Episode Highlights:

  • 00:03 – Snovio Coin
  • 01:00 – How Snovio Works
  • 01:58 – Features Of Snovio
  • 03: 56 – Snovio Roadmap
  • 04:32 – Snovio Ico
  • 05:52 – Snovio Marketplace
  • 06:32 – Challenging The Way Lead Sourcing Works
  • 08:20 – The Snovio Team
  • 08:36 – Snovian.Space
  • 09:30 – How Snovian Space Works
  • 10:07 – Perfect Token Airdrop Tool
  • 11:26 – Details About The Company
  • 12:50 – The Price Of Snovio
  • 13:39 – Snovio Chart

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Hey, what’s up, guys? It’s Dan again from cryptocamacho.com


And guys today I want to review a coin that I think has the potential to change the marketing industry forever. Guys, what coin am I talking about today? I’m talking about Snov io. So, what in the world is Snov io? Email finder; find the right people faster with easy outbound research. So, if you know anything about marketing, about digital marketing, about sales and about finding good contacts and good leads to market or sell to, you’ll know what I’m talking about when I’m talking about Snov io. Snov io I think has the potential to change the marketing industry forever. I mean if you go and look at online marketing, digital marketing you’re going to find a host of range a variety of solutions out there you know, but not very many are you going to find on the Blockchain. And Snov io, what they’re trying to do is they’re trying to bring a lead generation to the Blockchain to offer decentralized lead generation marketplace.


So, let’s dive in and let’s explore how Snov io actually works guys all right. so, first and foremost, if you go to snov.io this is the website and immediately what you’re going to see is a Chrome extension to start. And what this Chrome extension does you’ll probably see a pop up here in a moment, but what it does is it allows you to find contacts across LinkedIn, across other platforms based on their domain. So, if you want to find particular contacts or leads within a particular domain like Microsoft.com, or LinkedIn.com or cryptocamacho.com. If you want to find contacts associated with that domain and email addresses associated with that domain, you can do that through Snov io, you could do that with their Chrome extension here. And I may show you that in a sec if I have a chance and if I have time to do it.


So, what is Snovio? So, Snovio is a couple of things right. It’s a number of things, but really it’s the world’s first decentralized lead generation platform.


And let’s go and look at what the features are. I’m going to jump over here, because they did run a token sale a while back, and I do want to jump into some of the details there because I think it’s important as you understand what Snov is, you understand what the token sale is and what it was actually for. But let’s first jump to the platform. So, Snovio has a marketing platform to do lead generation for b2b, or enterprise level or types of companies right. And so, the different features they offer on their platform are really outlined right here. So, they offer something that’s called a domain search. So, you can access you know hundreds if not thousands of email addresses within a particular domain by using Snovio. And this is a little picture to show you what I’m talking about right. if you want contacts from Microsoft.com, you just enter Microsoft that domain into the snov platform and you’ll get a number of contacts back that you could then contact and market to you know based on that particular domain you’re searching right. You can also search for contacts within LinkedIn and get the email addresses of folks that you may find on LinkedIn right; very powerful for b2b, for enterprise-level companies that are trying to find leads for their sales team right. You can get company profiles if you’re doing company or competitive research. You can even send emails to the folks you’re researching, the leads you’re researching. You can send emails to them free directly from the Snovio platform. So, you don’t need to use Outlook, you don’t need to use your marketing automation platform or anything like that. You could do it directly from the platform. You can find websites and their tech stack, the tech stack associated with a particular domain or website. You can use the marketplace to help connect with freelancers, data researchers, marketing experts, employers and so forth. If you want to contact people like that. So, snovio it’s a variety of things, but ultimately it’s a marketing company. it’s a lead generation company. It’s a way for companies, for b2b, for enterprise-level companies to connect with potential buyers right, with potential leads that are interested in a product or service right.


So, they do have a roadmap that goes all the way through 2019, where they even talk about content AI. They talk about form builders, data enrichment, and all things very important in the marketing space. I come from the marketing space, so I know how important this information is. They’re already working with companies like Uber, Oracle, so forth and so on. NYU, Lenovo, UC San Diego. I mean so they have their network built. And I think this is a very, very good company that’s already solidly built, already has a great business plan, already has a product, and already has a platform. They’ve launched their ICO.

04:32 – SNOVIO ICO

So, now let’s get into some of the nitty gritty of the ICO and then I want to get into the price, because I think there’s potential at the current price point we’re at today. So, Snovio did launch a token sale and here’s the kind of the websites token.snov.io. Here’s the website that they did, that as well to do that. They have a telegram channel you could check them out. Their Twitter all these other places right. Just checking out their telegram, in their Twitter let’s see what type of following they have right. The following on Twitter is about 10,500 users, which is actually really, really good for a brand new company right. Join August 27, 2017. So, not even that long ago, about six to eight months ago. They just started this up already have over 10,000 followers on the telegram. They have over 20,000 members. So, if you have any questions about Snov go to the telegram channel, but this is a company that I think has a lot of potential right. They have Snovio which is their lead generation platform, which is what I just showed you. They have Snovio marketplace which I’m going to show you here in a minute. It’s their decentralized lead generation marketplace. Then they also have Snovian space which is where you can earn crypto with your expertise, for giving your information, for giving your expertise. You can actually earn cryptocurrency in the form of Snov which can be converted back to Ethereum, Bitcoin and US dollars or other fiat currencies as well if you’d like right.


So, I do want to get into the marketplace in the Snovian space here in just a second right. Their token sale; they had a total supply of 651 million. They started the token sale at one cent and the price is hovering above 2 cents right now. So, if you would have invested in this ICO you would have actually already doubled your money. The token sale ran through November 30th now it’s actually live. You could get, you could buy Snov tokens on the exchange. You could buy them I believe on let’s see on a KuCoin. Yep, KuCoin. And I’ll show you more of that in just a second here. And you could also buy KuCoin and here are some other exchanges you could buy on.


Okay so let’s read this really quickly. Challenging the way the lead sourcing works; the platform Snovio will help overcome the main challenges faced when searching for quality leads and valuable assets for businesses. Finding the required contact data will become much easier and faster. Clients will be able to find even the most specific groups of people according to any number of complex criteria. Another challenge that will be met by Snovio is the poor quality of leads. Usually, a client sending an email campaign can get up to a 40% bounce rate for a large list of non-existent phone numbers. Snovio will provide access to most up-to-date information which will reduce your bounce rate when you’re running email campaigns so forth and so on. Now, this is very important guys because in the marketing world and if you work for a b2b company. If you’re in the enterprise space and I and I say this from experience. Many if not all Enterprise companies, they always are looking for new contacts or new leads right. They’re always looking for new ways to enrich those leads with new data whether, it’s third party data coming from an external company like a dun & Bradstreet trying to enrich the data the customer profile, the lead profile with firm graphic, with demographic with psychographic information dun & Bradstreet does this, Thomas Reuters does this, their LinkedIn does this. There’s a number of companies out there that will actually sell data to an individual, that will sell data of individuals to enterprise companies, to b2b companies, to enrich their database with additional information. Snovio is going to be doing the same thing, but they’re going to be doing the same thing on the Blockchain. They’re going to be offering data enrichment; they’re going to be offering lead generation services. They’re going to be offering a way to connect with people that actually want to be contacted about something, and we’re going to get more into that and just a second here.


So, the team guys the team Alexis Kratko is the CEO. Check his LinkedIn profile outlook on his Facebook profile. I think the team is solid and I think that their social profiles are solid as well.


Let’s get into Snovian space all right. So, snovian space will allow you to you know to accept and to make direct crypto payments between those who want contacts and those who want to be contacted right. So, companies that need a lead, you can go to snovian space and acquire new leads. For those that want to be contacted and want to actually, make a little bit of money in cryptocurrency, in the process, you could actually give up your information. Give up your expertise. You know to explain what you do for a living and what your interests are and so forth. Snov will then take that and give that information to folks that may want to contact you from a business standpoint. And they marry the two together on the Blockchain through smart contracts, through the Ethereum Blockchain right. Get rewarded directly with crypto for being contacted and letting the world know who you are, or reach out to targeted leads and connect with professionals and crypto tech and other niches right.


So, here’s how it works guys. There’s somebody who has a budget and trying to find a particular number of leads or advisors in a space right. In this example that they use, this person’s looking for advisors that may help with a token sale right. So, he goes to Snovian space. He goes and pays a fee in this case; they’re using the example of $29. Then he’ll actually be able to find folks that are interested and becoming an adviser for a particular

ICO right as it all started right here right. And those people will then get paid part of that $29 to be connected with the person that has the questions about the token sale right. so, that’s how it works.


A perfect token airdrop tool; they have technology that will allow you to easily participate. Snovian space will add the paid messaging service in a method that is highly desirable to Blockchain enthusiasts: start-ups can utilize SNOV or other ERC20 tokens, which is basically the Ethereum Blockchain. And so, what they’ll be able to do is, a start-up may be able to go on a Snovian space to say I need advice about human resources. I need advice about legal issues that I’m facing. They’ll be able to go to Snovian space and they’ll be able to actually hire somebody in whatever expertise they want on the Blockchain facilitated through smart contracts, facilitated through this decentralized ledger and ecosystem that they’re going to be building right. And if you want to make yourself available to these type of services you can actually earn crypto by publishing your skill set on Snovian space and allowing others to reach out to you because you may have expertise around some particular subject area right. So, if I had expertise in cryptocurrency, somebody could reach out to me and say hey! Look I’m going to pay you to give me advice, or to give me recommendations on cryptocurrency right. And then I would be paid through this intermediary system that Snovian space has created, that Snovio has created right. Earn crypto by publishing your unique skill-set and that’s exactly what’s right here right.


Okay so, now let just kind of goes into some of the details about the company. You know talks about who they are, again about the team so forth. So, let’s jump into the price I think the company is solid, I think the business idea and the vision is solid. I don’t think there’s anything like this in the marketing space today, aside from some I COs that have recently popped up like Sether, like other marketing services that are popping up now on the Blockchain. I think this is going to be happening more and more in the marketing space. I think that Snovio is an early adopter. I think they’re going to be first to the market here, first in the space here. They’re going to have first mover advantage in a lot of cases here, but again mark my words, guys. I’ve said this before but the Internet is going to be rebuilt and gutted out from the inside out and rebuilt with Blockchain technology. It’s going to transform web 2.0, web 3.0 into web 4.0. The next version of the internet, the next version of the World Wide Web is going to be built and based on Blockchain technology. Snov is getting ahead of the curve, they’re building a lead generation engine on top of the Blockchain, they’re enabling a way for folks to connect to get paid, and to offer expert advice on a certain topic area. They’re enabling all these connections to happen on the Blockchain so that it’ll all be done through an intermediary contract system all really on a decentralized network which we call the Blockchain.


So, let’s look at the price all right. So, the ICO launched at one cent, now Snovio is sitting at two and a half cents. So, you would have almost tripled your money two and a half times your money, if you were to invest in this ICO. The chart not looking so pretty right, but I think the high was obviously back in December. I’m sorry back in January when everything went to the moon and now it’s been corrected like everything else has right. And so, now we’ve kind of flat-lined out and you’re going to see that the total circulating number of coins is 404 million. Total supply is 651 million. So, I think that eventually, the price is going to go up there. The market cap not huge right now, it’s at 10 million. I think there’s a lot of room to grow there. What I really want to go and look at is a chart that I can work with right.


So, here’s the Snov chart on KuCoin. You can buy Snov points on KuCoin through Ethereum or Bitcoin combination. But look at this chart, I mean this is dropped gosh hundreds of percent. I mean since it’s high, it’s dropped like…oh not hundred sorry about a hundred percent and I think as we see the bull run starting to creep up, as we see this bear market start to end and finalized. You’re going to see tokens like Snov starting to kind of curve and ramp back upright. Especially, established companies like Snov. I mean this is an established company, has an established platform, it has a product, it has a couple products right. It’s not something that they’re trying to prove. They’re not trying to prove the concept, they have it. They’re now, trying to gain adoption for folks marketing, folks b2b folks to actually use the platform right. And so, that’s the work they have ahead of them, is to get people to adopt the platform. The more adoption they’re going to get, the more this price is going to go up in value right. And so as you can see here we have a low, low, low down here, and this could be the bottom. This could be the bottom right down here right. And we could start seeing the corner turn because there’s a step up right here. And we could start seeing this slowly kind of creep up now, and that’s why I think there’s an opportunity here. I don’t think it’s going to stay at two and a half cents forever. And I think it’s going to go up as the market moves up, as the total supply, the total market cap of cryptocurrency, as that goes up Snovio is going to go up as well. I think it’s in a phenomenal price right now two and a half cents. Even if this goes to five cents in the next you know eight months let’s say you’re going to double your money. So, again I just think it’s an opportunity now looking down closer at the charts. I think there’s an opportunity to day trade this as well. If you see a lot of the ups and downs…oops let me get back to the tool… I mean you see a lot of the ups and downs. We’re seeing percentages like you know 5-10% on many of the ups and downs. There’s 10% there’s another, there’s 20%. So, even if you date trade this on hour charts, you’re going to be working with 5, 15, 20% incremental changes throughout a particular cycle. So, I think it’s a good opportunity to do that as well. I’m going to go down and look at the 5-minute charts here. So, even looking at the 5-minute charts up volume is not huge, but the opportunities to trade for an account building type of scenario is really, really good actually 5% up and down all day all day all day long right. So, again I would personally wait for the price to get somewhere down like two rights here, and then I’d buy as it goes up and make that 5-10% put an alert down at the bottom here, all you do on Coinigy is click on that, put down on the alert right here as soon as that price falls out level, you’re going to be alerted and then you can invest. And you’re going to get a bump back upright. it’s consistent, it’s going up and down, up and down in the relatively same channel for a very long period of time right. So, that’s why I’m bullish on Snovio guys. I hope this is valuable? I hope you guys understand what this platform is? You know it’s a lead generation platform that I think is going to be huge. digital marketing, marketing is not going away, online marketing is only going to go stronger, online marketing is going to transform into AI, and it’s going to transform into Blockchain technologies. And you can see that Snov is getting ahead of the curve. You know with all of that even on their roadmap you can see content AI. They’re going to incorporate AI into this mix; they’re already incorporating Blockchain into this mix of lead generation. Other Internet companies better be doing the same thing. Other digital marketing companies better be doing the same thing, or they are going to die. They’re going to fall by the wayside. They’re going to go out of business like Circuit City went out of business, like Toys”R” Us is going out of business. Any company that’s been disrupted by online digital e-commerce is going out of business because they did not adapt to the market. The same thing is going to happen in the digital marketing space. digital marketing companies that do not adapt to the new economy, that do not adapt to web 4.0, that do not adapt to a Blockchain LED internet and world wide web which is coming, guys mark my words. I promise that they will fail right. I’m bullish on Snov guys. Let me know what you think. I’d love to know if you think there’s an opportunity here. I’d love to know if you think the concept is good. I’d love to know what you think about the market supply, the price, the market cap so forth and so on. I’m Dan from cryptocamacho.com hopefully you love this video? If you did please subscribe to my YouTube channel by clicking on that little red button below, and each day I will help you guys make more money in cryptocurrency. We’re going to the moon guys. We’re just getting started. Hopefully you enjoyed this? Stick around as we go to the moon in 2018. See you guys later.