Episode Highlights:

  • 00:10 – New Icos That Have Good Potentials
  • 00:22 – Starflow Ico0
  • 1:03 – How Starflow Platform Works0
  • 1:15 – Basics Of Starflow Platform
  • 05:07 – The Fans
  • 05:45 – One Place For Everything You Love
  • 08:28 – Monetize Your Influence
  • 09:27 – Own Your Contents And Influence
  • 10:16 – Get Paid For Creating Content
  • 10:45 – Starflow Is Great For Value Providers
  • 11:13 – How Starflow For Brands
  • 12:46 – Starflow Token Sale
  • 14:44 – Crypto Economy
  • 16:09 – Our Success Is Your Success
  • 17:33 – Starflow Token Overview
  • 18:56 – Starflow Team
  • 20:35 – The Faqs
  • 21:27 – Break Down Of The Two Tokens
  • 22:10 – The Protostar Coin
  • 23:47 – Reason For Two Types Of Tokens

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Hey, what’s up, guys? It’s Dan again from cryptoCamacho.com where each day I bring you the latest tips tricks and best ways to make money in cryptocurrency.

00:10 – New Icos That Have Good Potentials

Today guys I have a really exciting ICOs that I want to review brand new and it’s very, very exciting, I think they’ve got a lot of potential here and let’s just really let’s just jump right into it.

00:22 – Starflow Ico

So, what am I talking about? I’m talking about a company called starflow. Starflow.com is their website, you can go to their website, and you can explore what their product is. They do have a working product today, but essentially what starflow is trying to d, is they’re trying to build out a new digital entertainment platform similar to what Tron is trying to do, but there are some differences here but essentially, they’re trying to bring together content creators, they’re trying to bring together fans, or consumers of content, and they’re trying to bring together brands all on the Blockchain to really build this powerful digital entertainment ecosystem that content producers can make money on that brands can leverage content, and get their message out. That fan can actually just consume really good content that people are making.

01:03 – How Starflow Platform Works

So, let’s jump into it and let’s just figure out how this platform works, why they’re raising money through an ICO, and what that will bring to the table. And what the potential opportunity is for you if you invest in this ICO.

01:15 – Basics Of Starflow Platform

So, let’s just kind of go through the basics here guys. So, first what is starflow.com? So, join the movement is what their website says. Starflow is the one place that brings together consumers, creators and brands around any interest passion or topic right. So, right when you look at the website, it kind of looks like a Content website right like a Flipboard, or like a Feedly, or some way to get content aggregated onto a certain app, or into a news feed for example. And if you look right here, you could actually download their app for starflow you could download it on the Apple Store, iTunes Store and you could actually test up their app today. It’s kind of like…I’ve looked at it, it’s kind of like a Flipboard right where you can browse through, you could look at different content, you could discover content, you can save share, bookmark content, so forth and so on. So, very cool right for content consumers like me, I use Flipboard religiously right. They can go to something like a starflow, and they can start browsing through content just get the latest and greatest content that they have right. So, that’s kind of the first use case of starflow. Second, for the people that are creating the content, the content creators themselves; people that create articles, videos, news you know blogs things like, that they’re offering a way that you can get paid for your content that you produce. And a way for you to own fully own the content and really determine where that content goes right, whether that content is shared out on a syndicate, on a brand’s website and personalized for that brand for example, or if that content you know goes to an advertiser somewhere. You will control where that content goes and you would be paid for that content produced for everybody that’s using that content, and leveraging that content, and distributing that content. You would get paid for that content if you were a content creator right. Brands may want to use that content in their own marketing campaigns right in their own advertising campaigns, on their websites, in their marketing collateral so forth and so on. So, brands can then tap into this great digital entertainment system. This great digital entertainment platform, they can select what content they actually want to use and feature and personalize and whatever, and they could pay that content producer directly for that content that they’re using. And you can imagine as a content creator that’s very powerful right.

You can get your content into the hands of many, many different brands, many different advertisers to not only make money on the content that you’re producing, but to also you know to promote yourself your own brand right. To gain more followers whether that’s on social media, whether that’s through email to gain more followers, to gain more visibility into the content that you are producing right, And then just in general the whole ecosystem will provide an app that lets content discovers, people that are discovering and browsing through content well, it will enable them to discover new content similar to the way that Flipboard does, or dig or stumble upon or all these other social type of sites right. So, I think it’s very exciting. I think it’s really interesting that companies are now starting to pop up that are doing this. I think this is going to completely disrupt the online marketing space in many, many ways. I think it’s going to disrupt the content creation and the content syndication, or distribution practices that we see online today. I think this is all going to change companies like starflow, with companies like Tron that are starting to build out platforms that can accommodate microtransactions and facilitation of content between fans and brands. And you know people that may want to consume and use that actual content. So, let’s go through a little bit more I’ve already talked about the app itself that’s for people like you and me that want to discover new content right, for creators of content, take control over your digital identity, and monetize your influence right. We’ll jump into this a little bit more; and for brands, where brands can come to tell their story through creators and branded content so, personalized content that these creators are actually making. So, let’s dig into this a little bit more right.

05:07 – The Fans

So, the fans on the app side if we jump over to starflow.com/fans you’re going to see fuel your passions right. Building the world’s best global and digital entertainment platform by revolutionizing the way fans and followers consume social media and digital content. So, think again think of this is like a Flipboard. If you haven’t used Flipboard, go check it out and use Flipboard. You’ll see what I’m talking about, but this is essentially a Flipboard on steroids on the Blockchain right. You’re going to be able to download an app on your iPhone; you’ll be able to download that app you’ll be able to then navigate through different content within their network and just read and discover new content that you like right.

05:45 – One Place For Everything You Love

One place for everything you love. With variety of interest content to explore; I think you get it
I’m not going to dig too deep into this, because I think you guys understand. It’ll also enable you know content fans people that are just discovering content the ability to join the conversation, to share the content out, to promote the content, to like the content, to give the content to their, friends, to create collections of the content. And what this will do all of this data will be stored on the Blockchain in the starflow ecosystem right. And what that will do is it will enable data analytics to be populated on the backend which will basically, let starflow and other brands know how popular certain content is that’s being created.

Then the content that’s created it can then actually be licensed out, or marketed out to these brands and depending on how valuable the content is, and based on how many people have engaged with the content prices can be set on how much the content creator wants to charge for brands to actually, use that content themselves right in their own marketing campaigns right. So, I think that’s very, very powerful because you can imagine as more and more people join this network as more and more people read this content, like this content, share this content on their phones, then you know the data analytics side of this on the back end is going to grow and build a bill kind of like what Facebook does today right. They have all this data around the content engagement that they’re seeing on their platform and then they can actually, price their advertising fees accordingly. This is similar right, but it’s content itself and pricing the content that used the licensing of the content itself, based on the engagement of the actual content within the environment and ecosystem that they’re building out themselves. Hope you understand that? Because that’s very, very important on how this is going to actually work. Big data guys, big data is the theme here. And if you don’t understand that yet think about it think about Netflix. Netflix is now a big data company. They are a producer a Hollywood or like a movie producing company because of big data. They have the big data to tell them to let them know what movies will be popular, in what movies they should be promoting on Netflix.com right. Starflow is going to do something very similar, but with content all forms of content blog, blogs articles you know PDFs, you got podcasts, you got videos, you got audios, you got whatever that content is, they’re going to do the same thing, but for each individual piece of content so that eventually they will know how popular the content is, and then can effectively, enable other brands to license that content out based on the popularity of that content. And the content creator will get paid for that. I’m kind of reading this and repeating myself many times, because I want you to really, really truly understand that right. So, that’s kind of how the content consumption side of things works right with the fans okay. Then you have the content creators.

08:28 – Monetize Your Influence

Monetize your influence; delighting influencers and content creators by relentlessly delivering the platform that become essential to the way digital content is produced, distributed and monetized. Right now content is produced and you post it individually to like YouTube, to Twitter, to your blog, to Facebook. You do that kind of individually and there are tools to let you automate that right. But there are no tools to let you monitor that all-in-one in one single environment that does not exist today. And starflow is trying to create that for content creators. I think that’s very exciting for somebody like me that does produce content that does make content. If I can monetize that you know in other ways within a single environment that would be fantastic, that’d be huge for me right. That’d be a very good way to leverage the content that I’m already creating in other channels in other ways right. So, I think it’s very valuable to me personally right. So, I actually may jump onto this as a content creator just to make more money for the content that I’m producing right.

09:27 – Own Your Contents And Influence

Okay so, next own your content and influence; gain control and ownership over your own content and new flexible channel for direct improved and deepening engagement with your fans and followers. Creating both new and increased revenue streams and opportunities, improved feedback, measurability, and control right. So, not only am I going to get paid for the content that I produce, but if the content is used in other channels right from other brands, they’re going to give me recognition. Right people are going to know the content is produced by me. If that’s the agreement that we come to in the smart contract on the Blockchain and then by doing that my content will be shared and distributed more widely, and then I will gain more followers, more fans, more followers, more likes, more views, whatever it may be. I’ll gain because of this sharing economy that’s being built out right. Very, very cool guys.

10:16 – Get Paid For Creating Content

Get paid for creating a content right. So I’ve already kind of gone through this you’ll get paid by creating content. You’ll connect that content with brands that want to use that content in their own channel, their own marketing campaigns. And you’ll get paid for that send proposals and accept campaign invites and get paid by the number of followers you have right. So, that’s going to be another aspect of this right. The way you’re going to get paid can be negotiated on the kind of a one-to-one basis over the Blockchain via smart contracts right. That’s the power here guys.

10:45 – Starflow Is Great For Value Providers

Okay so, that okay lastly, Starflow is great for value providers as well. All types of value providers and representatives who are committed to the empowerment of a man in the digital economy are invited to participate and integrate into this network right. So, they’re going in by talent agencies, influencer marketing agencies, multi-channel networks you know things like that right. Okay so, they’re here if you’re a content creator, you could join here. If you’re a representative of like an agency, for example, you could join here as well. Okay so, that’s for content creators.

11:13 – How Starflow For Brands

So, now brands. How does this work for brands? Tell your story. Becoming the ultimate global and digital marketing platform for brands and media agencies and other advertisers by utilizing the power of content creators and their audience. So, not only our brands going to be used to use or reuse content that’s created by the content creators, but they’re also going to be able to tap into the audiences of the content creators to more effectively spread the message about their own brand right. So, imagine I made a video, imagine it was about the Internet of Things right. Let’s just say I made a video on the Internet of things, let’s say I put that video up on the Starflow Network, and let’s say that a brand saw that video about Internet of Things, they wanted to share that video in their own website, in their own social networks and so forth. And so on they could then use that video they can grab that video they could then start promoting that video out into their environment, and then they can also share what they’re trying to do in my environment right. So, that more people, more and more people will then become familiar with that brand that’s promoting your content right. So it’s a win-win situation for the brand. It’s a win-win situation for the content creator. And it’s a win-win situation for Starflow. Because the bigger, the stronger the network becomes for Starflow, the more data they have, the more that they can enable these three parties brands content creators and fans to collaborate altogether within one single ecosystem, the more valuable their ecosystem will be. And in turn, the more valuable the Starflow coins will be all right. So, that’s how it works guys.

12:46 – Starflow Token Sale

So, now let’s jump into the token sale right, The ICO. So Starflow is running an ICO right now. They’re running a pre-sale to the ICO, and the reason they’re doing this is to really build out the infrastructure of this platform, they’re trying to create. So, let’s go through this ICO and a little bit more detail and I will explain exactly what I’m talking about here. Okay so, join the movement, The Starflow ICO. Starflow brings smart property which is content right assets and so forth to the influencer economy. Our mission is to create establish, and facilitate an open distributed ecosystem, inviting all parties to engage in the empowerment of man in the new distributed digital economy all right. So, let’s dig through the ICO a little bit more. I’m not going to go through all the things that I just went through, but let’s at least read the headline here because I think it’s important for the context of the ICO right. Empowering the influencer economy; Starflow is reshaping the influencer economy by providing an infrastructure network enabling an ecosystem where individuals can thrive and where everybody can interact and participate in the creation and consumption of value, content equals value.

If it’s good content right, So, those are synonymous we leverage a network whose purpose is to maximize income for content creators, follower experience and brand reach designed for consumers to come closer to their favorite creators, and topics with a better experience, And for other users to share their influence right. So if I am a Content consumer, and I’m following a particular influencer, I may love that influencer and I may want to keep consuming their content right, well. The brand will notice this they will know this and they will want to get in front of that audience because they know anything that that influencer says has a lot more weight than if you know they were to just to say it on their own right. Because people trust that influencer that’s you know that’s making. That content they trust that person right. So, very, very powerful for brands I think also to leverage this right.

14:44 – Crypto Economy

Okay so, crypto economics; Starflow crypto economics is divided into two layers of a b2b layer on the Blockchain which is the Star Coin which is that what they’re trying to raise money for through their ICO. Where all transactions between brands and types of participating value providers and partners and the values of creators are conducted. Then you have a b2c layer Protostars right. With a decentralized, but off chain token derived from the value of star coins and fully integrated into the content distribution system allowing for instant microtransactions. And this is important I’m going to get into the FAQs about why they need to plan star coin and Protostars coins I’m going to get into that in a minute. So, just bear with me but that’s how they’re doing it. They’re creating two layers a b2b layer for you know people like me that may create contents so forth and so on and a b2c layer for brands to actually start purchasing the ability to advertise against that content right. So, I’ll get into more of that in just a second we’ve already gone through content being in one place, and we’ve already gone through what content creators and brands are trusted by leaders. And they have a lot of people already working with them right. Some big names I’m already seeing Universal Studios is working with them, Lenovo, Viacom these are some big heavy hitting companies they’re already working with this to test this out. To make sure and to see if this platform is viable and that in itself is a very good sign to me that they already have these strong really well built up companies already backing this initiative in this project right.

16:09 – Our Success Is Your Success

Lastly, our success is your success. Even though Starflow is approaching initial launch on the platform, the leap forward with the integration of the Star Coin and Protostar is anticipated to be more than just a straight line progression bringing developers, marketing personnel, legal team, designers, and other talented people on board will require additional funds. This is why they’re raising money for their ICO. Offering an ICO instead of a traditional venture capital round enables the community to participate in the Starflow success stories. A lot of companies are doing this now. Moving away from venture capital into the ICO space to raise money directly with the people that will actually be part of the network Wow, what a novel idea, right? This is a great idea. It will also ensure that starflow will be valued and appreciated based on our own performance rather than on others right. It will keep us on our toes which is right because the more valuable the starflow network is, the more valuable the cryptocurrency the Star coin and the Protostar coins are going to be right. That’s one thing you need to realize in crypto is the value of the coin, the value of the tokens are very, very much dependent and tied to the success of the ecosystem that they’re trying to create. If the ecosystem fails, if the network fails and people drop off. People don’t join the network the token will fail right. If people do jump on and people do start utilizing this and the network grows and grows and grows. The token value is going to go up and go through the moon okay?

17:33 – Starflow Token Overview

So, let’s get into the token overview on here okay. It’s a token overview in structure the name is going to be Star Coin. The symbol is going to be star. The initial supply is 400 million star coins or star tokens. The price one Ethereum is going to be worth 3,500 Star Coins. So, that makes each Star coin today as of today about 30 cents give or take about 30 cents per coin. Maybe a little bit less in some cases depending on the price of Ethereum. The way they’re allocating this is 50% to the ICO 25% to bounty programs 12 ½% per 2 teams and 12 ½% for the advisers so forth and so on. I’ll let you go through this kind of on your own. It’s pretty typical with any other ICO that you’ve seen. Key dates right January 22nd is a key date, it’s the announcement of their ICO that’s already happened right. March 5th another key date which happened actually yesterday at the time of this recording is when they’ll open the pre-sale of the ICO. So now you guys can get into this ICO. You can go ahead and participate. If you want to go ahead and subscribe by clicking on this join presale button you can go and join their whitelist and then you can start participating in this ICO and buy tokens as this develops right. Alright so, let’s get into the FAQs just a little bit. And actually, before I get into the FAQ, so I want to go a little bit further and look at the team here for a second.

18:56 – Starflow Team

So, our team is very impressive if you go through…I’m not going to go through everybody, but man for his age David Gabor very, very impressive right. Despite his age, David has more than 8 years of experience from entrepreneurship in design and development of disruptive digital products. That Starflow David uses his past experience in UX, UI design and development skills to lead the visionary work alongside the product development that brings the vision to life and you can tell if you look at Starflow’s website their design and UX it’s very nice to watch the video of David talking about this company, about this idea, the concept very, very astute person very, Very astute even though he’s young. Very you know knowledgeable and smart knows what he’s doing clearly knows how to design. So, I think that’s very interesting and very important for building out a platform like Starflow where content interaction UX, UI is very, very important. I think that’s important that David is leading up. He’s only 20 years old which is crazy right. But he’s already raised over 3 million dollars for Starflow to bring this vision to the world very, very impressive right. I love seeing things like that right. Okay so, now more about people you and again you could go to these people’s LinkedIn plug profiles I’m not going to jump into it right now. But a lot a lot of solid folks on here and I even just love the design of looking at the site you mean this list goes on and on and on. So, there’s a solid team backing Starflow very, very experienced team you can look through all their profiles and just get a sense of what I’m talking about. They also have a number of very, very strong advisors which are listed down here again you can look at a lot of financial advisors, a lot of network advisors things like that. So, again you can you can look on that in your own and check that out.

20:35 – The Faqs

Okay so, now let’s quickly jump up back up to those FAQ’s, because I think there was some interesting and informative information in there. Okay so, what is Starflow? I’ve already really explained what Starflow is, but I’m going to just go very quickly. Starflow is a digital entertainment platform whose purpose is to maximize income for content creators, follower experience of the brand, reach designed for consumers to come closer to their favorite creators and topics with a better experience for other users to share their interests right. We provide an ecosystem and infrastructure with the mission to empower the man in the new digital distributor digital economy released as an integrated Blockchain platform network and standalone scalable the apps for entire influencer economy including controlling your own data, monetizing your content, and cutting out unnecessary middlemen that happens very often.

21:27 – Break Down Of The Two Tokens

Okay so, now let’s break down the two tokens right. What is Star Coin? Star coins are ERC20 which is basically on the Ethereum Blockchain and let’s see. I’m going to pull up the Nuggets here. Star coin will be used to incentivize content creators, developers and others collaborating parties working on and with our open platform. So, that’s kind of the core infrastructure token right. That’s going to be the main value of the network is going to be seen in the Star Coin token itself right. This won’t show the longevity and staying at the forefront of development. Finally, this will enable Starflow to build its own brand strengthen. So, this is just like any other cryptocurrency that’s coming out there. They’re building a token and coin and this is what you’d be investing in right. This Star coin itself.

22:10 – The Protostar Coin

Now let’s jump down to the b2c layer which is Protostar. Protostars are fractioned Star coins 1/1000 of a star coin and they will be used in their decentralized, Blockchain system where they can be handled and. transferred freely between all parties in order to pay for and buy content Merchandise and other service right. So, you’ll actually be using Protostar coins to actually make transactions. So, if I’m a brand I’m going to buy protostar coins to then pay a content creator to leverage or use their content that will be done in protostar coins right. And that’s what they’re saying right here they are held in wallets under direct control and responsibility of each account holder. So, a brand for example would hold these coins, a content creator would potentially hold these coins as well the coins are then integrated into the platform and they are directly attached to the content enabling value creators to name their own incentives right. so, you can basically you’ll be able to see how much it costs to buy certain content in Protostars that’s what I’m guessing right is you’ll be able to say okay if I want to use this content it’s going to cost me 10 Protostars right. To personalize it maybe it’s going to cost a little bit more and you can kind of create these smart contracts based on protostar tokens, with the direct content creator right. So if I’m a brand I can go directly to the content creator and say okay I see how much engagement how much engagement and influence this content has. I’m willing to pay you X amount of protostar tokens for that content to use that content and you can negotiate with that content creator and ultimately come to a fair price and pay that in protostar coins right. So that’s how that works.

23:47 – Reason For Two Types Of Tokens

And why do you have two types of tokens? And what is protostar? So, just to get a little bit deeper on this some of the transactions on the platform would be of micro or nano size. It is impossible to use ERC 20 or Ethereum Blockchain for those, because of the speed and cost right. Because the Ethereum has had some scaling issues you cannot actually do microtransactions through the Ethereum Blockchain at least not yet not currently. So, they’re developing this two-phased approach here which will enable microtransactions which may actually be very worthwhile in some cases in this platform. So, it’s actually very interesting and very smart that they’re going to be approaching it this way right. And they’re doing this on EOS. The EOS platform right; It’s a different platform than Ethereum. It’s a different Blockchain. It’s a different cryptocurrency environment. If you don’t know what that is go check out EOS. But that’s why they’re doing it on EOS for to enable microtransactions right. Not sure how that will play out, will be very interesting to see how that plays out in an ecosystem like this. But very exciting nonetheless so that’s really it guys. I wanted to you know. And if you do want to participate in the coin sale click on you know to join the ICO and then you can be whitelisted right here just by signing up here. And you’re good to go. So hopefully this was valuable? I think there’s a lot of potential in Starflow. I’m going to keep an eye on Starflow for a while. I’m going to likely dabble in and invest a little bit of money in Starflow as this develops out. Again this is not financial advice, but I do think that Starflow has potential. Of course do your own research. I’m not your CPA. I’m not your mother. I’m not your wife or your husband for that matter. But do your own research okay guys do your own research. Because it’s very, very important to do this, but I do think that Starflow has a lot of potential. They have a lot of work to go to build out this platform that they’re thinking about. It’s going to cost some money to do that which is why they’re raising money through the ICO. But I think the potential is fantastic. I think the founder is very invested in this. I think he’s smart. I think he knows what he is doing. And I think that there is a ton of potential around this ecosystem.

I’m Dan from cryptoCamacho.com guys I hope you found this valuable? And I will talk to you next time. See you later guys.