Episode Highlights:

  • 00:08 – Advice You Will Receive In This Video
  • 00:59 – Blockchain Enables Many Different Types Of Applications
  • 02:13 – What Is Sether Io
  • 04:40 – What Does Sether Do
  • 05:52 – What Is Sether
  • 07:28 – How Does Sether Work
  • 07:42 – The Constraints That Companies Face
  • 08:21 – The Solution That Sether Offers
  • 09:15 – An Example Of How Sether Works
  • 10:57 – Sether Key Release Dates
  • 11:39 – How The Sether Coins Are Going To Get Distributed
  • 12:38 – Sether Faqs
  • 15:07 – The Sether Team

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Hey guys what’s up? It’s Dan again from cryptocamacho.com were each day I teach you how to make more money in crypto currency.

00:08 – Advice You Will Receive In This Video

Today I have something very exciting for you. I am super super pumped about this ICO that I think is going to be a massive game changer. I know I have a thing that a lot lately but I think a lot of these ICO that are popping up are really no-brainers. They have a ton of value and it is a natural transition of how block chain is now disrupting industry after industry after industry. It is only the beginning. Block chain is here to stay. And every time I talk to people and they say that bit coin is a fraud, bit coin of this, bit coin is that, I always think to myself that no idea what they’re talking about. Bit coin is one aspect of this entire revolution that is going on in crypto currency. It is only one thing guy. Bit coin, block chain is only one thing.

00:59 – Blockchain Enables Many Different Types Of Applications

Block chain is enabling many many many types of different applications to be built based off of that technology. Bit coin is just one application. You can call it a currency, you can call it a storage value, you can call it whatever you would like but it is only one facet of what is actually happening in the script occurrence the world.

I have reviewed companies that are doing crypto occurrences for regulatory industries, of the reviews about ICO’s are companies using block chain to revolutionize the Internet for service provider hosting industries like substratum that have talked about before. I’m talking about different ICO’s that have different applications. I think I just came across one the other day. I came across an ICO that is going to start tracking all of your car maintenance on the block chain. So anytime I take my car to get serviced, anytime I have the oil changed, the tires changed, the brakes changed, anytime I sell a car and it transfers ownership it would all be included on the block chain. That is another example of the different types of things that are popping up and being built on this new protocol that we call block chain.

02:13 – What Is Sether Io

Today guys I wanted to talk about one specific ICO that I think is going to be a game changer. I come from the background of marketing. I have been doing marketing for two decades in general for Fortune 500 companies, for Fortune 10 companies and really for startups around the world. I have work in a variety of different areas in Argentina, and South America, in the United States in multiple states and I have been doing marketing for a long time. I keep telling my colleagues that marketing will soon be automated or artificial intelligence and through other technologies that are coming out.

This ICO is a very good example of exactly how that is going to happen. It is called Sether.IO. It is the block chain’s first intelligence social marketing platform. The reason I am so excited about this one is because it is early days for this. It’s early days for this type of concept. If you look at the social marketing industry, if you look at the Internet marketing industry, the digital marketing industry, look at the biggest companies that have been created in the last decade. What do you think they do? They serve marketing, they do marketing. They do other things besides marketing but they largely revolve around marketing services such as advertising, data collection, data preservation, data proliferation, data distribution, data enhancement and enrichment. Everything is our own data these days. The more data you have as a company the more powerful you are as a company.

Think of Netflix. Netflix has transitioned from a company that literally packaged of CDs and put them in envelopes and ship them to people to one of the biggest data companies in the world. And it actually evolved their business to now become a content producer like Hollywood where they make movies. They make TV shows like Hollywood and it is all because of the data that they have collected. The data that they have collected is so valuable and so powerful that they have created an entirely new business model which is to produce content which is disrupting Hollywood in the process.

So my point of all this is that Google has started, Facebook has started, Amazon has started, this is all happening because of data, because of social marketing because of digital marketing and Sether.IO is going to disrupt the market once again, using block chain technology.

04:40 – What Does Sether Do

So let’s get right into it guys. I’ve just been super excited about this particular company and what they’re doing. So right off the gate use Sether to target customers, create loyalty, deploy marketing campaigns, segment your audience and study customer behavior on all social networks. If you’ve ever worked for the company, if you’ve ever worked for Fortune 500 Company, you know that this stuff is very very important. We have marketing animation, we have web development, we have social media advertising, marketing, we have retargeted marketing, we have data enrichment to get better segmentation for targeting customers. We have e-commerce marketing. There is all kinds of different things that are happening. That’s why Facebook is so valuable. That’s why Google is so valuable because they get it, they understand this stuff. They understand how to collect data about customers and then know how to segment that data and then sell that data to advertisers that want to use that data to target customers to sell their own product or services. Sether takes this a step further and they actually do what a lot of these companies are already doing and they put it on steroids.

05:52 – What Is Sether

So let’s get right into it before I get into the actual token sale information, I want to talk a little bit about what the company does. So what is Sether in arush? Sether opens up block chains from marketers everywhere using previously unavailable tool smart contract. So it is built on the etherium block chain. It brings transparency thus trustworthiness but are isolated from social networks. Sether brings social networks data intelligently analyzed into smart contracts. Integrating smart contracts into your marketing strategy, offers your business efficient and transparent crowd powered advertising engine, providing your clients with a new way to interact with your brand while cutting, supervising and monitoring cost at the same time. We use big data analytics, artificial intelligence and behavioral science to understand every individual within your audience enabling you to connect with them on a personal level. We understand group behaviors through community voices enabling you to take a holistic decision.

Guys, big businesses spend a lot of money to get this data. I have worked, like I said for many Fortune 500 companies, big big companies guys the GE, Symantec, others out there. And Safeway if you are familiar with that one. And they pay a lot of money not only for this data but to have people, their workers segment the data, analyze the data, mined the data, organize the data, distribute the data, use the data in marketing campaigns. This is big big money guys and businesses are willing to spend very very big large amounts of money to get at this data.

07:28 – How Does Sether Work

So let’s go through exactly what they do. So the innovation obviously is the etherium block chain which enables you to make smart contracts. That’s the protocol. That’s the innovation. In a nutshell you guys all know what etherium is.

07:42 – The Constraints That Companies Face

So next, the constraints. Smart contracts run inside the block chain, that’s what etherium does which typically is isolated from social networks. There is no interaction between the etherium block chain and social networks. So the need is businesses, they need analytics and data from these social media companies to do things like customer targeting, advertising, marketing campaigns, PR campaigns, bounty or affiliate campaigns, customer targeting. They spend a lot of money to target customers using social media data. And if you guys have any familiarity with this you would know that this is very big business.

08:21 – The Solution That Sether Offers

The solution, this is a solution that Sether is proposing is businesses will then use Sether to connect to the social media data which is pumped back into Sether. Companies will then extract the data, Sether with analyze it through artificial intelligence, through language processing, sentiment analysis, which I am big in and I have shown you guys some of the benefits of social and sentiment analysis. They would enrich that data with these insights and they will deliver it back to these businesses. This is huge. This is so big. Right now, just this piece in and of itself, natural languages processing sentiment analysis, social network APIs, AI, graph algorithms, these are all right now disparate systems. Disparate systems that work independently from one another. Sether is trying to bring this all into one place on the block chain. So pretty good stuff already.

09:15 – An Example Of How Sether Works

Let’s jump right into an example of how this might work. Customer loyalty; this is a customer loyalty example. There are many many examples of this. But for example if they treated or posted about the last five items bought from your company, they automatically get a 15% discount on the next purchase. Using a smart contract, the company will then create a loyalty program or campaign based on a contract that uses Sether platform which will then query Facebook, twitter and all of these other things. So what they will do is they would ask Sether to retrieve the twitter and Facebook followers that have that specific criteria that is outlined above, just because of the use case, they would ask Sether if they tweeted about your products. They will ask Sether if they share products on Facebook. They would ask Sether how many times they did it. And if they did it five times, ask Sether to issue a 15% discount voucher that can be used in the next purchase. This is taken literally all of the marketing automation you see out there, like the marketers, the mail chimp, the constant context, it’s taking the retargeting system, it’s taking Google ad words, it’s taken Facebook advertising and it is literally stuffing it all into the block chain and allowing businesses to then query that information in real-time and offer discounts or incentives and whatever they want to customers based off of that data set. This is massive guys. I hope you are getting the breadth of what this is because I’m super excited. I’m a marketer so I’m super super excited about this. I think this is a game changer. I think it is just completely unbelievable what they’re doing.

10:57 – Sether Key Release Dates

Let’s go down. I mean it works all different types of marketing applications. Let’s go down and look at some of the key dates. So in January they are setting up an alpha network to do testing. In March they’re going to release their 1.0 beta to beta testers in the market. In May 2018 they’re going to actually release the first version out into the world. I’m definitely going to want to use this service even if I don’t invest in the company itself. I definitely want to use this service because it’s so powerful and I could definitely see the power in this right here.

11:39 – How The Sether Coins Are Going To Get Distributed

So the token sale itself right now, there is up to 100 million Sether tokens minted. One Sether equals 0.003 etherium. And there is a hard cap of 165,000 etherium. And here is the details of how the Seth coins are going to get distributed.

So let’s go back up, if you want to participate in it you can go and buy these tokens. I’m actually going to buy some right now myself. I need to transfer my money first from coin base to my ether while it to do so. If you haven’t done that, leave a comment and I will do a quick tutorial on how to transfer from coin base to my ether wallet if you guys don’t know how. I show you exactly how to do that.

Already in the last hour they have already doubled the amount raised, in the last hour so that is pretty interesting in and of itself.

12:38 – Sether Faqs

So lastly, let’s look at FAQs. I haven’t actually look at the FAQs yet but they’re just saying contact us. So how would I receive my tokens, what wallets to use, how sether tokens would be created, the status of the platform. That’s an interesting one.

We are currently putting a huge amount of effort into Sether development to have an offer released by January 2018. So that’s the date to look for. I think all this other stuff you guys understand.

So let’s go back to the top.

If you guys are not excited about this, I don’t know what to get you excited. This is definitely by far one of the most disruptive ICO’s I have seen in a long long time. And I’m not just saying that to hype. I’m a marketer I really really truly understand what they’re doing here. And once they launch this this is going to be a massive game changer. It could definitely even unseat Google, unseat Facebook or at least compliment them in growth of the size that they are; how valuable this data is. I know how valuable the social media marketing data is. It’s proprietary in a lot of cases. Sether is going to make this available and they’re going to make it available in a way to integrate directly with your marketing campaigns to execute. And that is why I think this is a game changer. It is super cheap right now to get in on this if you want to. This is not financial advice, this is not abdicating you to do something you’re not comfortable with. But I wanted to know that this one is a good coin and it is going to go up. I am positive. Unless they royally screw up the technology and they royally screw up the launch of the technology. This one is going to go high. I don’t know how high, time will tell. It is what it takes some time to develop this but it is definitely going to go up quite a bit.

So hopefully that was useful for you guys. I am Dan from cryptocamacho.com. Hopefully this was useful. If you haven’t subscribed already, go and click that little red button right up there and subscribe to this YouTube channel and he would get updates on all of this moving forward. I will let you know how much I invest. I’m going to start with probably $1000 or maybe a little bit more than that just to see how things go. I may be even dropping $500, I’m not so sure yet. I need to do a little bit more research on this but I’m super pumped about it and I just get it like that. So unless there are any red flags about the company, about the team or anything like that, I think were good to go.

15:07 – The Sether Team

One thing I didn’t actually mention is the team itself. So this team is based in Romania I believe. You can read about them on here yourself. They are marketers, their experienced teambuilding companies. They are technical. But yes, that’s really about it.

I’d love to know what you guys think about this. I’d love to know if you think that this is a technology that can disrupt the other marketing companies that are out there like Google, Facebook and these other ones. I’d be really curious to know what you guys think. Until then, I’ll talk to you next time. See you guys.