Episode Highlights:

  • 00:10 – Ico In Adult Industry
  • 01:37 – Bunny Token
  • 03:15 – What Bunny Token Is Trying To Do
  • 05:22 – Bank On Bunnies
  • 07:06 – Bunnytoken In The Media
  • 07:23 – Pre-Initial Token Sale
  • 08:07 – Faqs
  • 08:42 – Can I Make Payments Directly From An Exchange?
  • 08:50 – The Price Of Bunny Token
  • 09:22 – When Will Bunny Be Available On The Exchange
  • 09:27 – Do Buuuny Have An Mvp
  • 09:42 – Bunny Token Advisors
  • 09:53 – The Bunnytoken Team
  • 11:14 – Bunny White Paper

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Hey guys what’s up? Its Dan again from Cryptocamacho.com where each day I teach you the latest tips tricks and best ways to make money in cryptocurrency.


Today guys I have a special ICO that I want to review for you. I have mixed feelings about this ICO but I do want to bring it to your attention, because I think the industry that this ICO represents is enormous and it’s only growing bigger and bigger in 2018 and 2019. And I don’t think that this industry is going to stop anytime soon. It’s an age-old industry, it’s been around for millions of you…well, I can’t say millions of years. It’s been around for thousands of years it goes back to the dawn of time, and what am I talking about guys? I am talking about an ICO in the adult industry and again I have mixed feelings about this because you know it’s always a very taboo subject to talk about the adult industry, but the reality is that it is a massive, massive industry. It is not a small industry right. there’s you know so many different types of things that fall under the adult industry. You know I did an ICO about another adult industry ICO and I wanted you to see that Blockchain, cryptocurrency it’s not going anywhere and this is just another testament to that – the fact that Blockchain is really encroaching on our lives in every which way you look at it. You know it’s rebuilding the Internet it’s going to you know get rid of or at least disrupt banking like we’ve never seen before. It’s going to change the way governments and banks interact it’s going to change the nature of central banks and now you know it’s going to actually change the adult industry in many, many different ways which I’ve shown you before.


And now with bunny token, it’s poised to change the industry again. So, what is a Bunny token guys? Bunny token is really trying to tackle $103billion industry by basically bringing everything related to the adult industry on to the Blockchain. Anytime you can access websites you know escort of companion services, e-commerce sites in the adult industry, you name it. This company Bunny token is trying to provide a payment solution which will unify the online adult industry which is all going to be based on the Ethereum, Blockchain technology. So, they’re running an ICO. They have a private presale which has sold out. They’re actually running a token sale right now. There are only a couple hours left if you want to participate in it until the price goes up. The price will be going up which I’ll get into in a moment here, but the price will be going up 1% every so often, every period which I’ll get into in a moment here. So, far the ICO has raised over $3million, over 550 Ethereum tokens which are very, very interesting. So, definitely, you know they’re on track to fulfill their ICO. And if you look down here right here, ICO rankers, Track, ICO bench so forth. They’ve all ranked this ICO very, very high which is always good news to hear of third-party agencies rating the ICO very, very high. So, in this round you know they’ve, they’ve already raised up to five fat over 5,500 Ethereum tokens, they’re looking to raise up to 7000 as their next milestone. So, they’re almost there and almost going to hit their milestone, but really what is this technology like? What are they actually trying to do right? let’s read a little bit more about what Bunny token is trying to do.


So, the adult industry has always been at the climax of a technological innovation and is an undeniable part of every successful medium in history be it print, television or Internet. We believe the $103 billion market is on the precipice of the new life-altering movement through the liberal and unexplored opportunities of the Blockchain technology. And I think that this is a very interesting point that they say it’s been an undeniable part of every successful medium in history be it print, television on the Internet and that’s true right. I mean the adult industry if you will have been around since the dawn of time. I mean you could research in ancient civilizations in India, in China, in other cultures you know there’s always been this element of adult entertainment, adult fulfillment so forth and so on. It’s really followed you know society everywhere it’s gone, and it only been promoted in and been talked about you know more and more based on the mediums that have become more available. So, when the printing press became available, it was conducted through that medium. When television was available then you know more of the adult industry went to television, then the Internet, and now that we have the Internet the industry has exploded it is literally, exploded in size and that’s why Bunny token is trying to tackle this because it’s a big opportunity you know for anybody that’s in this particular industry. So, the token distribution is laid out right here. Token sale, company team, and private resale so forth and on that’s going to be divided up, price per token is going to go up 1% per day during the token sale. So, every day you know it’ll go up 1% and by the end of it, it’ll actually be much higher than what it was before. So, early investors you know have an opportunity to get in early. The initial token sale started on March13th the pre-sale sorry and the public sale will go until May 25th right. There are a couple different rounds of that. So, you can see that here. Again I’m not a financial advisor I am not a CPA get your you know your lawyer your CPA to give you advice about this or whatnot, but I do think it has potential and I do think it’s just an interesting…the reason I’m reviewing it is because I think it’s a very interesting you know idea that they’re trying to do this. I think it actually will solve a lot of problems because as you read right here.


The adult industry is at best classified as high risk by payment providers and banks and often completely rejected, putting businesses and individuals under constant threat of being blocked from their hard-earned-cash! This is a similar problem to what’s going on in the marijuana industry right. So, marijuana has been legalized in California at Colorado in other states across the United States, but banks still refuse to do banking with marijuana companies because you know it’s still federally illegal right. So, they have all these issues of making payments of storing cash so forth and so on. And banks don’t do business with them which puts them in a very precarious risky kind of position. The same thing goes on in the adult industry which is why this is an interesting payment solution for any company involved in the in the adult industry right. Okay so, from the consumer end, the lack of anonymity dims their courage to approach paid adult content or products. The BunnyToken will eliminate these problems by creating a universal payment solution based on the Ethereum Blockchain technology for all illegal business and individuals in the industry. Sorry, the legal businesses and individuals in the industry. So I think that hits it really spot-on right. they’re trying to alleviate some of these issues that are found in this industry because it’s such a massive industry with so much money in the industry so much engagement in the industry that they want to disrupt the industry by creating this payment solution for everybody in the industry which I think for them is actually very smart because I think the dividends and the money the profits that they’ll make off of this will be quite high given the size of the market right. So, what they’re going to offer is 100% anonymous transactions, low fees, and instant execution, the preferred payment method for adult companies, security through Blockchain technologies so, forth and so on.


It’s been mentioned in the media on the Merkel, on Coinninja, on Coin decks and others you could kind of look through this right here just go to their website pink…I’m sorry Bunnytoken.com and you can check that out you can look at their roadmap I’m going to jump up to current time.


So, the pre-initial token sale started March 13th. The regular initial token offer or the initial ICO start April 25th and it ends on May 25th right. They’re going to be listed on the exchanges come Q3 of 2018 so forth and so on right. The bunny wallet launch will be done in Q4 of 2018 and then the beta launch will be done in Q4 of 2018. So, at the end of this year they’re going to launch a beta test platform for this payment solution and then the Q1 of 2019 they’re going to actually release the payment solution to the public. Then they’re going to do marketing it from there. So, I think this is an interesting opportunity a lot of expert reviews if you go to any of these outlets you’re going to be able to see some of those expert reviews.

08:07 – FAQS

FAQs you know what problems will BunnyToken solve? Bunny will replace traditional online payment methods in the adult industries which charge high fees and block accounts of individuals and businesses and provide anonymous transactions for purchasing adult related content and products. I mean think of Google right. Google blocks many and Facebook blocks any type of advertising within the adult industry space which I’m not necessarily opposed to. I think that’s probably a good thing, but I also think you know since we live in a free world that Bunny token and people in the adult industry should have the opportunity to do what they want and this will enable them to do so right.


Can I make payments directly from an exchange? Yes. You can buy BUNNY tokens from the exchanges such as Binance and BitFenix.


What is the price of the bunny token? So, right now the price on the first day which was March 13th one Bunny was =0.000100 one Ethereum right or one Ethereum was 10,000 Bunny tokens. So, it’s actually priced very, very low and I think with that 1% gain every day that it’s life I think you can have an opportunity to gain some money here fairly quickly, but again I’m not a financial adviser not telling you to buy this. I’m just giving you the facts of what I’m reading here. Okay so, I’m not going to go through all this,


When will bunny be listed on the exchanges? And they don’t know exactly but after all the agreements have been made they’re going to likely try to do that.


Do you have an MVP? Yes. Here’s the MVP right here. I’m going to go ahead and open it and show you it very, very quickly. I’m not going to dig in too much, but I’m not going to dig into that actually right now you guys can go to the site and do that yourself.


Bunny token advisors, there’s a number of advisors here and experts they’re working with. So, these are just advisors. Advisors from the adult industry that will give them advice on how to run this ICO, how to promote this ICO


The team itself is actually quite large if you look at it here led by co-founder Alexander Maslov you can check out his bio here in this PDF I’m not going to open that actually. Let’s take a quick look at this guy I think has been involved in a number of different things. He’s going to be the CEO. He’s been an entrepreneur for some time and he is in Russia. I would do a little bit more digging into this, because I think it’s worth doing due diligence into this to make sure everything’s legitimate and then if we scroll down here towards the bottom you got all their different social channels, if we take a look at them really quickly we’ll go over to medium they’ve got some publishers here on medium.com on Bitcoin talk they actually have quite a bit of engagement. They have nine pages of engagement on Bitcoin talk which you can see here and you can see you know the different types of responses that you’re getting here on Bitcoin talk. I think some people are you know talking positively about it others are talking negatively about it here. it is on Twitter they already have 1400 followers on Twitter which is actually pretty good considering they just launched have a lot of content here as well. if you want to take a look at that and then obviously lastly on Reddit they have you know some posts not a whole lot yet but there growing here as well. So, you can read over some of the information found here if you’d like.


And let’s see the white paper. So, the white paper is 40 pages long very, very big it lists out the different types of activities that happen in the industry and why a payment option or payment solution is needed you could look at that breaking down. The industry writes anything from shops dating services, performance, e-commerce, goods the payment solution will work for any of those types of services and products. and then it gets into the problems that the industry faces and you know that there’s been banned from payment providers there’s been high fees, no guarantees, no anonymity, and so on and so forth which is why they’re trying to solve the problem. So, they’re going to you know lower the fees create more anonymity created Universal and United currency for anybody in the industry to take advantage of all built back on the Ethereum and Blockchain right. So, I’m not going to dig into this too far, but I do want you to see it because I think it’s well written and I think the use case is there again I do have mixed feelings about this ICO only because you know it’s in an industry that is somewhat taboo, that is somewhat frowned upon in most of society and much of society. And so not necessarily an industry that I condone per se, but not necessarily an industry that I’m actively against either and I think it’s worthwhile to bring this up to show you the lengths that you know Bitcoin, Blockchain, Ethereum, cryptocurrency is going you know in the world you know throughout this cryptocurrency revolution. We truly are in a revolution guys. We truly are seeing the world change before our eyes. This is another testament to that. And I think this is you know something very interesting to watch whether or not you want to participate in the ICO is your choice again you know that’s your choice, but something to take a look at, something to consider. And I want to know from you guys what other industries are Blockchain going to disrupt. I mean this is kind of the craziest that I’ve seen and I’d love to know from you guys, what other industries you think Blockchain is going to disrupt? I’m Dan from crypto Camacho again if you haven’t subscribed to my YouTube channel please do by clicking on this little red button below the video and I will give you more update later guys. Please comment let me know if you thought this was helpful see you.