Episode Highlights:

  • 00:04 – Have You Ever Been Restricted From Purchasing An Ico
  • 01:30 – Crowd Machine Token
  • 02:13 – Tunnel Bear
  • 04:27 – John Mcafee Acquire Tunnel Bear

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Hey, guys what’s up? It’s Dan again from cryptoCamacho.com


And hey guys have you ever been extremely frustrated when you find an ICO that is just the best and the awesome ICO you’ve ever seen? You go and you want to purchase those tokens, and you go to click on purchase tokens of a particular ICO. And you find out that uh nope you’re a US citizen you cannot purchase and participate in this ICO. Has that ever happened to you guys? it’s happened to me, and it has frankly just pissed me off, because I’ve been so close to pulling the trigger on multiple ICOs and then I get up to the point where I put in all my information and I go to actually purchase the ICO, and it tells me oh you’re a US resident you cannot purchase this ICO blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. So, if you guys haven’t known, so ICOs are right now being really scrutinized by the SEC. you know cryptocurrency, in general, is really being scrutinized by the SEC, by the US government, by the financial world in general. Right now the SEC is drafting rules to you know to weed out scamming ICOs, ICOs that you know may harm others and so forth. And so, because of that, there’s many ICOs that actually will not let US citizens participate in the ICO right. And that can be frustrating, even sometimes when the ICO is based within the United States itself, you cannot participate in that ICO if you are a US resident. So, to say the least; I mean that is super, super annoying very annoying right. It happened to me when I wanted to actually go and purchase crowd machine tokens.


Crowdmachine.com it’s one of the coolest ICOs, one of the ICOs that I think has the most potential in 2018, 2019. I mean this is a game-changing technology that they’re trying to build out. And when I was trying to join the presale, and actually buy ICO tokens from crowd machine, I actually received this email right here says Crowd machine Whitelist US residents. We noticed that you are you a United States resident, unfortunately, due to US regulatory uncertainty; you are unable to participate in the presale period. So, just because I’m a US citizen I was unable to participate in the presale of crowd machines ICO right. That really frustrated me.


So, what did I d? I turn it to a tool called tunnel bear. So, what is tunnel bear? Tunnel bear I’ve bought it before on a video in the past. What tunnel bear lets you do, it lets you anonymously browse the Internet using a private VPN…a cloud…sorry a cloud-based VPN that lets you basically, browse the Internet and in select whatever country you want to be based in. So, you can basically mask the fact that you are a United States citizen, and you can basically; tell you know your internet service provider that you’re coming from England, or from India, from wherever you want in the world. All you have to do is go and sign up to tunnelbear.com. It’s relatively inexpensive to sign up. It’s free if you want to transfer over 500 megabytes. So, it’s free for the test plan. I definitely recommend you go and you check out the test plan $9.99 a month for additional data, but go ahead and check it out. What tunnel bear will give you the ability to do; it’ll give you the ability to purchase ICOs even if you’re a US citizen for those ICOs that are excluding US citizens to participate in those ICOs. Why? Because what’s being done is, whenever you go to a website your IP address basically tells the site where you’re coming from right. So, my IP address is based in the United States. It’s based in California right. So, what tunnel bear does is tunnel bear actually, grabs an IP address from a different country, it masks your IP address that you’re currently using from your ISP, your internet service provider and it pretends or fakes it that you’re using an IP address from a different country; therefore tricking the system or the website that you are not a US citizen. So, this is one way to get around being a United States citizen and wanting to participate in ICOs. Now guys definitely talk to your-your-your-your I don’t know your lawyers, I guess about this if you have concerns. I personally don’t have any concerns you know VPNs are very, very common. You can actually go and buy a physical VPN from the store. What tunnel barrier is; it’s actually just a cloud-based VPN so you don’t actually have to buy any hardware. It’s at a very, very good price and this is a way to get around being banned from participating in ICOs. I’ve been using it, it’s phenomenal for $10 a month you cannot beat the price.


And actually, one quick note on this is that recently, if you search for a tunnel bear acquisition you’ll notice that McAfee, John McAfee right. The one of the biggest cryptocurrency enthusiast proponents now today, he recently acquired the VPN Company Tunnel Bear you know just like a month ago. Like about a month ago I saw this, I was going to make a video about it, but I haven’t had a chance. But they purchased it right. So, Mr. John McAfee is bullish on Tunnel Bear. He sees value in it. He sees that other people in the cryptocurrency space are going to start using VPNs like this as more private privacy security so forth become more mainstream. and when people are now requiring privacy, requiring security you know wanting the government to get out of their business, to get out of their for hair what they’re doing. John McAfee sees the value in Tunnel bear; I see the value in Tunnel bear, because you can actually participate in ICOs and other things even if you’re a US citizen. So, check it out guys tunnelbear.com I’ll leave the link in the show notes below in the description box. I’m Dan from cryptoCamacho.com if you haven’t checked out Tunnel Bear I definitely recommend you go check it out. If you haven’t subscribed my YouTube channel, please do it by clicking on that little red button underneath the video right there. Nope I’m not flipping you off; sorry I’m sorry guys I’m not trying to flip you out. I’m trying to make you click that little red button, because when you click that little red button guess what happens? The next time you’re on YouTube and I publish a new video, you’re going to see that video come up first and foremost. And also you’re also going to get an email anytime I publish a new video, with new content which could be timely right, because I do make recommendations to buy different cryptocurrencies at different times. So, you want to definitely get on board with that and be subscribed to my channel. Again I’m Dan from cryptocamacho.com hopefully enjoyed this video? And guys I’m out until next time.