Episode Highlights:

  • 00:04 – Top Ten In Coin Market Cap
  • 04:38 – Bitcoin Cash Platform
  • 06:56 – Eos
  • 08:18 – Singularity.Net

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Hey, what’s up, guys? It’s Dan again from cryptocamacho.com


and hey guys today I just wanted to really talk about something that I ‘m noticing that I found very, fascinating just interesting when I go to coin market caps. So, when I go to coin market cap right here; I’m noticing a few things right. When I look in the top ten at coin market cab and coin market cap shows really who’s ranking the highest in terms of overall market capitalization, among all of the cryptocurrencies and you can always see Bitcoin in the number one spot right. It’s the first cryptocurrency that’s come out. And so, it’s been in the number spots since really the beginning Ethereum has been close behind in numbers two maybe not close behind, but behind in number two. People have argued that Ethereum may unseat Bitcoin as the king of cryptocurrency so far that hasn’t happened yet. We’ll see if that does happen. And then you’ll see kind of these other coins down below. And one thing that I noticed is that every almost every single one of the coins that are platforms, and not individual cryptocurrencies built on another platform right are in the top ten on coin market cap. And I think that’s interesting, because right what is Ethereum? Ethereum is essentially a cryptocurrency platform that enables anybody to build a cryptocurrency on top of the Ethereum Blockchain, right on top of the Ethereum Blockchain protocol and look it’s in number two. It’s been widely adopted because other cryptocurrencies have been building their cryptocurrencies on top of the Ethereum technology, on top of the Ethereum Blockchain utilizing things like smart contracts and the other features of Ethereum right. That’s why Ethereum has gained so much widespread adoption in the last a year or two, like it last two years. It’s gained so much widespread adoption because of this concept of smart contracts programming on within the Blockchain Inside the Blockchain itself. It’s being utilized as a platform to drive other projects in the cryptocurrency space right. Many other projects are built off of the Ethereum platform and the Ethereum Blockchain right. So, that’s point number one now, if you look at the price of Ethereum, it’s $388. And recently it was all the way up at $1400 in December. Went back down to 1,200, it went down to

972, now it’s obviously at its low for the entire year of 2018 going back to a low back that it had in 2017 in December. It’s going back here as part of a major correction right. What you’re seeing here with Bitcoin as well you’re seeing it with all cryptocurrencies. So, all cryptocurrencies are completely down right now. So, relatively speaking, Ethereum is still right on top with Bitcoin. It’s still number 2 after the correction finishes which I think is going to happen within the next month or two. We’re going to see this kind of start jumping back up. However, there is one thing to consider with Ethereum right. So, Ethereum has had issues with scaling right. They’ve had big issues scaling all you have to do go to Google search Ethereum scaling issues and you’re going to look and see all kinds of articles talking about how Ethereum network can’t scale. There’s an issue with Ethereum right now, which is scaling right. As they’re trying to get more and more users to get on to the platform to adopt Ethereum and to buy Ethereum tokens and to transact and Ethereum the network is being bogged down. It is slowed down and people fear that Ethereum cannot scale and many people you know think that that’s why the prices decline so, steadily over the last month or two is because Ethereum is having these scaling issues. They are trying to work on the scaling issues by implementing a technique called sharding to fix the scaling issues. Whether or not sharding will actually work and play out, it’s still yet to be seen. It hasn’t been implemented fully yet, hasn’t really gained the adoption across the whole network. When that happens we’ll see if the problem can be solved. But right now Ethereum has that big issue of scaling right. But they are still…if I go back to coin market cap they’re still in the number two slot on coin market cap. Now if we look down the row of coins right. We have Ripple which is not necessarily a platform itself, it’s a technology that’s been developed by a centralized company, which is very big and makes banking very efficient, makes transactions very fast, very cheap which is why it’s been adopted. And there’s been a lot of interest from the financial sector, the financial markets in general which are why Ripple has grown all the way to the number three spot at 50 cents which is still really cheap. The number of Ripple coins that are in supply is very, very, very large right. So, you’re never going to see the price of Ripple go way, way up like Bitcoin because the supply is just too big right.


Then you go down to things like Bitcoin cash which they’re trying to build their own platform, their own Blockchain platform in their own right. If you remember Bitcoin cash split from Bitcoin in August 2017. Some people claim that Bitcoin is Bitcoin core, and Bitcoin core is not following the true path of Satoshi Nakamoto which is outlined in his white paper. And not becoming peer-to-peer electronic cash. Bitcoin cash is actually trying to fulfill that mission to become the default standard for peer-to-peer cash. And they claim that they’re going to do what Bitcoin was always intended to do; become this transactional cryptocurrency that’s used in everyday lives right. And in applications can be built on top of Bitcoin cash so forth and so on. That’s still yet to come to light and to come to pass. So, we’ll see right. But where it really gets interesting is when you go down and look at number six, seven, eight, nine, and ten. Number six through ten EOS, Cardano, Stellar, Neo, and IOTA these are all platforms. They’re all cryptocurrency platforms that have similar technology to Blockchain, but they have variants with slight differences to the Blockchain technology which will enable you to know to solve these scaling issues, solve these you know these slow transaction time so forth and so on. They all do slightly different things right. But they’re all platforms like Ethereum right. Ethereum is a platform that other cryptocurrencies can be built on top of…other applications can be built on top of Ethereum right. The same as goes with EOS, Cardano, Stellar, NEO, and IOTA right; the one that’s very interesting to me here, I think is EOS right. The price of EOS is $6. The price of Ethereum is $388. The supply of EOS in circulation is 761 million. The supply of Ethereum is 98 million right. EOS is a game-changer. I think it has the potential to unseat Ethereum in the number two spot, because I think you’re going to start seeing a lot more applications, and a lot more developers using EOS to build out other Blockchain types of projects. Which is currently are up to date has really only been done on the Ethereum Blockchain. But now that these others like EOS, Cardano, Stellar, NEO, and IOTA are starting to build up their infrastructure. They’re starting to get more widespread adoption right.

06:56 – EOS

So, look at EOS, I’d watch us here’s their website and they’re saying it’s a scalable decentralized application that can be built now and tested in a public environment. The most powerful interest infrastructure for decentralized applications definitely, takes a look and pay attention to EOS in the coming months, because I think there’s going to be a lot of momentum there. If you go to that EOS chart, this is a one day chart and you can see it’s following a very similar pattern as Ethereum and as Bitcoin. They all have very similar patterns. However, there have been some pretty big runs recently for EOS; March 18th there was a run-up of almost 100% from the low right. And we’re seeing it now this could either go all the way down. What’s going to likely happen is this is either going to go down to here, and then bounce back up, or what’s going to happen is this is just going to keep going up along with the correction that’s happening right. I don’t know exactly what’s going to happen, but I am very, very bullish on EOS. And I think it’s a very good opportunity to play it. Maybe not at the moment, but if you go long in the next year EOS is going to go up very, very nicely. And it’s going to give you Ethereum a good run for its money right. Because people are going to start building applications on EOS as they’ve done with the Ethereum. Now that there are the scaling issues for Ethereum, people are going to start wanting to adopt another solution like an EOS versus an Ethereum because it can scale better than Ethereum.


One project in particular I’ve noticed is a singularity.net so, let’s checks this out. So, singularity.net is a very ambitious project and I’m only going to talk about this for a second. I’ll do a different review on singularity.net, but what they’re trying to do is they’re trying to build out a marketplace that enables AIs to communicate with other AIs. And to build this AI marketplace that people can tap into and use the AI services that are being built and generated in this AI network. They originally launched their ICO and you know wanted to build the singularity.net AI network on top of the Ethereum Blockchain. They recently announced and are contemplating whether or not they still want to go with Ethereum, because of the scaling issues. It can’t scale right. So, they’re looking at things like EOS to use instead of Ethereum right. So, that’s one example of many of how people are going to start switching from EOS sorry…switching from Ethereum to EOS. And the price will be affected right. Just go and Google EOS to overtake Ethereum and you’re going to see all kinds of articles about how EOS is going to take over Ethereum or at least give it a run for its money this year in 2018. So, I think after the correction you see right now that’s happening in the markets, I think you’re going to see EOS launch way back up. It’s down from its high right now. Let’s see it’s pretty down pretty quite a bit. Let’s check right now it’s down 215% from a time yeah. And about a 100% yeah Okay so, anyway hopefully that was helpful for you guys? I’m a bullish on EOS and just wanted to talk about a little bit. I’m Dan from cryptoCamacho.com let me know if this is helpful. If you haven’t subscribed click on that little red button right below my face on this video see it right there where they’re there. See you guys.