Episode Highlights:

  • 00:09 – Advice You Will Receive In This Video
  • 00:33 – What Drives The Price Of Crypto Currency
  • 00:53 – How Influencers And Thought Leaders Jive The Price Of Crypto Currency
  • 01:13 – Who Is John Mcafee
  • 02:09 – Which Coins Would Have The Greatest Future
  • 03:08 – What Are Privacy Coins
  • 04:04 – John Mcafee On Verge And Monero
  • 05:41 – John Mcafee On Z Cash
  • 07:17 – Mr. Mcafee And Safex
  • 09:47 – What Happens When Thought Leaders And Influencers Give Advice
  • 10:17 – John Mcafee’s Advice On Sether
  • 11:46 – John Mcafee Recommends Kwh
  • 11:52 – John Mcafee Recommends A Coin Every Day
  • 12:28 – What Is Etm
  • 13:54 – John Mcafee And The Burst Coin
  • 15:31 – John Mcafee And The Digibyte Coin
  • 16:05 – John Mcafee Recommends Red Coin And Trx

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Hey what’s up guys? It’s Dan again from cryptocamacho.com where each day I talk about crypto currency and help you make more money in this crypto currency revolution.

00:09 – Advice You Will Receive In This Video

Today guys I want to talk about influencers. I want to talk about thought leaders in the industry, in the crypto currency space.

And I want to talk about why you need to be following them and if you’re not you need to take notice right away. I’m going to show you a couple of examples of one thought leader in particular and why you need to not only be following him but many others like him in this space.

00:33 – What Drives The Price Of Crypto Currency

Right now guys the price of crypto currencies is largely driven by a fear of missing out, it’s largely driven by anticipation that prices are going to go up, it’s largely driven by early market adoption, so mass adoption starting to happen. So all these things are contributing to whether or not the price of a crypto currency goes up or down.

00:53 – How Influencers And Thought Leaders Jive The Price Of Crypto Currency

And influencers and thought leaders in the space have a tremendous impact on whether that price goes up or down. They mention it in the news, they mention it on Reddit, they mention it on Twitter and all of a sudden you see the price spiking way up. There are a number of these folks in the industry, some of them are more heavily invested, some of them are not.

01:13 – Who Is John Mcafee

But today I want to talk about one in particular. And this guy he’s kinda controversial. You guys probably remember he made a bit about two or three months ago where he said between would go up to $500,000 per bit coin in less than three years or he would eat his own private parts. He has recently double down on that and said that bit coin would go to $1 million within the next three years. The guy am talking about is John McAfee. And before you dismiss John McAfee as a loon or kook are the guy that doesn’t know what he’s talking about at all please hear me out in this video. I’m going to show you several examples where he talks, he says something on twitter and the price of a particular crypto currency just goes up. And the reason I’m talking about this is because you should be following him, you should be following a number of thought leaders like this so that when they speak you can react and go invest or not invest in a particular crypto currency and see how it affects the market.

02:09 – Which Coins Would Have The Greatest Future

So let’s jump into the heart of this day’s episode. I am on John McAfee’s twitter feed right now and I’m starting back at December 13. He does talk about crypto currency obviously before December 13, he makes recommendations before then but writer on December 13 thing start to get interesting and more recently, in probably less than a week, he has said that each day and now each week he is going to call out or make mention of one particular crypto currency that he feels has potential in the future. So let’s jump right into it.

On December 13 John McAfee says, I’m inundated by people asking me for recommendations on crypto currencies. If you would use your heads you would figure out that the privacy coins, anonymous transactions will have the greatest future; coins like Monero, verge, z-cash cannot lose. Are these coins important guys? There are privacy coins.

03:08 – What Are Privacy Coins

The privacy coins are coins where you cannot check the transactions of that particular coin or that exchange of going on any service. Very truly anonymous. People for a long time thought bit coin was anonymous but these coins are truly anonymous. There is no way to track transactions of Monero, what you buy, what you sell, we transact to, we transfer to. It’s just not possible. And Mr. McAfee is saying that these are the wave of the future.

I tend to agree with him knowing that governments are now starting to step in, trying to gain control and understand and know who is actually buying and selling and transacting crypto currencies. Even coin base recently added a little thing where when you withdraw our move crypto currency bit coin out of coin base, they ask you where you’re sending it to, to identify if you’re sending it when exchange are not for the government, for the IRS. So guys, privacy coins are the wave of the future.

04:04 – John Mcafee On Verge And Monero

Let’s just look quickly at what happened when Mr. McAfee mentioned this. Let’s just take X VG as the first one. So X VG, and he said this on December 13; Mr. McAfee says Verge has a good-looking future, you guys should buy it, you can’t lose. Look at what happened since. So Verge has gone up since he mentioned that, it has gone up 2000%, over 2000%. I was not following Mr. McAfee at the time, I wish I had been following him, I wish I had bought Verge at that low price because I would’ve made 2000% on whatever capital I invested. I fortunately did invest around this section right here, so I did get an upside of buying it. But if you had gotten in earlier and followed Mr. McAfee you would have profited a lot more.

What else did he say? He says XMR, which is Monero, let’s go to Monero. This is Monero right here. Let’s zoom out to the 13th. The 13th is right about here. Look at what has happened since, it’s gone way up, it’s gone way down but it’s overall up from where you said it would be. Let’s figure the percentage; up 69% you would have made if you followed Mr. John McAfee advice.

05:41 – John Mcafee On Z Cash

Let’s look at Z cash. He says z cash cannot lose. Let’s go over to Z cash. This is probably a good time to buy Z cash at $4.70 guys, it has gone up to $7.50 so at a pretty good low point here and I may actually buy some of this here in just a moment. Actually, let me pause is video real quick, I think I may buy this, give me one second. Actually I would do it with you guys.

So right here I’m going to look at the stochastics for Z cash, looks like we may see an upward trend that does not look extremely powerful but let’s check within the last five minutes. Yes, we are going up. Let’s go back down to 15, yes we do see a little bit of an uptrend. I’m not one to gone buy it right now because I want to finish this video. But let’s zoom out to the 13th or Mr. John McAfee recommended buying this particular coin. So the 13th is right about here guys. So if you would have bought Z cash when it was recommended you have gone up probably 97%. We are back down a bit but we are still up from where he recommended it. It is still 25% up. 25% is not a small number. That is the first three coins he mentioned when I was following and I was so impressed and I have been so impressed by the rise of the coins that he is mentioning that I started to follow much much much more closely to what he is saying.

07:17 – Mr. Mcafee And Safex

Let’s score up to his twitter post and see what else he says. Yes, my apologies, I received over 100 angry DM’s because I did not include safex. It felt like a cold coordinated troll attack. Please, I am an old man whose memory lags typing skills. Yes safex is a great and incredible by at $.15. Now give me peace. In fact, I own more safex than bit coin. Wow, that is saying a lot. Mr. McAfee owns more safex than bit coin. Whether or not that is true I don’t know, but that is what he is saying. I was not trying to diss safex, it’s an excellent coin. Keep in mind I search my memory blah blah blah and he talks about safex. Again, safex is a majority of my holdings. I run the numbers for weeks before I chose it knowing I had technical problems and that it would be delisted from most exchanges. But I have, to my knowledge never lost money on an investment. Take it with a grain of salt.

So now let’s go and let’s look at safex. How is safex performing from the time that Mr. McAfee started talking about safex. And this one is quite incredible. I did not buy any safex, I’m kicking myself because I was debating it. The reason I didn’t buy any safex is because I don’t have a cryptopia account and I was just lazy and I didn’t want to make a cryptopia account. Look at this chart. This is absolutely ridiculous what happened. So Mr. John McAfee on the 14th and the 15th really started talking about safex, let’s zoom back out and go to the 14th and see. So the 14th was right about here, it was already a big jump but the 13th, 14th, and 15th are about right here. And this is right where I considered that maybe I should buy a little bit, maybe not. I was lazy and I didn’t set up my cryptopia account. Look at how much the coin has gone up since. So being conservative we’ve seen a 200% rise. At 200% rise since he recommended this coin. I mean, it’s crazy and it’s still going up. This is still going up. I was actually thinking of banging today, I haven’t but it is still going up.

09:47 – What Happens When Thought Leaders And Influencers Give Advice

Again, I hope you’re getting the point here that when thought leaders speak, he has 538,000 followers on twitter. These people are following him, they are watching him, there listening to what he’s saying and when he says something, guaranteed a significant portion of these people are going to the exchanges and buying a particular crypto currency. Again, John McAfee is not the only person who does this. I’m just focusing on him because he has made some incredible predictions.

10:17 – John Mcafee’s Advice On Sether

So let’s keep going up and then he starts saying and talk about different things. He’s recommending a personal ICO which I’m not going to get into. He also recommends ICO’s and he recommended and ICO called sether. And the first token that opened the door to a new paradigm of social marketing. And I went to do a video on this at a later time. But I wanted to just bring it to your attention. He is saying that this is a world changing coin and a world changing concept. I urge them to let me assist, the ICO had just begun. I can’t guarantee that sether is gold, I can’t guarantee anything, please understand that. I don’t want to be responsible for anyone’s gains or losses but I can guarantee that I see no better ICO than sether.io at the current time.

Guys I have invested in sether.io, is not live yet. There is a presale ICO going on right now. This video is not to promote sether, it is just to show you that there is potential impacts when these thought leaders say these different things. I am bullish on sether.io. I’m going to do a video on it in the future. I am bullish on it because it is groundbreaking. I am a marketer by trade. I’ve been doing marketing for very long time and I’m seeing what sether.io is doing and how they are planning to disrupt the digital marketing industry and it is mind blowing. So I would get into that on a different video. I just want to tell you that he’s also recommending ICO’s, so take notes and invest in them at your own risk. But pay attention.

11:46 – John Mcafee Recommends Kwh

Another ICO he recommended is the KWH coin. I can’t really do anything there because it is an ICO, I can show the price of that yet.

11:52 – John Mcafee Recommends A Coin Every Day

And then he says on December 20. Beginning tomorrow I would each day talk about a unique alt coin. Most of the 2000 coins are trash or scams. I have read every white paper. If you I am connected to I will tell you. The rest I have no position in. These coins will change the world and you can support that change. And then every day he goes through and he recommends a coin. KWH which is an ICO like I said. I don’t currently have a position in K WH but it is interesting. Electronium, this first on my daily coin reports. He claims that electronium would change the world, it’s ETM.

12:28 – What Is Etm

Let’s go to electronium and see if it is doing well since he recommended it. ETM. It is again on cryptopia, I don’t have a cryptopia account yet, I am probably going to get one because of this. So here is ETM, let’s see how his production went with ETM. So he started talking about electronium, I think earlier than December 21 but let’s just base it on that day. From the 21st, here is electronium, I don’t think it is quite up so high from the 21st which is about… So you could say that right here, that’s the 21st and he posted something about it on that day and look what has happened on that day. On that day, we saw a 50% increase in price. Now it has come down since but it is still above where he originally recommended it. But this is to show you that when he says something it goes up in value. I mean, it goes up and that’s not because it is John McAfee and he knows everything but it’s because he’s a thought leader and he has a tremendous following. And these people, once they see what he says they spread it around all their friends as well. So this is how it works guys, this is how the crypto game works nowadays.

So again talking about KWH, talking about sether again.

13:54 – John Mcafee And The Burst Coin

Talking about coin of the day burst. Burst is the first truly green coin. This one I have mixed feelings on. Let’s go to burst and let’s look ahead and see how his prediction has fair so far. On December 22 he recommended burst. Most undervalued coin, burst. It’s pretty interesting. It is a pretty strong statement to say that burst is the most undervalued coin. And he said that on the 22nd. So let’s go. Hey look what happened on the 22nd, right here we hit the 22nd, boom. What happened? Again, all the way up guys. 246%. I did get some Burst coins so I’m very happy about that. 246% because he said it. On the 22nd. This is mind blowing. This guy could make you very very wealthy if you literally to follow him to a T. And the moment he makes a Tweet about a particular coin, you rush and you buy it and then you hold it; you get the picture, right.

Okay so he keeps going and he says but among those coins. There are 1500 coins and all and yes most of them are jokes or outright scams. But among those coins are etherium, Monero, lite coin and other proven winners. Buying plank is a joke, a hugemistake. Again, promoting sether. And he’s just talking about crypto currency. Now he’s says bit coin is a 25% discount right now. It sits today at about 13,000 or $14,000, which I tend to agree with him. I have recently bought some more.

15:31 – John Mcafee And The Digibyte Coin

DGB. Let’s look at how that one fairs. On December 23 he mentioned DBG. Here is DGB, let’s go to December 23. It is right there. That’s where he mentioned it. So again, December 23 Mr. McAfee says that the Digibyte coin is going to change the world and then it goes up 111%. This is ridiculous guys. This isn’t science, this isn’t rocket science. He’s recommended coins in they’re booming like crazy.

16:05 – John Mcafee Recommends Red Coin And Trx

Another one red coin, you can go through and look at that one yourself.

But every day he is doing that. He has recommended Tron or TRX which I have also recommended and you can buy that on Binance. You can buy a lot of these on Binance. You cannot buy all of them on Binance but you can buy most of them on Binance.

Today, let’s see what he says. He’s talking about how his account got hacked.

So the point of this video guys is not to promote John McAfee, it is to make you aware that these influencers, these thought leaders, these people with very large social media followings with big deep pocket books, lots of power and influence not only in the public sphere but in the private sphere as well. You don’t think John McAfee has any inference and clout and sway in anything that goes on behind closed doors with ICO’s, with mining, with all of these things. He has a huge company mining bit coin and other things. He has a huge stake in this, course they’re going to want these things to go up and I’m a believer in following the money. Follow what people are saying, follow the sentiment, follow the social trends if you will especially in crypto currency. Right now the market is based almost purely, almost exclusively on social trends and social sentiment and you are missing out. And when people like McAfee talk and say buy XY and Z coin, the prices would be impacted by them. At some point I’m going to try to take all the thought leaders together and show you on a graph how what they say, when they say it impacts the price, impact the trains on the marketplace and impacts the overall sentiment in the marketplace.

I am Dan from cryptocamacho.com. Hopefully you found it useful. Hopefully found it helpful. If you have not already subscribed to my YouTube channel please do. That little red button and I will talk to you next time. See yah