Episode Highlights:

  • 00:18 – New Ico
  • 00:33 – The Hashgains Ico
  • 01:15 – What Is Crypto Mining?
  • 01:38 – How Hashgains Works
  • 02:58 – Bitcoin Mining
  • 05:43 – Hashgain Ico
  • 07:10 – Mega Cloud Mining Data Centers
  • 08:21 – Be Hash Gainer!
  • 08:51 – Hashgains As A Project
  • 09:17 – The Advantages Of Green Mining Framework
  • 09:33 – Benefits Of Hashgains
  • 10:50 – Hashgains Token
  • 11:57 – Hashgains Road Map
  • 12:55 – Hashgaing Toke Distribution
  • 13:06 – Hashgain Teams
  • 14:00 – Hashgaings White Paper
  • 14:28 – Concept Distribution Computing
  • 15:39 – How Hashgains Mining Works

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Hey guys what’s up? Its Dan again for cryptoCamacho.com where each day I bring you the latest news, tips, and tricks in the cryptocurrency industry. Overall, guys, my main goal of my YouTube channel is to help you make more money in this crazy cryptocurrency revolution.

00:18 –New Ico

Guys today I want to talk about an ICO that I am very excited about; I think it’s priced very cheaply, It’s a pre-sale going on right now, want to bring it up to you guys because I think there’s an opportunity to make some good money not only in the ICO but actually in the company itself. What am I talking about today guys?

00:33 – The Hashgains Ico

Today I want to talk about the Hashgains ICO. So, what is Hashgain? So, Hashgains is a crypto mining company. An evolution in the crypto mining industry, so they aim to become the largest crypto mining company in the world, they’re raising funds through this ICO which is why they’re launching this ICO to raise funds, to build out more data centers so that they actually can become the largest crypto mining Center in the world. They currently already do have operations; they do offer cloud mining today. Here’s a look at their website hashgames.com not going to spend a whole lot of time on the site itself, but I do want to touch on the basics of crypto mining if you guys aren’t familiar with it.

01:15- What Is Crypto Mining?

So, essentially what crypto mining is the ability to mine cryptocurrencies from Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Manero, a variety of different cryptocurrencies to mine it by using the same process that other developer’s use, other mining pools used to actually get cryptocurrencies into your wallets. So, let’s take a look at how it works exactly.

01:38 How Hashgains Works

So, hashgains.com is the website we’ll jump over the ICO in just a second here but, crypto mining on hashgains.com you can look right here, you can you can mine sign up to new cloud mining for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoins, Ecash, Monero, and Ripple and each one of these cryptocurrencies has a different price point, a different mining plan. If you will typically what you do is you enter into a contract for a specific amount of time at a specific price, and then you could mine cryptocurrency based on that on the terms of that contract you can mine cryptocurrency and with prices going up with cryptocurrency you could actually make a lot of money over time by mining the cryptocurrency then holding on to the cryptocurrency and watching the price go up over time. A lot of people have been making a lot of money through cloud mining, I mean you don’t necessarily have to use cloud mining you know obviously some people will go and buy a physical computer and set up cryptocurrency mining themselves using that specific computer, but what HashGaines lets you do; it lets you do the mining in the cloud. You don’t have to buy any computers, you don’t do have to buy any servers and do any technical setup or anything like that. You literally, just sign up with HashGains, you sign on to one of their contracts and then they do the mining for you and send you the actual cryptocurrency that you have mined based on your contract right. So, let’s take a quick example and look at it.

02:58 Bitcoin Mining

So, Bitcoin mining how to mine Bitcoin; so as an example very quickly want to go through this for you newbie’s out there. What is Bitcoin mining? Bitcoin mining is done by using a network of computers from around the world; the Bitcoin mining process can be predominantly defined as the addition of transaction records to the Bitcoin public ledger. So, it’s essentially adding new transaction records to the public ledger, that’s what mining is without getting into all the technical details right. So, if you wanted to get into a mining contract, a cloud mining contract here’s an example; if you go to hashgaines.com you go to their pricing, you can see you know what coin do you want in mine. Let’s just say Bitcoin for ease of the example here; here’s the plans that you could sign up for right. There’s different levels of plans all the way from Topaz to Sapphire and what this means is it gives you a certain amount of hash power, or ability to mine a certain amount or a predetermined amount of cryptocurrency based on the energy consumption that you’ll be using right. So, that’s what each of these contracts does is it lets you use a certain amount of energy per day to mine whatever cryptocurrency you want. So, the higher the plan you sign up for, the more expensive it is, but the more cryptocurrency you could actually mine based on the plan you have right. And so, over time you can accumulate you know a lot of different cryptocurrencies by doing this type of cloud mining yourself.

You can also you know go to their calculator and figure out how much can I actually mine; like what would I actually make if I were to sign up to one of these contracts so let’s just do one for an example right. So, if we were to choose Bitcoin as the cryptocurrency we want to mine, current price is about $9300 the hash rate, and you could change the hash rate based on the contract. So, you could play around with this but just using the minimal plan here right. If you invested $350 got into a contract at that low level here is how much cryptocurrency you can expect to mine hourly, daily, monthly, so forth and so on. So, if you sign up for this plan as an example; you would be able to mine 0.002 Bitcoin per month right, and given the current price point today, $9300 for a Bitcoin it would be $24 a month right. The price of Bitcoin is going up the price of other cryptocurrencies are going up. So, this is an accurate reflection on today’s price, but if the price of Bitcoin tomorrow jump to $20,000 this price $24 would be double right. It’d be $50 a month right? So, that’s really how it works and you know you can play around with this tool yourself to get a better handle on that, but that’s pretty much how it works. Okay so now that you understand how crypto mining works and you understand what HashGains is let’s jump over to the ICO here.

05:43 – Hashgain Ico

So, HashGains is offering a pre-sale for their ICO, they’re offering pre-sale tokens at 70 cents which is a 30% discount. When they actually go and launch their ICO, it’s going to be $1.00 per coin per HashGains coin which is in HGS coin, but let’s look at that, the value props of this particular ICO. Invest earlier you get a 30 percent discount like I just said, and one gigahertz hash power for every tokens pass. You also will get an additional gigahertz for every tokens that you buy. So, that’s advantageous, because you’ll build a mine more as well in the end right. So, you’ll be able to use these tokens to do cryptocurrency mining as well right. So, okay so let’s get into the ICO itself right. Blockchain a new technology going over the basics, eco friendly cloud mining. So, HashGaines has an eco-friendly cloud mining operation going up a lot of people complain that cryptocurrency mining takes up too much energy. It’s using too much of the world’s resources. So, HashGains have an equal eco-friendly mining and mining centers. So, that it’s less harmful to the environment, less harmful you know to the energy consumption that we see, and let’s just read it. A huge tract of waste barren land can be best used for putting up windmills and solar panels which run on photovoltaic cells. Using the most effective solar radiation and wind power in the places which offer vast possibilities of renewable energy can bring about the desired results. Cloud mining devices can now make use of green renewable power which is available almost free of costs right.

07:10 Mega Cloud Mining Data Centers

So, that’s really great, the company is doing that mega cloud mining data centers and this is why they’re running an ICO right now is to increase the number of data centers that they have. Who better than an experienced player can build and run the most efficient, cost-effective, robust, scalable, secure, and reliable cloud mining data centers? There cannot be a better choice than HashGains which is backed by a technology giant with an experience of over 15 years in running and managing data centers. HashGains has a team of 1,500 professionals, serving 10 fortune 500 customers and managing over 25,000 servers globally. HashGaines will soon be launching its Cloud Mining Data Centers with a combined capacity of 75 MW in India and Quebec. So, this off right here makes me very, very comfortable with HashGains. They’re an established company, they’ve been around for over 15 years, they have over 1500 people working for them, and they already manage thousands, tens of thousands of servers. So, these guys know what they’re doing. They know what they’re doing in the hash I’m sorry in the cloud mining space, they know what they’re doing in the data mining space. And it’s kind of a match made in heaven in terms of why they would want to build out more data centers to do cloud mining instead of a cloud mining operation like they’re doing here makes complete sense why they would do this guys.

08:21 – Be Hash Gainer!

Okay so be a Hash gainer! There cannot be a better time now than to invest in cryptocurrencies which has grown 15-20 times in 2017 and are expected to perform even better in years to come. So, this again is back to my earlier point you know now the price of Bitcoin is $9000 but in a year from now, it’s going to be worth a lot more. So, the more cryptocurrency you mine the more you’re going to have the option, the ability to make more return on your investment in the future. And that’s the case for all cryptocurrencies if you haven’t noticed lately right.

08:51 Hashgains As A Project

HashGaines as a project 10,000 users in a target of 1 million by 2020; so, they already have 10,000 users right which is which is fantastic right. They just started this in the area of 10,000 users and they want a million users by 2020 to truly become the largest cloud mining platform available on the Internet right in the world right. HashGains has already garnered 10,000 plus customers on its platform and is looking forward to laying the foundation stone of its mega data centers in India and Quebec.

09:17- The Advantages Of Green Mining Framework

The green mining framework has its own advantages such as:

  • Reduced complexity
  • Local Incentives
  • Lowered infrastructure
  • Economic cooling so forth and so on.

Here’s the screenshot of their platform very clean, very nice in the white paper. We’ll get into the white paper here in just a moment, but I wanted to go through some of the benefits right.

09:33 Benefits Of Hashgains

It’s a real business you know you could go through these yourself, but it’s a real business you know that’s one thing I really love about HashGaines and other ICOs that I’ve reviewed, is they have a core business; they already have a business and this is them extending their business into something else that they have a core competency on which is why I like it right. They have a large team; we’ve already talked about that. They have free hashing power. If you participate in this ICO you will get HGS tokens you’ll get free hashing power. Dividend distribution; conservative projections suggest HashGains would be generating per token revenue of $1.5, $2, $3.5 and $4 in first, second and third and fourth year respectively. Consolidated profit generated per token would be around $3 within the duration of four years. So, they’re projecting a price and actually if you go to the bottom here they’re projecting a price of $30 per token in four years right. so if you get in now at a 70 cents per token that’s over 30 times the money that you’re paying to invest right. And that’s, of course, assuming everything goes as plan, assuming everything works out the way they want, but I think $30 per token is actually a fairly conservative estimate in four years given the way the cryptocurrency markets are going today. I’m not going to go through all of these, you guys can go through all of these, but I wanted to go through some of those core ones. I think the discount on the presale is very, very important.

10:50 Hashgains Token

Okay so, now let’s look at the tokens itself right. There’s a ten million hard cap on the presale right. So, for presale, they’re only offering ten million tokens. They’ve already surpassed 68% of that the presale ends on February 28. So, get in and get some as soon as you can the toll or hard cap of the tokens in general for HGS tokens is 30 million. So, once 30 million is reached in their ICO sale, they will not be selling any more tokens so this is a chance to get it before the ICO get in presale and get this discount. They expect to be listed on all of these exchanges. I definitely think at least a handful of these will happen Binance probably should be added to this list as well. You know you typically these things don’t happen overnight, but the likelihood that a cryptocurrency gets added to an exchange is much, much significantly higher if there is already a company backing the ICO. If a company exists, it’s an established company, it’s been around for years, strong team, a strong number of employees, the chance isn’t likelihood they’ll get listed on these exchanges are very, very high 99 percent right 90 maybe 999 maybe 90 percent right.

11:57 Hashgains Road Map

Okay so, let’s take a look at the roadmap quickly and in 2017 they did a lot of work. 2018 is really where they’re going to take off right. So, they want to start building new data centers in March of 2018. They’re going to launch their token sale February this month. So, it’s going on right now. Let’s see December, and November 2017 before I talked about that. So, May they’ll be assembling and integrating of machinery. They’ll be testing in June 2018 and in July 2018 they’ll actually launch their data centers live to do the cloud mining itself right. With the new data centers so that’s their plan. That’s the roadmap. Here’s the ICO timeline ICO is the presale is going on right now it’s a February 28. You know 30%t bonus if you get tokens down and if you don’t you can go to the ICO in March 1st and you know you’ll be able to get a discount, but it won’t be as great and you could kind of read through this down you know and see how they’re going to do that.

12:55 – Hashgaing Toke Distribution

So, token distribution; we’ve already kind of gone through this a bit. They’ve got a pretty good method of how they’re going to distribute all of the tokens, a lot of videos, a lot of reviews already.

13:06 – Hashgain Teams

Here’s the team you know the team I think is worth looking at very quickly. I’m going to look at the first guy here who’s the CEO. I’m also going to look at Gary Barlow who is the director. So, Anuj is the CEO of this company. Let’s go and look down at his YouTube I’m sorry his LinkedIn profile and so he has been recommended very highly. He doesn’t have a whole lot of information here, but he’s the founder and CEO for 19 years of Cyfuture which is the holding company of HashGains. So, he’s been around the block a little bit. One of the directors let’s see, I wanted to get into one of them. Okay chief operating officer you can look through these I won’t go through all these myself guys, but you can look through these people they all have really good backgrounds. I’d say for the most part good advisers on their board and they have a lot of media outreach which I think is also very important given the cryptocurrency markets today.

14:28 – Hashgaings White Paper

So, the last thing I want to show you guys before we jump off here is I want to show you the white paper. So, let’s jump over the white paper and here’s the white paper. It’s pretty long 63 pages so, obviously I’m not goanna go through the whole thing, but I do want to go through some of the main concepts here. So, let me scroll down just a little bit legal abstract won’t go into that introduction I’ve already given you a pretty good introduction I think of HashGais.

14:28 – Concept Distribution Computing

Okay, let’s look at the concept distributed computing and let’s just see. Okay so, distributed computing stands for computer science field for analysis of distributed systems, to be specific distributed computer system is what contains different computers that work as a single computer or system. So, distributed computers all work together to achieve a certain outcome or a certain goal. I’m not going to go through the technical aspects. What is cloud mining? The process of utilizing a data center with shared power in order to mine cryptocurrency is known as cloud mining. It enables miners or users to mine cryptocurrency with no need of managing the hardware. Crypto…sorry cloud mining efficiently runs on the software or hardware and as an ideal option for people who are not tech savvy. So, again if you’re not tech savvy you don’t want to buy a bunch of servers and put them in your home and generate electricity out of your home. You can do cloud mining and that’s exactly what HashGains offers right. They offer multiple types of cloud mining and then they get into the details of why their solution is better than the other ones and what they’re trying to do and how they’re actually trying to become the leading cryptocurrency mining platform that’s out there right.

15:39 – How Hashgains Mining Works

Here’s a quick how it works in terms of mining itself. You don’t need to know this to invest in the ICO, but it’s definitely worth looking at. It shows you exactly how cryptocurrency mining works on Blockchain and how you know the validations go about how the Ledger’s are kept in sync so forth and so on. So, anyway guys I hope you like this? I hope you found this interesting? You know take a look at it, I’d love to know what you think. If you’ve had experience with other cloud mining ICOs or other cloud mining platforms I would love to know how this one compares. I’m Dan from cryptocamacho.com hopefully you found this useful? And I hope you check it out because I think it’s a really good time to buy. I think the potential here is pretty great, and I think you can make some money on this. So, again take a look. Yeah I’m subscribe please subscribe to my YouTube channel and I will take to you next time.