Episode Highlights:

  • 00:03 – The Crypto Market Is Green
  • 00:45 – Why I Think Bear Market Is Ending
  • 01:40 – Coin Market Cap.
  • 02:04 – Bitcoin Chart On Coinigy
  • 04:24 – Bitcoin Cash Chart.
  • 05:00 – Ethereum Chart
  • 05:38 – Ncash Chart
  • 06:15 – Eos Chart

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Hey, what’s up, guys? It’s Dan again for crypto Camacho.


And look behind me guys, everything is in the green. The crypto markets are in the positive, they are green today. Bitcoin is up, Ethereum is up, Ripple is up, Litecoin is up, Dash is up, IOTA is up, ADA, Cardano is up, everything is looking really good today guys. Yesterday and today we’ve been in a very nice bull market. We’ve seen the prices of many, many cryptocurrencies go up, and we could be entering a bull market now overall. We’re reversing the trend; we’re seeing a reversal and trend from a bear market for the last several months right. From like December, January, on all the way until now, where I think the trends are now reversing and we’re going to be seeing a bull market in the next couple months to come which means really, really big gains for everybody across the board.


So, let me break this down for you guys of why I think the bear market is ending. So, first and foremost, we’re seeing in the headlines, if you search for bear market crypto ending, you’re going to see headline after headline after headline of people saying that the bear market is ending. That means the sentiment in the market is indicating that the bear market is ending. We’re reversing it to a bull market and that’s largely dread. That’s largely, largely led by sentiment in the market, in fear of missing out in the market right. So, that the sentiment overall is turning positive, it’s turning more bullish. Even Tommy Lee the founder and creator of a Litecoin is saying cryptocurrency altcoin bear market ending. And that looks like things are turning at the corner…excuse me guys I have a little cold, so my voice is straining a little bit, but please bear with me. It’s not about to break down and show you why on the charts why the market is going to be becoming a bull market here very, very soon.


So, if we go over to coin market cap, we’ll see again that and most of the cryptocurrencies are in the green. A lot of heavy gains here 11, 14, 17, 18% and higher. If you go down the list, we see 25%, we see 34% from Bitsum, a lot of coins are going up in value and I want to break down a few of those and look at those with you.


So, if we first go and look at the Bitcoin chart, I zoom way out looking at a one-day chart in a year timeframe. This will give you really the big Bitcoin right here; this is a Bitcoin USD tether pair. And you can see that before you know the New Year, in 2017, we saw the price of Bitcoin skyrocket, skyrocket up, then we saw it slowly kind of tanked down all the way right to where was 6000 in February, and then close to 6,000. And this month in April right. And the reason I think that we’re turning a corner here guys is because you got to look at the trend lines. Look at the trends from the top and the bottom. If we look at the trend from the top we see the tops, tops, tops, tops, tops, tops. These are all levels indicating resistance where people are selling. There’s enough resistance in the market when the price gets up to a certain level, it drops right. because there’s a certain amount of resistance enough, people think that the price of Bitcoin is going to go down or there’s enough bears, enough shockers that are pushing the price of Bitcoin down. That trend has largely been going down as you can see right. Same thing from the bottom, if you look at the bottoms, all the bottoms have been consistently getting lower until…wait until right here. The trend seems to be reversing. It’s been going down, down, down, down, down. And then the last drop we didn’t quite make it down to 6,000 we made it like 6500 right. So, we’ve seen this kind of reversing trend which I’m showing you right here. And this is not only with the Bitcoin market. This is with a lot of the cryptocurrencies, which I’m going to show you here in a sec. So, this could be an indication that we are seeing more support than a higher bottom, that we have in the past right. So, in February, we saw a bottom of 6,000, now we’re seeing a bottom of 6500 and then we’re going to still see kind of these trends. And it could potentially just go back up from it here right. Let me clean this chart. In a scenario where we’re going to see another drop, it could look like this. It could look like you know another top here, another top here another top here. There could be one more you know potential top or dip that goes like this, something like this and it goes up here and then comes back down and then comes back around and goes up that is definitely possible. But from what I’m seeing on all the other cryptocurrency charts, it isn’t looking likely.


Let’s take a quick look at Bitcoin cash. So, if you look at the Bitcoin cash chart going out a year in the one-day charts kind of the same scenario right. We see a big uptrend here which we saw at the beginning of the year, then we see the top, top and they’re consistently getting lower and lower and lower, same with the bottoms consistently getting lower. And so, we’re seeing a channel on the downtrend that is largely now being reversed right. You’re seeing that happening here. It’s starting to curve around. We could see one more dip from Bitcoin cash, but I think we’ve seen the largest of the dips go from here.


Ethereum is no different. I want to show you this because I think it’s again another very good chart to show you this as well. So, same thing here, but it’s a little bit different right. We’ve leveled out at about 375 as the complete low point for Ethereum. So, if you look down right here, right here, we’re seeing a low point for Ethereum at about 375 right. We’ve seen the consistent downtrend similar to what we’ve seen with some of the others, but now we’re seeing that reversal right. And again this could come back, but it’s the same type of scenario where it’s starting to kind of curve around right. And if you look at other cryptocurrencies


Let’s just look at Ncash as an example. Let’s go out to one year. Let’s go to one-hour charts right. So, let me zoom out on this okay and Ncash is a little bit different here, because we have been seeing ups right. We see the trend now starting to go up from the bottom right. So, very low, low a little bit higher a little bit higher. The lows keep getting higher. So, there’s a little bit more support over and over and over. And we can see that trend continue to go up you know and these are getting lower as well right. So, again I think the trend is going up If we want to look at…

06:15 – EOS CHART

Let’s look at EOS because this has been a big one that is gained in the last few days, but let’s look at EOS real quick here, and let’s zoom out again. EOS is been kind of interesting one right. So, this is a good one to show you right. We had a big bull run in December, and then we see a huge drop now. We’re seeing a huge, huge spike all the way back to the highs right. So, I can see this dropping a little bit down here right, go maybe a little bit further down, but then eventually going back up and higher than its previous highs. This is again another indication that we’re turning things around. If we go to Cardano, ADA, same exact scenario right. We see this big uptick in December right here okay? Big up ticking in December, then we start seeing the trending going down like we’re seeing all these tops, same thing here but the lows are not quite as low right. We’re seeing a low here, but the last low not as low not as low indicates a bit of a trend up right. So, again you could see these kind of trends going up. Again so, this is the time guys. This is maybe your last chance to get in on this bull market before we really start going to the moon. This is not a prophecy, this is just looking at the technical charts; seeing that things are starting to change. Tax season is over; people are getting ready to get it jump into spring, to spend more money right. And that is indicative of what you’re seeing on these charts. So, now is a good time there could be, there could be one more dip before we start seeing things go up. It could be a big dip right, but it may not be. We are seeing the trends going around. Keep an eye on this, because this is a fantastic, fantastic time to get into cryptocurrency and you will not go wrong. The next couple of months are going to be explosive. I can’t be more excited. I’m Dan from crypto Camacho hopefully this video has been helpful for you guys? Let me know what you think, do you think we’re entering a bull run? Do you think the bear market is already over or do you think that the Bears are going to continue to go down? Let me know guys. Click on the red button below to subscribe to crypto Camacho YouTube channel and I’ll talk to you soon. See you guys.