Episode Highlights:

  • 00:01 – Introduction
  • 00:30 – Ellen Degeneres Is Down With Bitcoin
  • 01:31 – The Typical Cryptocurrency Demographic
  • 02:21 – Nobody Knows What Cryptocurrency Is
  • 03:27 – How Ui’s Will Help Cryptocurrency Succeed
  • 05:25 – Bitcoin In The Mainstream
  • 07:19 – How Easy-To-Use Apps Will Benefit Cryptocurrency
  • 09:02 – Conclusion

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00:01 – Introduction

Hey guys what’s up, it’s Dan again from cryptocamacho.com, where each day I bring you the latest tips, tricks and news about cryptocurrency. Guys, it is starting, it is happening, cryptocurrency is starting to go mainstream, it really, really is guys. 2018 is going to be the year that the majority of the world hears about Bitcoin, hears about cryptocurrency and starts to learn what it is, how to use it, how to buy and sell and transfer cryptocurrencies.

00:30 – Ellen Degeneres Is Down With Bitcoin

And what better proof to this than you know reading an article about ‘Ellen Degeneres is down with Bitcoin,’ I mean it can’t get more mainstream than that, right? Ellen obviously has an enormous show, an enormously powerful following in the United States and worldwide, recently she featured on her show a segment about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, talk to her audience, talk to the show, talk on her show about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, what it is, how to use it, so forth and so on, and I just cannot be more thrilled that this is actually happening. So Ellen did present on her T.V. show, The Ellen Degeneres Show, she did talk about Bitcoin, let’s just look at it a little bit ‘US daytime television chat show queen Ellen Degeneres featured Bitcoin in a recent segment, wondering aloud about its fundamental mysteries with her enthused audience, and while it was a funny look at the cryptocurrency, she managed to expose an often missed demographic to cryptocurrency, baby goat loving Moms.

01:31 – The Typical Cryptocurrency Demographic

And that’s very true, most of cryptocurrency, and even on my YouTube channel, it’s mostly male viewers, not entirely, not exclusively, but it’s definitely more of a male-dominated field at this point, I think just more males may be interested in technology, I don’t know, I’m not judging, I’m just saying that’s what I see by the analytics and stats that I see. And so it’s great that Ellen actually pitched this on her show because it’s going to reach now into the households of many, many, many American and International Women, the Moms that watch Ellen Degeneres and so forth, and although they may not understand what cryptocurrency is, although they may not understand what Bitcoin is and how it works, it is exposure to crypto markets like we’ve never seen before. Everybody’s heard of Bitcoin, maybe, but now Ellen is bringing it to a new level and really explaining to people what it is, how it works and how you can participate in this global phenomenon.

02:21 – Nobody Knows What Cryptocurrency Is

And so what Ellen said is right here she says “one thing I am down with right now that I think everybody is learning about is Bitcoin, one who’s heard of Bitcoin? Who can explain what Bitcoin is? Liar! Nobody knows how it works, nobody!” host Ellen Degeneres said jokingly on her program. So, she went through it jokingly because, joking that nobody understands it, which is very, very true, a lot of people don’t. Go ask your mom, go ask your Grandma, go ask some of your friends, they may have heard of Bitcoin or cryptocurrency but they don’t truly understand what it is and how it works and how it’s going to disrupt the entire economy in the next decade, it’s going to disrupt and dismantle and replace the entire Internet as we know it in the next decade, nobody knows all that stuff. the fact that Ellen brought this up is fantastic, but I think 2018 is going to be a very telling year that in order to gain mass adoption of these cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrency technologies, we need better applications, we need better interfaces, we need simpler, simpler UI’s, easier ways for like ordinary people to go on, log on, buy and sell and transact Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

03:27 – How Ui’s Will Help Cryptocurrency Succeed

Right now, it’s a bit confusing, I mean the easiest example of how you buy Bitcoin is through CoinBase, obviously, very easy and CoinBase is doing phenomenally, they are a billion-dollar company and they’re doing phenomenally, why? Because they’ve made it very, very simple for people to buy and sell cryptocurrency, they make it easy to understand. If people are out there listening to this that are developers and so forth, this year is going to be a very, very, very telling year of what cryptocurrencies succeed and fail, based on their outward facing, their front-end U. I’s, to allow people to interact with them right. I mean if you look at Steemit, Steemit is a great idea, it’s a great concept but the interface sucks, the interface is terrible, the technology is extremely difficult to understand, the platforms are hard to understand, nobody is going to use that if it’s hard to understand and that’s the same with Bitcoin, and I think that’s why Ellen is joking here and kind of joking about how complicated it is and how people don’t understand it and I think that’s OK, it was the same thing with the Internet back in the day, nobody understood the Internet, nobody understood H.T.T.P., nobody understood F.T.P., nobody understood how it actually worked, how to build a website, how to code H.T.M.L., it was all relatively new, did that invalidate the web? Did that invalidate the Internet and H.T.T.P. as a protocol? Absolutely not! The people that understood it and that got it and that understood it from a technical standpoint, they’re the ones that profited, they’re the ones that created companies like Google, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, I mean the list goes on and on and on and on and on. And now it’s obviously much more mainstream, H.T.M.L. is a very, very easy to use technology that a lot of people understand now, the same thing is going to happen with blockchain, the same thing is going to happen with cryptocurrency, and so I think this is very interesting that it almost kind of mimics you know the days of the Internet when all the stuff on the Internet was unknown and how it worked, the same thing’s happening now guys, in 2018 with cryptocurrency and this is another indication that hey we’re at the ground floor, we’re at the beginning of this massive revolution that’s happening and those that get in early will reap the benefits in the long term and will profit substantially.

05:25 – Bitcoin In The Mainstream

so it’s right there there’s just a little bit more, “and everybody is talking about it…it’s like a plot twist in a confusing movie, when you’re watching a movie and your friends act like they know what’s going on in you’re like ‘yeah, I did too’ and then you’re like What the hell is every…I have no idea, all I know that Bitcoin is either worth $20,000 or nothing, that’s what I know it’s like a digital antique roadshow, you just standing in line and you have no idea until you get there.” So, this is what Ellen was saying to joke on her show but, man, it reached three million people, so three million Moms and, not all Moms of course, but three million women and Moms and Grandmas heard about Bitcoin from Ellen, what better endorsement for Bitcoin than Ellen? I mean it’s crazy, right? So this is awesome that this is actually happening, I’m not going to go through this whole article, you can read it but if you do a search for Ellen Bitcoin, you’re going to see tons of articles explaining this, and this is again adding to the mass adoption, this is adding it to the arsenal of content that’s out there that is promoting Bitcoin, that id promoting cryptocurrencies and that’s bringing it to the mainstream, right? If you look at the videos, you can watch the video that she did, you can watch the segment she aired, I’m not going to air it here, but you can watch it, millions of people now are discovering Bitcoin and understanding it a little bit more because of Ellen Degeneres. Thank you Ellen for doing this I couldn’t…I appreciate that even more. Ellen Degeneres just explained Bitcoin for us and it’s hilarious and she gives her video down here, you can take a look at it, I’m not going to play it for you on here but one thing I want to show you, why I think interfaces need to get better in 2018 and why I think that has to happen now is because of people like this, you know people that Ellen is introducing cryptocurrency to, they have no clue about technology for the most part, again I’m not judging, just for the most part they are much more technologically illiterate than other people that work coding all day, so that’s just a fact.

07:19 – How Easy-To-Use Apps Will Benefit Cryptocurrency

So, companies like Circle, Circle is a very, very, easy app, send money like a text, no fees, no borders, no one else is doing this, finally, you can share money like everyone else online whether your friends are in the same room. This is awesome right so this I’ve introduced you guys a few days ago, again I just wanted to show it because it illustrates my point that the more these apps come out, the more simplified it becomes to send and receive and transfer, buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, the more it will be adopted, and so folks that do that for certain cryptocurrencies, the more it will be adopted. And this interface is obviously very, very clean, I’ll do a review on this technology, this app here in probably another video, but you can see very easy, if people can text a text message to somebody and send Bitcoin, everybody’s going to participate, that’s why I think this is awesome and this company, Circle, which is backed by Goldman Sachs, just recently bought a cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex, so this stuff is getting better. BitcoinCash is another cryptocurrency that is focused on enabling end-user applications to make it much more easy to adopt BitcoinCash and that’s one reason I’m bullish on BitcoinCash because they’re thinking about this, it’s not just a roomful of developers saying ‘Oh, you’ve got to figure out how to use the app, you have to be technical to use it,’ that’s not going to make Bitcoin and cryptocurrency succeed, it’s going to be simple apps like this that merchants use, that merchants introduce to customers, and that customers use and can’t avoid using because they’re just so easy to use or they’re so fun to use or because they have to use it to do business with a certain business entity.

09:02 – Conclusion

So anyway, I thought that was fascinating that Ellen is down with bitcoin, I’m down Bitcoin, I’m down with Ellen, I’m down with Ellen especially because she’s down with bitcoin and I appreciate her bringing it to mainstream because I think in 2018 it’s going to be all about bringing cryptos to the mainstream and building out apps that have very, very nice user interfaces and very phenomenal user experiences. If that happens, crypto will soar in 2018.

I’m Dan again from cryptocamacho.com, hopefully, you’ve enjoyed this, if you did please subscribe again to my channel by clicking on that little red button at the bottom of this video. Thanks guys and until next time, I’ll see you later.