Episode Highlights:

  • 00:38 – What Advice Would You Receive In This Video
  • 01:30 – Overview Of My Bitsler Account
  • 03:04 – Day 2 Of My Bitsler Journey
  • 04:59 – What I Did When Bitcoin Crashed
  • 06:26 – Day 4 Of My Bitsler Journey
  • 07:35 – Day 5 Of My Bitsler Journey
  • 09:28 – How I Make $50 A Day
  • 11:38 – Increasing The Betting
  • 11:54 – Sample On Conservative Betting
  • 13:23 – Why You Should Bet Conservatively
  • 14:37 – Micro Site About Bitsler
  • 15:80 – Reason For The Bitsler Micro Site

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Hey guys, what’s up with Dan again from cryptocamacho.com where each day I teach you something valuable about crypto currency. Sometimes we talk about trading, sometimes we talk about long-term investing, the time to talk about tools and resources in the crypto currency space that may help you profit and make more money with BitCoin, etherium, lite coin and other alt coins in the crypto currency space.

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00:38 What Advice Would You Receive In This Video

Today I wanted to give an update on my journey using Bitsler. Where I’m at, I’ve been doing it about five or six days at this point and gosh, it has been a bit of a roller coaster ride in Bitsler. I am up and I am making money but there are some things I want to point out to you specifically about how I am betting on using the script, how it’s working for me, what types of bets on making, what percentage I’m chancing, all those things I will cover in this video. I want to give an update on my balance, On how I am doing, on how I’m generating free BitCoin and how it’s working out for me.

If you like this video, if you want to learn more about Bitsler you can go to cryptocamacho.com\Bitsler. I would put the link in the show notes.

I also want to show your new website, it’s a macro site that I put together our own this Bitsler project that I have going on. But first let’s get to the good stuff.

01:30 Overview Of My Bitsler Account

So let’s go to Bitsler, let’s look at my account. You can see my account right now, we’re seeing 0.246 of BitCoin. And I have been consistently growing this for the last five or six days. I did have one hiccup that I want to show you guys. And I want to mention in this video so you guys don’t actually do the same thing.

So now that I’ve shown you this really quickly I’m not going to go ahead and bed yet. But what I would like to do is show you my stats, show you how things are going today in the last few days. So I started this program on November 9, which was about five days ago. I started with a balance that was actually a little bit lower than this. I started with the balance of 0.005 BitCoin and some change. The very first day that I use my script, the algorithm that I created that I was show you here in a moment, the very first day I tried this and implement it it actually doubled my account. More than 110% today over day returns or ROI. And I thought that was amazing. I didn’t deposit anything, I didn’t withdraw anything. I did make a few updates to the spreadsheet, to the growth tracker. If you want to download that it would be in the show notes as well. So I doubled my account the very first day; no deposits, no withdrawals. The first day that I did it I made 0.005 BitCoin, which all in all is not a whole lot of money but I thought it was great the very first time I use this that I doubled my account.

03:04 Day 2 Of My Bitsler Journey

So now it is going to Day 2. So Day 2 was on November 10th. I’m going to modify this, so let’s just say day one, Day 2, Day 3 Day 4, Day 5, Day 6, Day 7 and I will update that later…

So if we look over at Day 2, November 10, I started with .015 BitCoin. I ended the day with .0133, which netted me a total of 0.00794 BitCoin profit. I did not withdraw anything, I did make a small deposit here. All in all I ended the day with 0.00279 additional BitCoin or 26.55% return day over day on my investment.

So why did the investment or the ROI drop so dramatically? Part of this was my problem, I started getting a little bit too high and it got a little bit more risky, I didn’t want to lose my account, so I was betting a little bit more conservatively towards the end and bumped it up 26%. Still not bad. At 26% return is still not bad. The next day is where things got really interesting. So I started my day with an account balance of 0.0212 BitCoin. And that is because I deposited .0019. So I did deposit a little bit. And the reason I did that is because I wanted to try and increase the account value so that I can start increasing the size of bets that I make. And that is exactly what I did. And so when I did that I actually increased my account from 0.021 to 0.027 BitCoin just like that in the first day. And that is actually a pretty good return. That’s $75-$100, from doing nothing. And in the end I ended up with 27% gain on my money.

04:59 What I Did When Bitcoin Crashed

One thing I want to know is that on this particular day, what happened is that, why I am highlighting this right here is because on November 11, a few days ago, this is when BitCoin crashed. This is when BitCoin cash skyrocketed and went to the moon. If you remember BitCoinwas supposed to split and a segue to I believe it was November 15 or 14th around that time, but they call it off. They called it off on November 11. And when they called off that hard coin BitCoin, what happened is that they tend to BitCoin and it made BitCoin cash go way way up in value. I noticed this about midnight when I was trying to look at my account and I had no idea what was going on in the crypto currency market. I didn’t know what was happening with BitCoin. I didn’t want it to lose too much value. and so I thought okay, I am going to go ahead and withdraw all of my money from Bitsler and convert it to etherium because I don’t know what’s happening to BitCoin and I don’t want to lose my entire account. So that is why you see this withdrawal right here. I withdrew the money and actually converted it to etherium. I just kinda waited and held on it. I didn’t do any more Bitsler betting, I was just waiting to see what happens. So that kinda delayed me a little bit right there.

06:26 Day 4 Of My Bitsler Journey

The next day when things kinda settled down in the market with BitCoin, BitCoin cash, actually went ahead and deposited that money back into my account and added a little bit of additional funds to the account. So the next day on day four, on November 12, actually deposited that 0.27 BitCoin and a bit more, another probably 0.23. Again so that I can increase the value of my account so that I can make bigger bets. So that is exactly what I did. I started the day off with a 0.05 BitCoin and ended up with 0.56 BitCoin or 12% gain. So let’s look at that really quickly in terms of value. So 0.05 BitCoin to USD is about $328. And then I ended the day 0.056 approximately, I ended the day up about $40-$50 in just that one day. So I thought that was not bad – 12%. Here is the exact hotel that I ended up with.

07:35 Day 5 Of My Bitsler Journey

And then the next day on day five is when I made a huge huge mistake. And this is what I wanted to talk to you guys about because I did make a mistake and I want to make sure that you guys don’t make the same mistake. This Bitsler program has a lot of potential but you really need to run it in the right way. You need to run it in very small increments, 2-4 minutes. You need to run into maybe once every hour or twice every hour if you can. And don’t over abuse it. Don’t over bit. You also need to bet conservatively and I mean very conservatively, fairly small because what happens if you bet too large, what happens is your bet starts doubling. They start doubling and doubling and doubling and they start compounding. And when that happens you can actually lose your account value very very quickly and that is exactly what I did right here. I typically have been betting .00001 every time I bet in these Bitsler bets. I started increasing that value and I increased it to .0005 or 0.0006. And I started increasing it higher and I noticed that my account would go down pretty significantly or winning back the earnings. And it made me a little bit concerned about, let’s go with it, let’s see what happens. But what happened was not good. I basically had my account from 0.056 to 0.022 because I was betting too large. And I don’t want that to happen to you guys. I would stick with the small bets, the .0001 and go up to .0003 until your account balance is higher. When your account balance is maybe at .1 then you can go above .0005. And that is what I would recommend that you do. So that happened to me, I didn’t lose my entire account but I did lose about 60% of my account which was pretty dramatic. It went from about $320 to about $120 or something like that. So I wasn’t too happy about that but it was okay, all a part of the learning process.

09:28 How I Make $50 A Day

Now on day six I am back on track. I started the day with 0.022 BitCoin and right now I am currently at 0.0246. So I have made a bit of profit here. Let’s go ahead and look at how much I have made today.

So I have 0.022 in the balance, let’s go over here and just type that in Google real quick. So I have a balance of $144.56, that’s what I started with this morning. Today now I am at the 0.0246 and let’s see how that compares – so no I am at $162. I have made about $20 today, approximately and the day is only about half over. So I still have half a day. Have made about $20. Hopefully I went to make another $20-$30 a day. So if I can consistently make $40-$50 a day which does seem like it is possible, I have been doing that for the last few days at least. I would be in good shape. And incrementally I will continue to raise up my bets as time goes on as my account raises up a bit higher. I don’t want to increase the bets too much onto my account actually raises up probably pretty significantly 0.1 are a little bit higher than that just to make sure that I have enough room to bet and profit as I go. So then, when that happens I was start betting more rather than making $40-$50 a day, then I will start making $60, $70 and $80 a day. Because each time I run the program, right now I am making only a couple of dollars maybe two dollars to three dollars every time I run it. If I run it 20 times in a day, that can add up pretty significantly; $20-$30 a day. But if you start making $3, $4, $5, $6, $7, $8 every single time you run this program, that is when it really starts adding up. Because if you’re making eight dollars a day and you do this 20 times a day, that is $160 in a day. So that is my plan, that is my strategy and I wanted to give you an update on that.

11:38 Increasing The Betting

So what I mean by increasing the betting; let’s go ahead and do it. Let me go ahead and grab the script again, let’s go ahead and make some money right now. I’m going to show you exactly right now how I am doing that.

11:54: Sample On Conservative Betting

So I am going to go ahead and increase the chance to 50%. I’m going to bet pretty conservatively today. I’m going to do 000001 and I’m going to bed very very conservatively because I just want to show you. What I was doing before is that I was doing 00005, which is great, I make a lot more BitCoin much more quickly. This goes up much more quickly. But the loss compounds much more quickly as well. And so the count can drop pretty dramatically and pretty quickly if you are not careful with this.

So I’m going to go ahead and be conservative again, we’ve got 000001, not too much. Let’s see how we make money. Let’s see my account balance run up again. So I’m going to go ahead and inspect, I’m going to go to the console, I’m going to paste in the script and press enter. And I’m just going to watch and monitor very closely. I have my finger on F5 and you can see my account balance going up and it is going down. And in the end let’s see what it turns out. It is going up, you can see. But again it is betting very very conservatively. So you can see every time it’s betting, it’s really only betting a fraction of my account just to be safe. And you can see that I just jumped back up, I just met it a bit more money. Again I made another profit. And so you do this for 2 to 4 minutes, maybe two times an hour or every hour and he just keeps going up and it keeps compounding overtime.

13:23 Why You Should Bet Conservatively

Now I want to pay very very close attention to this because I do not want my account balance to drop too much. Now it is at 0.0248 and I was at 0.02467 before we started this call. It is going but don’t to 0.02467 and now it goes up to 0.024682. It’s going up a little bit. So this is a slow way of making money but it is also a safety net so that you do not lose all of your account in a few bets.

So let this go a little bit longer and you can see how the account is starting to drop down now. It is at 0.0246 and now it bounced back up to 0.0248; fantastic. I’m going to let this run for about one or two more minutes. Let’s get one more really good profit here and then we will go ahead and shut it off. So I am waiting pretty patiently right now. I just want to see if it profits here. It is still going down. And this is exactly what I mean why you guys have to be careful.

So my account balance is still going, keep watching here. It is compounding, it is compounding and it is going down a little bit but it will bounce back up. There it goes. I’m going to stop it now 0.024685.

So you can see that I just run this and I just made some additional BitCoin for free.

14:37: Micro Site About Bitsler

So there is one other thing that I wanted to show you today. I am putting together actually a little micro site Bitsler project that I’m working on. And if you guys are interested you can go to cryptocamacho.com\Bitsler- download. The URL is right here if you are interested. You can go and check it out and I’m going to set up this micro site, updated as time goes on. Basically it is the video of what I am doing with Bitsler. You guys should have already seen this. It is on YouTube. If not go to some of my previous videos. And then you can go here and actually download the Bitsler script yourself. And you can actually go and activate your Bitsler account here as well.

15:80 Reason For The Bitsler Micro Site

What is this for? This is really to help people learn about Bitsler, to help people learn what it is. It is more of a promotional page and I just wanted to share with you guys. You guys could go to the page and make a comment here. I would love for you to engage in this but wanted to just kinda show you what I am putting together as part of this project.

Anyway hopefully you found this useful. Again this is day 6 of my Bitsler journey. I will keep you posted on how things improve are not as we go through this journey. Thank you to everybody who has signed up to Bitsler under my affiliate link. I really appreciate that. If you guys are interested in joining as well you can go to cryptocamacho.com\Bitsler and that will go right to Bitsler and you can sign up for an account and I will get a referral fee for adding you. I would really appreciate if you do that.

Before you leave, go ahead and subscribe to my YouTube channel and again thank you guys so much for watching. I love to do this for you guys and it is really fun for me to do it as well. But until next time, I am Dan from crypto Camacho. Go to cryptocamacho.com and learn about crypto currency. Until the next video I would talk to you guys later.