Episode Highlights:

  • 00:11 – Advice You Will Receive From This Video
  • 01:00 – The Binance Referral Program
  • 02:46 – The Advantage Of Binance Referral System
  • 04:02 – How Binance Gives Me Insights Into Buying Coins
  • 05:05 – Example Of How I Pick Some Of My Latest Coins
  • 07:14 – How Do I Know If I Should Buy A Certain Coin
  • 10:13 – The Real Goal And Value Of The Binance Referral Program

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Hey guys what’s up? It’s Dan again from cryptocamacho.com where each day I talk about crypto currency and help you make more money in this crazy crypto currency revolution. And that’s happening right now guys.

00:11 – Advice You Will Receive From This Video

Today I want to talk about something very very interesting. It’s going to be a good video. It’s going to have a lot of value in it. I hope you guys feel the same way. But I want to show you today how I have just a slight unfair advantage probably compared to all of you out there. And what I’m talking about is I want to give it to glimpse into how I sometimes am choosing alt coins to invest in. I do a lot of research on my own by following thought leaders in the industry, by following social media trends, by following social sentiment trends, by reading Reddit and so forth and so on, all the traditional ways to do research to find a, what coins you should be buying and you should not. I do that as well. But I also have one method that I use that gives me a slight unfair advantage to choosing coins.

01:00 – The Binance Referral Program

Let me show you exactly what I’m talking about guys. On the exchange, if you watching any of my videos guys you will notice in the, let me just show you here, this is my YouTube channel, let me just show you one thing really quickly. Let’s just go into this one and Iam going to go ahead and pause it. But you will notice that in my signature on every video that I publish I typically have a link or two. And in this one and in many videos, I have a link to Binance. This goes to the Binance crypto exchange. And so each time somebody clicks on this link, to be fully transparent, and getting a very very small commission when somebody transacts on the Binance exchange. I get a fraction of that transaction whenever that happens. Not a big deal, typical it is very very little money. It is a couple of cents if anything. And depending on the volume of the transaction I will get more or less but usually it doesn’t amount to more than a couple of dollars. So it is not a huge gain unless you start to get a lot of referrals.

So I, currently on Binance, to show you how the referral program works. So the Binance referral program, it pays to have friends. You basically submit a link like I just showed you and you get 50% commission on the transaction fees that recur in the Binance platform. So I have about 863 referrals at the time of this video. And every one of those referrals when they transact, I get a very very tiny percentage of commission of that transaction fee when they transact. The monetary value is very low but insights that you get from it are far far greater.

02:46 – The Advantage Of Binance Referral System

Let me show you exactly what I’m talking about. So now that you know I have 863 referrals at the date of this video. Now let me jump back over to the Binance exchange. So this is Binance and this is were at my account rise. I’m not going to show you off the balance is per se for each of these coins but I want to show you two things here which are very very interesting to me. So when I first signed up for Binance obviously I had no referrals, I started promoting it in my YouTube videos just because I like the fact that you could promote it and get a percentage. But what the heck, I don’t think the peyote is that great but I’m going to try it and I have done that. I have built up a good referral base. So now what I’m learning is that the insights that I’m getting into which coins people are actually purchasing compared to the monetary percentage I get of commission when somebody does transact, it is huge.

For me to be able to go in my Binance account to look every single day and see which coins are being added to my portfolios simply because other people are buying them and through Binance it’s invaluable to me. It gives me insights into which coins may have the best bet in the short-term and the long-term.

04:02 – How Binance Gives Me Insights Into Buying Coins

Why do I say this? So I know you guys can see the balances right here but these are stack ranked in order of the total balance that I have. So I am holding the most Tron coins in my Binance portfolio and then you go down the list and it’s less and less in terms of the total numerical balance. The total number of coins I’m holding, I am stack ranking it right here. I am holding the most Tron and I’m holding the least of whatever it is right here. But every single day you coins are being added here and actual number of coins I have is increasing day over day. So immediately when I see a surge in a particular coin and the number of coins that are being added to my portfolio, because of my referral program I can immediately see ‘this coin is actually going to do probably fairly well because of the people are starting to buy it’. It means to me that there is a social trend going on that is pumping up that particular coin.

05:05 – Example Of How I Pick Some Of My Latest Coins

Let me give you an example. If all of a sudden tomorrow I came in and saw that Tron, in Tron account I got 50% more Tron coins, 20%, 10% or whatever the percentage may be more coins in my portfolio that I know something is going on with Tron. Maybe I don’t know all the news, maybe I don’t know what’s happening but something is happening with it. The same goes with any of these coins. If I come in and I see that the total number of coins added to my balance is going up significantly I know something is going on with that coin and gives me a bit of insight into going and researching a bit more of what is happening. That is how I have been picking a few of my latest coins. And it has been proving to be profitable and it is working. Because what I do is I go and crosscheck. You know when I find a coin in here, let’s say substratum, what is substratum? I’ve never heard of it but all of a sudden people are starting to buy substratum and I know that because I am looking at my account and referrals on my account are starting to buy it which makes me accumulate some substratum coins. Even if it is a fraction of coins, I know that people are interested in that coin. So then what I’ll do is I’ll go to Google, I’ll go to Google trends, I’ll go to Google ad words, I’ll go to social mention, I’ll go to all these different tools which are technically used for Internet marketing to track keywords. I will look at the volumes that are being checked for each of these particular keywords are these particular coins and I would look if there’s a spike and it does that spike correlate to what is actually happening on my account.

If I see a particular coin being added more and more is a trend going up for that particular coin? Are more people are starting to adopt that coin leading to a snowball effect which will eventually come that price up. Remember in markets and the majority, it only takes a majority to move a price up. It takes a majority. So if the majority of people are bullish on any one of these coins I would know that the momentum is up. I know that I can probably buy it and profit off of it.

07:14 – How Do I Know If I Should Buy A Certain Coin

So there are two ways I use this specifically. The first is by checking the total balance. I know you can’t see the balance but by checking the total balance I can a) see how many new coins are coming in, how many of the particular coin I am probably getting relative to another. If I am seeing one coin where I’m getting 20 or 30 or 40% more volume every day compared to these other coins than I know there is something going on with that coin and I need to pay attention to it and I need to look into it a little bit more. So that’s kind of the first way.

The second way is the actual value of the coin. Again, I know you can’t see the value over here but the value of the coin also tells me what the price of that coin is. And so the way I use that is that I use it and I say okay, I want to find the most popular coins that have the highest volume day over day, which have the lowest value in terms of dollars. Because what I’m trying to do is I’m trying to find the most popular coins versus the ones that are the lowest price. So it happened for example with verge. That is so actually became familiar with Verge, that’s how I discovered stellar lumens, that so I discovered monetha, that so I discovered ADA, that’s how I discovered substratum; it is how I discovered many many of these coins. And a lot of these coins I don’t even know what they are, I don’t even execs to know how they work. Like Brad, I have never bought anything with bread but I have bread in my account and it is starting to rise up a little bit. What is bread? What is the lure of the bread? I don’t know but it puts it on my radar. And it puts it on my radar in a way that was impossible before. So you guys could do the same thing. You have to just sign up for Binance and you promote a referral program in Binance. And you can do the exact same thing.

So go to Binance and sign up for an account and then sign up for their referral program which you will see. You’ll see their referral link right here and start promoting it. Start putting it on your Facebook page, start putting it on your twitter account, start putting it anywhere that you are actively engaged talking about crypto currency. Use that referral link and you will slowly see referrals coming in over and over and over and over and over time you’re going to start seeing your account change in Binance. And you’re going to start seeing new accounts pop up in your radar that you didn’t even know existed. Even if your volume is very very low, it doesn’t matter. Your volume does not matter. If you start seeing 1 2 3 4 5 coins popping up on the radar go research and those 3 4 5 coins that are popping up. People are buying those coins for a reason. My account did not always look like this. It did not always have so many coins in the portfolio. but Because of this referral program it helps me to get this many coins and it is literally just feeding me data in terms of what coins I should be investing in.

10:13 – The Real Goal And Value Of The Binance Referral Program

The payout is fine, it’s great that I get a little bit of money for every time but it is not a significant amount of money in your account from the transaction fees. The real goal and the real value of the Binance referral program is the insights you get based on a) what coins are the most popular based on volume. And b) what are the cheapest based on price. Marry those two things together and you have a much made in heaven and you can pick some fantastic coins because of it.

Maybe next time in a new video I will show you exactly how this is done. But as an example, let’s take substratum, I’m going to find substratum. This is how I discovered substratum. It was through the Binance referral program and exactly the way I’m about to show you. And I found it about somewhere down here. Let’s go and see how much is the price, let’s go to coin market cap. So the price is a $1.08. So this, when I first started looking at it it was about probably a quarter of that and I knew that because I looked in here and I saw substratum and I saw the value of it. And that’s how this thing works guys. New line so I won’t push this too hard but I want you to be aware that this is one, just one of the methods that I use to pick different crypto currencies and decide whether or not I want to invest in them.

I do secondary research but this Binance account put coins, certain coins on my radar. Cut it out with other methods and you have a very very good formula to picking winning alt coins.

Anyway guys, I am Dan from cryptocamacho.com , I hope you found this useful. Please go to my YouTube channel and subscribe right here if you haven’t already. Give me any questions you might have on this, I would be very interested to get your take on this but I found this very very useful. I hope you guys do too. Maybe I’ll be releasing the new coins that I find. I would love to know if you guys would like that. If you would like to know what coins I discover on my Binance account on a regular basis or does it not matter to you? I’d love to know your feedback on that because I would certainly do that if you guys think that would be helpful. Again I am Dan form cryptocamacho.com and I will see you later.