Episode Highlights:

  • 00:01 – How To Find The Best ICOs
  • 00:15 – My Steamit Blog
  • 01:36 – ICOs (Initial Coin Offering)
  • 05:01 – Where I Go To Find ICOs
  • 05:45 – Coingecko
  • 09:33 – Second Step Of How To Find Potential ICO

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Hey, I wanted to talk to you about ICOs, about initial coin offerings. I want to talk about how to find them, how to do social sentiment analysis against them to find the best ICOs out there; the ones that have the most potential to rise in value right, so you can make some money.


Before I jump into that, I want to just quickly show you my steamit blog. I recently started a steamit blog in July; about a month ago and what steamit is. It’s a blogging platform or a social media network that they’re trying to build based on Blockchain technology, based on cryptocurrency. They have their own coin, it’s called “steam coin or SBD” is the ticker, and what it is, is every time you blog or post a video, or participate, engage on the platform, you actually gain like a reputation value and you earn money on different posts. And based on that vote, and what people upload of yours, you’ll earn money. You can see down here, I posted this yesterday, you know 18 hours ago. “How I draw my base to trade altcoins” some of you may have seen this. I’ve earned two cents right, not a whole lot of money right now, but I just started this blog right. There are people on here making quite a bit of money, just something I wanted to test out looks like a pretty interesting platform. I’m into cryptocurrencies, and this is built around cryptocurrency and Blockchain, and so I just want to check it out, but just wanted to let you know. If you guys haven’t seen it, at Steamit.com/@dcenterprises is my steamit blog. And go check that out, I post all my videos here and I post additional blog posts if you guys would like to see those. I’m going to pause this real quick take a quick drink.


Okay, so now let’s get into the topic at hand here. I’ll go into steamit a little bit more in a future post, but the topic at hand is ICOs, and why do I want to talk about ICOs? ICOs today are all the rage right, people are talking about ICOs like they are you know just free money sitting out there. You know they’re the next big thing; they’re the hottest thing right now. People claim that there’s even maybe a bubble with ICOs, you know who really knows? But I do know that every day, every week there are dozens if not hundreds of ICOs popping up out of thin air. New companies that are being built, or fun and then built from literally nothing. They’re raising this money through people donating Bitcoin, or Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies so, that they can fund a company to build out a new infrastructure, or a new idea around Blockchain or cryptocurrency technology right. And so, this is what’s happening and you can now start to participate in these ICOs and invest you know a bit of money in them if you’d like you to know in the form of Bitcoin or Ethereum. And when these things launch they typically go up you know many tens of percentages right. There’s so many ICOs that I’ve seen that have started out you know pennies on the dollar, and then they go up to a couple dollars, or $20 or $10 or whatever it is you know. So, it’s a really, really good opportunity really good potential for somebody interested in startups, interested in IPOs, in the stock market world to really you know have a good opportunity here, to make a lot of money and just find some really interesting companies and concepts, I’ve been finding some amazing things right. You know people building a company around genetic data, or genomic data and how to store that on Blockchain to make it private and secure right. Really interesting there’s an ICO for that, and they’re about to launch their company soon with all the money that they’re raising to build this thing. So, anyway today so like I said I wanted to show you, you know how to pick good ICOs, how do you go through all the ICOs to pick out the good ones? How do you know which ones may have potential? How do you know which ones are even being talked about in the media, on the internet? How do you know which ones are popular, and which ones aren’t? Largely, today ICOs pricing anyway is based on the perception of what people think the company can do. The perception of what you know people think the value of the company is. And the perception in the ICOs market is really everything right. ICOs today are built on really solid technical indicators or a technical business foundation. I mean that’s probably arguable, but a lot of its hype today, a lot of its pumping up, a lot of it is you know just this quick money people are raising, without even really looking at what these companies are trying to do. And that’s good in one way right, it’s a really good opportunity for traders to get in, and to make a lot of money on the ICOs, but it’s also very risky and you got to be careful of what you invest in. I, for one thing, it’s a huge opportunity I’m super, super excited about ICOs, I’ve been learning and learning more and more about them, and I’ve been trying to think of figure out ways to you know determine to figure out how is an ICOs is going to succeed in the stock market, or not in the cryptocurrency market, or on the cryptocurrency exchanges. How an ICO is going to perform, how can you kind of predict that or get information to know that? And I was doing some research today, and I came across some pretty, pretty cool things, some pretty interesting things.


So, let me first show you so where I typically, go to start finding ICOs and start kind of weeding through you know ones that I may be interested in investing in. I kind of I first starts with coingecko. I think I showed you that in a few videos ago. I start with coingecko, I go here first, I kind of look through this list and I read the descriptions and see which coins I’m actually interested in participating in, I then may go over to you know icotracker.net which is another site that tracks ICOs right. And then at lastly, I may go over to icoalert.com, another site that tracks ICOs. And all of this big track ICO is kind of you to know daily, new ICOs are popping up, you could participate and invest in them. You know at different times, different time frames things like that right.


So, let’s go back to coingecko so one company…one ICO that I’ve been interested in looking at a bit lately, and unfortunately I don’t know if it’s still available for investing in. I couldn’t find out how to do it, but a very interesting company right it’s called “Encrypted Jin”. It’s a company that’s building and building a technology around Blockchain to store genomic data on the Blockchain right. Through this technology so, that it can store it privately, and more securely or just I was just telling you about that. And so, you can obviously go to the site you could click on coingecko here, you could kind of see what this is all about, and you could visit the ICO page right. And then you can go from there and decide whether or not you want to invest in it. So, that’s kind of initially just how I find ICOs right. So, then what I do from here is I’ll actually take the ICO name and any other terms that may be related to it, I’ll copy the term and I’ll actually bring it over to Google Trends. So, I’ve already pasted it in here write encrypt gen. So, I’ll paste it right into Google Trends, and I’ll see okay this is how much encrypt gen is being talked about on the internet right, on the World Wide Web. This is how much this has been being talked about in the last 12 months now, it’s kind of reduced this down to let’s just say the last 90 days right. I would expect there’s a bit more activity, because it’s going to you know it has its ICO now, people are probably talking about it right. So, now what I’ll do is I’ll go back and let’s say Benja coin, I don’t even know what this is, but let’s say Benja coin is something that I want to invest in. So, I’ll copy Benja coin and I’ll look at Benja coin, what’s Benja coin? It’s a merchandise ad network built on Blockchain. Okay, I’ll go back to Google Trends, I’ll paste it in here press enter, and let me do that with a few just so, you can kind of see what I’m doing here. Let’s see what’s another good one, let’s say met-bone , let’s a block Lancer, block Lancer. The first platform to enable freelancing on the Blockchain pretty interesting right, I’ll probably pay people out somehow on the Blockchain, PayPal freelancers. Anyway, let’s put it on our comparison chart here alright so, you see what I’m doing, I’m adding a bunch of different stuff go, go, stuff go, go. It’s a decentralized mobile e-commerce platform, let’s go ahead and add that. Let’s just assume for a minute, I’m interested in all these companies. So, now what you can kind of start seeing here are different trends in terms of how you know who’s actually looking at these ICOs, or how much these ICOs are being talked about on the Internet. Let’s go back out to 12 months and take a look so, look that’s pretty interesting right, some of these are going up. The yellow one which is block lancers you know going up, the blue one which is encrypt gen is actually going down which is pretty interesting right. So, this is just an indication, or an indicator of How much people may be talking about the ICO, and how much you know people may be excited about it, or hyped up about it. In this case a lot of these are very similar, but you can kind of see that at one point encrypt gen was being talked about a lot more than some of these others right. So, that’s kind of step one as I do that, I just kind of look at Google Trends and see which of these coins are being talked about the most, and if one’s being talked about more than the other, I’ll typically favor that one because it means there’s more people interested, There’s more people actively looking at it, there’s more people actively probably willing to invest in it, there’s just more hype about it. And so, I tend to go you know with those, because those to me have a better chance of going up right, more people will be buying, more people would be investing in the ICO, and will be buying that particular coin. So, that’s kind of step one.


Step two is then I will take the name of the ICO again, I’ll use encrypt gen for as an example, and then I’ll go to a website called socialmention.com. So, go to socialmention.com its real-time social media search and analysis. it basically, does social sentiment analysis for different terms and whatnot, and it’ll predict it, it’ll show you trends of different terms that you may put in and what the what the sentiment around it is. So, I’m going to put encrypt gen in this, and I’m going to just go ahead and search it. Take a drink while it’s doing that should come up here in just a moment. It’s taken a minute here all right; I’m going to pause this. Alright so, as I have mentioned, it finally loaded that okay, so what you see here is the sentiment analysis for encrypt gen, so you can see a lot of information here right, you can see ok what’s the sentiment of this particular term, 86 pretty good right? It’s the ratio of mentions that are generally positive to those that are generally negative. So, the sentiment is generally good for encrypt gen, people are feeling pretty good about this, they’re not thinking it’s a scam. They’re not thinking as scammy, or anything like that right. The passion at 33% that seems pretty high passion is a measure of the likelihood that individual is talking about your brand will do so repeatedly. People are interested in encrypt gen, people are talking about it right, here’s the reach; here’s the strength so forth and so on. And you can look down here and you can see ok was the sentiment positive, or was it negative, or was it neutral? In this case it’s positive. There’s six positive sentiment analysis hits if you will on this. What’s the keywords right? There’s other keywords around encrypt gen which is obvious who are the top users and people talking about this gives you some info around who may have a stake here, or maybe people investing in this particular ICO. And then it also gives you hashtags around what they’re doing, and it gives you sources of dimensions itself. So, there’s a quite a few mentions on Twitter, Reddit, Word Press, and then you can actually go off onto these platforms individually and look at what the mentions of encrypt gen are. Are they positive, are they negative, are people bullish on this ICO, or are they bearish right? You can go do your research there now, when you start kind of comparing these together and you can you know put this in a spreadsheet, or whatever you want when you start comparing this stuff together, you start to see some interesting trends about you know who’s actually talking about this stuff. So, let me go over here, here’s another one actually, let me type in another one Moose coin. I think was one…Moose coin was one that I saw earlier and let’s just type it in here for a comparison. So, I’ll show you an example here so, we have encrypt gen right now we’re loading Moose coin. Okay and one thing to point out here is that, you know you can alert yourself on any mentions as well. So, you can email yourself if there’s a mention about encrypt gen see how many times that happens, how many people are interested. So, here’s Moose coin so, strength is zero and strength is the likelihood that the brand will be discussed in social media. So, the strength is lower on Moose coin people aren’t talking about it quite so much right. The sentiment it’s a four still you know positive you look down here there’s still positive sentiment, but it’s not as strong as encrypt gen, the passion not bad right. I think it’s actually higher than encrypt gen. encrypt gen had a 33% passion; I mean it’s about genetics right, not maybe as many people interested in genetics. Moose coin, Moose coin what it is? It’s a betting platform, it’s a platform to make bets right. I’m back and forth between people, and people are passionate about that. People are passionate about betting, about their money. So, you can tell why it’s at 43 perceptions. So, once you start comparing these things together, it’ll give you an indication of which ICOs are actually more likely or most likely to succeed based off of what just the market sentiment is of that particular coin, or that particular ICO right. And I found some really good success in this, I’ve been watching kind of coins, I haven’t invested myself yet in too many ICOs I’ve done too, but not many yet. But what I’ve been doing is I’ve been watching the before and after so, I’ve been just watching you know before and ICOs launches, you know what’s the price are, what the ask are, and then after the ICOs launches what does it go up to, And then trying to do some of this backtracking to see if the sentiment has any influence on the price right. So, again you could kind of see how this stuff, you can be useful right. You could see how this could be useful when you’re trying to decide what ICOs to invest in right. So, I just wanted to show you that, you know and you can do this with all these ICOs if you wanted to, you could compare all of them put them on a spreadsheet, compare them and see you know which ones are being talked about the most, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised you know at how many of these are you know being talked about on the internet right. Anyway, hopefully I found that…anyway hopefully you guys found that useful? You know hopefully you guys have success investing in ICOs. Let me know how you guys like this strategy, if you guys think it’s a good method, or not I found success with it. You guys might as well such an exciting time e to be investing in cryptocurrencies and learning about all these topics. And actually making videos and blogging about them, I mean this is just the beginning guys this is going to…this stuff is going to be popular for the next gosh like decades to come. Blockchain not going away, these cryptocurrencies and these new businesses that are coming up from them are not going away. This is just the tip of the iceberg. I mean we’re in the wild, wild west right, they aren’t being regulated right now, you know countries are now, governments are now starting to look at you know ICOs and look at Bitcoin, and cryptocurrencies, and exchanges, and starting to try to regulate these things and you know once they do a lot of opportunities that we see now is going to be gone. It’s going to be possible to still get into ICOs, is going to be possible to still invest then trade, but there’s going to be a lot more regulations around it. There’s going to be a lot more fees, there’s going to be a potentially you know more middlemen it’s just not going to be quite the same right. Think of the internet back in 1990 right, at the time of the bulletin boards, think of one the Internet the World Wide Web just came out and you know people didn’t really know how to handle it. And anything could go it was harder to use the web, because it was new and people didn’t know much about it. We’re in the same time right now with Blockchain, and with Blockchain technologies that early day. And it’s the early days, it’s you know it’s crazy what it really is, Blockchain and what the concept is behind it. We won’t get into that right now, maybe read my last post about how you know Blockchain is the future of money. It’s the Internet of money essentially; Blockchain is to money what Napster was to music. It just really completely revolutionized the music industry right peer-to-peer music trading. Now we appear to peer money manipulation in the form of Blockchain right, money is essentially becoming programmable; money is you know now built with an API. it’s crazy to think about That you can actually now start to program money to do different things; and these ICOs are proof of that not only with money, but with a whole host of different things right. Where you’re storing, data transferring, data agreeing, on you know in contracts, or on transactions this stuff is not going away. The sky’s the limit on this stuff. And hopefully you know this video helped you guys get a little bit closer to taking your first step in investing in ICOs and getting involved in cryptocurrency, Big opportunity guys! I will talk to you next time have a good.