Episode Highlights:

  • 00:24 – What You Will Learn In This Video
  • 01:00 – The Progress That We’re Making On Iota
  • 02:18 – Changes In The Price Of Iota
  • 05:01 – Iota Potential
  • 05:31 – What Is Driving The Price Of Iota
  • 06:07 – Iota In The News
  • 07:47 – Microsoft Assur
  • 09:13 – Iota Increases By 300%
  • 09:50 – How To Purchase Iota

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Hey guys what’s up, it’s Dan from crypto Camacho back today to talk about those fun intangible coins we call crypto currency. They have a lot of value; can you grab them, can you hold them, can you touch them and put them in your pocket? No. you cannot. They’re invisible, they’re intangible, can’t see them, can’t touch them, can’t smell them like gold, can’t do that. But they have a lot of value.

00:24 – What You Will Learn In This Video

And I’m going to show you one coin today. I’m going to talk about one coin today that has tremendous potential and is starting to gain some value. So if you look at the video behind me it says iota. So I made this video and I publish this video, is iota ready to explode and go to the moon on September 27th. You can look down here published on September 27, 2017. So this was about two months ago. September, October, November, about two months ago I published that iota was ready to explode and go to the moon.

01:00 – The Progress That We’re Making On Iota

Let’s look at what’s happened since then. and if you haven’t seen this original video the Iota video that I’m referring to right here or the Steem It post associated, you need to go look at it right now because I break down exactly how I analyzed iota and how I predict that it’s going to go to the moon. I give a lot of good information about what’s happening with iota, why IOT is about to blow up so forth and so on. So you definite check that out.

But today I want to talk about kind of a post-mortem or a recap of what I talked about last video and show you the progress that we’re making on iota. So I hope that you guys have purchased iota in the past. There have been a bunch of folks that havereached out to me on the video in the comments here and said that they don’t know how to purchase iota coin. They don’t know to buy it or what exchange to it buy on, what wallet to put in. I’m going to show you some of that in a video coming up, probably in the next day or two. But first I want to show you first exactly the progress with iota.

So since I posted that video about two months ago, I have had 218 likes on the video, 13 unlikes; not sure why. Probably because people don’t believe that it’s actually going to go to the moon but I’m going to show you here in a minute that we’re already starting to see that happen. I’ve had 16,759 views and you can see there’s a lot of commentary here about Iota.

02:18 – Changes In The Price Of Iota

So now let’s look at when I published this video, it was on September 27, 2017. So now let’s go over to Coinigy, let’s go over to our charts right here and let’s see on the September 27 where was the price of iota? I’m going to draw it for here so you can see exactly where the price was.

So on September 27, right here. So what was the price point there? This is September 27, so right here, that’s about September 27, right where my x is right there. And the price at the time was about $.50 give or take. About $.50 when I published that video on September 27 about Iota. Look at the price now for Iota. Where at $1.30 as I record this video on November 30, 2017. And you can see it’s already gone past $1.50. So if you have bought a little coin when I recommended it in the video I published two months ago, you have already made three times the amount of your money if you sold at $1.50.

This is only the beginning guys. Do not get discouraged by this. I know how that feels when you wish you bought something earlier on, it goes to the moon and you kinda kick yourself. That’s happening with me with bit coin. Obviously I wish I would’ve done in earlier. The same thing happened to me with Iota. When I first was looking at Iota which was way back when it first hit the exchanges, I actually saw it before this price. I saw Iota when it was about nine cents when I first started getting to crypto currency. I saw you it out, started researching it and thought that this is going to be a very very impactful coin especially as it relates to the Internet of things which I’m very familiar with the intent of things, the industrial Internet of things, I saw the potential on Iota immediately. But I still didn’t know a lot about the currency, I still didn’t know what it was, how it worked. I was reluctant to buy Iota at the time. I still wanted to buy bit coin so I waited. I waited, I waited, I waited, I waited and I never actually bought Iota coin until it went a bit higher, until it was around the $.40 or $.30 range. So I kicked myself because I didn’t buy it when it was nine cents. But I was happy that I bought it early on because obviously you could see that I have made some gains off of that now.

05:01 – Iota Potential

Why do I bring this up? Because I still think that there is tremendous potential to buy Iota today. We’re still at $1.30 as I record and I think Iota is still going to go to the moon. I still think there’s plenty plenty of room of potential for this coin. We are starting to see this momentum gained for Iota now. And even if you went from $1.30 till like $10, that is still 10 times your money, your investment. Some very optimistic about this.

05:31 – What Is Driving The Price Of Iota

Let’s looking at what’s happening in the news around Iota. Safe you do a quick search on Iota partners, let’s just say even Iota, you can see that what has been driving this massive growth here since November 8. It’s really gone up since then. What’s really driving is that is the adoption rate is starting to go up. big big players in the IOT space, the Internet of things space are starting to partner with Iota the company to start using, testing and making their technology available on their marketplaces.

06:07 – Iota In The News

So let’s go through a few. So Iota partners with Microsoft, Fujitsu and others for IOT data monetization. Let’s go to another headline, over here, Iota announced major platform to lease, announcing data monetization using micro payments through their distributed ledger technology. The data solution has already garnered partnerships with Microsoft, jujitsu, Bosch, Deutsche Bank, Telkom and others.

If you go over here, same thing. Iota to partner with Microsoft, Fujitsu and other companies, Bosch to develop block chain solution.

Here’s another one, block chain network Iota teams up with Cisco, Volkswagen and others on data marketplace.

So essentially what this means is that Iota the company is now tapping into the large large large Fortune 500, Fortune 10 players in the IOT space. There are starting to make tracks, that are starting to get traction in that space, their partner, they’re putting their technology on their exchanges. Microsoft has Assur, Cisco has a marketplace, Bosch has a marketplace, GE has a marketplace, they’re all starting to get Iota onto their marketplace and make it available to others in the IOT space. And they’re going to start allowing those folks to start tapping into their APIs, to start using their data marketplace, to start monetizing the data that people are putting into these marketplaces. This is a tremendous opportunity. The amount of data that’s going into Microsoft Assur. It’s just over to Microsoft Assur. There’s one for a GE, it’s called predicts.

07:47 – Microsoft Assur

Let’s just see what’s happening. So Microsoft Assuris a marketplace, it’s an Internet of things marketplace, it’s basically an app center where people could go. They could sign up to Assur and they can actually start building an application on the Assur framework are they can leverage apps that have already been created on in the past. They can leverage you those and bring them into their project to start using them for whatever they want. So here is Assur, they’ve got products, solutions, documentations marketplace. So this is what I wanted to find.

Marketplace; says is what Microsoft is doing. They are enabling this marketplace of apps and allowing developers to tap into this marketplace to start using this technology on top of the Assur platform. And what that means is that people can start leveraging all these different applications while they’re building out their applications, their IOT applications on the Microsoft Assur platform. This is big news. It is big news that IOT is starting to come in here because what that means is that everybody using Microsoft Assur now, is now going to be able to tap into this marketplace and use Iota technology. Iota is not listed here yet. I did a quick search because I think they just announced partnership recently. As you can see here but this is why this trajectory is going nothing but up. That’s why we’ve seen a huge increase since the last video that I made.

09:13 – Iota Increases By 300%

We see an increase of about 300%, from about $.50 to $1.50, 300% since I made that video. And I want you guys to know that it is still not too late. You still can get into Iota. There have been, like I said, a couple of questions on how to buy Iota coin. What you need to do, I’m going to publish the video probably tomorrow or the next day on exactly how you buy bit coin on coin base, how to transfer that coin base bitcoin over to your exchange finance or bitfinex. I’m going to show you how to do it on finance. You transfer from coin base.

09:50 – How To Purchase Iota

Let me break it down. You buy bit coin on coin base. You go to the show notes and click on the coin base link. Buy bit coin there, you can do it through your credit card or bank account or whatever, buy bitcoin. Once you have that, go to finance, go open an account on finance. Register for an account. Once again, there is a link in the show notes to register for that. Then transfer your coin base bit coin from your bitcoin wallet from your coin base on the financeexchange, then you can actually buy Iota coin on finance and hold it there. That’s all you have to do. It’s not that difficult guys.

Again, I’ll publish the video in a day or two and you guys can see it. I’ll put the finance link below. I would put the coin base link below. I wanted to show you guys that you’re still able to get into Iota. There is still a lot of time to get in. And I recommend you do, even if it’s a small amount. This goes up to $10 you’re going to make a killing. I don’t see this slowing down anytime insight. I would guarantee that the price is going to go to at least two dollars to four dollars, probably within the next six months, at least two dollars to four dollars. Probably more. Four dollars might be pushing it. But I know it is going to break two dollars, I know it’s going to break three dollars, so you have a big opportunity right now.

Anyway, hopefully you’ll find this useful. I’ll put all this in the show notes so you guys can get all the context. I’m Dan again from cryptocamacho.com. You can go to cryptocamacho.com for more information. Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel below. You click on that letter read tiny button and I will give you updates daily about crypto currency. I dropped the value bombs every single day like this one. So check it out, subscribe and I would talk to you next time. See you guys.