Episode Highlights:

  • 00:06 – Bitconnect Dream
  • 01:10 – Multi Level Marketing
  • 02:13 – What You Can Earn From Bitconnect
  • 05:10 – Coin Market Capitalization
  • 07:06 – Litecoin
  • 07:37 – The Google Trend
  • 08:29 – Why Bitcoin And Bitconnect Have Similar Pattern
  • 13:25 – Start Lending And Investing More In Bitconnect
  • 14:04 – People Say Bitconnect Is A Scam

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Hey, what’s up, guys? It’s Dan again from cryptocamacho.com.

00:06 Bitconnect Dream

And today I am having a bitconnect dreams. I am really getting into this bitconnect platform. I’m trying to figure it out. I’m trying to figure out how it all works, and I just started lending money on the bit connect platform. I lended a $1000 yesterday. You know I bought some Bitcoin, I then turned that into bitconnect and then I made it my first loan on the platform yesterday. Just over a thousand dollars really excited to see what’s going to happen, nothing’s happened yet, because it’s been less than a day since I’ve actually done that investment. But you know I’ve been trying to soak up and learn everything that I possibly can. And I recommend that you guys, do the same around bitconnect. I’m going to start investing a bit more time, into bitconnect, a bit more energy to create videos about bitconnect, and teach people how it actually works. And actually, try to build out my team, because I think this is by far the best multi-level marketing platform program, you know whatever you want to call it that has ever existed ever right. I used to live in Utah, used to live kind of near Salt Lake City a while back.

01:10 Multi Level Marketing

And in Utah there are a ton of multi-level marketing companies. Typically, there’s supplement companies, or pharmaceutical companies, and you know they come in the form of prepaid legal. if you guys have heard about that legal services, bug spray, you know things like that. They have a lot of MLM or multi-level marketing programs in Utah. And I come from there and I’ve seen a lot of these types of things before. I’ve seen a lot of pitches around these types of programs before. I mean should even Mary Kay Cosmetics is a multi-level marketing program right. These things are rampant, they’re everywhere right. it doesn’t take long to go to google search for multi-level marketing and you’ll be able to pull up many-many-many-many-many programs that allow multi-level marketing profits as they claim, but bitconnect is very, very different than this right. It is technically a multi-level marketing scheme if you will, but it is very different in the sense that it is much more sustainable. it’s much more profitable, and it’s just much more interesting than any of these other MLM that have ever existed in history. The returns that are promised by bitconnect are amazing they’re incredible right.

02:13 What You Can Earn From Bitconnect

I mean let’s just take a quick look at you know what you can actually earn with bitconnect. Let’s just go over to the home page. Let’s say that I were to invest $10,000 into bitconnect. Let’s go over to the calculator here. So, up to Bitcoin lending, so if I were to invest let’s see where’s the calculator here? Let’s go to volatility software click on that. Alright so, here’s the calculator. So, yesterday it was a low day 0.48%, the day before of 1.5%, the day before 41.7 6% interest daily on your capital that you’re lending out right. And today the 17th is 1.95% great. So, tomorrow now that I’ve lended you know a thousand dollars on bitconnect, tomorrow I can expect a 1.95% return on that thousand dollars right, just in that particular day. But let’s go in and go to the principal. Let’s say that I put $10,000. Let’s say the average return which is 0.97% it’s a thirty-day average here. Let’s say I did #10,000 for the 120 days that they lock your capital right. if you lend $10,000. Yeah, if you lend $10,000 they give you your capital back in 129 days right. If you lend less than that like a thousand dollars it takes a bit longer to get your capital back, but let’s just say we lended $10,000.

Let’s calculate what the profits would be, so if I lended $10,000 tomorrow and waited 120 days right? which is essentially four months. So, think of a summer right. In one summer I would make $14,000 profit right, or 140% ROI totalling $24,000. You know including my principal, or capital that I put down. That is a phenomenal game, right? that is outrageous. It is crazy how much you know that that interest will compound over time? and if you will reinvest those profits over time, this will compound even more. This does not take into consideration compounding interest right. so, when you compound this, you reinvest your daily profits that come from this 1.95%, or you know whatever the average 0,97%, you will compound that interest. So, your profits would actually be much more than $24,000 because you would reinvest that interest and you would compound over time right. so, there has never-ever-ever been a multi-level marketing program like this that has ever existed. you could call it a Ponzi, you could call it whatever you want, but it is one of the smartest business models that I have ever seen. it’s genius the way bitconnect actually works. So, let’s take a closer look you know how they actually look here.

05:10 Coin Market Capitalization

So, if we go over to coin market cap, let’s take a quick look at Bitcoin. I’m going to open up Bitcoin in a separate window, and I’m going to open up let’s see bit connect in a separate window as well. And let’s take a quick look over at let’s see okay, so let’s find the chart here okay. Hey! you can see that this chart has grown like crazy. So, that’s a year chart let’s go over to bitconnect, let’s do the same let’s put a year chart here on your chart okay. So, if we look at the growth of both Bitcoin and bitconnect, they’re very-very similar right. This is a year’s time, and Bitcoin has seen nothing but upward growth in a year’s time. I mean fantastic growth right. We’re talking a couple thousand percent growth from the Bitcoin from the last year right. Bitconnect has a very similar growth pattern as Bitcoin and why is that? I mean it looks very-very-very similar right? Some altcoins don’t look like this right.

There’s a lot of altcoins if we go back here, they don’t look like this at all right. There’s tons of them that don’t look like this. Let’s just pick one, let’s just say I don’t know let’s just say Dash okay, let’s pick dash, let’s pick Litecoin, let’s pick I don’t know let’s pick another altcoin here let’s just say our coin all right? Dash let’s set it to a year. Okay, eighteen one year I’m going to set Litecoin for a year one year, and I going to set altcoin for a year and let’s compare alright? So, look at Bitcoin, look at the trajectory for a year nothing, but profit look at Bitcoin I’m sorry—bitconnect very-very similar the trajectory is over a year. Almost nothing, but profit. We go down to dash, and dash recently had a surge, but right it’s not all roses you know from what this chart looks like for dash right. Dash, if you look at the price it’s gone up for sure, but then it starts stagnating back in like September. it’s going down, go down, it’s going down, go down had a good spike, but it’s definitely not the same pattern we’re seeing with Bitcoin, or bitconnect right.

07:06 Litecoin

Let’s close that one out, let’s look atlitecoin kind of similar. Litecoin is a little bit better because it is going up in value like Bitcoin, but it’s a lot more ups and downs like, huge ups huger downs. Not quite the nice trajectory that Bitcoin has. Now let’s look at art actually looks kind of similar to litecoin right, but same type of thing. It’s going up and down and out, not as much confidence, not as much faith in that particular altcoin right, but Bitcoin and bitconnect seem to be very-very similarly correlated in terms of their patterns right.

07:37 The Google Trend

Let’s go take a look really quickly over at Google Trends, and let’s do a comparison for the past 12 months. Searching for the term bitconnect you can see the growth really starts July 2nd, 2017. And really goes up-up-up start platting plateauing a little bit right here. And then let’s go, and let’s search Bitcoin all right, should have a very similar pattern right. Bitcoin has a very-very-very similar pattern all really going up nothing, but going up and why is that? Let’s go back let’s see back over to here, so if you look at the patterns of all of these altcoins, and cryptocurrencies right here, you’ll see Bitcoin right has that particular pattern. let’s jump down to bitconnect right here very-very similar pattern as Bitcoin and altcoins, they vary quite a bit right.

08:29 Why Bitcoin And Bitconnect Have Similar Pattern

So, why is it that Bitcoin and bitconnect coin have a very similar trading pattern, a very similar trajectory in terms of their growth? It’s because bitconnect and Bitcoin are pegged together. They’re kind of pegged together in a way that bitconnect actually lends out money. So, the way you invest in bitconnect is you actually…let me get back to bitconnect here really quick. Okay, so the way you actually invest in bitconnect is you have to buy Bitcoin in order to invest in bitconnect. You buy Bitcoin from an exchange right, from a coin base, or from whatever exchange you want. Coin base is the easiest. Go check out my tutorial if you want, It’s in an earlier video. But you have to buy Bitcoin, then with that Bitcoin you actually buy the bitconnect coin and then after you buy the bitconnect coin you actually lend out the bitconnect coin. And bitconnect the company holds that in major wallets right. if you go and look over at…let’s go to bitconnect and I can’t find it right now, but I will show you this a little bit later at some point. But you can see the actual wallets that are holding the majority of the bit connect coins. And there’s a handful right.

There’s like four or five that are holding a million, eight hundred thousand million bitconnect coins. And they’re just kind of sitting on them, right? and why are they doing that? They’re sitting on them because that secures the value of the bitconnect coin. That secures the price point, because nobody’s selling those coins. they’re just holding them right, and everybody who’s in this program in the bitconnect program, they’re buying more and more and more and more bitconnect coin. And they’re lending them out which is essentially giving them back to bitconnect the company, and then bitconnect the company is holding those bitconnect coins in their wallets right over a period of time. So, what’s actually happening is bitconnect is holding your capital, for a certain amount of time. Let’s say 120 days, or 200 days or whatever you know whatever you choose based on your loan amount. They’re holding that and they’re saying after that particular amount of time, we’re going to give you your money back. You know we’re going to give you the capital that you’re invested. we’re going to give that back to you, and they’re hoping they’re risking and they’re hoping that the value of bitConnect, and the value of Bitcoin are higher than they were when you made the loan. 120 days, or 200 days ago right. It’s genius if you really you know stop to think about it, because what’s happening is people are buying Bitcoin right, which drives up the value of Bitcoin. They’re then buying a bitconnect coins which drive up the price, and value of bitconnect coins there then lending a bitconnect coins back to a bitconnect company, or you know whoever wants to hold them. Bitconnect isn’t holding those coins in their bitconnector wallets. You know over a period of time.

And when the date comes up where they have to actually give money back to the investors. The value of the coins are higher than they were 120 days ago right. Because they are securing the price of the bitconnect coin. They’re essentially stabilizing the price of bitconnect coin. And every new user that comes into the platform, every new user that signs up to bitConnect, that buys bitconnect coin and lends out bitconnect coin is essentially giving them the ability to hold the price, to maintain and stabilize the price of bitconnect, and not only stabilize the price but actually helps it rise. Because the more users bitConnect has, the higher the price of bitConnect coins. The more profit you make, the more profit bitconnect makes and overall everybody’s happy right? So, this is a genius business model. I wish I would have thought about it before, but this is essentially how bitconnect is working. And this is essentially why bitConnect has been sustainable to date right. Now this could all completely crumble, completely fall apart you know Bitcoin and bitconnect can go into a bowl bare market and start going down in value. I’ve heard rumours, and I’ve heard you know different pieces of news, that bitconnect can sustain a bear market for at least two to three years. So, I think we’re okay there, but I think really ultimately, what it comes down to is, if Bitcoin starts losing value and starts tanking and going down in price.

And confidence is lost, and you know Bitcoin starts to collapse, then bitconnect would obviously start to collapse as well. And I’d be very worried. if the price of Bitcoin starts really crumbling, which I definitely don’t think is going to happen at all If ever. But if it does happen, I would definitely keep your eyes on bitconnect and see what happens there, because the price will go down; because the two are inextricably linked together. They’re linked together. The way the business model has been set up is that, bitconnect coins go up when a Bitcoin goes up in value right, and they stabilize and maintain their price. The value of bitconnect by holding the coins over period of time. And they use marketing to bring in a huge user base to just literally pump that up over time.

13:25 Start Lending And Investing More In Bitconnect

so, the model is genius. I’m sold even more than ever. Now that I’ve actually thought this through, I’ve done a bit more research on it. I’m super excited to build my team. I’m super excited to you know start lending and investing more in a bitconnect. I’m thinking of lending around $10,000 coming up here very soon. I want to give it a week or two. I want to see how you know it works lending $1,000. I want to see how the program works, how the process works. And you know have the interest that I get after the first week or two. But hopefully, this has been helpful for you guys? I kind of had an epiphany on this, and I really found it fascinating. and I found it really-really-really smart the way that they have actually done this.

14:04 People Say Bitconnect Is A Scam

So, everybody’s saying that bitConnect is a scam. That everybody’s saying that bitConnect is a pyramid scheme. You know it simply is not. I mean in some senses it is, but it’s a much more sophisticated business model than that right. They’re not just simply you know taking your money and then re-lending it out hoping that they’re going to make money like a Bernie Madoff right. They’re actually baking in and many-many principles of Bitcoin, of cryptocurrency, of market dynamics, of marketing of all these different things, of economics to actually build and sustain this business model. Will it be sustainable forever? I don’t know probably not, you know but as long, as the price of Bitcoin goes up, as long as the confidence in Bitcoin goes up, I believe the confidence and the value of bitConnect is going to go up as well.

And that’s all I got. I hope that was useful for you guys? But I found it fascinating and hopefully you guys did as well. I’m Dan from crypto Camacho. let’s talk next time. If you want to sign up to Bitconnect, click on the link right there in the show notes. You’ll see that link you could join my team. Would love to have you on my team. Post a comment, I’m going to start giving away you know some prizes, [inaudible, 15:07] for posting comments and for engaging with me on my Facebook, my Twitter, my YouTube channel, and so forth. But again, hope you know like this video? Tell me if you agreed. Tell me if you disagree. We’d love your feedback on this topic, in general. if you haven’t started I recommend you invest at minimum $100 right. Not much to lose.

If you have a hundred dollars that you can afford to lose, you could spare to lose. Invest $100 in bitconnect. Well, learn how it works. I mean there are so many millionaires that have been made from bitconnect. It’s ridiculous. I mean just go to YouTube, go google it. You can see young kids as young as you know 15, 16 years old. You can see the Trayvon’s what you’ll see if you google it. You’ll see people that have been doing this for a while, and they have made significant amount of money. They quit their day jobs, they’ve gone on to do other things and they’re just growing right. They’re the new crypto millionaires. They’re the new…this new generations millionaire. We had a set of millionaires in the 90s right. when the.com boom hit we had a big set of millionaires, that were created then. Then the same thing happened in the real estate boom around the early 2000s another big set of millionaires were created. Well, bitconnect, Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, digital currencies, we are in the making of many-many-many-many-many millionaires.

Many times, over and this is just the beginning right. We have John McAfee saying bitcoins going to go to you know the price of 500,000. We have Jamie Dimon saying it’s a fraud, but then taking back those words and actually Chase’s investing in cryptocurrencies. And whatnot other banks are starting to do the same. Huge hedge funds are doing the same. ETFs are being set up. The Vinkle boss twins have made a significant amount of money in Bitcoin. They’re the early adopters of Facebook. If you don’t remember that Mark Cuban one of the most richest, and most successful businessmen of all time is now starting to invest in cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin. Peter Thiel same thing. He’s saying bitcoin is very-very underestimated. I think bitconnect is also very-very underestimated.
Take a look at this guy, look at it more really-really do your research. Don’t just go in blind, but I’m telling you if you have a hundred dollars to spare invest in bitconnect. See how the program works. See how the process works. Start building your own team and make some money. You guys become financially independent and financially free. And you will not regret it. I will talk to you next time. I’m Dan from cryptoCamacho.com. Check out my site. subscribe to my YouTube channel please and I will talk to you later.