Episode Highlights:

  • 00:04 – Sentiment Analysis
  • 00:29 – Go Watch My Previous Videos On My Youtube Channel
  • 01:02 – The Tool Social Mention
  • 03:42 – New Tool On Cryptocamacho.Com/Sentiments

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Hey guys, what’s up? It’s Dan again from cryptoCamacho.com


And hey, guys today I Want to revisit something that I posted several months back and it was very, very popular. It was around sentiment analysis and using social media tools to do sentiment analysis around cryptocurrency and popularity of cryptocurrency, the adoption of cryptocurrency, and how that impacts the price of a cryptocurrency going up in value or going down in value on the markets right.


And so today I want to actually revisit that concept, but first, if you guys haven’t seen the previous video that I’m talking about if you just go to my YouTube channel go to cryptocamacho on YouTube, and go down to how to find the best ICOs. How to flawlessly predict winning ICOs, never lose on an ICO investment again watch that video, because I think it’ll be really informative on what I’m about to show you. Because I built this tool that I want you guys to be aware of that will help you to predict the price movements of different cryptocurrencies right. Let me show you what I’m talking about.


So, in the previous video what I was doing it, I was using the social sentiment analysis from a tool called social mention. Social mention.com; I was going to coin Geco and I was looking at the ICO information right here, and then I was taking the names of different ICOs that were about to launch. And I was plugging them into the social mention…social sentiment analysis engine and let me just show you real quick what that looks like right. So, if I look at let’s say Doc Taylor right. This is an ICO that’s going to be launching in one day it looks like right. So, if I go back to social mention and I type Doc Taylor and I search for Doc Taylor you’re going to see what social mention comes up with right. So, they come up with a passion score, a strength score, a sentiment score, and a reach score among other things right. They come up with what’s the total positive, neutral, negative sentiment. they come up with you know when was the last mention about that particular keyword, or ICO and then you look down you can see where the actual mentions came from on social media, And what not about that particular ICO right. So, the higher the social the Positive sentiment is the better it looks for this particular ICO, the higher the passion, the reach, the overall strength, the higher the likelihood that this particular ICO is known in the public sphere right, is known on social media, is known on the Internet. And this is an indication of how popular that particular cryptocurrency is right. And this is really important, because today ICOs, cryptocurrency, they’re very, very new very, very new market cryptocurrency in general. People are trying to find out what cryptocurrencies are going to go up in value. So, they can make a bunch of money and what do they do when they when they go and search, they look for what people have posted on social media about that particular cryptocurrency, or ICO in this case right. And so, the higher these numbers the more it tells you that that ICO is popular, or at least being talked about in social media, and on the Internet in general right. And if you see many high positive sentiment mentions than you know, that it’s being talked about positively. And it’s potentially being hyped up. So, that you can trade it and make money on the cryptocurrency markets when you go in trade right. So, that’s how I’ve been using social mention to date but I wanted to show you. So, before I’ve been using it to track ICOs, but today I want to unveil a tool to you guys that basically takes the information from social mention here, and then converts it into a table So, that you can stack rank what different cryptocurrencies have higher, or lower mentions and higher, or lower positive and negative sentiment right.


So, let me let me show you exactly what I’m talking about. If you go over to cryptocamacho.com/sentiment that’s cryptocamacho.com/sentiment you’re going to see this page right. And so, this is the tool that I have built guys all right. So, first up here this is going to update every single day. And it’s going to tell you know how many mentions we’re seeing on Bitcoin in the last 30 days. And let me show you why that’s important here. So, going over here, let’s go to BTC actually let’s go to USD/BTC. Okay so, you see Bitcoin right here and let’s just look at the chart hourly. So, yeah let’s just look at it for like the last 30 days here. And you can kind of see what’s been happening right. So, the Bitcoin price started going down on March 24th. And it’s going down, down, down, down, right. So, on March 24th what did the sentiment actually look like on March 24th? So, if you go to March 24th the number of mentions look they’ve been decreasing a few days prior to March 24th. You can see the mentions have been decreasing which you can say you know it actually indicated that there would be a drop in price right. Because the 24th was right here let me get a pen here. 24th right here that’s and the price started going down, but the mentions happened all the way they started really right here. And you can see there’s kind of a Downtick right here. And so, if you go and you just look at this, you can see the dimensions are going down now what happened on you know between March 29th, and March 30th? The number of mentions went completely down today’s March 30th. So, the mentions will probably go back up in general, but overall the mentions have been going down and look at Bitcoin chart. I mean it’s been going completely down in the last few days’ right. So, that’s one piece of this tool. The next piece is here’s the information that I am pulling it from social mention and I’m looking at all cryptocurrencies under a dollar in this case right. And I’m pulling in the strength, the passion, the reach, the positive sentiment, and the negative sentiment, all pulled in from social mention right here. And so, I’m pulling it in to these charts and then I’m able to sort on the different attributes, or the different dimensions of that particular cryptocurrency right. So, let’s just say I want to know who has the highest positive sentiment right. It looks like there’s a coin, it’s called aware or a token called aware and it has the highest positive sentiment right. So, let’s go back over here. Well, there’s nothing really unaware. So, maybe it’s an ICO maybe, it’s something that hasn’t been hit on the exchanges, let’s try campus coin that’s another really high one right. So, campus going sorry I’ll probably search the ticker here. So, campus coins what’s the ticker on campus coin? CMP see Wow and it just went up 54%. That’s crazy I didn’t even know that. Okay so, this is insane. Okay so, CMP Co CMP Co let’s just see CMP Co it’s on cryptopia. It looks like right here and this is crazy all right. So, look at the recent trend right here of this coin right. Campus coin I didn’t even know about campus coin before making this video at all. I did look through my social sentiment data, but I didn’t look hard enough and I didn’t realize this. Because look the last day, or so it’s gone up tremendously. I mean it’s gone up from gosh it’s gone up almost like 90. It’s got up like 85% since in the last two days right. And if I would have been looking at my social sentiment chart right here, look at the indicators I mean the positive sentiment is through the roof compared to all the other coins. I mean the strength, the passion, and the reach, are all relatively high right. And if you sort by strength, there’s going to be other tokens that are higher and strength, but if you look cumulatively, when I search by positive sentiment here. Cumulatively the campus coin 49, 22, and 43 is a very, very good score. let’s also look at aware right. Aware coin let’s see negative 11%. So, AWY, it didn’t look like it doesn’t didn’t pan out so, well for this coin. And it must be on I don’t know what exchange it’s on, but let’s just look at coin market cap and look it aware. So, it doesn’t always work, but it does at times definitely give you a good indication of what coins are trading in, which coins will be going up in value right. So, if I look at like a seven-day chart on aware. I’m not sure how good aware has been performing doesn’t look like it’s been doing that great, but there was a big spike right here, which could be then that was on the 28th right. So, that’s why the score here could be so high. This data is potentially a little bit I got to update it today. Maybe it’s from yesterday. So, that’s why you’re seeing the data, but anyway. Okay so, it’s taking all the cryptocurrencies under 1$ and it’s plugging in the social mention data. So, that you can sift on what coins have positive and negative sentiment right? So, that’s one aspect of this chart here right. Okay and if you keep scrolling down keep, going down there’s another chart right here, which looks at the same thing cryptocurrencies under 1$ and it’s looking at the total number of retweets and the total number of publishers for that particular term or you know who’s talking about that particular cryptocurrency under $1 right. So, in this case you trust had the most retweets on this time period you know among all the other cryptocurrencies under $1 right. And then you go down the list and you could see some of the others right. So, I’m really curious campus coin again look campus coin pops up very high on the radar the number of publishers is decent right. But if you look at the social sentiment data it’s high as well. So, that was an indication that there is value in this data. So, guys I just release this literally just launched this today. I’m very curious to know what you guys think about it. If you find it useful let me know how you use it. I’m going to potentially add to this, but I do have to pay some money to keep this going. But I’d like to build it out to add more and more data, more and more pages, more and more insights, to give you guys. But let me know if you think it’s valuable. Let me know if this is something that you would use and that you know depending on the number of people that actually go to this and use this. I will either beef it up or make more data available to you, or I will scale it back. So, just let me know what you think. if you guys want you could sign up right here to alerts to get trading opportunities, whenever I am about to make a trade or whenever I think there’s a good trade to be made. I will alert you in a number of different ways, whether that’s on Twitter, email YouTube whatever email, if you want sign up right here to get the email updates directly to your inbox. You click on here you join the community of over 10,000 people you could sign up and I’ll give you daily alerts on sometimes daily, sometimes weekly. It depends really on what’s going on and what’s going on with me. But I’ll give you alerts on different indicators that I find of different coins that may be hot to trade. So, guys let me know what you think about this. I’m very excited again it’s cryptocamacho.com/sentiment. I’d love to know your thoughts on this. I’m Dan again from cryptocamacho.com and if you haven’t already subscribed to this YouTube channel, please click on the link right below that little red button, and I will see you next time. guys love to know your thoughts on this new tool that I built. Thanks