Episode Highlights:

  • 00:03 – Warning About Poloniex Exchange
  • 01:09 – Bad Experience with Poloniex
  • 02:34 – Poloniex Not Responding
  • 003:34 – Poloniex Still Have Not Respond

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Hey guys Dan here again from CryptoCamacho,

00:03 –Warning About Poloniex Exchange

Hey, I wanted to talk to you today about a specific exchange a crypto-currency exchange that I have had a very very poor experience with and I want to make sure that you guys do not have the same experience. The exchange that I’m talking about is poloniex I’m going to make a quick video from my little music studio; here you can see my guitars hereto tell you about a little story I had or a little situation I had with poloniex and the reason I highly recommend that you do not use the exchange poloniex, is because they have more than once either scammed me out of money or just handled different things that have happened very poorly. Let me give you one example; last time Bitcoinsplit, when Bitcoin split into Bitcoin cash Poloniex never actually gave me the Bitcoin cash coins that they promised me I didn’t have a whole lot of money in the Poloniex account at the time, but I definitely had you know probably a thousand dollars in the account give or take a little bit and they never reimbursed me with the Bitcoin cash coins that I got.

01:09 –Bad Experience with Poloniex

Sounds a little bit shady to me, sounds a little sketchy to me I’ve reached out to them, I’ve written them on their support multiple times they have not written back to me, they haven’t even acknowledged that I that I wrote them so that one is kind of the number one red flag that I saw. The second red flag that I saw is recently maybe two weeks ago I had some steam it coins in my Poloniex account, I was trying to move all of my crypto-currency funds from Poloniex to other exchanges right, to bit tricks, crack and other exchanges so that I would not encounter any more of these problems on that particular exchange.I moved all my coins over, I moved my Bitcoin that went well move my Ethereum that went well move some othermy Altcoins that went well as well butthen when I went to move my steam coinsright, coins that power steam it didn’t go so welland I had probably maybe $800approximately in SteamIt coins on my Poloniex account this was at the time ofyou know when I tried to transfer thefunds from the Poloniex exchangeto the bit tricks exchange I had around$800 or it was worth around $800 andSteamIt coins since then it’sactually gone down a bit, but that’s notthe point I still have my SteamIt on Poloniex they nevertransferred from the Poloniex exchangeto the bit tricks exchanged like Irequested they kind of got lost incrypto cyberspace if you will it will a crypto land.

02:34 – Poloniex Not Responding

I wrote them a message I wrote them an email and their support, they still have not gotten back to me about those coins so my missing coins are kind of in limbo, kind of out there in the ether somewhere and politics will not write me back, they will not respond when they’re going to reimburse or release my coins. Essentially, what happened is I tried to transfer the SteamIt coins fromPoloniex for my politics account to myBitTtricks account and the transaction failed- it didn’t actually work and I got a message on the Poloniex side that said you know it didn’t work the transaction failed didn’t actually work. But now it’s been over two weeks and I haven’t heard from Poloniex at all. I haven’t heard back from them at all andI’ve asked them to cancel the transaction, to cancel the transfer and they will not do it. I did put the correct address, every time you transfer cryptocurrencies you need to put the correct address whether it’s for bitcoin whether it’s for Ethereum on you have to put the correct address associated with a wallet that supports that type of crypto-currency and I did just that.

03:34 – Poloniex Still Have Not Respond

I did that with steam right my Steam address my Steam It wallet and the transaction just failed it didn’t happen so that’s another example of how it’s failed me. I started looking into this a little bit more on Reddit on Bitcoin talk forums and so forth on Twitter and it looks like this is not the first time it’s happened, this has happened to others people as well there’s a lot of different threads going around, a lot of chatter out there in the crypto world that Poloniex is a scam that is a non trustworthy exchange and to avoid it at all costs.There’s, of course, people that say it’s a legitimate exchange US BAE’sso forth and so on, but the proof is in the pudding they have not shown me that they will respond to my emails right when it’s regarding money that they technically owe me that they’re holding; they haven’t responded at all and they don’t get back to you, they don’t support any of the hard Forks or they didn’t for me. In my case, I think they did generally but for whatever reason, I did not get my Bitcoin cash coins as they promised and that cost me a lot of money. I’m scanning around the crypto world it’s just scammy chatter about it so at all costs I would recommend you definitely avoid Poloniex; I would not do business with them, I would not put your money in there, I would not put your Bitcoins or your op coins or any other crypto-currency you have in Poloniex.

Just wanted to warn you hope you guysfind this helpful let me know if you’vehad a similar experience so we could spread the word if you had asimilar experience please post it on youknow in the comments of this videoplease post it I don’t want thisto happen other people I was quitethoroughly pissed off when this happenedto me, anyway let me know if you’ve had a similar experience and we’ll gofrom there maybe next time I’ll play youa little ditty on my guitar about why Ihate politics at this point anyway hopeyou find these useful guys see ya,