Episode Highlights:

  • 02:34 – The Gaming Platform
  • 03:18 – Increasing The Amount In Your Bitcoin Account On Bitsler
  • 04:12 – Setting Your Variables Using Bitster Automated Betting
  • 07:20 – How To Make Money With Bitsler?
  • 08:54 – Tracking Bitsler Daily Increase

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Hey what’s up guys? It’s Dan from CryptoCamacho, where each week, I teach you something about Cryptocurrency, or what’s happening in the cryptocurrency space. Sometimes, I talk about trading sometimes; they talk about tools and resources that may be helpful for you in the cryptocurrency space. Sometimes I talk about the price of Bitcoin, or the price of Aetherium. But each week, I try to teach you something about Bitcoin, or tools, or resources, related to help you in your Crypto journey. I’ve been trading cryptocurrency for about a year at this point. I’ve learned a lot along the way and I want to share that with you. And today, I want to talk a little bit about online gaming sites, related to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

I’m not typically a gamer, I don’t typically go to Vegas, I don’t typically bet a lot of money when gambling. I mean I’ll do you know game a blackjack here and there, butI’m not typically a big, big gambler. And the thing that really intrigued me about Bitcoin online gaming or online gaming that’s, that’s using a cryptocurrencies is that there are loopholes. It’s such anew space right now, that there are loopholes, in ways that you can make money on these gaming sites. You can make additional Bitcoin; you can make additional Aetherium coins, and so forth and so on.The reason I wanted to talk about this today, is because there’sone particular gaming site that allows you to bet using cryptocurrencies specifically Bitcoin, Aetherium and Litecoin and so forth, and I wanted to talk about this particular site because there is a loophole that I have found in a way that you could potentially multiply your bitcoins to make thousands of dollars, right.Initially you won’t make thousands of dollars, but I’m going to go through and show you the exact process to use these gaming sites to actually multiply your bitcoins it’s pretty fascinating to me.I’m just kind of starting it out; I’ve been researching a lot about these different gaming sites and what I’m finding out, is that there are methods that you can use on these gaming sites to increase your odds of winning better than the house odds, right. So think about it as this you know, imagine if you went to Las Vegas and you sat down for a game of Blackjack and your odds were always better than the house odds right that’s kind of unseen right you don’t see that anywhere well with these cryptocurrency online gaming sites that is exactly what you can do. You can create different methods and algorithms to increase your odds much higher than the actual help house odds. And so it’s a journey that I’m going to go on to actually test this methodology out and so what I wanted to talk to you about today is a gaming site called Bitsler. It’s called Bitsler and I’m going to go ahead and show you what Bitsler looks like.

02:34 – The Gaming Platform

So, what Bitsler is? It’s really just an online gaming site, like I said where you can roll dice and bet using cryptocurrencies, and in this case you can use Bitcoin, Aetherium, Litecoin,Dodgecoin and Burstcoin and, that’s the currencies they support today. And essentially, what you do is,you go in here and you make a wager you know whatever it is you may want to say I want to bet one Bitcoin, or you may want to bet a fraction of a Bitcoin and you can set your actual chances of winning whether that’s you know, 49.5%,or you can even set it for 75% chance of winning, and of course, when you increase the chances of winning your payout goes down. And so, I want to talk about this site today,because I have figured out a method that I need to test and I want to take you along for this ride with me.

03:18 – Increasing The Amount In Your Bitcoin Account On Bitsler

But I found a method that you can actually multiply the amount of Bitcoin you have in your account on this particular site and let’s take a quick look at Bitslersee how it works. I mean so you’ve already, I’ve already showed you that you could do dice, you can roll dice, and you can set your bet amount, you can adjust the pay-out and that the chances of winning you can also play other games right you play Roulette you play multicolour, Cara Y Cruz, you can play a variety of games. And ultimately you can look at the stats of, how you’re actually winning or not winning? So you can see my stat here, I just been kind of playing around with it I haven’t really implemented my strategy fully yet. But you can kind of just see I mean you know 5,000 bets quite a few I’ve won it quite a few times I’ve lost quite a few times my luck is 101%, this will be important later, keep note of that.

04:12 – Setting Your Variables Using Bitster Automated Betting

So, one other thing that you can do with Bitsler which makes any unique site and a little different from some of the others,is this thing called Automated Billing. I’m sorry Automated Betting and what Automated Betting is? Is you essentially you could you know still set the chance,set the pay-out, set the amount of Bitcoin or a cryptocurrency you want to bet but you can then adjust the number of rules and the speed that you’re betting against right you can actually determine or set variables or set different inputs of you know after a winning event after you’ve rolled the dice and you’ve won you want to return to the original to the original base or price that you’re betting. Or do you want to increase or decrease you know the amount that you’re betting in that particular bet in the case of losing events you can you know do the same thing when you lose do you want to return to the base that you bet or do you want to increase or decrease your bet. And this got me thinking of wow,there must be a way to build or develop an algorithm that can take all of these variables and factors in mine, to allow you to create a, a program if you will that allows you to bet against the odds using game theory to bet against the house with odds that are much higher than the house itself and this really got me thinking and you know I was thinking okay can I develop a script? Or can I develop an algorithm that will let me increase my odds higher than the house?and I have just actually found that and I’m just starting to test that out today and it’s so,so exciting for me because literally I’ll show you this in just a second but literally you go in and you set up this program and you, you make it execute on a bit slower on this website and you will magically see your bitcoins increase in value the number of bitcoins you have you magically see them increase and again I’ll show you this in just a second. But this is mind-blowing it’s,it’s mind-blowing. When I first saw this and I first started using it I could not believe my eyes right but this is not a get-rich-quick scheme, this is not something that you kind of set and forget and just come back the next day and you have you know 10 Bitcoin sitting in your account that’s not how it works at all. You have to methodically go through and use you know what I’m about to show you this program to systematically increase your account value or the number of Bitcoin you have in your account over a period of time daily, weekly, monthly and in turn you can make many, many, many, many, many hundreds of dollars every single day and increase that over time if you do this the right way. So that’s what Bitsler is in a nutshell.

I wanted to show you a little bit about how it works and there are a couple other features here,you know you can withdraw; you could deposit your Bitcoin. One other little quick tip I want to show you. There’s something called Free Bitcoin here, when you click on this and it’s not going to work for me because, I already have an account balance but, if your account balance was zero,you can actually click you know get free Bitcoin and it will give you a certain amount of free Bitcoin just for playing right but your account balance needs to go to zero. So don’t rely on this a whole lot it’s not the focus but I just wanted to show you that as a feature they don’t show you logs about your deposits and your withdrawals so forth and so on.

07:20 – How To Make Money With Bitsler?

So, I want to show you guys, how I’m going to make money with Bitsler? How am I going to do this?How am I actually going to make this work right? Okay, so like I said how am I going to make money with Bitsler? And what I’m about to show you is so groundbreaking and so really secretive at this point in my opinion because it’s a way that you could generate free Bitcoin essentially you know if you do this the right way and so I really,really want you to pay attention carefully because there is a very specific process that you need to follow in order for this to work correctly. But essentially, what I’m going to try to do is I am going to try to increase my account to where I can actually start making $250, a day by,using the method that I’m about to show you. And if you don’t think it’s possible, just wait and see this is extremely, extremely fascinating and I want to show you something really quick.So how I’m I going to track this stuff? So how am I going to track my balance? You know, my starting balance and my ending balance over time in the next thirty days to show you that I can get to $250 a day, by using the method that I’m about to show you. So I’ve set up a simple spreadsheet here,called the bitsler daily growth monitor, or a bitsler the growth tracker.If you will and what it is basically it shows you the date it shows you the starting balance I have in my account and it shows the ending balance that I’ll have at the end of the day every single day. It will show you the day over day increase in value of the account in the day over day ROI of the account and I have two accounts here I’m going to start with one account but this is a second account I may open up but I just wanted to show you and over here are two methods that I’ll be using to actually you know generate this new Bitcoin into my account every day.

08:54 – Tracking Bitsler Daily Increase

So already today, my account balance started with you know, .005 Bitcoin, and already today and the day is about half over now the day is not fully over but I’m already at, .0078, Bitcoin has my ending balance for just today right and I just started this so that’s definitely not $250 a day, but over time exponentially that number is going to increase and so at the end of today, this number will likely be up at around,10.00,10 or something,something like that right and I can show you that at the end here so this is how I’m going to track you know what I’m going to do exactly. So what I want to actually dive into though is,let me go back to Bitsler and let me show you exactly how this process works.So first, the very first thing you need to do is, you need to go to Bitsler.Com, and you need to actually sign up for an account. So again, go to Bitsler or you can go to Crypto Camacho slash Bitsler, sign up for an account get an account as soon as you can and once you have an account you actually have to deposit, .025 Bitcoin, to make this work. It’s very important that you do this guy’s you need to have enough bandwidth or enough betting room to make this process work right. You can’t just go in there with no Bitcoin and expect all the sudden that Bitcoin.You need to go in, and you need to fund your account, with just a small amount of Bitcoin and it could really be any amount I say, .025, because I’llgive you enough run limb to actually do what I’m about to show you in this process. So first sign up to Bitsler go to Crypto Camacho.Comslash Bitslergo and deposit, .025 Bitcoin or around that amount once you’ve done that you’re ready to go okay.So what you have to do is once you first get in here, you have to change the chance. It will be default at, 49.5%, go ahead and change that to 50% and you want to go ahead and change the amount you bet to four zeros and a one. I’m going to actually use yeah I’ll go to four zeros and a one actually I’m going to do two I’ll bump it up to two again you could use you know just make sure you’re conservative right here cause, if you put this value too high your,your balance will deplete faster than it can actually recover by the gains that we’ll make and you’ll see what I’m talking about here in a second.Okay, you’ve signed up for an account, you have deposited your, .025Bitcoin, you’ve set the chance to 50% you have,you know set the amount you want to bet to a pretty conservative pretty low.Now right now what do we do?

First we have to go, we have to copy the algorithm that’s been made I’m going to go ahead and copy this and, I’m going to paste it. So what we have to do, is we have to execute this particular algorithm in the browser and the way to do that, is you right click on the page, you click insert, then you go to the console and I have to add that I am using Chrome you could do this with other browsers chrome is pretty easy touse,go to the console and you’ll see right here there’s a command line I paste thescript in the command line and what you’re about to see is very, very, very magical and fascinating so watch as soon as I paste the script in the console I’m going to press enter in my Bitcoin it will start multiplying and right before your eyes. Now before I do this, I want a caveat that you cannot just let this run and,run and, run forever it will not work like that. You can’t do it right you cannot do it if you let this run and run and run forever your account balance will go to zero. I want to make sure that you guys are very, very aware of that. You have to run this particular program in,three to five minute, two to four minute increments throughout the day right run it for three to five minutes wait. Maybe 20 – 25 minutes maybe an hour even longer and then run it again three to five minutes run it again and slowly over time your balance is going to increase.

So let me go ahead and let me execute this and let me show you exactly what happens all right I’m going to go ahead and paste it in here I’m going to press ENTER and I’m going to monitor this very, very,very closely but you can see that my account balance is just going up right and it’s not going to keep going up what it’s doing right now is it’s betting against the system so every time it loses, it adjusts the amount it adjusts the betting so that you know exactly how much is coming in out of your account. And if you see I’m going to let this run again for like two to three minutes just to show you in this demo but you’re going to notice that my balance is going up from Beyond 79, it’s going to go up right. It’s depleting right now because, it’s working through the program it’s working through the algorithm to do its magic and it’s going togo down,and down a little bit but watch it’s going to go up very quickly so you just jump to 80 and I was at 79 it’s going up and you’re losing a bit morelosing a bit more and so again what I said before is it’s very, very important that you watch this balance and make sure it doesn’t get too low because if it gets too low your amounts that you’re betting are going to amplify, and multiply,and what’s going to happen is your balance is going to drain to zero. So don’t make that mistake watch it very carefully that conservatively and watch your account grow so to stop the script you press f5, or you refresh the browser and it will and there’s even a warning if it’s a stop warning don’t use a script or bot you will lose your balance.That is true that is true with you let this run for too long you will lose your balance but look right there I just literally made probably a couple dollars not a whole lot but I made a couple dollars just like that magically I didn’t do anything right I just ran that program and you can do the same thing too. And so I am going to do this every single day multiple times a day and I am going to try to get up to a daily profit of $250, a day.Right now my profits fairly small, right it’s very small I mean let’s check out what I’m at right now today so if I go today starting with my account balance let’s see I had,.005, Bitcoin let’s go search and see how much that is today so we got BTC to USD.So I started today with $35.65, in Bitcoin today bitcoins about seventy three hundred dollars that’s how much it is today right. Now my account balance right here as you can see I’ve done this a few times today it’s 0.00818, let’s go ahead and adjust that number and let’s see so I’ve gone from $35, today to $58 today in a single day and the day is not even over yet but I’ve been running this this program off and on throughout the day for literally two to four minute and I’ve already almost doubled my money. So you can see this is very, very powerful I wanted to bring you guys this I wanted to show you how I’m actually going to do this and you can do the exact same thing too so let’s again,let’s review the process really quick so there’s essentially nine steps in this process the first step is to go to Crypto Camacho.Com Bitsler and sign up for an account you can click on the link in this video in YouTube or you can click on the link anywhere else I posted this and you can get there to sign up for an account next deposit .025Bitcoin into your account any, any initial capital will really work but .025 Bitcoin is safe,because it gives you enough runway to actually build up your account next you need to set the betting chance value to 50% and then you need to also set the amount to bet to .00001 Bitcoin, that’s four zeros and a one Bitcoin right then you need to execute the algorithm in the browser,like I just showed you and you need to monitor it right you need to monitor your account balance you know let it run for three to five minutes not letting the account balance go too low because you’ll risk going to zero and then you need to stop the program f5 or refresh the browser just stop the program and repeat this 20 times a day 30 times a day but don’t do it too much right they may be on your account you may get blacklisted, your account may go to zero,don’t overdo it don’t get greedy right.

So that is essentially what the process looks like that is what you need to do to make money on Bitsler today,every day,tomorrow, the next day, try it out. So again I want you to know that I have not proven out this method I have not really you know dug in deep here I’m just starting this journey I’ll be posting updates maybe daily maybe not maybe a book every couple of days to show you the progress of this program and how it’s working for me but I really want you to pay attention to this because this is a really a fascinating way to make Bitcoin that many of you probably haven’t heard of and if you have. I’d love to know what your experience is with Bitsler or other gaming sites that you’ve been using as well. I just think that this is a really, really easy and fascinating way to make money online today especially you know through cryptocurrencies. Now, the big question comes up,Is this legitimate? Is this like is this legal to do? And the answer is yes. Bitsler is very, very legitimate it’s been around for a very long time has many, many users using the system today, is the method you know legal in is it legitimate doing what I’m actually trying to do writing a program to actually increase my odds against the house. And the answer is yes I mean they essentially do the same thing right here Bitsler is allowing you to do the same thing right here they’re just not letting you do it programmatically as I have done by writing a script or an algorithm to do it for me but you can essentially do the same thing here because what’s happening is I’m putting in a baseline that right and every timeit’s betting if I’m losing or winning its then recalculating my odds what my odds should be and it’s adjusting theamount that I bet you know by either increasing it to double the amount or by decreasing it to half of the amount right. And so, it’s constantly calculating probabilities and you know the odds statistically of winning against the odds of losing on Bitsler. So this is a 100% legitimate, 100%you know fine to do the, the thing I really want to test here is the validity of my hypothesis. Can I use an automatica lgorithm, to increase my odds of winning in Bitsler to where I can make $250 a day?I mean should I be happy with a hundred dollars a day as well, but I really want to get up to that $250 a day mark and show you guys that it’s possible.

So again I’m Crypto Camacho, I’m Dan I hope you guys found this video useful I’m going to post a lot more videos about Bitsler, and about my progress,and about the journey that I’m going on.Hopefully you found it useful if you do want to get the algorithm that I’m using if you want to download the growth tracker the Bitsler growth tracker that I showed you and I’ll show you one more time at this guy right here you need to go to CryptoCamacho.Com//Bitsler download. And I’ll put that link in the show notes so you can see it you can download the script there and you can download the actual spreadsheet tracker, that I just showed you.

Again, I’m Crypto Camacho. I hope you guys find this useful I’m very, very excited to test this out, and I will give updates on how it’s going. Please let me know the same, and I will talk to you guys next time.See you guys.