Episode Highlights:

  • 01:02 – Bitcoin Recovery As It Trades Currently
  • 02:48 – How I Bought And Sold Vsl Tracking 21% Gain?
  • 05:06 -Tracking The Cash Flow And Profit Gain On A Particular Coin
  • 08:22 – How Does Your Money Grows In Just Thirty Days Trading

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Guys what’s up? It’s Crypto Camacho again.Hey, today I wanted to show you, how a trade turned out. A trade that I made over the weekend right, when the market crashed, when China announced that they were banning ICOs, the cryptocurrency market crashed went down 20, 25, you know in some cases 50% or more, I made some trades right. On the video I showed you yesterday, I showed you some of those trades and how I you knowbought? How I sold those on the dip right and when the bases were cracked. Today, Iwant to show you how one of those trades ended up in where I sold, because it wassuper exciting for me right I go and I look at my computer when I wake up inthe morning you know it was like 6 a.m.I go to my computer look at it I seethat the stock just had shot up, and Iwas like wow this is fantastic superpumped about that right. Who is notexcited, to go to their computer and seeyou know something that they bought has gone up in value multiple times right.And in this case sorry, it wasn’tmultiple times but it was a very goodpercentage and anyway let me let me diveright into it excuse me let me diveright into it here.

01:02 – Bitcoin Recovery As It Trades Currently

So real quickly, let’s look at the Bitcoin recovery. SoBitcoin today it is trading currently at4,660 right, and let’s zoom in a littlebit on this man look at that dip. So wehit all the way up to 5,000 Chinaannounces their ban on ICOs, we get adrop all the way down to, gosh 3951and then literally within a few days, weget a bounce back to 4660 and there’s nostopping in sight. So is this reallywhere things go past 5,000? Is this wherebitcoins going to go past 5,000? I don’tknow, we’ll find out in the next few days.But if you can see real closely, righthere I have marked my alert for 3951that’s exactly where the base is for thecurrent dip in Bitcoin. And what’s goingto happen the next time, there’s a bigdip? If the dip goes below 3951 andcracks that base, I’m actually going to goand buy a bunch of bunch more Bitcoinright. So that’s what I’m going to do, let me show you this just slightly and Iknow I want to show you the trade herein a minute but same thing pretty muchhappened right here right. There was ahuge drop; the former base was cracked boom. Wentdown bounce right back up all the way to thetop and then went down again and rightyou know it cracked another base andwent back up. It’s going to happen again inthe future right, it’s going to happen again,we’re Bitcoin tanks again this time I’ma tank even deeper. What if it tanks, youknow past 3000 you know 400 where it ishere who knows but feeling hope you getthat form of trading that I’ve beentrying to teach you in the last coupleweeks here.

02:48 – How I Bought And Sold Vsl Tracking 21% Gain?

So let’s go into my tradethat I made. So this is the trade that Imade this morning.So yesterday I showed you a video where,you know I showed you how I bought andsold VSL. I bought it you know, down allthe way at like 1895 around that and Isold it I first sold it around 20 youknow 26.72 and then Isold it again all the way up at 22 .98 so basically 23. So I made a bigpercentage gain there and let’s justlook okay so I made okay I made stilltrying to get used to this feature,I made almost 21%, if youcould see this it actually measures thepercentage of the game so I made about 21%, in about two,three days okay. And this was all becauseI trade it off of the base. And you knowif you don’t know how to, let me show youhow to do this little trick real quick.So I’m Coinigy, there’s a way to useCoinigy, there’s a way you could justmeasure you know I used to kind ofcalculate it in my head and somebodyactually on YouTube. “Thank you very much, you showed me how to do this in Coinigy,you how to find out what the percentagegain or dip was just by clicking youliterally you press shift on yourkeyboard you click the mouse and thenyou, you should click it once and thenyou drag it all the way up to where youknow wherever you want, and then you gotyour percentage right. And so, justliterally click shift, hold down shift,click your mouse button and then youcould drag it wherever you want. Sothat’s a little tip for you on Coinigy and how to do that.

But it’s crazy, Imade 21% so I wanted to just showyou that I was excited about thatyou know and I traded on the base againI sold about ½ ofmy shares what I bought at about 20about sorry at about 20. So I made about10% right I wanted to make sure Icovered some of my costs there made alittle bit of money back and recoup someof it. And I sold, not all of it but theremaining you know portion large chunkthat I had for 23. And now I have somefree BSL coins I made some profitseverybody’s happy. So anyway that’s onething I wanted to show you today.

05:06 – Tracking The Cash Flow And Profit Gain On A Particular Coin

Theother thing I wanted to show you is a spreadsheet that I put together which is really just kind of helping mecalculate percentages.It’s helping mecalculate you know when I invest acertain amount of money, and I get acertain percentage gain you know what,what profit do I actually come home with?And if I did that on a daily basis youknow, what can I expect at the endof the month, if I compound my, myearnings or gains? So let’s just take aquick example. So go over to thisspreadsheet, and if you guys want this, you could definitely download it. Go over to Crypto Camacho. Com, CryptoCamacho.Com you can download this spreadsheet rightthere and get that. But anyway,sookay, let me walk through this real quick.So I set this up really just kind of a win as a way for me to track you know,how much I’m spending on a particular coin? And how much profit I’m making on aparticular coin, on a daily basis? And the way it works is up here, I just putBitcoin right I’ll base it off a Bitcoinand what was the price? The price I thinktoday was$4,660, I think that was the price we sawright. So Bitcoin today is at $4,660. If, I were to sell this at let’s just say$5,000,$50,000, $5,000. If, I were to sell it at $5,000, I would make anestimated return of 6.8% and I wouldmake an estimated profit of $340. So let’s say today,I bought Bitcoin for $4,660, tomorrowwent up to 5,000 and I sold, I’d make $340 right.So that’s kind of the formula in themath that I’m using, to get my numbershere. So then if I were to invest, $1,000right into this formula into thatparticular return. What would my profitsbeon a monthly basis? So the amount ofinvest per trade let’s just say, $1,000just too kind of average that out there.On day one, if I invested $1,000 intothis trade I would make I’m sorry if Iinvested $1,000 at a 6.8% return I would make, $68right and so don’t get confused because right here I’m saying if I wereto buy a whole Bitcoin at $4,660,it’s sold a whole Bitcoin at $5,000, I would make $304 profit. In this caseI’m only investing a $1000right, so I’m investing less than anactual price of Bitcoin so it’s afraction of it so if my profits aregoing to be fractional as well right, Ithink that makes sense to everybody.

Okay,so if I invested $1,000 into Bitcoin at this return.This estimated return I’dmake $68 that day. If the next day Iinvested in Bitcoin or another coin analtcoin at the same return but at thistime I invested a $1,068, you know investing my profits aswell I’d make $72, andthis just goes on and on and on,throughout the whole month right. And soif for thirty days, the whole month, everyday I made a 6.8%return, and made one trade just one tradeat, 6.8% return at theend of the month I’d make, $6,196 right. Nowthat sounds like a lot but and it soundslike you’d have to trade and be right alot of the time you have to profit a lot,which is true you would, but if you usethis method and if you could find onetrade at 6.8% returnon average right some trades you maymake 15%, some trades you maymake 5%,you know but onaverage if you make 6.8%, return investing a $1000. You can turn that into $6,000, at the end of the month.

08:22 – How Does Your Money Grows In Just Thirty Days Trading

So the last piece of this is really just the chart of you know how this actually, how this grows over time and how yourmoney grows over time so starting with a$1000, you can see, you know byday thirty you’ve made you know six grand, you’ve made a lot more money thanyou put in so you made it essentiallysix times your money that you put in andyou know this can work the same way with smaller amounts of money right if Iinvested $300 you know let’s say I want a small account I want to start daytrading I want to start trading cryptocurrencies and you know do this basetrading and start making thesepercentages and these game and I want to start with you know $300right. So 300 obviously will go a littlebit slower but it’s essentially the sameconcept right if I bought $300 worth ofBitcoin at one day and the next day it went up a 6.8% I would make $20 on that300 our investment the next day I do thesame thing I’d make you know $21 so forth and so on, by the end of the month Iwould have almost $2,000,in my account. And then, you can startmaking bigger trades and making biggerprofits right.

So this is, this is kind of how the game works, this is kind of howyou know the system is working for meand how it’s starting to developfor me. I’ll keep building this out andshowing you guys, hey you know how Imake this a little bit more sophisticated in terms of my returns, in terms of my you know my risks, mypotential gains, things like that. Buthopefully, this was helpful to you. If youdo want to download this again, you cango to, spell this out to you CryptoCamacho.Com so if you want todownload this template go to CryptoCamacho.Com and you can download itthere for free.

Anyway, I’m Dan again from, CryptoCamacho.Com. Leave the comments;let me know how you like this spreadsheet. If it’s helpful for you, ifyou’d like anything tweet on it orgive me some ideas I’d like to tweaksome things you know make it make itbetter for so if there’s any tips youcan give let me know. Somebody requestedthis on YouTube, so here you go and hopefully this is helpful and I willtalk to you guys later.