Episode Highlights:

  • 00:03 – Introduction
  • 00:59 – What Is The Name Of The ICO?
  • 01:24 – ICO Getting A Lot Of Good Ratings
  • 01:56 – What Is The ICO Project Aiming To Accomplish
  • 02:28 – What Is Socialmedia.market
  • 02:58 – Will ICO Make Connecting With Influencers Easier?
  • 05:17 – What Is Making It Difficult For Brands And Bloggers To Interact?
  • 06:16 – The State Of The Digital Marketing World Is Huge
  • 07:02 – New Generation Of Online Advertising
  • 07:44 – There Is So Much Money To Be Made
  • 08:26 – There Is A Lot You Can Do As An Influencer
  • 08:44 – The Team And Founders
  • 11:28 – Looking At Social Media Profiles
  • 12:22 – Comments Of How Persons Are Reacting To ICO
  • 13:24 – Taking A Look At The White Paper
  • 14:31 – Benefits For Token Holders
  • 15:45 – Benefits & Advantages Of Their White Paper
  • 17:17 – Advantages Of SMT’s
  • 19:03 – ICO Seems Progressive (Conclusion)

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Hey guys, what’s up? It’s Dan again from CryptoCamacho.com


And today guys I have a treat for you, I want to review an ICO that’s in the digital marketing space.They’re aiming to create a marketplace within the digital marketing arena and I’m really bullish on this ICO because I come from a digital marketing background, I’ve been doing it for gosh twenty years at this point, I’m very very familiar with the technology that’s out there currently, I’m very familiar with what you can and can’t do in the industry and we all know do you know marketing has literally blown up in the last like three to five years, it is blown up for enterprises, for small businesses, for independent people that want to use digital marketing technology, you can find digital marketing applications for literally anything in this ICO that I’m going to review hits that sweet spot in the digital marketing space and what they’re ultimately trying to do is create a marketplace for influencers to connect with advertisers. This has been done before but never been done on the blockchain and which is why I think this ICO is actually very interesting and very compelling.

00:59– What Is The Name Of The ICO?

Let’s jump right into it guys, the name of the ICO is Social Media Market, Social Media Market, SocialMedia.Market, you can go to that website, you’ll come here and let’s just look at the basics, right? Monetize your influence, decentralized influencer advertising marketplace. There’s an ICO that starts on February 9th, hasn’t started quite yet but it will be starting in about fourteen days, a little bit longer, fortune days, thirteen hours.

01:24– What Is The Name Of The ICO?

This is the total number of tokens that will be available and in the ICO, they’re calling them SMT’s, their social media tokens, you can go ahead sign up, this ICO is you know getting good ratings, I mean from all these different agencies out there that are now popping up to review ICO’s, to legitimize ICO’s, you know prevent scamming from ICO’s.They all got good ratings on this on social media market token, right? A 5.0 from Track ICO, 4.2 from ICO Bench, 4.0 from Token Tops and Triple A from ICO Bizarre.

01:56 – What Is The ICO Project Aiming To Accomplish

So, that’s very promising in and of itself but let’s dig into what this ICO is actually doing. What the project is actually aiming to accomplish, and I’ll touch on all these guys. This is I’m very very familiar with what they’re trying to do here because like I said I come from a digital marketing space and I’ve seen this before but never on the block chain, right? I mean you see companies like (Inaudible, 02:13) and others that have been trying to connect influencers with advertisers for a very very long time and it’s been very difficult to do for a variety of reasons and the block chain will hopefully solve a lot of these problems and I have a lot of faith in this particular ICO to do just that, right?

02:28– What Is Socialmedia.market

So, let’s read through it and I’ll explore and explain what exactly this is. SocialMedia.Market is the first decentralized marketplace connecting social media bloggers and advertisers, like I just said, right? Solving major influencer marketing problems that will create new opportunities for content monetization, community engagement and audience exposure, new ecosystem driven by block chain technology and social media token will simplify marketing interaction between businesses and influencers and I can speak from personal experience that this is very very difficult to do.

02:58– Will ICO Make Connecting With Influencers Easier?

Years ago I worked for a company called Symantec and Norton Anti-Virus software and I worked for that company in a marketing capacity for quite some time and we did actually try to run some campaigns where we were trying to connect with influencers in the security space, for example and it was very difficult thing to do right, we had to reach out individually, independently to each one of the influencers out there. We had to you know come up with a completely separate or independent contract with that particular advertiser, sorry with that particular influencer and we had to do that for every single one. So, you can imagine if you have a few influencers that you want to work with, the contracts can be a headache, the structuring of the offers can be a headache, you know the payment options can be a headache, especially with a large corporation. I’ve experienced it firsthand and so I’m very hopeful that this ICO will solve some of those problems because if you can literally do the transactions on the block chain using SMT tokens, disengagement with advertisers and influencers will be tremendously easier, it will be a whole lot easier, right? You will literally go into the block chain and you’ll see what influencers are available, you’ll see how much it costs to have them, you know promote whatever it is you’re promoting, you’ll come to the contract agreement right then and there on the block chain and everything will be verified through the block chain and you’ll pay those influencers with SMT or social media tokens as you know described here. So, let’s look through this a little bit more but I wanted to give you some background and insight into why I think this is going to be valuable, why I think it’s going to be a success because I’ve experienced it first hand and it was a very difficult thing to do and these guys are aiming to solve that, which is what I really like about it, right? So, okay how does this work SocialMedia.Market will create a global marketplace for advertisers and influencers among every major social network, providing convenient and transparent tools for the interaction of any party involved for maintaining commercial relationships between partners, again this was a pain point that I had SocialMedia.Market will use block chain technology to simplify integration, reduce fraud and cost for all market participants. That’s the number one thing that I found to be very difficult doing this independently without a platform like social media market, right and that’s why I think this is interesting. Token value is going to be upheld, not only about the transaction means with the platform services but also supported with the ability to participate in the decentralized dispute solution system gaining it earnings for token holders.

05:17 –What Is Making It Difficult For Brands And Bloggers To Interact?

So, here this kind of explains you know what the current situation is there’s bloggers, there’s influencers on social media, Facebook, YouTube, just go to YouTube you can see all the influencers there and then you’ve got brands, big name brands for enterprise companies, smaller name brands for small businesses and even individuals in some cases want to get notoriety, want to be you know have their own personal brand if you will and there’s this chasm between them you know there’s this chasm that makes it difficult for bloggers and brands to interact because a fraud because you know pricing is uncertain and it has always be structured individually. Complicated transactions, if you work for a corporate company, a Fortune 500 company, it’s often very hard to new transactions, you know with bloggers, with YouTubers, with whoever, you know this kind of people are that work on social media because they don’t have like corporate backing, you know to produce an invoice and to do all these things that sometimes corporations require and so it’s very hard to interact with them and in a partnership can be very very complex so I think they hit it right on when they called out all of these areas here and this kind of just highlights that again.

06:16 – The State Of The Digital Marketing World Is Huge

The state of digital marketing in 2017 is huge, it’s enormous guys and these numbers are likely outdated already because you know we’re now in 2018 and these are going, these numbers are going up significantly every – every single year. Every dollar spent creates $11.69 in return for influencer marketing and really for all digital marketing, I would say this really applies and they kind of hit on these stats because the opportunity in digital marketing is huge, just in digital marketing itself not even talking about block chain, the opportunity in digital marketing is enormous and I know I’ve been in it for twenty years guys, it’s an enormous, enormous market with you know angles every which way you can possibly think and I think this is a good company to that.

07:02 – New Generation Of Online Advertising

So, now it says, meet the new generation of online advertising with the first decentralized ecosystem to discover, create and analyze advertising campaigns with social media influencers. So, not only are they going to provide the intermediary yet to do business, you know with influencers or bloggers depending on which side you sit, they’re also going to provide analytics of those interactions and those campaigns that are executed by those influencers to give you the best results and I can see down the road they’ll start looking at all of the metrics across all of the campaigns, across all of the influencers and they’ll start tailoring the offers and these successes based on the outcomes that they’ve seen in the past, again something very very interesting and very smart in the marketing space and why I think this again has more potential.

07:44 – There Is So Much Money To Be Made

So, guys, there are 3.3 billion in the social media audience and there’s 77.3 billion spent on digital marketing every year, so this market is enormous right, so definitely in a big market. The token functionality itself, its core functionality will be maintained by a utility token, which is called The Social Media token, the SMT, which I just talked about. Every platform activity will require SMT to ensure transactions, campaign contract creation of data validity. So, basically, you’re going to pay for your campaigns through SMT tokens, you’re going to track your analytics through SMT tokens and the way they structure this, I’m not quite sure you know we’ll dig into the white paper here in just a second but this really just kind of goes through how the token will actually operate.

08:26 – There Is A Lot You Can Do As An Influencer

For influencers you can create a self-promotion campaign, you can donate, you can you know purchase tools for analytics, all kinds of things. For brands and agencies, you can acquire, personal marketing assistance. You can read through this all on your own but I think there are some definite use cases here to touch on.

08:44 – The Team And Founders

Okay, so the team, they have a number of advisors, U.S. based and International based, they have legal counsel. Let’s go through I want to look at the founders here really quick, some other locals in San Francisco right here, Century Natural Foods is actually a really interesting one because that is becoming very big and popular in California, it’s actually blowing up because it’s related to the medical marijuana, now the recreational marijuana laws and this guy is the COO of Century Natural Foods, which is actually been blowing up, so that gives me some confidence as well that he’s an early adopter in the markets that are about to blow up. Again, in block chain early adopters, so I like that he’s an advisor to this company and our team Dmitry Shyshov and Aleksandra Morozova. They are the founders, he’s the founder and she is the co-founder and the CMO. Let’s jump real quick over to their LinkedIn profiles, I always like to take a quick look at their LinkedIn profiles just to make sure they have a legitimate background, they have experience in the field that they’re promoting and working in but just real quick Dmitry, a passionate entrepreneur, the CEO and founder of R.Games and Nontita Limited, operating games and Esports industries over the three years, so he does have experience in you know this type of technology in marketing and things like that because in the gaming industry it’s very very big, so that gives me some confidence in him. Aleksandra is the marketing person behind R.Games and Nontita Limited, so it looks like those two work together in the past and she is the one working with influencers in the game and Esports industry on a daily basis, very interesting. She has more than ten years’ experience in digital marketing work on marketing campaigns with Apple, Sony, Dell, Asus, Microsoft, so forth and so on. So, she seems like she’s kind of the brainchild behind some of this and she gets it from an experience standpoint. If you have ever done work with influencers, if you’ve been on one side of the influencer aisle or the advertiser aisle, you’ll know, it’s very difficult to connect these people and so she probably gets that better than anybody else and which is why she’s the CMO of the company. Jumping over there LinkedIn profiles really quickly for Dmitry, let’s just look at his background really quick, social media is obviously for a year he’s been doing that. Let’s see, R.Games, which has been around for four years, Nontita Limited, two years again in the Esports industry, which we just talked about, so they do have experience there. I’m really going to look at Aleksandra’s profile a little bit more. She’s been with this company for a year, Chief Marketing Officer of Nontita Limited and again that’s the Esports industry, Fibrum – seven months, marketing again, diHouse again, marketing, marketing, marketing. So, she gets it, she’s been around the block in terms of marketing and she knows how to handle these situations, she knows what influencer marketing is and how difficult it is for advertisers to connect with influencers to do campaigns like we’re talking about here.

11:28 – Looking At Social Media Profiles

Let’s see let’s take a quick look over at their social media profiles, they got a lot of them. Let’s take a look at the Bitcoin Talk Profile and let’s also look at their Telegram Channel, I think I already got that open here. Here’s their Telegram Channel, 3,171 members not bad, I would expect it to be a little bit higher given it’s in the social media and digital marketing space, I would think that they would have a little bit bigger presence here, I don’t know when this launch though, it’s possible it’s fairly new but definitely go and join because you can ask any questions you like about the ICO. If you look at Bitcoin Talk, we got twenty-seven pages, and this was posted on October 19th, not as big as some of the other reviews that I’ve done but still pretty decent in terms of size. This again just talks about kind of what they are, we’ve gone through some of this. I don’t really want to look at this again, we’ll look at the white paper here in a second and you could look at it.

12:22 – Comments Of How Persons Are Reacting To ICO

What I want to really want to get to the comments here. Need to say that this will take a while to read all of your documents but at first sight, the project seems very interesting, I’ll definitely monitor this project, nice potential. I think it’s a good decision to utilize social media as a shape of advertising or marketing tools. This day social media already became every day. Okay, I am not going to read through all this, but I just want to get a sense of what people are thinking about when they’re looking at this at this particular ICO and how people are thinking. You can go here yourself, of course, read through all the comments, you know just to make sure you’re comfortable with this site, so you know yourself. This will give you a lot of answers to your questions and a lot of feedback of you know what kinds of people are engaging in this project and how many people are engaging in this project. I do want to look at like one previous page here, how you participate in a crowd sale, here’s how proud in a crowd sale, I look forward to it, I’m sure you can beat records. So, a lot of bullish and optimistic you know comments in that forum there, so very optimistic on that as well.

13:24 –Taking A Look At The White Paper

Let’s see what else here, I do want to jump into the white paper here, let’s jump into, okay this is the short white paper and let’s look at this really quick. I do like the way they’ve graphically done this, it’s pretty nice. It gives again some of the other views I’ve already given, how it works we’ve already talked about, already talked about this as well. The token economy, I will try, let me zoom in on this you guys can see this a little bit. All right, so this is that you know really how the platform itself will work. So, brands will come in and make payments through smart contracts, they’ll be holding SMT tokens to actually pay the influencers. Agencies may get commissions for connecting the two together brands and influencers and those SMT tokens can be utilized for commissions as well, which is pretty interesting as well. The influencers will receive payments, you know via SMT token via smart contracts through the platform. Payments for your own channel development decentralized solution so they’re building on an outcome of this separate arm as well to have decentralized dispute solutions. So, they’re billing out kind of this separate arm as well to have decentralized solutions that can be utilized through this platform.

14:31 – Benefits For Token Holders

Okay, so let’s look through these benefits here. So, there are some privileges in advantages for token holders. If you hold 15,000 SMT tokens, premium tools for brands bloggers look like you have access to some premium tools. You own 10,000 you’ll have access to their decentralized dispute solution system, again a way to make money. If you own 5,000 reduced service fees and 5,000 agents’ admission. So, you can get commissions for start connecting advertisers and influencers. The worldwide launch of this platform is going to be in Q1 of 2019, so they’re going to be in development this entire year of 2018 and their going to their token sale. Their platform will be released in probably six months in 2018, which is good to know as well and really the team, the token sale here you can look at. Token sale, the phase one has been finished, we’re going into phase two. Sorry, phase 1, actually I’m going to look on the website here, give me one second. So, the actual ICO starts in fourteen days, like I said. So, phase one was the pre-sale ICO and they did already raise some money, so the actual ICO is coming up.

15:45 –  Benefits & Advantages Of Their White Paper

Let’s look at their white paper, so here’s their white paper and I want to look for something like their benefits. This white paper is 58 pages, so they obviously have a very in-depth business plan, which we can look through a little bit but I don’t want to spend too much time looking through that because I want to find the core benefits here. Social media decentralized, system discover create, we already went through that. Okay, here are some advantages, here are some benefits and advantages, a short list of advantages, SocialMedia.Market will provide all parties as a service, transparency and competitive in a competitive marketplace, a wide range of social media platforms that will be utilized on the platform, reduced operational cost and fees are working with influencer campaigns, I can completely attest to that from personal experience, you will have significantly reduced operational costs by using something like this because you won’t have to individually connect with an influencer for every campaign that you want to run, you won’t have to individually connect with an influencer to structure pricing, to structure contracts, to make payments, it’ll all be done through the platform, so that’s very very cool I think and that’s a reason why a lot of these others haven’t worked out because of the complexity that requires one to one relationships like this. So, hopefully, the block chain will help resolve this. Accessible and easy to use even for small businesses, small businesses will be able to access and have smaller budgets on this, which I think is very interesting. Smart partnership for a wide range of users with the ability to create smart contacts tailored to specific needs using templates and smart tips, so you can structure deals however you want through smart contracts in the block chain, which I would really like about this solution as well.

17:17 –Advantages Of SMT’s

It’s fair. It’s the ultimate resource, smart planning, real-time analytics and data science, I like that they’re get their thinking to build the data science and analytics engine on top of this, which I think is very fascinating and will lead to other business models for them, which is a good sign that this idea is going to be a longer term then just the initial platform of connecting advertisers and influencers. I can see them selling the data in the future, I can see them analyzing the data with AI in the future and then selling it, I could see all kinds of different things being developed from this platform, third-party apps they could develop. Advantages of SMT’s, social media tokens, save, low cost, fast you know all your typical things, I think that you would like to see. Then it gets into the specifics advantages for influencers, for advertisers and I do want to see this decentralized dispute solution a little bit and this may take a little bit more reading, so I won’t go through all of it per say. Data science that is exactly what they’re doing what I just said, Big Data analytics in the future a longer term when this platform starts to take off, they’re going to start creating data applications on top of it, which they will ultimately sell and use for themselves. Think of Netflix guys, Netflix did the same thing. They started out as a movie producer selling or shipping DVD’s in little envelopes to every house, they don’t do that anymore, do they? Now, Netflix is a big data company that produces movies based on the data that they have. They’re going to do something like this, they’re not going to the movies, but you can see why this is powerful and how they can leverage the data to create other business models in the future, that’s the interesting part of this guys and that’s really about it. I want to see, yeah that’s really it guys.

19:03– ICO Seems Progressive (Conclusion)

I have some faith in this ICO, I think it’s very interesting. I’m curious to see how much traction it will get in the ICO. I’ll be reading about it more, it’ll be monitoring it a bit more and I’ll give you some updates on this but I’m curious to know what your thoughts are about SocialMedia.Market, what your thoughts are about marketplace that connects influencers and advertisers, do you think this is a viable business opportunity to be built on block chain? Do you think block chain is the right place for something like this? Would love to know if you think it has, you know viability and if you think it has some potential. Again, guys, I’m Dan from CryptoCamacho.com, hopefully, this was useful and thanks again for tuning in. If you haven’t subscribed yet, please subscribe to my YouTube channel by clicking on that red button. Talk to you later guys, bye.