Episode Highlights:

  • 00:18 – Circle Review
  • 01:18 – What Circle Does
  • 02:24 – Your Money Is Safe
  • 04:43 – Think Texting For Money
  • 04:57 – Cash In Flash
  • 06:09 – What Circle Is All About
  • 07:44 – How To Add Money To Your Circle Wallet

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Hey, what’s up, guys? Its Dan again from cryptoCamacho.com hey, today I wanted to talk about a very cool app that I’m discovered. I want to show you what that app is because I think it’s awesome. And I think that is the direction that the cryptocurrency markets need to go in order to gain mass adoption. What am I talking about guys?

00:18 – Circle Review

I’m talking about an app called circle. I have talked about it a little bit in some of my other videos, but I wanted to do more of a full review on the app and tell you what’s going on with this company. So, circle is a company that is basically, an app that allows you to send money like a text message with no fees. No borders and nobody else is doing it right. Here’s an interface a quick look at the interface of the app itself very clean, very nice very, very easy to use which I think is phenomenal. This company is backed by Goldman Sachs and it has received I think over like 150 million in financing from Goldman Sachs and other instant financial institutions. And this company recently purchased Poloniex exchange. I’m not going to go into that, I’ve already made a video on that, but pretty cool right. This app is going to blow up. It’s going to be built out like no other right. So, let’s go through the app and what it does right.

01:18 – What Circle Does

Finally, you could share money like everything else online – whether your friends are in the same room or in a different country is super easy and totally free. The way it should be exactly right. More crypto apps need to you know to follow the lead of circle here and build simple easy to use and very nice clean user interfaces, and user experiences right. Okay so, it’s free to download and to use wherever your friends are even between currencies there’s no exchange rate no markups, is no fee that’s pretty sweet right. You could send money through a text message to your friends with no fees that’s pretty awesome right. Nobody can do that today except circle easily sign up in seconds and start sending money and receiving it right. From your phone skip the ATM the check and the excuses and text cash whenever you need to texting cash that’s so awesome. It should have been like that a long time ago. We just have been able to do it until now. Social we’re built around conversations, so not transactions. So like texting send photos to get gifts Emojis and chat with 20 people at once as you move money. So, you could have like group chats group texts what not to send money. It’s pretty awesome right.

02:24 – Your Money Is Safe

How we keep your money saved? It talks about how your money is insured by FDIC insurance through US Treasury up to $250,000 that’s just like banks today. So, if you put money into circle it’s backed by Goldman Sachs and its FDIC insured up to $250,000 great peace of mind right. So it’s not like one of these exchanges that are in China and if you go and you lose your money, you are alone they will insure your money which is fantastic right. So you put a lot of money in here and not worry about it at all. I think it’s a super exciting plus your account details are double encrypted and you can able to step verification and fingerprint ID very cool. I’ve actually not seen any other fingerprint IDs that get into your cryptocurrency accounts pretty cool first with that as well. And some of the features they have group chat, and we gang about, the dough you owe, text your share of the rent if you would like. So that’s pretty cool you could text your rent to somebody right. If your provider accepts that all right send your mate abroad a pint when you can’t watch the match together that’s pretty sweet right. You could have a friend in the bar and they’d be doing something and you could say hey I’m going to buy you a drink and you can just send them a quick text message with some Bitcoin and they can just buy themselves a beer right. There with their bit pay card right. You can send it to their Bitpay whatever and they could just buy a beer right there on you and they could be all the way across the world. I think that’s pretty sweet. I think that’s actually really cool next. Okay chip for dinner even once your wallet to stay home. Okay you don’t even have to bring your wallet for dinner you can just bring it your phone and make payment right. That’s pretty cool as well instantly pay the personal trainer, babysitter, or a guy who carried your couch upstairs. Again a very, very easy way to pay just through text message there’s nothing like this out there today. And I think this is going to be revolutionary this company, this app and this is the way that Bitcoin is intended and the way that cryptocurrencies are going to change the world guys, is through things like, This making it very, very, very easy to transact with others in Bitcoin or cryptocurrency payments. All right so let’s look through there a little bit more and they say their value prop; we speak money, we believe sharing money should be instant for you securing fun among friends across borders and between currencies. So, no matter where you are in the world, everybody is part of the conversation let’s take a quick look you know at some of these right here, because I think this is pretty important.

04:43 – Think Texting For Money

Think texting for money. We’ve built around conversations, not transactions. We’ve already kind of read this, but look at here’s the interface of how it actually works right. You send a text message you get money very, very simple. Simple as that really there’s not a lot to explain because it’s as simple as that.

04:57 – Cash In Flash

Cash in a flash; Instant cash out means money when you want it aka money right now even if it’s 10:00 p.m. on Sunday plus they don’t charge any fees. So, anytime anywhere in the world, they can make payments, you can make group payments, you can you know talk about let’s see what’s this more the money are getting everyone to know on the circle makes payback super simple. Plus you and your friend both get $5 when they sign up. So, if you guys sign up through my link in the show notes below you guys will get $5 I will get $5. We’ll all get free money and it’ll be as good as that right. It’s free to use no exchange fees, no exchange rate fees, no crypto fees, and no fees guys. It’s free awesome. You can’t say the same for Coinbase; you can’t say the same for other exchanges other wallets. It does typically cost a fee to send Bitcoin right here it does not. Which is pretty cool right? Secure it’s insured very, very, very important its encrypted two levels of encrypted and is protected by a fingerprint ID, a face ID which is very sweet right. You can protect your wallets with a face ID, and or a fingerprint ID. So, they are up on the cutting edge technology. They get it guys.

06:09 – What Circle Is All About

So, let’s look at them really quickly in terms of what the company is. Ever think about why you can’t email your friend in China, read an Italian newspaper on your tablet or post pics of your trip abroad instantly virtually free, when moving money in archaic and frustrating? We did a lot. So, they’ve thought about this for a while, and they decided we need to make this simpler to send money right. and so, now they’re saying we’re using our experience and internet technology and it shows and global finance to do this right. And they are backed by a bunch of investors. Circle back by 140 million in venture capital from investors including Goldman Sachs, IDG Capital, all these financial firms right that are saying Bitcoin is a scam are backing this app which I think is hilarious. I think it’s actually quite crazy that they’re doing that, but I think it’s great you know to enable a technology like circle to build, to grow out. I think it’s fantastic. And I think we need a lot more of this you know in the future. So I’m going to go ahead and sign in here and I’m going to show you what the interface looks like just a little bit all right. So let’s see contact@cryptocamcho.com and we’ll put in my pass and then we’ll sign in. and I’m going to need my verification code it’ll send it to me in just a sec. it sends it sends a text to my phone because I have not enabled two-factor authentication yet, but I will, but for now let’s use this. Okay so, here’s my account here’s. the interface I haven’t put any money in yet, I just discovered this app I’m going to start testing it out and I’ll make another video to test it out and let you guys know how it works.

07:44 – How To Add Money To Your Circle Wallet

Okay so, yeah all you do to add money to your balance. You just add money you can add money in a variety of ways. You could do it through a debit card; you could through do it a bank account, and so forth and so on. And then you can just send that money through texting right you can text that person your money and they can get money right. And so, that’s how you add money. You can do you know add your profile settings and so forth. You know but that’s not really what I want to show you. You can cash out if you wanted to put the money back into your bank account, or back on your debit card. You could very easily do that kind of looks like a Coinbase interface right. Start a new transaction you can send money assuming you have money in your account, which I do not right now. So I can’t show you, but I will as soon as I have money in there. You put in somebody’s name, email, or phone number and you could send it right. From this interface right here on the computer, or you could download the app and send it on the app through your phone right here very, very cool. Again I wanted to talk to you that about that or you can request money. So, if you know somebody else that uses this app you can request money from them you can just you know let’s say I did business for somebody and they owe me 20 bucks right. I could just type in their email address John right here and say okay John you owe me $20 and you could send them a message give me my $20. Give me 20, but give me 20 you can say send requests. I’m going to send this request to John I don’t know who it is it’s the default it came up right. But I sent them message request money. Okay so, let’s see if John sends me 20 bucks. I don’t know who John is, but that’s what it is. That’s it guys is as simple as that. I mean super, super clean interface very, very clean interface one thing else I want to show you is that if you do use my link below when you sign up, you’ll use a promo code here and you’ll get $5 like I said. And here’s my link right here I’m going to show I’m going to put this in the show notes. Again send friend this links this link and you’ll both get $5 when you sign up with a debit card and send $25. I’m going to be signing up for this. I’m going to be talking about this a lot more in upcoming videos. But I wanted to show you this piece of software because I think it has huge, huge potential and the fact that they just bought Poloniex the exchange means that they’re going to try to incorporate this into the exchanges right. so you could just transact back and forth between your debit card, between your iPhone, and between a cryptocurrency exchange you’re going to be able to do this seamlessly on an interface like this which I think is awesome. It’s coming guys it’s coming yeah Bitcoin is going mainstream and these things are going to help it tremendously. Don’t take my word for it go to the link below cryptocamacho.com/circle and you can actually sign up here get $5 for free. And start sending people and receiving money through text messages that is so awesome. I just love it. I want to keep talking, because it’s just very, very cool that this technology exists now and I’m just so excited to try it. I’ll do another video once I add money to my account. And once I actually test it and get a debit card, I will add some funds here and I’ll let you know how it works. And make another video of that in the meantime. Guys let me know what you think about this tech. I’d be really curious.

My name is Dan I’m from cryptocamacho.com. If you haven’t subscribed please do by clicking on that little red button below the video right there and your right or your left go ahead and click on that button and I will share with you a videos every single day with new tips new tricks and new you know new things like this that’ll help you become more fluent in cryptocurrency. And help you understand what’s actually happening right now in the world of cryptocurrency guys. Again thanks for watching and I will talk to you later see.