Episode Highlights:

  • 01:25 – How To Trade On Ripple
  • 05:13 – Making Sales On The Base
  • 06:56 – Benefits of Buying Below The Base
  • 08:01 – Traditional Banks Will Not House Marijuana Companies
  • 09:09 – Analyzing The Base To See When There Is A Crack

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Dan again, from Digital Uptake.Com, hey today I wanted to show you another few charts and I want to talk a little bit more about Base trading again. I’ve had a pretty productive day yesterday and this morning I had a very exciting trade I’m very, very happy about I want to show you that. I want to dig into exactly how I made these trades and how I decided to pull the trigger on the Buy and the sell and want to show you just a little bit more of how, how base trading works I’ve been getting a lot of questions around how to actually you know how to understand when there’s a base, how to understand when you should actually sell silver and so on so I’ll try to dig through that a little bit but

I’m very exciting right now as I’ve mentioned before there has never been a better time to get into the cryptocurrency market okay. Maybe in 20092010 when the first Bitcoin came out and was mine maybe that was a better time but right now is a very, very, very good time to get into the market. The opportunity is tremendous and if you do not get in now you will be kicking yourself in years to come because this is only the beginning and this is going to fly, fly, fly through the roof you know, as the years as the months as the years goon this is not an experiment this is not something that’s going away Blockchain is here to stay, and then all these Altcoins you know we’ll see what happens to each of them. But anyway, let’s get right into trading I mean I mean I want to show you this I was very excited.

01:25 – How To Trade On Ripple

So yesterday, or a couple days ago I made a video about Ripple in a trade that I made on Ripple and you could kind of see that right over here right I think on my last video I went through this trade right here and exactly how I did it. So today, this morning I actually made and go ahead and get rid of that real quick okay so today I actually made a trade right here you kind of see it right and I mean zoom in a little bit for you and pull this chart around so I I did the same thing right I bought towards the bottom I didn’t hit the exact bottom but then I sold at the top of the bounce right this is how base trading works the price drops because of a reaction a panic of some soar right, there’s volatility in the market, markets going down people panic they start selling and then it bounces back you know based on the people that are willing to support the coin they will start buying right it’ll start buying the price will go back up, up, up, up, up.

So how did I actually make this trade right? You know,as I said before, look at the other charts you always want to look at the other charts, at least when you’re beginning it’s the easiest way to kind of look at the charts. So let’s go through the trade I made yesterday and then let’s go through the trade that I made this morning.So what I’m doing let me zoom out on this chart so you can see gosh just like maybe a week ago less than a week ago there was this huge spike up, this huge run-up on Ripple and that was because there was news in South Korea that, the government in a number of institutions there we’re going to adopt a triple as part of their infrastructure right and they were going to start using it as part of some, some new technology within their country’s infrastructure so that’s why you see this big shoot up of the price right there and then okay it tops out at about twenty nine twenty thirty cents right, and then it starts slowly, slowly declining. So before the run-up was done it actually broke right here and broke the run-up did right and it created this small base right here right.

So when I saw that I actually I marked the base and I said okay I’m going to watch that base I am going to try to trade off that base if it makes sense when the time comes right and so I face one more time there’s base okay, okay and so I was watching the market it was dropping, dropping, dropping, dropping and then right when the base cracked right here I watched it for a little bit and I put an order down a bit below the base. I typically put the orders down you know at least 10%, usually 10% you know maybe 8%below the base right because I want to make sure that when the bounce comes I at least recover a certain percentage right at least want to get five percent that’s, that’s relatively low these kind of markets right ideally I get 10% 15%20% right is  much better and so I don’t typically buy a right when the base is cracked you know I let I wait I let it rundown just a little bit and so I put in an order you know right down here for 22.23 and I bought right. Then literally within half an hour the price bounced right back up to 24.86 and it was quick it was in like 30 minutes and so you doneed to put orders in you know ahead of time ideally at first when I first started doing base trading and whatnot awhile back I didn’t put the orders in you know beforehand and I noticed that the bases would keep cracking, and the bounces would keep happening and I just wouldn’t have enough time to actually make the purchase right. So I started doing that I kind of play with that each way. 

05:13 – Making Sales On The Base

But then today, so I made my sale right the price kind of runs up. I could have really sold it 28 but I didn’t know if the price would continue going up noway to predict the future on that so I sold at about 24.9 right and I made, I made about 15, 20% on that right. So that was a pretty good, pretty good spread for me okay and then the price starts dipping again, but wait Where’s my base now this is my new base right, right where I purchased because this is where the spike was right here’s my old base I run up the rundown and crack the base I purchased and it started immediately running back up and leaving a base inits tracks right, right there there’s the base. So what did I do? I kept watching this I thought okay when it cracks the base I am going to buy and I was watching didn’t crack the base goes up,up then it starts going down today this morning piqued my interest right so I looked at it and I started following it and I started getting ready to bind right and it kept going down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down Oh got all the way to 22 but did not crack my base my base of 21 5/8 didn’t crack it so I didn’t buy I just sat and wait patience.Patience is a virtue, in training just want to call that out really quickly the best way you’ll make money is by being patient and by waiting for the right trades. If you don’t you’re going to make erratic trades you’re going to start trading when it doesn’t make sense and you’re going to actually start losing money that way because you’re going to be trading off of emotion rather than off of fundamentals or off of the facts right so if you’re using base training be patient and I was I was patient right so I waited way to way too waited Oh looks like it cracked the bass right there in this case I knew the, the bounce back and the drop wasn’t going to be as significant right because it was already dropping way up here all the way down so I knew a probably wasn’t going to be 10%but I knew that it already had some room and it already dropped significantly.

06:56 – Benefits of Buying Below The Base

So I purchased right below the base, right 21 and 43 a purchase and then it went down a little bit more probably have picked it up at the bottom a little bit further but then I weighed it again till it went back up to 20 to 5 and sold right away it was about 10% right and not bad right for literally like 30 minutes or the work. So in two days’ time,I made two really great trades, one a 20%, one at about 10% just like that right just by watching the basis, and just by watching the basis be cracked right I want to show you one other trade that I made let me jump over to another tab here.So this is a trade, I also made this morning just kind of in my spare time and I do have a full time job.I don’t do this full time but I do this probably Friday you know a couple hours here and there and I do this in my spare time. And so here’s another phenomenal trade that I made this morning and I’m very, very happy about this one I thought this was excellent and executed it I couldn’t have executed it any better.

08:01 – Traditional Banks Will Not House Marijuana Companies

Let’s go ahead and zoom out this is, this is Potcoin. This is a coin that’s you know going to gain adoption in the marijuana industry because the banks will not allow the marijuana companies in states where marijuana is legal most of the, the national or main banks will not let those companies put their money and save their money in a traditional bank right and so people that run marijuana businesses are having a difficult time trying to save their money trying to kind of you know put their put their,their earnings away they you know they’re probably putting $100,000 under a mattress or something like that. So Parkland came out to help that industry right and it to really act as the banking system for that industry and so the stock you can see if you look back you know let’s look back three months this stock is kind of all over the board I mean it’s up and down up and down huge,huge bounces all the way from 3/4 all the way up to 6-3 right doubling all the way back down so forth and so on and so now let’s zoom in a little bit closer to today and you see these huge spikes and I just had to get in on this action and I knew there was going to be another spike coming, I just didn’t know exactly when but what did I do?

09:09 – Analyzing The Base To See When There Is A Crack

I looked at the bases alright, so in this case there are a number of bases here right and let me just mark a few of them up for you.So there’s a huge drop way back at kind of the end of July and you know here’s abase all the way down here which I have an alert for and then you kind of keep going through, keep going through, keep going through no other you know tremendous bases. I guess this is really kind of a small base right here nothing,nothing really big you know based on the spread but a small base right.

And but then you look here and there actually is a pretty good base you know right here let me do that so here’s a base okay oops, so this is the base that I marked because why, why is that a base because you see a huge run-up right there’s run ups here as well right there just not quite as big so I didn’t feel like I should mark a base there although you could have marked the base right there because there’s a couple, couple run ups which indicates that you know there is support and you know point you know when it goes to two nine four six just below three there is support and it’s shown over and over and over and you want to look for that right because you want to know that there are buyers in the market. You want to know that, people are going to buy this stock when it drops not stock by this coin when it drops right and this was an indicator tome that, there was there was much support for this coin being bought over and over when it hit 29. So I knew when it cracks this base there is going to be some support to rebuy this coin so what I do I watched it let it go all the way up right and then this morning you know one of my alerts went off and my alert went off that was set for right here right and it told me that the base had been cracked and so what did I do right when I saw that I ran to my computer and I said oh boy this is going to be a good opportunity to trade so I waited, waited, waited, waited and here’s the base right here and again I said I do like 10% below the base in this case it wasn’t 10% you know again because I guess it’s not always 10% it’s you know it’s anywhere from 5 to 15%, I try to do it more than 5% because then you’re your gains can be better but you just got to kind of treat it you know with each coin as it comes but anyway so I bought all the way down at 29.15,sorry 29.20 I’m sorry 29.20, is where I bought and luckily, what happened it was going down and then all sudden it shot up again one of these spikes right they shot back up right at 30 to 50 for a huge run up for me gosh,20, 20 plus percent in what does this do this not only made me money but it also gave me free pot coins now I have a bunch of free pot clans that I can sit on and if this you know this coin goes through the roof I’m a happy camper and I make a lot of money so I just wanted to show you this again.

Again,this is base trading I wanted to show you two successful trades or yeah choose three successful trades that I’ve made in literally the last two days I’m constantly setting alerts constantly watching the market for these cracks in the bases and that’s the key go in today set your alerts on all of the bases and just start watching right fund your account with $100,$200,$300. If you want you could start very, very low there’s no minimum, or you can start really high if you want. I recommend you start you know, with a low amount of money. Just get used to it, it does take you know a little bit of time to get familiar with what bases are, how this kind of works you know to watch the coins, watch the swings. But I hope you found this useful, let me know if you have any questions I’m happy to answer any questions around. You know where the bases are, how you could better trade, what coins are you know going to go through the roof and so forth with my crystal ball.

So anyway, I hope you enjoyed this. Again I’m Dan from Digital Uptake, let me know how you guys like these videos, or if you want to see anything else I’d love to get your feedback on this but until we meet next time happy trading and good luck, talk to you next time.