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  • 00:04 – How My Wife Breaks The Sreen Of Her Phone
  • 05: 21 – Bitcoin And Cryptocurrencies Is Like Internet 90S

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Hey, what’s up, guys? It’s Dan again for Cryptocamacho.com


And today guys, I want to tell you a little story. If you guys don’t think that cryptocurrency is infiltrating your hometown if you don’t think cryptocurrency is becoming mainstream if you don’t think it’s going to take off and just rock it to the moon here. I want you to listen to this story right. So, about a month ago approximately right, my wife broke her phone, she broke her phone screen on her iPhone you know just like your typical iPhone screen, she broke it right. So, that’s a whole issue my wife breaks her phone screen or her phone in general once a month. And so, I and she have kind of this bittersweet relationship about her phone and her phone breaking. And in fact, it actually, just broke last week. So, I had… not even last week, it broke this week. It broke like three days ago again. And so, my wife when it breaks, when my wife’s iPhone breaks, she typically takes it to this local store near the Sacramento California area. She takes it to this local store to actually fix her phone and to fix the phone screen right. So, last time she broke her phone, we were going out to dinner. We decided to stop by the phone store right. So, she could fix the screen on her phone, and so we stopped at the phone store right. We drop off her phone whatever and then, she goes to the restaurant. I say hey I’m going to go into the phone store; I’m going to go check and see if your phone is done right.  If your phone screen has been fixed, and I go into the phone store and there’s a guy you know he’s working the counter, I think it’s the owner of the stores just this kind of little shop right. Where this guy has his own little business, he’s fixing iPhones, fixing Android phones or whatever. And so, I go in there and say hey, is you know my wife’s phone is it done? Have you finished fixing it? And the guy says yeah, let me hold on, let me check. Let me go get something here real quick and he does. He goes in the back you know and while I’m waiting for him to check on my wife’s phone, I see this little sign on the side of on the wall, in his store and it says we will buy or sell Bitcoin from you. If you want to buy Bitcoin ask about it and we’ll help you buy Bitcoin. I was like wow! this is this guy running this small business is offering to help other people buy Bitcoin, and by offering it as a service in his local shop right. So, I thought okay that’s pretty cool. I’m going to strike up a conversation with this guy, and I’m going to see what he’s actually doing with coin right. I’ve never really seen this in a public domain, in just a small you know mobile phone store, from a guy that’s fixing iPhones right. So, he comes back out says yes! Your phone…your wife’s phone is ready here you go you know I paid him whatever. We strike up a conversation about Bitcoin, about cryptocurrency. I started asking him you know you buy Bitcoin from others? He says yes. I say you sell Bitcoin? He says yes. He says why you want to buy something? I was like no I actually buy Bitcoin myself. I trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and so forth. But I’m curious like what do you do in Bitcoin? What do you do in cryptocurrency? He said oh! I’m very into cryptocurrency. I’ve been investing it for a while, and he’s like I get this; he’s like I invested in Ethereum. I’m you know a couple years back when it was $7 for one Ethereum, he’s like I put a couple hundred. I think he said he put like $700 or $800 into the Ethereum when it was $7 per an Ethereum coin right. And then I was like what? And this was like you know after…at the point when I actually had the conversation with him, I think Ethereum was like I don’t know what it was like $600- $700 something like that. So you can imagine this guy, he made thousands, I mean tens of thousands of dollars by just investing in Ethereum when it was $7 right. Ethereum was one of the first kind of bigger known cryptocurrencies, they introduced smart contracts, programmable basically, programmable money within the Blockchain interface. And so, he got in at the right time, but my point is that, this guy that’s running a mobile phone shop to fix iPhones and to fix other types of cell phones right. He’s in the Bitcoin, he’s buying Bitcoin and he revealed to me that, he has made tens of thousands of dollars by buying Ethereum when it was at $7. I was like wow! This guy is into Bitcoin and cryptocurrency many other people maybe as well the conversation continued right. And we kept talking about cryptocurrency, we were just sharing this kind of mutual obsession that we both have, and we keep talking about it, I keep talking about it. And he’s like you want to know something else? I was like yeah what? He’s like I actually mined cryptocurrency. I mine Bitcoin in the back of my store here, and I was like why you got to be kidding me. And he takes me back into the back of his store there, and he shows me this like kind of homemade makeshift Bitcoin mining rig, that he had set up in the back of his shop to actually mine Bitcoin. And this was when I don’t know exactly how much Bitcoin was, but here’s a guy that’s running a small business right. To fix cell phones and he’s buying and selling Bitcoin to others. He’s invested in Ethereum as an early adopter and he’s mining cryptocurrency or Bitcoin in the back of his shop with a home rigged crypto rig right. I was just like floored; I was like wow! If I don’t think cryptocurrency is getting adoption is going up is gaining popularity. I mean just look at this; just go into your local shops and start asking people about Bitcoin start talking them about Bitcoin and they’re going to start…you’re going to be very surprised at how many people actually do know about it, but a lot of people know what it is, a lot of people have heard of Bitcoin or cryptocurrency. But they don’t actually know what it is, they don’t know how it works, they don’t know what the purpose of it is right.


Just like the internet in the 90s; nobody knew what the internet was, I mean some people did who use dial-up modems you know and you started to go to Prodigy and AOL. AOL and prodigy are really the first people first companies that really helped the internet take off right. You know prodigy came first; it was pretty well adopted right. And then AOL came next with their chat AOL chat. If you remember that from like the early 90s I think it was you can chat with her Instant Messenger and once that happened it took off, people started joining the internet just to use American online or AOL Instant Messenger. That’s like my mom did the same thing. My sisters did that and it just blew up from there. The same thing is going to happen to cryptocurrency. Right now the early adopters the innovators, the technologists, the people in the technology, the geeks, the Nerds; they’re the ones buying cryptocurrency right now. They’re the ones adopting it right now, and they see the value from a purely technological point of view. they’re the ones adopting in it all it’s going to take are a few killer apps, a few very, very well put together really well-designed very simple interfaces of these different cryptocurrency technologies, or interfaces and you’re going to see an explosion of adoption in cryptocurrency. And I think Bitcoin cash right now they’re developing many of these applications. I’ve shown you coin texts, I’ve shown you a POS system that they’re making May…I think it was like May 15th or May 18th they’re coming out. They’re increasing the block size. They’re going to be you know announcing in launching more products with simple easy-to-use user interfaces, and allowing the masses to start transacting using Bitcoin cash. And things like that and in convert between different cryptocurrencies. So, I think this is a phenomenal time for you guys to get into cryptocurrency, if you haven’t yet please take a serious look at cryptocurrency because the time is right now. The market is really low it’s down right now. Cryptocurrency is not going anywhere; it’s not going to go away it’s not going to disappear. It’s way too widespread. It’s in too many local governments, it’s in local shops, and it’s in local communities now. It’s infiltrating it everywhere and it’s only going to grow and expand over time. The numbers of applications that are being built on cryptocurrency or on top of cryptocurrency are accelerating, that are moving faster more and more investors are getting into cryptocurrency from Wall Street, financial institutions, George Soros you know you name it. There’s so many people getting into it right now Mark Cuban big, big names. Big time investors, big time business people right. So, anyway get into cryptocurrency I thought you’d like that story. I found it fascinating. This guy he’s still you know I still go talk to him here and there he lives…I don’t know where he lives, but his shop isn’t too far away from where I live. And I just think it was fascinating that I walked in, stumble upon this guy who shared this enthusiasm for cryptocurrency. And was so, deeply entrenched into it. And I had no idea and I would have never known if I didn’t ask the guys to start talking to people about it guys. I’d love to know if you have a similar story like that, if you do let me know. Let me know if you have a similar story. Let me know if you were an early adopter in cryptocurrency and if you made a lot of cash. Let me know I’d love to know your story, and how it all turned out for you, if you’re still holding, or if you have sold. Alright guys, I’m Dan from crypto Camacho. Please subscribe to that which is by clicking on that little red button below, and I’ll give you daily updates from my channel. See you guys.