Episode Highlights:

  • 01:20 – Coindera – New Platform Alert
  • 04:44 – Receiving Alerts From An Automation Service
  • 05:45 – Analyzing When To Buy And Sell Trades
  • 08:00 – The Ultimate Setting For Base Trading

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Hey guys, it’s Dan again from digital uptake. Hey today I wanted to share with you a new market scanner that I found right.

A couple days ago, I shared with you a crypto market scanner and I’ll just show it to you real quick here. I introduced you guys to this new crypto market scanner, which is pretty good and I’ve been using it actually for quite some time now, and it’s been working fairly well. And I just wanted to make you aware of a new tool that I’ve discovered that that’s similar but it’s actually it offers a few more capabilities than this. So if you remember last time we looked at the crypto market scanner you know you looked at the basics it basically tells you, or alerts you when there’s a percentage change to a particular coin on any one of these four exchanges right. So anytime one of these coins, anytime the price drops below a certain percentage and you can actually set that up here right now if it said 80% but anytime it drops below that percentage, you will be alerted right you can be alerted right here through this through this dashboard. They don’t necessarily have email alerts yet, I’m sure it’s coming but they don’t have it quite yet but this will have been pretty, it pretty effective right.


So anyway, today I wanted to inform you, or let you know about a new tool that I’ve recently discovered. I just signed up, I’m not a paying customer yet, but I just signed up and it looks like it does have some promise. It’s called Coindera, so if you go to Coindera.Com, you’ll be able to see what this is. They basically are another crypto currency market scanner but they have a bit more functionality than the last scanner I just showed you and you can kind of see here on their home page right they can track and alert users based on the price point of a particular cryptocurrency, based on a percentage change of that currency, you know the price goes up, or down or you know a regular update. If you want to get a daily update on the price at a certain time you can get that as well. So fairly similar to what we see in the other crypto market scanner but just a little bit more robust, a little bit more features. So let me go ahead and sign in and I’ll show you kind of how it works even though again like I said I’m not a paying customer so I can’t show you all of it, but I can show you some of it. So let me do that real quick. Oh, something happen there, let me login sorry about that. Alright so okay, so like I said I just signed up for this but here’s how it works you would go in, you can go to set an alert by price point, and it seems like it’s taking a little while to load here but it should pop everything and then you can select the market that you want to monitor right so in this case let’s just say I want to monitor Bittrex right.

That’s a good market and let’s say I want to measure or monitor let’s just try to find Bitcoin here. I got to put in Bitcoin see if I can type it in Bitcoin – US dollar tether that’s what I want to monitor and then I want to oh you can monitor based on or you can give an alert based on the buy price, a sell price, a high price, a low price, or a volume. So there’s quite a bit you could do with this you know more than the other crypto scanner. Let’s say for example, I wanted to track you know Bitcoin on us tether based on volume. So if the volume goes past a certain point and you here’s an example right here right, if it goes past 34 for five, you’ll be alerted. And you can set I like how you can set you know if it’s greater than or less than, I think that’s a pretty good feature as well. What I would mainly use it for probably is you know the low price and then potentially on the buy and sell prices here and it’ll email you by email I’m sorry, it’ll alert you by email unlike the other scanner so I think that’s pretty good and you can do multiple scans right. You can also I don’t think I’m going to be able to show you this specifically because I’m not paying yet. But you could do it by percentage change, regular update, or even a market update like I was just saying.

So let’s just jump in here and it’s going to ask I think for yep you need to actually purchase right. But one cool feature of this is that you can get alerts through your phone so anytime any of those you know prices are hit, you can get an alert with your phone so they’ll text message you whenever an alerts hit and that’s pretty nice because right now I can’t do that on the crypto market scanner. There’s no way to email it, there’s no way to send the alert to your phone and so I like this feature pretty good I mean I like it quite a bit because, that’s key a lot of times when I get the alerts and I’m not at my computer I can’t do anything about it right. But if I get a text message, then I could run to

my computer and I could make a trade if I if I want to right. I also like how they show your activity I don’t have any alerts yet but I do like how they show your activity and then these are channels.


The one thing here, I wanted to highlight is Pushover. So Pushover is an automation service and what this will allow you to do is, it’ll allow you to push the alerts into other systems and other technologies right. So you can use this to send it to your email you could use this to maybe you know plot or document any alerts on a spreadsheet maybe you want to document it on a blog yeah you could use pushover to send these alerts anywhere you want. And this could be effective for a lot of different things and I may actually experiment with it and try it out if I set alerts on here I may try to push it to a central location so that people you know watching this video can see my alerts and actually get my alerts when I when I make them and then my trades as well. So anyway, I just wanted to let you know about this particular tool. I’m going to be testing it out in the next few days and I will let you know how it goes.


So while we’re while we’re talking here, let’s jump into a particular trade that I made a few days ago. Let’s see this was I purchased on let me just mark it up real quick right here and right here so I bought down here, I sold up here right. It was another one of my, my trades, so I’ll show you again how I made this trade but look at this just think about this for a minute. This is a huge swing I went and I bought at the bottom of 28.07 right and I sold all the way up at 32.03 and I sold a little bit more I had 33.25, and I could have whoops and I could have sold even higher right I could have sold way up at thirty seven but you know don’t want to be greedy, but that’s not the real reason the real reason is that you never know right I was suspecting that this was going to drop back down at least you know here but you never know. So I sold I got out I made a huge percentage there I mean gosh 20. 28 to 33 that’s, that’s enormous right that’s, that’s fantastic so I was very, very pleased with this this one didn’t have happen quite as

quickly as my other ones right this one happened in a matter of 17 is when I bought August 17th and I sold August 19th, so it was a two days span right and some people that may make uncomfortable they like you know some people like to get in and get out that same day sometimes you have to wait and that’s fine I mean what you do need to do is look at the charts and look at the spaces you know in between the dips in the rises you know the bottoms and the highs look at how many days it takes to actually you know to get those and with this particular chart let’s take a look the 13th to the 14th right. I’m looking at you can’t see, looking at this bottom in this top, looking at this bottom and this top, you know and they take different amounts of time some of them only take a day like you know most of them take a day but when you’re talking about a big spread like this it will take a little bit longer so let me mark up here.


Okay, so let me just show you, let me just show you how I did the base trade on this particular trade right. So I was monitoring it coming through as I normally do I would monitor I would mark my base because there’s a jump right here again there’s another jump right here to all that’s a big jump and then there was a huge drop all the way down to here right. So technically, I could have traded and bought anything right down in here and then sold on this upswing right here but I didn’t I waited right I probably wasn’t watching the market at that point I don’t know what happened but anyway so let me mark my bases there’s another base right there and what I did do is here was the last base that I checked in my alert went off when I hit this base and then it kept going slowly, slowly, slowly down and so I bought decently below the crack in the base right and then I kind of you know I waited I waited and I knew it was going to bump back up I didn’t know exactly when by knew it was going to go above this base right it typically always meets the base and exceeds it you know more than more than Optima none so I could have sold around here but I didn’t I waited a little longer because you know looking at this chart I just knew there were wild, wild swings in many different directions and I knew that I could pry get away with waiting a few days and you could see another gap right here kind of the same exact scenario and it’s almost, it’s almost too easy that you know you buy when the base cracks and you sell when it goes back up. It’s crazy I mean the stock market’s not this easy you know the penny stock market is not this easy I mean it’s similar and you trade in a similar way but there’s a lot more manipulation and the crypto currency markets you know there’s not as much manipulation today and there’s a lot of emotion you know there’s high, high volatility prices are going up they’re going down and it leaves the opportunity to you know to make a lot of money on these swings, and that’s exactly what I did here. So anyway wanted me to show you that let me clear this all out real quick okay.

Well anyway, that’s what I wanted to show you. Hopefully, this was helpful for you and okay. So that’s what I wanted to show you, hopefully, this was helpful for you. Again ask any questions you have around drawing bases and you know if you have any questions about this let me know, but hopefully, that’s helpful and I’ll make another video in a few days. Have a good one guys.