Episode Highlights:

  • 00:00 – New Exchange Charts
  • 01:58 – Price Increase
  • 03:45 – Base Mark
  • 05:27 – B Cap Explained
  • 08:02 – Opportunity For Bitcoin Cash
  • 09:31 – Spend Time To Go Through Coins
  • 12:47 – Looking At Bitcoin Numbers
  • 14:41 – Change In Chart Movements
  • 17:09 – Adding More Bases: Cvc
  • 18:39 – Looking At Dash
  • 20:34 – Last Base
  • 23:20 – Recap

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00:00 – New Exchange Charts

Me again, hey just wanted to take you ona journey with me as I start marking upmy charts for a new exchange that IJoined. Recently today I signed up forthe exchange Liqui, what Liqui we isit’s an exchange just like allthe other exchanges right; the othercrypto currency exchanges where you can buy sell and trade Altcoins, Bitcoin and Ethereum like coins so forth and so on. I just signed up for it today; the reason I signed up for it today isbecause there’s a lot of options for trading there’s quite a few coins on theexchange if you look over here on theleft hand side you can see there’s quitea few coins that I’d like to be able to try them. What I’m going to do rightnow is I’m going to go through all of these coins and start marking up charts, I’m going start marking upand sending alerts for where I think thebases are and where you know the pricesmay end up dropping and where I maypotentially want to buy these coins now. Keep in mind just because I actuallymarked the chart and I put an alert onthe basis doesn’t necessarily mean thatI always buy I don’t also put a buyorder every time I said an alert right, I’m setting the alerts to basically establish bases on a particular chartwith a particular coin and if that coin falls below that price, the price of the base and the base cracks then I may get in to that coin and buyit.But as those things develop I kind of keep it quick or aclose eye on them to make sure that I’mnot just buying things whenever an alert goes off because that’s not the smartestbridge.So anyway, I’ve already marked upa couple of these charts and I’ll just show you the last one that I marked up this is ant coin and USD tether and Imarked up some bases here, inthe past probably week or two ago andthen I marked some up today the clearestbase, most obvious base it’s right here.

01:58 – Price Increase

There’s a huge price jump up fromtwo to all the way up to two eight, so that’s gosh 20% maybe so that’sclearly a base clearly abase where there’s a big run-up.There’sanother baseup here right and that’s a pretty clearbase so I’m from 269 to 315 anotherpretty clear base and I marked a verysmall base right here. So, let’s keepgoing you know if you if you want tochime out that’s fine but I think thismay be useful for you guys to learn howto actually start marking the bases butI’m going to go through these charts andjust start doing that I may not go allthe way through in this video I don’twant it to be too long but you’ll getthe idea of kind of what I’m doing as Igo through this, so let meactually first clear out all of thesealerts right here let me just get aclean chart for you so that we can I’mgoing to go ahead and pause this give meone sec guys all right now I’ve clearedthis chart out so I can start fromscratch with you guys and so theclearest base that I see on this chartis it’s pretty obvious right it’s righthere.So, I’m going to set that base righthere work set and obviously there’s abase huge run-up and there could bea base right here right that’s also abase so there’s a base let’s confirmthat and let’s look at the chart a little bit closer, let’s go ahead andzoom out a little bit right so these aretwo the two clearest bases I see on thechart right and then these arebases but they’re not quite as big let’ssee 17 up to 20 actually it’s not bad. I’m going to go ahead and actually that’s all you marked as a base.

03:45 – Base Mark

So, let’skeep looking through this and then wehave a run up starting at 19/20-ish allthe way up, technically those are smallbases but I am not going mark them; actually, I think I’m going mark this one right from 20 at 23 thatwas a pretty strong base and the way I’mthinking about this is that wherever I mark a base I’m trying tounderstand where are their buyers forthis coin like is there support to buythis coin to shoot it up, to riot,to raise the price is there support todo that and any time the price jumps uplike this that means to me there issupport and there’s a lot of thathappeningthis particular coin but I don’t want tomark every single base right becausesome of these are smaller than othersand you can see that there was a prettystrong run up and it’s still running upbut then it starts to be tested kind ofright up here at the top right.Starts tobe tested kind of right up in herebecause you can tell because the spikesaren’t quite as big right the firstspike happened you know right about herehuge spike and it went up you know from20 little over 20 50 all the way up to23 14 then you look at the next one itwent from 22 to 24 so a little smallerand then you look at the last one and itwent from 23-ish to almost 25so about the same but still a littlesmaller then you start to see that the support is waning and it’s decreasing right here right there’s 2 8to drake and 2 4 so it is slowly support asbeing lost here.

05:27 – B Capexplained

Anyway, I just want toexplain a little bit let’s go over thenext chart wow look at this one B capnot even sure what B cap is but manit had a huge run-up just literallystarting a few days ago on my anniversary the 26 was my wedding anniversary. Anyway, I’m going mark a base right there… okay that’sclearly a base that is an obvious clear base very big when italmost doubled in price right from 1 to180 almost double in price there.Thisone that’s really the only base I’mgoing mark right now because I don’tknow what this chart is going to doright now it’s been pretty, pretty steadyand then all of a sudden this quickshoot up but I am also going to monitorit pretty closely right here right,because if this starts jumping up againthis may become a base but right nowit’s not ok so let’s look at Bitcoincash let’s zoom out this one I thinkmost people are familiar with you knowthe obvious base right here which isvery low don’t see that happening right quite yet, but let’s mark that as a baseanyways zoom inhere’s another base right there reallystrong support at about 478 and that wasprobably because it dropped below 500rightit hit 512 let’s zoom in all of us youguys can see this,it hit see there was a run-up right from360 all the way up to 521 and then youcan see that there was a dropso from 521 up here and it dropped downto 478 and once that dropped below 500there are a number of people thatthought oh you know this is a great timeto buy it dropped below 500 againanother one of those psychological barriers right when they’re you know when something hits 200 300 400 500there’s typically a run up whensomething goes down below one of those levels 500 400 300 200 any of that a hundred numbers there will typically either be a run up again or run downdepending on the stock in this case there was clearly a run up because it’sa bullish market. But anyway let’skeep marking basis here so technically this is a base looks like it’s already been hit let’s kind of scroll overhere okay.

08:02 – Opportunity For Bitcoin Cash

Now, where is really thenext buying opportunity for Bitcoin cashI would say definitely around475-ish is a buying opportunity if it goes that low I also think around youknow here’s another base right here, which I kind of marked but there was a pretty good run up from 564 all the wayup to 739 which is really, really good sothat’s actually a pretty good base and it looks like it’s already hit, that but I’m going go ahead and mark it okay.Let’s keep looking at thisand what is this run up here anotherlittle run up 568 yeah that’s really a base so I didn’t get in on this trade but this would have been a verygood opportunity to trade right you cansee here are the bases that I would havecalled right here right here and thenyou can see when it crack those basesall of thisis buying opportunity right so okay. So now let’s mark our base right thereat the bottom from the Michelob becausethat’s where it really bounced so they’re out 525-ish mark base I’m going to actually delete these bases I dothis sometimes we’re all mark bases andI’ll kind of go back through and delete them because some of them don’t make sense like if they’re above the price right which we just kind of just discovered I don’t necessarily want to mark something above a base because that doesn’t make sense okay.

09:31 – Spend Time To Go Through Coins

Let’s keep goingthrough this; let me know if this videois too long if you guys want to dosomething different or have you knowother  interests than this let me know, meaning other interests aren’tcrypto-currency of course I just wantedto go through this video because Ithought it’d be helpful to show you inreal time how I’m going through andmarking my bases and how I’m actually,setting my charts upfor success in the future.Take20 minutes of your own time go through these different coins and mark your bases. As you start marking them it may take 20-30 minutes the firsttime you do it but as you start markingthem and going to different exchangesand marking those you’re going startseeing these alerts go off and day by day it’s going kind of build up but you’re going to seethese alerts go off you’re going be ableto decide where you want to actuallytrade and put your money so that’s kindof what I’m doing right now.Wow, this chart is beautiful I mean it’s up and down its BNT Altcoin up anddown which is perfect there’s a bigargument going on in this market meaningthat people can’t agree on theprice people can’t agree where the priceshould fall and that’s why you see somany of these run ups and run downsright there was a bigger run-up righthere but then people just can’t agree onthe price and that’s great for tradingright when people can’t agree on theprice people are buying way up here atthe ceiling and then people Brian youknow people are panicking in and sellingway down the floor and it makes areally good opportunity for buying.

So, there’s some very clear bases in here, this one being probably these two being kind of the clearest winners and drop a little bit below go ahead markthat as a base again articulates the point of whatwe’ve been talking on the whole timelook at this crack the base boom went upthis crack the base boom went up. Anyway, so I marked the base right hereto point four because there isdefinitely support there there’sdefinitely support of two four five youknow if you want you can mark the stronger base down below which I like todo in case there’s a huge dip because ofthe news or something like thatso I do mark it down lower pretty oftenbut other than that I mean it looks likethere could be a base right here as wellright there’s a huge amount of supportthere and so I am going mark a baseright there two sixand we’ll see where it goes right nowit’s a three seventeen right if itdropped down to two six I would love itI would buy it and I would waitfor the bounce back all right.Let’s keepgoing you know technically this is abase two so I’m going mark this onebecause you know where all these bases are their support in the marketfor buying these coins you know everytime you know a support is tested thiscoin it bounces so it indicates to meyou know there was a huge run up righthere couple days ago when all the way upto 309 then it drop dropdropdropdropdrop it could have dropped all the wayback down right but there was supportand some people thought no I’mgoing buy this is still a bargainand they buy and it ran further upanyway I think you get how that’s going.

12:45 – Looking At Bitcoin Numbers

Alright so here’s Bitcoin. Bitcoin is at forty five- fifty, I’m going mark some faces down in the fourthousand range because these are here’s aclear base for 285 you knowright before the run up there and thenobviously there’s bases down here I’mnot going to necessarily I’ll mark theone way down here but that’s an obviousone and I don’t anticipate that coingoing down that further that far anytimesoon all that could happen so there’s a base here is technicallyanother base am going to mark and I think for this one I’m goodlet’s see what this what’s the pricechange for four six one yeah I’m notgoing to mark a face here even though itis decent actually let’s see what’s thepercentage of that. Let’s just see something real quick so four, four six three all the way up toour five six three and I’ll jump overto here this is a little spreadsheetthat I put together just to kind of helpmyself in trading to understand whatprofits I’ll be looking at so I basically what I have here let meI’m just put I’ll do another video aboutthat particular spreadsheet but four, fourfive nine two four, four five ninefour four five nine is the buy price andlet’s say the sell price was four fivesix one right that’s pretty good four five six one that’s two oh I guess it’snot that big it’s to two percent so Iwas wrong I was thinking. Anyway so I’mnot going mark a base there all right.

14:41 – Change In Chart Movements

Let’s keep going through this,wow this chart is interesting and againa lot of arguments going on it’s reallyhigh it’s really low, it’s really highit’s really low, it’s really high it’s a little low. This is a goodchart for trading.Now, before I startmarking charts I do usually go back acouple months just to kind of see wherethe charts been and to understand whatthe story is about this chart and if youkind of see here there was a huge run-up August, just recently ran up prettygood in the last couple of weeks here so I’m going to go ahead and cancel that out I actually like to look at charts in onehour just because it gives you a littlebit more detail but what’s actuallyhappening.So anyway there’s a clear baseright here I mean it doesn’t get anyclearer that’s right this is a huge baseand if the price dropped below that thatwould be a good buying opportunityobviously but then again there’s another base right here right another huge run-up right there and I’mjust trying to teach you how to markthese bases because these are the key tomaking it profits okay so there’s a basethere let’s kind of go a little bit more recent. There is a base at 18 because itwas tested right here in it did bounce back so I’m going make a littlebase right there except the alert andthen there’s a base right here rightthere’s a base here there’s a base hereit looks like this base right ifsomebody would have marked this base inthe past that’s terrible right therethen look at this it’s bounced up somebody markedthe base all the way down cracks thebase goes down to two two goes all theway back to two five so it went from twotwo five,to point two five and it’s notdone yet, let’s see what that is two two fivepoint two two five two point two five wegot 10% not bad right it’s pretty goodbounce there all right; solet me set alert there, mark my base, perfect!

17:09 – Adding More Bases: Cvc

Alright, so the next time thiscoin it goes below two two fiveit may be a very good opportunity to buy,if it went down to here therecould be a run up so mark that one down.Let’s see what’s next CVC Idon’t know about this one but anyway; okay so I’m going stop right here I think the video has been decently long it’s about twenty minutes actuallylet me go through a few more I’ll gothrough a few more and then wewill stop it from there.So marksome bases, okay so this is CVC coin; let’s zoom out a little okay again therewas a huge run up on the 9th and itlooks like there was water around thattime and then there was another run up42 up to 60 big base, let’s markthat is a baseand that’s really probably the only baseI’m going mark right I probably wouldn’tbuy this unless it went below this leveland even maybe this level right becauseyou can see right here fairly,there was a test here of support andthere was huge support there so I amgoing to mark that because that’s reallyyour true base right here this is your strongest base so if price dipsbelow 36 hugeopportunity to buy but I also do thinkthere’s an opportunity to buy if it even goes below 42.So I’ll keep an eye on that one.

18:39 – Looking At Dash

Alright let’s look atdash, dash has been performing reallywell in the last you know week or twolast couple weeks you could see it hashad a huge run-up so clear bases right here, let’s mark those twowe’re base right here let’s mark anotherone up.Anytime you see theselittle dips like on a run up you’ll seethese little dips right you see theselittle guys right here there’s one herethere’s all these little little dipswhenever some something runs up rightand that’s because people are testing itwhether or not there’s support there themarkets testing whether or not they’resupport they’re not people I’m sorry butanytime so you see a huge run-up righthere goes up all the way up to 325 andit goes down because people are thinkingoh this is great I’ve made tons of money. I’m going sell my profitsthey start selling sellingsellingsellingselling price drop the pricedrops gets down to a certain level andpeople like wait this is still a greatopportunity they buy it again shootsright back up and that happens on asmall scale as well rightI mean you can see let me just zoom inon this quite a bit so you could seewhat I’m talking about so you can seethe Run was going up going upgoing up it was a little you know alittle bit of resistance right here from3 let’s say 315 and it goes down to 305and people didn’t you know think that itshould go below 300 there was still alot of support to buy at this pricebecause it was a good price in people’sminds so they bought it right and itkept people the market kept testis this where it’s going stopis this where it’s going stop and itdidn’t stop until it got all the way up to the top gosh above 400.

Now, it’s dropping back down a little bit; but you could clearly see that the bases are down here.

20:34 – Last Base

The last base I’mgoing do is right here because that’sthe last point where it really tested support and it got support.Thatmeans there’s a bucket of buyers willingto pay anything above 300 307 right. I would imagine it if it cracks 300here and I’m going to say 305 but if itcracks 300 and goes below 300 there’sgoingto be an opportunity to buy rightbecause it’s already gone up to 400 soif it cracks 300 definitely I’m going to bebuying that coin.The next onethis one looks a little bit wild. Oh wow this chart is beautiful I loveit lot of ups and downs lots of ups anddowns so again what does this signifythis signifies that there’s a greatargument going on with this particularcoin its Dixie coin or digits…I’ve never actually seen this coin butthere’s a big argument going on thiscoin; a lot of people can’t decide onwhat the price of this coin should actually be which is great for us rightit means big swings up big swings downwhere you can buy low and sell high just like they said I put in thiscase it’s actually true you can you cansee it you can read the chart you cansee all this detail like right here Imean this opportunity is incredible itcan’t get any clearer than this right.

There is some very very clear basishere’s a vase here’s a base here’s a base here’s a base here’s a base here’sa base. I think it’s going to be a base solet’s start marking right I mean whereshould we mark I like to mark at thelowest point and before I start markinglet’s again go back a month let’s goback three months it started this coinactually launched not very long, let’s go back to a month let’schange that back to a one hour, zoom outand let’s start marking some clear baseshere so a very clear base is right here. I’m going mark that one first there’s aclear base at around 69;accept that alert and it’s already at102 so it may take a while to get backdown to that 69 level. Again lookthere’s another huge base at 72 youprobably only need the 72 level I justI’m in a habit of kind of marking basesin the past okay and then there’s another one here so it ran all the wayup to 297.Then it came all the way crashing down to 81 and bounced right back up immediately so that so I know there’s some good support even at 81 here alright so let’s go to 81 confirmthat and let’s just look at this realquick I mean there’s even support at 91right I don’t know if I buy there. I am going mark an alert there but I don’tknow if I buy there it kind of dependson what happens in the next few days.

23:20 – Recap

Anyway I think you get the point of whatI’m trying to do I’m not going keepgoing through all of these coins youknow I’ll do this again in the futurebut I wanted to really just give you afew charts to look out with me in realtime as I go through them so you cankind of see how I’m looking at bases, how I mark bases, how I’m finding thesegreat opportunities to buy and how I’mactually buying like right at the lowest levels. I think you see a few timeswhen I buy I bought literally at thebottom bottom level and that’s becauseI’m marking my bases, I’m seeing wherethere’s support and when those basescrack in price you knowI’ll usually put in an order 5 1015 20 % below that base price. Ilike to put something way down right20 25 30 percent you know a buy downthat low because you never know when itwill drop that low but then I also liketo kind of taper my trades in so that Idon’t completely miss out on theopportunity right so I kind of taper thetrades down to the lowest pointthat I want to go and I do the samething on the top right I’ll put in a buyorder you know in this case let’s saythis coin went down to 82 right and thenlet’s say crack this base and it went down and down down I’dprobably buy you know starting at like78 77 all the way down like the70s probably even down to like the 69s because that’s where really where theresists or where the support really is.

Anyway, that’s kind of how I’m doingthis I let me know what you think let meknow if you have questions around base trading about drawing bases buthopefully this was helpful for you guys. Again I’m Dan I’m going take you on my journey with me through thecrypto-currency world as I start daytrading, as I start position trading, as Istart making money in Bitcoin I’vealready you know my portfolio right nowis already at 50% from the time Istarted trading and I think that’sfantastic I’m doing accountbuilding trades here and there I’m doingposition trades I’ve only been doingthis for a few weeks probablygosh six weeks maybe something like thatso I’m pretty happy with the results sofar anyway, let me know what you thinkand hopefully this was helpful I’ll talkto you next time later.