Episode Highlights:

  • 00:20 – Advice You Will Learn From This Video00:20 – Advice You Will Learn From This Video
  • 00:53 – What Happened With Iota
  • 02:49 – Iota Price Trends Over The Past Few Weeks
  • 03:21 – Does Iota Have A Formal Partnership With Microsoft
  • 05:51 – Iotas Response To Its Partnership With Microsoft
  • 07:15 – The Impact Of Iota’s Announcement On The Price Of Iota
  • 08:13 – What I Did With My Iota Coins After The Announcement
  • 09:04 – My Thoughts On The Future Of Iota

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Hey what’s up guys, it’s Dan from cryptocamacho.com where each day I teach you how to make money in crypto currency. Some days we talk about trading, other days we talk about tools and resources. But every single day you’ll learn something new about the cryptocurrency markets and how to profit in this crypto currency revolution that we’re in today.

00:20 – Advice You Will Learn From This Video

So today I want to talk about IOTA. I want to talk about iota because something very interesting happened in the last day or two. I haven’t been able to make a video about it until now. I did mention this on a few comments on my YouTube videos earlier this morning but now is the first chance I’m going to make a video about it. But I want to actually just explain what happened to Iota today and yesterday, why the price actually went down and look at the rise right now and future potential of iota going forward.

00:53 – What Happened With Iota

So first, let’s look at exactly what happened. So if I go over to my iota chart, you can see that yesterday we were at a high of about $5.02. $5.02 is where Iota was sitting yesterday. That is where we were sitting yesterday. Then all of the sudden yesterday and today, you see the price slowly slowly decline. And I actually didn’t notice what was happening. I saw the decline but I didn’t know what was actually happening until about right here. And that’s when I started writing comments on my YouTube videos that, hey you know you guys need to get out of Iota, at least in the short term. It’s going down for now. There’s going to be a dip.’

And I’ll show you exactly what I’m talking about. So if I go over here to one of my iota videos, let’s just go over to this one right. ‘Buy Iota at $3.’ Let’s click on this, I’m going to paus that and let’s scroll down of the comments. So I tried to warn everybody the best I could in the comments here without being able to make a video. For those of you that caught it I said Iota, it’s about five hours ago, I said Iota is about to take a dip guys. Get out in the short term, if you’re holding for the long term you’ve been alerted. And I linked to this article right here; iota partnership Microsoft marketplace. So somebody actually commented on one of my YouTube videos, they asked ‘is the iota Microsoft partnership even real? Did it even actually happen? Is it formalized, what’s going on?’ And I looked at that I said oh this is the first time I’ve ever heard of that, that it’s not not real. It was over the internet. It was all over the media that Microsoft and Iota and other companies had actually joined in a formal partnership to start really building out Iotas data marketplace and data monetization model using that marketplace.

02:49 – Iota Price Trends Over The Past Few Weeks

So this intrigued me because I’m following iota fairly closely, I have a good amount of money in Iota and I wanted to track what exactly was happening so I can let you guys know. So now let’s jump over to the article and really let’s just see what happened. So really what happened is there was a price dip all the way down to till today, about a 28% price dip. That’s a pretty big price dip from the top to the bottom; 30%, that’s quite a bit. I actually didn’t notice it though until I think it was around, somewhere around here. So around a 15% dip.

03:21 – Does Iota Have A Formal Partnership With Microsoft

But what actually happened, if we go over to the article it says ‘iota clarifies it has no formal partnership with Microsoft’, which is very interesting very intriguing considering it was all over the Internet that Microsoft and Iota partnered and really which is why it led to the huge spike in the Iota price in the last week or two. it’s largely because of this Microsoft iota partnership and other things as well, other partnerships as well, but this is one of the main drivers and the media picked up on that, push it out into the Internet, into the blogosphere and then you had a huge ramp in the price. So if you read through this and I won’t read through the entire thing, but I do want to read through bits and pieces of this because essentially what this article is saying is that Microsoft has said ‘we don’t actually have a formal partnership with iota. Yes iota is putting Tangle and putting their apps on the Microsoft marketplace or exchange but there’s no formal agreement. There’s no formal partnership or anything like that. And Microsoft even says right here, ‘we have never mentioned that any of the companies which are participating in the marketplace are our partners, co-founder Dominic, ‘we call them participants’. and so what happened is Iota basically got the approval to put their applications or their data marketplace on the Microsoft assure platform right but there was never any formal agreement between Microsoft and iota to do a proof of concept or a pilot to really build out this data marketplace. and so you can see when this was announced like a week or two ago, Iotas marketplace share has more than quadrupled from 2.95B to over 13B and that literally happened in the span of like one to two weeks, and largely because of this Microsoft partnership.

So then you read down a little bit further and here’s something else, curiously Iotas press release from a few weeks ago back suggested that Microsoft had already done that. Participants from all sectors and industries are represented companies such as Deutsche Bank, Microsoft, Bosch, Fujitsu and many more have deployed sensors that directly sell the data on the marketplace. So these companies are deploying sensors to sell data on the Iota marketplace but there is not a formal agreement between these companies and iota. That’s very different than what Iota has been kind of pitching and saying all along.

05:51 – Iotas Response To Its Partnership With Microsoft

So what does Iota have to say about this? So iota says the launch of the data marketplace was just the beginning, the Iota co-founder added. The project will continue for several weeks in its multi stage. So what do they say? Ok, let’s read down a little bit further here and see exactly what they say. So what actually happened here is that, let me just read this part right here, ‘this means that the Redmond giant has not yet contributed any data to Iota’s marketplace nor does it have any sensors connected to its network. Asked about its involvement in Iotas data marketplace, a Microsoft spokesman told TNW that iota is a Microsoft as your customer in plans to use Assur to test and deploy its data marketplace. Having said this, the two companies are indeed collaborating on a series of technology innovation exercises with iota without any signed agreements. So there’s no formal signed agreement or POC in place. We have never mentioned that any of the companies which are participating in the marketplace are our partners, said founder of iota.

And then you get down in that says we’re in touch with the multiple divisions of Microsoft Chicago, Paris, Munich, we’re hosting to meet ups today in Chicago and Thursday in Paris and hosted it at the Microsoft Office. The aim of this exercise according to Schneider is merely to showcase the potential of Tangle and its data marketplace as a proof of concept.

07:15 – The Impact Of Iota’s Announcement On The Price Of Iota

so this is fascinating to me because what happened is you’ve got this announcement that went viral in the media back here, around November 30 to December 1, about two weeks ago which completely drove up the price of iota to the moon. And then you got these ups and downs. And then today I see this and it really was published yesterday at the beginning of the day, in the morning. And so you see this decline immediately right when that article came out. And so I was trying to warn everybody look there’s going to be a dip, you need to get out of here soon as you can because there is going to be a dip in the price and that’s exactly what happened right here.

So hopefully you guys got out in time to catch this dip here because if you did you would have had a 15% opportunity to buy more iota coins.

08:13 – What I Did With My Iota Coins After The Announcement

So what I actually did this morning and what I want to show you guys, is I actually sold my iota right here and I’m using binance, and so my little arrows aren’t here. But I sold iota right here this morning when I found out this news. I knew it was going to dip a bit and I didn’t know how much it was going to dip. I didn’t know if it was going to dip just a little bit. I really didn’t know it was going to tank significantly because a lot of people are banking on this Microsoft proof of concept. So I sold. And once I saw that it was actually kind of coming back up I actually bought back around the $3.75 mark. So I bought back all of my iota I sold. And essentially i was able to get more iota coins from that news and from that buy back. So there was a dip – I sold and I bought back on the buyback which basically made me accumulate more iota coins, about 10% more.

09:04 – My Thoughts On The Future Of Iota

So anyway I wanted to clarify that, I want to let you guys know what was going on there and I want to just let you guys know so that you know what’s going on with iota. A lot of people are asking me about iota and where the price is going to go. This is a little bit concerning to me, not alarming, but a little bit concerning. And the fact that I own a founders did not make much of an attempt to clarify this before the price shot up to almost $6. They were kind of quiet on this and then they carefully chose their wording and terminology to address the market place on this.

Look into it a little bit more. I’ll post the article in the show notes here on my YouTube channel. But it does make me a little uneasy with the truthfulness or the integrity of the Iota team at this point right. And on the one side I can’t blame them, who would want to kind of correct this when the price is shooting up through the roof all the way to $6 from less that $1. But at the same time it does somewhat undermine the credibility of the leadership of the Iota team. You’d think they’d be very straightforward, very upfront, very honest about this as the price was jumping. I definitely still believe an iota. I definitely still believe in the long term potential of tangle but it does make me kind of second guess what they’re doing.

I will be interested to see how their proof of concept do roll out, how successful they are with Microsoft and some of these other companies which may lead to a formal agreement or a formal partnership with Microsoft or some of these other companies but it doesn’t actually exist today, right. And I just want to make sure you guys are aware of that. So you have full disclosure about what’s going on with iota.

I do still think the price is going to go up significantly in 2018. I think iota is still very undervalued at $4.07 right now; I think it’s very undervalued. I think if it’s successful with Microsoft and some of these others, definitely going to see the price going past $10 and even beyond. I don’t want to predict the future here but definitely something to watch but be skeptical of what’s going on, right. Just watch the market here and I’ll do my best to explain to you guys what’s going on as well.

Hopefully this is helpful for you guys. Again I’ll link to the article in the show notes. I’d love to know your comments about this. I’d love to know if you guys are still holding iota, if you’re going to sell iota now based on this. We are seeing a bounce back which is good. I don’t know how long this is going to last. I don’t know how much of this article has actually gotten into the blogosphere and on the Internet, on Reddit and on all these different blogs and so forth, YouTube videos. I imagine once it does, the price may go down a little bit more. But the fact that it’s already bounced back from this makes me actually very happy and sounds promising that most people are not too concerned about this. But I wanted to make you guys aware of it first and if you have more questions about it let me know. I’m Dan from cryptocamacho.com and I will see you next time. Iota to the moon!