Episode Highlights:

  • 00:30 – An Alert That Made Me Money
  • 01:27 – Coningy Is Where It’s At
  • 03:20 – When There Is A Dip Take Action

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Hey guys, what’s up? It’s Dan again from CryptoCamacho.com and man I just had an excellent trade and I just could not resist, I wanted to share it with you right away, but I literally just made a chunk of money in a matter of probably five minutes, maybe, maybe ten, it was probably five, it was probably like literally three to five minutes guys but anyway I’m Dan from CryptoCamacho.com. Where each day I teach you something about cryptocurrency, you guys know the spiel, let’s get right into it.

00:30 – An Alert That Made Me Money

So, guys I was literally just filming a video that I wanted to share with you guys as an update to the IOTA Microsoft partnership debacle and the price dip that caused on the IOTA coin, I literally was just randomly finishing up recording that video when I got an alert on my Coinigy account that a price had dropped, right you could set alerts on your Coinigy account to notify you when a price drop happens for any coin, on any exchange that supported Coinigy, right? So, I was just finishing up filming the video for this IOTA video right and I get this alert on Coinigy that you know, one of the cryptocurrencies that I’m watching, it dropped in price, it dropped to a significant level that I wanted to be notified on and I jumped over there really quickly and I bought and I literally just made a couple hundred dollars in just a few minutes and let me just show you exactly what I’m talking about here, guys.

01:27 Coningy Is Where It’s At

All right, so I am over at my Coinigy account right here and this is the AEON coin, right I have bought this coin in the past, I did trade this coin a bit in the past, I haven’t as of late, probably haven’t done it for the last maybe two months, haven’t really done it but in the last, so when I was making it the last video, I heard the alert, it popped up on my screen right that the price had dipped, when I saw it when I got you know this page to my Coinigy account and saw the dip, it was about maybe right here, you know something around there and I knew, okay, this could either go much lower or this can just correct itself and go back up right and my alert was set for probably right around here, right around here, its price at and so when I noticed it was already down a little further, I thought, okay what do I got to lose? I’m going to go ahead and place an order on here really quickly but I’m going to place it way below and if it happens to dip down that level, you know really quickly I will scoop something up and I’ll be able to sell it later, if it doesn’t, no harm done right, nothing happens, right? So, I quickly placed an order right down here at about 16,682, something like that, placed the order right down here and I literally waited, waited about one minute, maybe two minutes. All of a sudden, the order was bought and filled right here at the bottom and I knew I was like, oh this is fantastic, I was like great and I actually put an order even further down like somewhere around here, way down at the bottom here, that one didn’t actually fill, didn’t happen but I knew the price had dropped, you zoom in here. I knew that the price had dropped all the way down to 15, about 15,2 and I knew it could happen again, so I went ahead, and I put a couple orders here just to stagger it down to see where I could pick up some coins.  

03:20 – When There Is A Dip Take Action

That’s what you have to keep in mind guys, when there’s a dip like this and you can immediately see it from an alert, you can layer your buys all the way down, you can do that anyways without even, you know while setting an alert, you can layer your buys down, just whenever you want but you can do it right after you get the alert on your screen, you can just layer your buys all the way down, whatever you’re comfortable with right, and there you go and then you wait and see if it goes down further and that’s exactly what I did in this case in by doing so, I actually ran out and made let’s see about 30%, about 29.5% or about 30% in  like literally two minutes, two minutes and it actually even went up way further than that right, I could have sold you know much, much higher up, I could have made an additional 12%-13% on this already 30% that I made like that right and that’s the crazy thing about the cryptocurrency world, that’s the crazy thing about trading is that there’s these very quick fluctuations right and if you know how to play them, if you know how to work them right, you can make quick, quick profits like really quickly right. I mean I literally just made a couple hundred dollars for two minutes at work right, I set that alert probably maybe a month ago, maybe two months ago and I don’t even remember it existed right, that’s the beauty of my Coinigy account, I go right here, I go and I could set this alert and I could say, where do I want to set this alert, right? Maybe I want to set it right here and I go, okay set the alert, boom, it’s set and as you can see, I have four alerts set for this particular cryptocurrency and that’s exactly what happened today. I set this alert about a month ago, maybe even longer than a month ago, I don’t know exactly when I set it and today, literally I’m filming a video for my YouTube channel, the alert pops up, I go, I make a buy really low, down here because I stagger my trades, right. Coinigy allows you to do that, you can stagger your trades and then it immediately jumps back up and I immediately make a couple hundred dollars in a matter of a few minutes right, so crazy man. I just it’s just crazy and I want you guys to see the power of this right now, if you have not checked out Coinigy, you need to check out Coinigy and I’m not trying to promote Coinigy but you know I am trying to promote Coinigy, it’s been a game changer, it’s been a lifesaver for me, I cannot go back. I would never not use Coinigy because of how I know how to use it now, what I know about it, the ability to trade hundreds of cryptocurrencies literally from one screen, it’s fantastic. I connect all the different exchanges that I use, I then can choose whatever cryptocurrencies I want.

So, you could check out bifinancesexhange, bitfinances exchanges, you can check out any of these right, Bittricks exchange and you can trade cryptocurrencies on any of these exchanges, you can set alerts for any of these cryptocurrencies and you could do exactly what I just did. It actually makes me want to kind of renew myself and go through each of the exchanges and go through each of the coins and mark down the alerts of where I’d be interested to buy, where I’d be interested to enter that market because you can make very quick day trades and in this case it was like a minute, it was like a five minute trade, within five minutes, I bought, I sold, profited and I ran right and I’m making a video about it five minutes later, crazy how this thing works.

Anyways, I won’t make this video too long. I just kind of wanted to show you how I did that and you know, you guys can do the same thing, just make sure to set alerts in Coinigy here, if you haven’t signed up for Coinigy, there’s a thirty day free trial for Coinigy, after that I literally pay, I think I pay like $15-$18 a month, something like that and it’s a no brainer, I mean I just made multiple months’ worth back by this trade alone, so it goes to show you how valuable the software is to me right, the alerts, the ability to connect to all the exchanges, the ability to trade on really any of these platforms is phenomenal.

I’m Dan from CryptoCamacho.com. If you have not subscribed to my YouTube channel, go ahead and click that little red button down in the corner here, I will see you guys next time and hopefully this has been helpful for you, see ya.