Episode Highlights:

  • 00:00 – Introduction
  • 00:22 – What Is Coinigy
  • 01:45 – Bitcoin Chart
  • 03:01 – Day Trading
  • 05:14 – Day Of Announcement
  • 07:43 – Holding On To Ethereum Coins When Low
  • 09:19 – Hard Forks Impact On Bitcoin Pricing

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00:00 – Introduction

Hey what’s up you guys is Dan from Crypto Camacho again where each day I try to teach you something valuable about crypto-currency; how to trade Bitcoin, how to find the best tools and resources in the crypto-currency space how to make a ton of money off BitConnect and other hype programs whatever it is each day I’ll try to teach you something valuable about the crypto-currency space today.

00:22 – What Is Coinigy

Today I want to actually just want to show you a few charts of mine that I’ve been trading on Coinigy. Aside from my tutorials and my journeys using BitConnect, BitPay and Bitpetite and you know kind of bits or whatever I actively day trade and position trade on Bitcoin, Ethereum and other Altcoins as well. I used Coinigy to do so; Coinigy is a platform that allows you to pull together multiple exchanges multiple crypto currency exchanges into one single hub into one trading platform which you see here it’s a lifesaver it’s an awesome platform. I think it has a lot of potential in a little ways to go but I think it’s the only product on the market now that allows you to bring together all of the different crypto-currency exchanges and allows you to trade on one single platform. What I’ve done is I’ve brought in BitTricks, I brought Liqunity, I bought in BitFenix a variety of platforms I’m using today trade and position trade and are all connected here in the Coinigy. I can see my balances, I can see what accounts I have, I can see exactly kind of what’s going on in the platform, how much money I have, how much crypto-currency I have in each of my wallets, you could connect third-party wallets, you could connect exchange wallets, you could connect coin base, you could connect it all right here to Coinigy.

01:45 – Bitcoin Chart

So I don’t want to just pitch. But what I want to actually show you and I’m going to log in here. I want to show you some actual trades that I’ve been doing in the last few days here let’s get out of here and let’s go over to Bitcoin so here’s a Bitcoin chart that I work on daily and as you can see I have quite a bit of activity in here I’ve been trying to buy on the lows and sell on the highs I’d say it doesn’t always work out but there are a lot times where it does work out right and so let’s just kind of go through this you know this is a little ways back in the October time frame and let me just zoom in here a little bit but you can see come on here okay. You can see that I’ve been buying low and selling a little bit higher buying low selling a little bit higher and you’ll see also that there’s times when I sell up here because I bought way   down here and I want to grab some of the profits out from up here right and this is kind of just a snapshot of that again bought low sold up here sold a little bit more up top here and so forth. So on let’s go back with the zoom out a little bit here again, bought low sold high and the way I’m doing this is in a variety of ways.

03:01 – Day Trading

When I day trade I typically go to like the 15-minute charts maybe five but typically 15-minute charts and I will actually go through and look let me switch it to 15 here real quick. If I got a 15-minute charts you can see pretty regularly -okay here we go….back but anyway I use 15-minute charts typically to day trade and I’ll try to find the lows of sell high that’s why you could kind of see that you know some of these are buying and selling pretty close together but the point is to make a quick profit. Here’s an example right, where I made about a percentage profit point but if you invest a chunk of money even one, two, three, four percent profit is actually a pretty good chunk right so that’s what I’ve been trying to do and I’ve been pretty successful at it right here. I didn’t do so well if you can see let me let me kind of reset. Okay so what I wanted to show you is right here I did not do so well right I sold when it was dropping down to the 6700 and that’s where I should have actually bought, but I was concerned that there would be a panic right because we went all the way up to 7600 right and then we started going back down back down and then we went way back up and we cracked 7800 almost up to 8000 right here. Alright let me just mark this so you can see it; right here we hit 7800 and then we started going down and I thought okay 7800 is the top it’s going start tanking from here I need to get out and I was unable to sell at the top all of my coins here and so I sold some down here only to see it rebound afterwards. So that was a bit of a not so fun but you know it happens.

05:14 – Day Of Announcement

One thing I wanted to also show you guys was the day of the announcement when they called off the Segwit2x hard fork for Bitcoin, when that happened look at all these buys I did it as on 1111 I think that this actually happened. I had tons of buys and the charts were bouncing up and down they were literally going down here, all the way back up here down here all the way back here and I was trying to get in as much as I possibly could it was a little bit confusing a little bit difficult because the prices were jumping around so much. But I put a couple of nice orders down here and was able to buy quite a few Bitcoin at that at the low point and then I was able to sell some up here I did buy a little bit up here as well but it was so crazy that it was just super fun and super interesting to watch the whole thing unfold but I’m continuing to buy things climb and one thing I want to call out to you guys; is anytime a base breaks I think I’ve told you guys about this before anytime a base breaks you want to buy when it’s down at the bottom because then there’s going soon be a bump up.

Similarly on the Bitcoin cash side of things, this is where all these arrows are, that’s when the hard fork was announced that it wasn’t going to happen right and when that was announced it was about midnight at night when I was looking at it the prices started going nuts and I didn’t know what was going happen I didn’t know if Bitcoin was going tank I didn’t know if a coin she was going become the new Bitcoin I didn’t really know what was going happen. So what I did is I actually sold all of my Bitcoin and I bought Bitcoin cash and I did that right here at the bottom and so I was able to you know reap the benefits when it shot way up and I sold up here and I also bought kind of along the way let me zoom in here a little bit. I was buying and selling just frantically kind of on all exchanges on Bitcoin cash, even on a theory I’m a bit which I’ll show you in a minute. So it’s kind of fun and if I jump over to the Ethereum chart again, same kind of deal Ethereum tanked- let me just zoom in here and scroll over. Ethereum this was the day you see all the arrows it was on the 11th November 11 you see all of these arrows and I was able to buy way down here and I was super pumped about that one and if you can see that right here you just mark that for you. I was able to buy right at the bottom you know to two hundred and eighty-seven dollars and I sold all the way up right all the way up here I sold and I made some really good profits on that day so it’s pretty pumped about that.

07:43 – Holding On To Ethereum Coins When Low

One thing I do regret is that I did not hold on to my ethereum coins when they were so low I bought them and then I sold most of them right here but you know what look how high it’s gone now it’s now 332 so if I would have held my coins right from down at the bottom when I bought it all the way up to 332 that’s a 15 percent gain right that’s a big gain if you have a couple grand in there you know buying ethereum that would’ve been a very good gain but I missed that unfortunately but I’m not too disappointed because I did end up with some profit so I ended up you know five ten percent over and over and over so that was really fun and I wanted to just show you these charts because these hard Forks are crazy I mean they’re gone crazy right there’s been a Bitcoin Gold hard fork, there’s been a Bitcoin cash hard fork, there’s been a segment hard fork, the number one there’s been an ethereal classic hard fork, there probably will be more hard forks in the future I don’t know when they’ll happen I don’t know how often they’re going happen I don’t know how it’s going stabilize or destabilize Bitcoin but the hard works are bound to happen so I would keep a pulse on when they’re going

happen and when leading up to when they’re going happen usually people will start buying a lot of Bitcoin right they’ll start buying up Bitcoin and that’s exactly why over here the prices have gone all the way up to you know 7800. Initially, was because everybody was banking on getting free Bitcoin right the new Bitcoin gold that was coming out everybody was banking on getting the new Bitcoin from the Segwit2 hard for that didn’t happen it was called off and when it was called off everything tanked see how it dropped way, way, way down that’s because of the announcement that the hard fork was called off.

09:19 – Hard Forks Impact On Bitcoin Pricing

These hard Forks have a very, very big impact on how the price of Bitcoin performs whether it goes up or down and so the next time a hard fork comes I expect the price to go up a bit and if it sees itself through it’ll go all the way up to the last point and then it’ll drop again, so just keep an eye on that and you know for things like this to happen because you can definitely profit very, very, very nicely. When things like this happen and when there’s chaos in the market is when there’s opportunity for you to buy. Anyway, I wanted to show you that hopefully you guys found this useful, I’ll do some more videos on trading on base trading and how I actually trade and how I find these bottoms which what you’re seeing here. I’ve been kind of used more on BitConnect and BitPay and some of the tools that I’ve been using I’ve been really focused on that and trying to just kind of establish my foundation around the crypto-currency space but I want to get back to trading I want to show you how it works eventually I will have a crypto-currency trading course to show you exactly how to day trade had a position trade and how to turn your Bitcoin into more Bitcoin right through legitimate day trading right.

Anyway, that’s all I have for you today I’m Dan from CryptoCamacho.com don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel down below and I will talk to you next time, see you guys!