Episode Highlights:

  • 00:03 – Advice You Will Learn From This Video
  • 00:08 – Iota Price Change
  • 00:32 – How You Can Buy Iota Coins
  • 03:30 – Registering For An Account On Binance
  • 06:14 – Enabling Two Factor Authentication
  • 07:14 – Transferring Funds From Coin Base Into Binance
  • 07:38 – Buy Bitcoin To Transfer To Binance
  • 10:25 – Testing Deposits To Banana Account
  • 11:05 – Confirming Bitcoin Transfers
  • 11:44 – How To View Transaction History
  • 12:04 – Transferring More Bitcoin From Coin Base To Binance
  • 14:29 – Setting Up The Api On Binance
  • 16:09 – Buying Iota Coins On Binance

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What’s up guys, Dan again from cryptocamacho.com

00:03 – Advice You Will Learn From This Video

And today I want to talk about IOTA coin.

00:08 – Iota Price Change

Look at the chart behind me. IOTA is starting its run to the moon. And you guys have seen my previous videos on IOTA I talk about how IOTA is going to go to the moon within the next couple of months. And I recorded that video when I own it was about $0.45 per coin. And today it’s at $1.35 per coin, that was about two months ago. So it’s already more than doubled. It’s actually about tripled in price since the last recording on my video.

00:32 – How You Can Buy Iota Coins

Binance I really want to just show you guys quickly how you can buy on a coins today on the binac crypto exchange. I have bought in the past on the bitfinex exchange. There’s a new exchange that supports it it’s called binance, and I want to show you exactly how to buy that in this video.

Essentially we’re going to do are a couple steps. We’re going to go to coin base, we’re going to buy something coin. Then from a coin base we’re going to transfer the coin over to the Binance exchange after we register for an account. And we’re going to actually go ahead and buy some IOTA coin to show you guys exactly how to do it as well.

If you want to start this process, go on the show notes, go to coin base, buy Bitcoin, go to Binance and register for an account and then buy your IOTA coin. There is definitely still time to get in on this coin. it’s still very very very low, the price jumped today because Microsoft announced a partnership with IOTA and announced that they’re going to start featuring IOTA on their Assur app exchange, basically letting any developer now tap in and use the IOTA platform and software technology that wants to tap into the Internet of things. This is what I’ve been warning about. This is exactly what I’ve been telling you guys about. It’s starting to happen, Microsoft is partnering, G.E. is showing some interest, Cisco showing interest, Intel I.B.M…It’s all starting to roll and the prices are extremely extremely low. Even $1.35 is a super super good price to buy IOTA right now.

Imagine if I would it goes to $10 and it will in the next, i don’t know how long, I’m not going to predict a price in time. But in the next year if I own a goes to ten dollars you’re going to increase your money, your capital by tenfold. You’re going to get tenfold increase on your capital. Don’t make the same mistake that I made when I first started looking at IOTA and this is about the time I first started getting into cryptocurrency which was about a year ago; a little bit more than a year ago. I swear I looked at IOTA and I was reading about IOTA, reading about alt coins and trying to learn what they were. At the time I was very new. I didn’t know much about crypto currency and whatnot. Started reading about IOTA and I immediately knew that there was promise and saw promise and potential in the IOTA coin early early on. And at the time I was looking at it, it was nine cents a coin. It was literally nine cents for one IOTA. And back then I didn’t even own any bitcoin. This was right before I bought bitcoin and I was just starting to buy it. Didn’t really know the exchanges were. Didn’t have Coinigy, didn’t really start trading on the exchanges yet. And literally a month later when I started getting into day trading and things like that the price then jumped from nine cents all the way up to forty cents and went back up to ninety cents.

And then it did actually drop for a while. I mean you can see kind of here, you know it went up to ninety then it went all the way back down to like the sixty’s, so it has fluctuated quite a bit. But the time is right, you can still get in IOTA now. You still have a chance. $1 is still fairly low, so get it now. I’m going to show you this video exactly how to do it in a hopefully it’s helpful. Leave comments if you have questions and I can help you guys out.

03:30 – Registering For An Account On Binance

So first I need to register I’m going to go ahead and register for an account on Binance. So if you do not have IOTA coin and you want to buy IOTA coin, you will need to do this you will need to register for a Binance account which is a cryptoexchange. That’s the very first thing that you will need to do is register for Binance. So that’s what I’m doing. I’m going through and I’m go ahead and register. Let’s just put in my credentials. This is a funky little thing, never seen this one before. That’s a pretty cool Caption. Ok. All right, now you’re going to agree, looks like I can register for Binance. Successful. Now it’s going to take me to my email. Of course let’s go to Gmail and let’s verify my e-mail. And we will be off and running, off to the races. I’m going to go in and make sure I got my verification email from Binance, so that I can to verify my account. And this is taken a minute but you know goes with internet. There we go. There’sBinance, verify my e-mail and we should be off to the races. It’s usually pretty easy to register for an account on any of the crypto exchanges. There’s a little bit more work involved if you want to verify your account, if you want to set up two factor authentication with that with your Google authentication app. There’s a bit more to it than that. It looks like this is still loading. Ok, I’m going to go ahead and log in. And then I’m going to show you exactly how to buysomeIOTA coins.

Click to pass. I’ve got to do another one of these silly little puzzles which is kind of funny actually. But that’s fine. All right, now we can log in.

All right, we are in.

06:14- Enabling Two Factor Authentication

All right, so now the first thing it says is we strongly recommend that you enable two factor authentication on your account which I am going to do. I’m going to use Google authentication it right here. I have the Google authentication app which I will show you here in just a moment, let me get to it on my phon. so this theauthentication app. it’s basically a Google app and that’s what I’m going to use right now, it’s on my i Phone. I’m going to say use Google authentication app, I am going to go ahead and add a new one, scan barcode and I will scan it – boom. All right I am in. And I have to enter my log in. and my authentication app from the phone for Binance. I do this for all of my accounts. Any exchange that I belong to I have two factor authentication using the Google app just because it gives me peace of mind that my account is more secure.

07:14 – Transferring Funds From Coin Base Into Binance

Ok, so now success we’ve actually signed up for a Binance account and we are in. now we have to just transfer funds from coin base into buying it so that we can go ahead and buy IOTA coin.

So step one is to register for a Binance account. You can do so by using the link in the show notes on this You Tube video. Right underneath the video, you click on that link and you can then register for an account on Binance to buy IOTA coins.

07:38 – Buy Bitcoin To Transfer To Binance

Let’s take the next step now. Ok guys, so now that I’vesucceeded in step one it’s time to move to step two. And step two is essentially to buy some bitcoin wherever you want. In this case I’m going to use coin base but buy some Bitcoin and then transfer that bitcoin that you just purchased from your wallet into the Binance exchange wallet so that you can actually buy IOTA coins.

So let’s do that. So first I’m going to go over in Binance, I’m going to go over to funds and I’mgoing to go to deposit and withdrawals. This typically takes you to the wallets within any exchange. If you go to deposits or withdrawals or wallets, you’ll go to the wallets. And as you can see here’s all my wallets within Binance. Again I don’t have any money in Binance, I’m just now going to be depositing money. And so I’m going to search for BTC which is bitcoin and I am going to say I want to deposit bitcoin.

So first, before we do this I want to show you you know how to actually do the deposit but let’s jump on over to coin base. So if you have a coin base and you have a coin base account, it should look something like this. I have a little bit of money in coin base. I keep most of it in my actual wallets, my hardware wallets and sometimes in different software wallets. So right now I have about $1600 in coin base, in bit coin and in etherium. I’m going to transfer about $500 from my bitcoin wallet in coin base over to the Binance wallet on the exchange. So I’m going to go ahead and do that.

So now I’m in Coinbase, I go ahead and click on accounts. And if you don’t have a coin baseaccount, you’ve never bought bitcoin before, go to one of my previous videos, I’ll show you exactly how to buy bitcoin on coin base. You can also going to show notes and there’s a link to coin base to go ahead and go to the exchange to buy some bit coin. But essentially what you’ll need to first do, is you’ll need to buy bitcoin on the coin Base Exchange. and you can do that by simply clicking on buy and sell right here, by hooking up a credit card to your account and then literally just punching in how much bitcoin you want to buy and you can just immediately buy it.

So let’s go back over to my accounts. Again, I’mgoing to send about $500 in a bit coin to the Exchange Binance. So go ahead and click send. And when I click Send it will actually ask for the bit coin address that I want to deposit to. And in this case this address is going to be the address that I get from the Binance exchange. So I’m want to go back over here to Binance and I’m going to click on deposit. Andwhen I click deposit it’s going to generate an address for me. I’m going to go ahead and copy that address. Looks like that’s successful. I have the address now to deposit my bitcoin. Going to go back over to coin base and paste that address into coin base. I’m then going to go and put $500 becauseI’m going to buy $500 worth of IOTA right now to show you guys how it’s done. And that’s really it.

So now that I have my address in here, I have my $500 in here.

10:25 – Testing Deposits To Banana Account

Actually before I do a full $500, I’m going to test this out. AndI’m going to go ahead and deposit $25 into my Binance account. I like to do this as a test all the time before I transfer any large amounts of money just to make sure thing works out correctly, make sure it transfers correctly so forth and so on.

So let’s go ahead and start with $25. Looks like everything is in order. I’m going to click continue and I am going to confirm that I want to send $25 Binance. Transaction is on its way. View details. Essentially it just gives me a confirmation that I actually sent the money from coin base to Binance.

11:05 – Confirming Bitcoin Transfers

So now within probably ten or fifteen minutes I will get a message here on Binance, I should, saying that I’m currently pending a deposit of bitcoin into my bitcoin wallet from coin base. Right now it’s not showing up, it’s a little too quick right but it will soon come up and we will see the funded money here shortly.

So it looks like we have a successful transfer from coin base to the Binance exchange. You can see right here bitcoin, here’s my wallet. I have 0.0025 bitcoin in here which is about $25 approximately. So it was a success, it was great.

11:44 – How To View Transaction History

And just to let you guys know real quick, if you ever want to see the history or see the status of a certain transfer, you can go to the funds, go to history and you’ll see the transfer right here. So it will give you information about where the funds came from, the transfer details, the address so forth and so on.

12:04 – Transferring More Bitcoin From Coin Base To Binance

So now that I know it’s working successful. I’m going to go ahead and transfer the remainder of the funds which is about $475. SoI’m going to jump back over to coin base. I’m going to go ahead in refresh the screen here because it should say complete on this side. Looks like it’s still pending on the coin base side. But since I see it, I see the money in my wallet in Binance I assume that the transaction has been fine. So I’m going to go ahead and send some more.

And I need to get the wallet address again, so I’m going to go save ‘deposit’. It generated the address. I’m going to copy that address and make absolutely sure you used the BTC wallet address; the BTC deposit wallet address. If you don’t you can lose your funds. I’ve learned that the hard way, so please be very very careful when you’re doing that. It actually gives you a reminder right here when doing that.

So now that I have the deposit address from Binance, going back over to coin base again. Showing you guys this again how to do this. I’m going to go ahead and type in $475 which is about 0.475 bitcoin because Bitcoin is almost $10,000 today.

All right so now that we’re good here, $475, I’m going to go ahead and write in Binance for IOTA. I’m going to continue. And I’m going to confirm my transaction.

And this again will take probably a few minutes. I’m going to go ahead and wait and pauses video in the next few minutes but the last transaction actually only took about ten minutes which was very very quick and that’s one really good thing I like about coin base, it is that whenever I transfer funds from coin base to any other wallet or any exchange it’s very very quick. And I can’t say the same for my lesium or electrum or any other type of wallets. They’re just not as fast. I mean I’ve transferred money from the electrum wallet to exchanges and it’s taken two hours, it takes a while to transfer it. But coin base has been very very quick. So I’ve been very happy with that.

So now I can view the details. Again I got a pending transaction. I’m going to go ahead and refresh my screen. It should pop up that I’m sending $475 over there. Looks like it’s doing that perfect.

So I’m going to jump back over here. I’m going to go look in the history. It probably won’t show up quite yet because I literally just initiated this deposit. So let’s go ahead and wait just a few minutes and we’ll jump back on here in just a moment.

14:29 – Setting Up The Api On Binance

Guys so while I’m actually waiting for this deposit to complete of my $500, I’m going to go ahead and set up the API on Binance so that I can connect it to my Coinigy account up here and trade on my Coinigy account. You don’t necessarily need to do this. I can definitely trade directly on the Binance Exchange. Don’t need to do this on Coinigy, I’m taking it a step further because I do use Coinigy. I already have multiple exchanges connected. Over here you can see the different exchanges and I want to connect Binance so that I can trade through Binance through Coinigy because I love Coinigy. Coinigy is a way that I can trade on all crypto exchanges in one single place.

So I’m going to go ahead and set that up while I’m waiting. And to do that I go over to my account. Never done this before, so we’ll see how hard it is on Binance. On the other exchanges it has been pretty pretty easy to prevent. I don’t know why this isn’t working.

All right guys so I have set up my A.P.I. key which you can see and over here it is set up as well. So I am good to go on the Exchange. Let’s go back to Coinigy, let’s go back to IOTA and let’s check if my… man it is just going up and up and up. Ineed to hurry and get the purchase done guys. Let’s go ahead refresh Coinigy. Let’s go ahead and go back to my wallet and let’s see if the $475 has actually hit my account yet. It does not look like it has yet but let’s look at the history. There it is. It’s confirming.

So my funds are on their way, almost done, not quite ready yet. But once it’s done I’m going to go ahead and purchase IOTA coins. So let’s just give it a few minutes.

16:09 – Buying Iota Coins On Binance

All right so it looks like it was excess. Look at my Bitcoin. Here’s my count 0.050, that’s about $500 in bitcoin. Let’s go to my history and let’s just verify that it’s confirmed. Boom. Completed. So both transactions has been completed. Let’s go and buy some IOTA coins. And I’m going to go right to the exchange on the Binance platform here. Let’s click on basic exchange. And now we’ve successfully gone to coin base, we’ve got some coin. We’ve transferred that Bitcoin to the Binance exchange, we’ve signed up for the Binance exchange and now we can go ahead and buy IOTA coins.

So I’m on the Exchange now, it looks pretty pretty standard. So I am going to go in I’m going to say I want to buy IOTA. Let’s search for IOTA coins… there is. It’s gone up 33% today guys and it’s not going to slow down. It may drop a little bit but it’s going to keep going right.

So I just want to show you exactly how it happens so. Sogiveme just one sec, I’m going to go back over to my wallet. Going to go back over to here and I’m just going to buy a small amount right now because I am going to wait for the price to drop just a little bit. Because usually when there’s a big spike up like this, there will be a pullback, there will be resistance at some point and they’ll pullback. So I’m going to buy just a little bit just to show you how it works.

Alright guys, I’m just going to buy a fraction, I’mgoing to buy $85 IOTA coins right now and I will buy more when the price drops a little bit. Solet’s click buy. Success.

And let’s go back over to check out our orders. Just refreshing this for everybody so you can see. So it looks like I have an order in. go to orders, click on open orders. I have an order to buy $85 in right now. So any moment now I should be able to buy someIOTA coins that’s it guys, that’s how you do it.

You know there’s not much more to it than that. Literally sign up for a Binance account. Register with the link below in this You Tube video. Then from there, transfer your Bitcoin from whatever wallet you’re using. Ifthat’s coin base, go to coin base and transfer your bitcoin over to the Binance exchange just as I showed you in the video. Then once the transaction is done, you can go ahead and buy your IOTA coins. I would recommend you do it fairly soon. Goahead and wait for the pullback but I would do it fairly soon because the price is only going to go up guys, so I’d get in as soon as you can.

Again I’m Dan from Crypto Camacho, hopefully you enjoy this video. Hopefully it was useful to you and before that…it’s still going up. And until next time I’ll see you next time on cryptocamacho.com