excited about. I’ve recently launched it. It’s a typical blog right. You’ll see different postings for different blog posts, but when you click on a link you’re going to go to the blog post. And what I’m really excited about is not only is the video here on the blog post, but there’s a podcast right. So, I’m launching a podcast which you guys will hear more about in the weeks to come. And then I’ve also transcribed every one of my videos into the written word, into a written format so, people that want to read they can actually read my content on the website with timestamps, with titles so forth and so on. You can make comments by using the discuss app and find other content that may be useful for you. And then one other thing that I’m really excited about, it’s the sentiment analysis engine that I’m building out. Just launched it, just started out doing this, but I want to make you guys aware of it.

03:30 – WHAT IS THIS?

So, what is this? If you go to cryptocamacho.com/sentiment you’re going to get some cinnamon analytics and analysis done on my site this right here. This first chart is the total number or volume of web mentions for the word Bitcoin. You can see that it’s gone up and down, it’s going down You know which coincides with the market going down as well. a handy tool to look at the overall sentiment of the market for Bitcoin and others is right here. Then this next tool is very, very nifty. So, you guys probably are aware that I typically go to socialmention.com to check for social sentiment analysis on different cryptocurrencies. Well, I have taken that data and I’ve actually pulled it into cryptocamacho.com/sentiment. You can actually go here and look at any cryptocurrency under $1, and sort it by strength, passion, reach, positive, sentiment, and negative sentiment. If you don’t know what these terms mean, I will update the section soon. There are some videos on YouTube that’ll explain it for you on my channel. So, check that out but this will give you the overall sentiment for a cryptocurrency under $1. And again you can sort it by strength; you can sort it by passion. So, what coins have the highest passion in the market GeneroNetwork does right, high project does. What of the high strength in the overall market OST, rubies, Prima’s so forth and so on. What has the overall reach in the market right? The overall reach the champ coin, Primus, shield so forth and so on. You can also sort by positive versus negative sentiment to see what coins have the highest positive sentiment versus negative sentiment. And if you go down to the bottom, you can also sort by total number of retweets and total number of publishers talking about a particular cryptocurrency. So, again very handy tool to discover new coins, to weed out winners from losers, right off the get-go just a very handy tool that I’ve been using. And it’s proven very, very effective for me in the short run. If you want to get alerts going forward on a regular basis, click on this link. Yes. I want to get alerts on hot trading opportunities. Sign up with your email and I will send you alerts whenever an alert comes up and I feel that there’s a trading opportunity. I will send you an alert through email. So, guys this is cryptocamacho.com check it out. I’d love to get your thoughts. I’d love to get your take on the site. I’d love to know what else you think I should add to the website. What else is missing? What else should I put here? I’m going to continue to build out this website and I want to know what you guys want to learn about. I want to know your feedback. So, I can help you guys learn cryptocurrency. You learn how to make money in cryptocurrency a lot better and a lot faster. Anyway guys, I’m Dan from cryptocamacho.com this is a wrap, but if you haven’t subscribed to my YouTube channel please do by clicking on that little red button either down there, or down there. Not sure what side it’s on, but to one of those sides. Click on that subscribe button guys and I will give you daily updates on the cryptocurrency markets. And hopefully will help you make more money? See you guys next time.