Episode Highlights:

  • 00:04 – Ico In Marketing And Advertising Space
  • 00:15 – Native Video Box Ico
  • 04:02 – Statistic About Video Advertising
  • 06:35 – Native Video Box Live Demo
  • 07:05 – Native Video Box Ico Been Reviewed By Ico Outlets
  • 08:43 – Native Video Box Ad Network
  • 09:21 – About Ico
  • 09:32 – Problems Nvb Solve
  • 11:02 – Nvb Road Map
  • 11:28 – Project Team
  • 11:53 – Advisory Board
  • 12:09 – Whitepaper
  • 14:05 – How Nvb Works

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Hey, what’s up, guys? It’s Dan again from cryptocamacho.com


And today I have a nice ICO that I want to review for you in the marketing and advertising space, specifically in the online or internet advertising and marketing space. So, let’s just jump right into it guys.


So, the ICO that I’m talking about is called native video box. You can go and look at their website at nvb.digital or go to native video box on Google and you’ll find it. So, what is a native video box guy? So, native video box is essentially advertising or an ad tech solution that’s being put on the Blockchain. What do I mean by this? So what I mean by this is that typically, there are people that create videos right like myself other content producers, they’ll create videos they’ll put them on YouTube they’ll put them on their website, they may use them you know to advertise in other areas across the internet to get people familiar with the content that they’re producing right. Then you have website owners like me right. I have a website many; many other people have a website. Occasionally, we want to monetize that website with advertisements right. In the form of advertisement, so we can go to Google Ad Words to do that and put little ads on our page, on our website, and when people click on those ads we get paid for those, you can also do the same thing for video content. I can go and put video content on my website and then anybody that watches that video content, I can get paid for that content right. So, YouTube does this, other advertising marketing technologies do this as well ,other solutions, Google does this, YouTube does this a lot of companies are doing this. Vimeo, Wistia, a lot of companies do this and what a native video box wants to do; if they want to bring this technology, this solution an advertising mark tech solution on to the Blockchain. They essentially want to put any and every video that’s been produced onto the Blockchain and then basically allow those content creators those content producers to get paid for those videos that are being created and then promoted on other websites right. So, when other websites need relevant content they want additional content to populate their websites you know the content that may be relevant to their specific audience. They typically would need to go to traditional advertisers’ right. Like Google, like Facebook, like YouTube you know things like that and then put those native videos on their website and get paid through those advertising networks. They essentially, act as a middleman or an intermediary between the website owner and the content producer. So, what a native video box is trying to do is eliminate those middlemen and put all of that on the Blockchain right. I think it’s a good business model and I think that the market itself is very, very, very mature. its poised to keep growing in the next 5-10 years and you wouldn’t believe it, but I think it’s around you know there’s some crazy number it’s like 80% of all traffic on the Internet is derived and generated from video content. So, I think that’s very, very powerful the video advertising industry in general it’s a…I think it’s like a $13.6 billion industry and only growing right. the advertising revenues in this space are very, very large and one good thing that you know that makes me believe in this ICO more than others is that the fact that video advertising, videos video monetization is not going anywhere even if all cryptocurrency went away tomorrow video advertising is here to stay. This company has been built, they already have an existing platform and I’ll show you a demo here in just a minute. They already have a product. So, they’re bringing it on to the Blockchain to gain some leverages or to gain some efficiencies by doing so, but they already have a product and so this ICO that they’re raising money for is really to build out their platform, to build out their product and so forth. And so, I think it’s a really good opportunity for anybody in this space. So they’re running a token sale, they’ve been running it now in a couple different stages, it ends on April 15. So, there’s not a whole lot of time left to participate in this if you want to they’ve already raised about half of their hard cap which is about $6.5 million of a $15 million goal. They’ve got about 43% almost 50% of their funds raised on this ICO already and real quick. I just want to go through some of these stats for you.


So, video ads +4,200% while Bitcoin and Eethereum are going up and down the video ads market hasn’t been increasing steadily for 10 years. So, over the last 10 years, the market has only exploded. And I think I mentioned this 80% of Internet traffic is all video base, or comes from video content the industry itself is $13.6 billion in 2017, in 2018 I see that going well about 15 billion upwards to 20 billion. So, this market is not slowing down anytime soon Native Video Box is a decentralized video distribution platform that uses native video advertising based on a multi-tier Blockchain and deep machine learning. We’ve reinvented content discovery to help people discover videos they love. So, what they’re also going to be doing is, they’re going to be matching up videos and video content with the per person that may be interested in that specific content based on a profile of that user. So, on their platform they’re going to keep track of all the videos that come in all the users that engage with those videos and then they’re going to keep track of the profiles right of the people that are engaging with the videos, with the video content itself So, that they can recommend that type of content to folks that are in that same demographic in the future right. And what this enables them to do which is actually pretty clever and very powerful. It enables them to customize video content on anywhere that there’s a website anybody, anytime, somebody goes to a website and sees a video, that video content can be specifically tailored and personalized for that particular person and that’s the power of Native Video Box. They’re going to decentralize this all on the Blockchain which will then allow you know the flexibility of pushing this content anywhere they want in the world. And on any website, from any content creator similar what to what other companies are doing like Tron and some others that I’ve reviewed in the past, very similar in the sense that they’re trying to monetize content on the Blockchain in different ways and it’s ever been done before. Let’s keep going through this a little bit. So, I want to make sure you guys understand this. Meet Jake and

Melissa a website owner and a video blogger who would like to make money on video advertising. Watch this video it shows you exactly what I’ve been talking about. Exactly shows you exactly how it actually works. So, go to the website and watch that fact we have launched a working live product that’s already gained one and a half million total turnover since launch in 2016. So, they have a product. It’s been ready since 2016, and they’ve been using it since then right. So, I’m going to go to the demo really quick you can go and check out the demo here.


The NVP the Native Video Box platform perfectly positions licensed video content seamlessly into the website viewing experience and thus helps people to find video content they love, but most likely never knew existed right. So, that’s exactly what they’re doing they’re putting video content here’s a couple example of websites that are using the platform today. If you click on one of these websites you’re going to see video content on the website right. You’re going to see video content being populated on that site and that’s coming from the native video box platform and you could take a look at how that actually is working today.


Okay so, this ICO has been reviewed by a couple different ICO review outlets and has gotten pretty high reviews. You know and some of these I’d like to see a little higher but not bad overall they have a lot of recognition here, which I’ll show you in just a moment ten facts about NVB native video box tokens are used as payment. So, you can buy Video Box Token and use them as payment to do advertising and so forth. No transaction can be made without NVB tokens within the ecosystem. To show ads advertisers must always purchase tokens. So, if you’re an advertiser and you want to get the word out you want to get your videos out you have to buy NVB tokens and then you can advertise across their entire network and ecosystem which is very powerful for advertisers and for people that want to get recognized and get a product recognized or what not right. 100,000 plus advertisers connected. We have already plugged into three hubs that are programmatically connected to 500 ad exchanges demand-side platforms and ad networks this is very, very important. So, what they’re essentially doing is they’re going to be plugging into the ad networks that exist today like on Google, Facebook, and YouTube so double-click so forth and so on. They’re going to be plugging into those networks so that the content that they deliver they can deliver into any type of website they want that’s supported on one of those ad networks right. So, if you already have a video on double-click let’s just say for example and it’s already being that videos being shown on you know thousands of websites now you can also marry this into the Native video box platform and have it be advertised in more places for you right.

So, that’s very, very cool.


Let’s see NVB ad network will grow and that is happening all around us. The advertising space is growing very, very quickly. Let’s see here all right. Okay NVB is not another centralized YouTube. NVB native video box is a Content discovery platform, not a decentralized p2p YouTube. We are not in competition with YouTube. So, they’re an advertising platform they are not a video platform. They’re an advertising platform. So, what this actually means is that they’re consuming video to then advertise that video on other websites for other people right. They’re not a YouTube that’s actually showing you the video where they’re different they’re an ad network. So, I want to make sure that’s very, very, clear.

09:21 – ABOUT ICO

So, the ICO has been going since January and it will run through April. And I believe here are some details about the ICO itself. This is really good right.


Problems we solve at native video box 50% of video ads are viewed by fraud traffic and bots. This is very, very true in the online marketing space. A lot of bots are watching videos so you do not get the necessary bang for your buck when paying for video advertising like on YouTube and Facebook. And in the case of the native video box, all the ads and impressions will be processed using smart contracts and we will implement multi-tiered Blockchain to handle high load unusual for ad Tech right. So, because this will be on Blockchain because this will be using smart contracts you will be able to verify who is actually watching these videos and weed out all the bots and traffic AI bots that are watching the video. So, it’ll increase your effectiveness of advertising through video. 80% of the money is taken by the middleman. That’s very, very true tokenization billing will transparently distribute money and 60% will go to the publisher 15% to the video owner and 25% to the native video box system to cover the tech costs. So, that’s how native video box is going to make money is they’re going to take a portion of the revenues generated by the advertisement of that video. Right now I’ll get more into that in just a second here 30% of revenue spent on traffic tech costs we will implement decentralized content delivery network maintained by publishers. Community publishers will be paid for hosting videos. So, it simplifies the process and takes out the middlemen to connect you know the hosting company for the video the content producer and the actual person advertising the video on their platform website and so forthright. Oh, what just happened here sorry about that?

11:02 – NVB ROAD MAP

Okay so, here’s their roadmap and in 20…let’s see the token sales going on until May here. Okay the ad sale is going to start on May first using the Blockchain technology. They’re going to be building out their apps Network comment later this year. And in 2019 they’re going to be offering a multi-tier Blockchain solution around this platform right. a lot of people have been publishing on this,


A lot of very good team members a lot of strong team members you can look at their you LinkedIn and Facebook profiles here and Alexander Shitshow. He’s a veteran a project leader with 10 years of experience in ad tech and machine learning. So, they’re also using AI to marry up the videos with people that would maybe want to watch those videos with the customers or clients that want to watch the videos they’re going to be marrying those two things up with AI which I think is also very, very cool.


On their advisory board again some more strong players. I’m not going to go through all this but they do have some strong partners as well right. ICObox, VISPOT between Adhive another big advertising platform. Now what I really want to do guys is just take a quick glimpse at the white paper.


The whitepaper is pretty extensive. So, I’m obviously not going the whole Whitepaper, but let’s get down into some of the meat and…I don’t know what’s going on with my mouse here sorry about that. Okay, intro native video box was originally launched in Russia and early 2016 as a native video platform for websites with editorial content. We like to think of ourselves as a cohort of creative minds who have set out to change the game of the video advertising market. So, these guys have been around since 2016. they already have a product they already have revenue coming in another very solid thing that I look for when looking for ICOs to participate in. and that’s another reason why I like this ICO. The market has exploded for video advertising, digital advertising you can see here. it’s very you know it’s gone up very, very quickly and I do want to show you this one-pager because I think this one pager if nothing else is probably the best thing for you guys to download. Native video box is a decentralized video discovery platform which offers an alternative to YouTube as a cryptocurrency all right. So, Native Video Box is a decentralized video discovery platform which offers an alternative to YouTube as do cryptocurrencies that challenge traditional banking. Native Video Box tokens are used as a means of payment and our community-based service that distributes video content across the network. Our mission is to deliver videos that people will love but never knew existed and help the website to earn much more on the booming video advertising market right. $13.6 Billion market today. We’re already programmatically connected to over a hundred thousand advertisers in our local traction has exceeded 1.5 million. So, they have an advantage here that they’re already connected to the hundred thousand advertisers and advertising networks across the board, because the company’s been around for two years right. So, that’s why I think they have an advantage here and their ICO is really just taking their platform, their company, their system to the next level right.


Okay so, one thing I want to show you is down here this chart how it works right. So, the advertisers coming through here native video box is a centralized platform video owner will create videos that will be pushed to the native video box platform. They will then get a 15% video content fee for allowing native video box to use that content to advertise right. So, they’ll get you know funds just for putting that the videos on their network to be advertised right. Website owners will get a publisher fee of 60%. So, the profits that are generated from the video content that the video owners are making the website owners where the video is actually placed will get 60% of the profits generated from that ad buy right. From that ad buy they’ll get 60% of those things 25% is going to be calculated as a service fee for native video box. So, native video box will definitely monetize on all the content, but it looks like a win-win all the way across the board across the ecosystem right. For video owners for website owners and for the platform itself if you own tokens because the more profitable native video box becomes the more that the tokens are going to be worth in value the higher the price of the tokens going to go right. So, if you have a native video box token today and in five years time yeah the value has gone up because native video box is doing well as a company then the value of that token is going to go up significantly in accordance with how much of revenue this company is actually bringing in right. So, this is again another instance of how decentralized Blockchain technology is going to create a big stock market in the entire internet right. So, that’s just another example of how that’s going to happen, because you could directly participate in the success or you know failure of native video box and by literally buying the native video box tokens right. And then watching the platform or helping the platform grow and again more details on the actual token sale itself going to the FAQ is if you want to know how the platform works in a little bit more detail here. If you want to sign up I definitely recommend you do this soon. This is the ICO to get into. The ICO and actually buy the tokens and participate in the ICO you click on this little orange button here, you’ll be taken right over to this page right here, which is the token sale page. It ends in 17 days or on April 15th. So, I would highly recommend you go and sign up to this very, very soon you are going to be in stage 4 which ends April 15th. It’s the last chance to buy these tokens at a discount before they hit the markets. So, I wanted to make sure you guys were aware of that. I’m Dan again from cryptocamacho.com hopefully you found this video interesting and informative? Let me know what you think of Native Video Box. I’d love to know your take on it, but until then I’m signing out and until next time. I’m Dan from crypto Camacho and don’t forget subscribe by clicking that little red button below this video. see you guys.