Episode Highlights:

  • 00:06 – What Is Bitconnect?
  • 00:55 – Transaction History
  • 01:57 – Little Calculation Of Interest
  • 03:00 – My Average Return Of Investment
  • 03:44 – Bitconnect Platform
  • 04:49 – The Purpose Of Investing In Bitconnect
  • 06:28 – Recap Of Money Made
  • 07:11 – Strategy To Invest In Bitconnect
  • 08:52 – List Of Exiting Hypes Programs

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What’s up, guys? Is Dan from cryptocamacho.com bringing you another cryptocurrency value bomb?

00:06 What Is Bitconnect?

Today I want to talk about bitconnect. I want to talk about day 12 on my bitconnect journey, and how things are going. Let’s get right to it. So, a bitconnect…if you guys have been living under a rock for the last year and you don’t know what bitconnect is, go to the link in the show notes and check out what bitconnect is. Bitconnect is essentially, a lending platform or you can lend cryptocurrency and then get daily interest, or daily interest back into your account and essentially make money every day based on the amount of money you lended into the program. So, I’m on day 12 of my bitconnect journey, and things are looking pretty good. I’ve actually, been making money every single day consistently. I’ve been getting about 1% interest on my daily interest received and that’s all based on the amount I invested it, to begin with.

00:55 Transaction History

So, let’s do a quick refresher here real quick. Let’s look back into the transaction history, and I’ll show you exactly how much I have lended out, and how that actually, went about. So, if you remember back to November 15th, when I actually started this journey of mine. I lended on the bitconnect platform 1030 dollars, and what that means is that on that day I went, and I bought about $1,000 worth of Bitcoin. I then turned around and I buy from that Bitcoin, I bought the bitconnect coin, which is BCC coins. And then once I had the BCC coins I actually, went and invested that in the bitconnect platform for a matter of time. And so, since my investment was one to five thousand dollars my capital, my initial one-thousand-dollar capital will be locked for about 220 days approximately; and then after that 220-day time period, I’ll get that capital back. But in the meantime, before the capital is released I will get daily interest every single day on the initial loan, or on the initial capital that I lent out.

01:57 Little Calculation Of Interest

So, let’s just take a quick look at a recap of where I’m at right. So, if you look at November 15th, I invested $1030 right. My capital will be released July 12, 2018. So, a little way, and you can see here that every single day I’ve been getting daily interest paid back on that loan. And you can actually see on November 20th I reinvested $50, or $52.50 of the interest that I’ve gotten back. And then since then I’ve actually, made interest not only on the $1000 that I made but also on the $52 that I reinvested back into the platform. And you can see right here, there’s you know there’s profits right here $60.70 against my loan for a thousand dollars. And then you can see I’m starting to get daily interest from the $50 that I lended and obviously it’s going to be low 53 cents here which is 1% of $50 and every single day I’ve been getting this interest right, over and over and over.

03:00 My Average Return Of Investment

So, let’s look at where I’m at, and you know what the average return is because you can see the return, or the daily interest fluctuates. You know every single day bitconnect does publish this on their website. I could show you where in a second, then you publish this and it looks like, I’ve been getting anywhere from you know 0.51% interest all the way you know to 1.0 5% interest, 2.0 5% interest around here. So, it’s been fluctuating right. I don’t get 1 or 2% every single day, some days I get half of a percent, but let’s take a look at how much of this is added up to be, and how much I’m actually making on this program for investing $1000 twelve days in right. So, I’m only 12 days into this program and I’m really starting to understand how it works a lot better now that I’ve been involved with it.

03:44 – Bitconnect Platform

And it actually…let me pause here for just a second that’s what I encourage you know the majority of you to do. I think a lot of you are probably on the fence of whether, or not to buy Bitcoin whether, or not to invest in hype programs like bitconnect whether, or not to you know buy altcoins, or whatever. The big secret is that you’ll never actually, know what the outcome is unless you try. And that’s the situation I was in with bitconnect right. I saw you know all these people starting to invest in bitconnect, starting to make videos about bitconnects, starting to you know basically promote bitconnect as the next best thing to slice bread right. The next best thing in cryptocurrency. And so, I knew I had to learn about it I knew, I had to get involved in it, I knew I had to kind of figure out what bitconnect was and so forth. In order to do that, you know I could read all day long about bitconnect, I can read and watch the videos about how people having success on bitconnect. But until I actually jump into the platform, until I actually join the platform, I’ll never know how it works. I’ll never know if it works, I’ll never know you know the nuances of the platform. The nuances of how the system works, to improve upon it then next time something big comes out right.

04:49 The Purpose Of Investing In Bitconnect

So, my whole purpose of investing in bitconnect today is really, just to understand how it works in this brand-new world of cryptocurrency, you know where everything is being disrupted left and right, seems like the new news is coming out every day. I see those are popping up left and right market caps are going through the roof, bitcoinsalmost at $10,000. I just had to know how does bitconnect work and how are people making so much money with bitconnect. And I’m starting to see the potential of why people are investing in this platform, even if it may be a multi-level marketing scheme, or a Ponzi scheme, or whatever you may call it. I like to call it a high-yield investment program. That’s really what it is, or a hype program. But there’s truly potential in here even if you invest as little as $100 into this platform. So, let me show you what I’m talking about here. So, you see the history here you know let’s go back over to my dashboard, and let’s look at how much I’ve earned, lent all kind of recap in one place. So, if you go down here to total earn; so, I’ve earned a total…I’ve invested a total of $1080 in reality, that’s $1030 because my $50 capital came from a reinvestment of the interest that I made every single day. So, keep that in mind; so total profit earned is $112 after 12 days guys of investing $1000. I’ve made $112 back in twelve days. And I have not reinvested my $60 which you can see up here. I haven’t actually invested that Yeah right. So, if I invested this back in the platform I would be gettinganother one to two dollars per day you know, alongside what I’m getting. So, after a month that’s another $30 right. So, you could kind of see how this snowballs right.

06:28 Recap Of Money Made

And just to give you a recap of the money that I’m making so look right here. So, I started investing in bitconnect on November 15th which was 12 days ago right. I invested $1030 and I’ve earned $112 back, you know along with the compounded interest. I’ve reinvested $50. So, my average daily interest that I’m seeing is nine dollars right. $9.34 my average daily interest percentage is 0.91%. Now think about this how this works; this is assuming that you’re reinvesting every single time you’re making interest, and keep in mind that every time you reinvest capital, that is then locked down for a period of time right. Typically, over 200 days from bitconnect.

07:11 Strategy To Invest In Bitconnect

So, I’m trying to figure out the best strategy of…you know how much I should invest versus how much I shouldn’t reinvest, and really figure out what makes the most sense in terms of taking out money versus reinvesting the money. That’s kind of what I’m starting to do now. But if you do the math here you know after only 12 days I’ve earned $112. So, essentially after 120 days; if you do the math right times ten. Twelve times ten after 120 days I will essentially make my money back. You know from the initial $1000 loan that I make. So, after 120 days which is what? Three months, four months. After four months I’ll make the money back and my initial capital after four months, which is very-very-very good. And then anything above and beyond that, or further from that is all kind of upside from there, it’s all profit right. so, it doesn’t even matter that my money is locked down for 220 days because after 120 days I’m getting my initial capital back. And that’s assuming that I’m not reinvesting every single time that I get daily interest. So, keep that in mind for a minute here, and you can start to see how this really-really snowballs in and gets bigger and bigger and bigger over time right. So, let’s say that my capital was locked for 220 days, let’s say I keep reinvesting my money right, the time period from 120 days is going to actually shorten right. It’s going to shorten down, and I’m going to put together a profit calculator to show you how this all kind of breaks down when you start reinvesting, or not reinvesting. But the way I’m actually starting to think about this is that there are new platforms, new hype programs that are popping up every single day. And I kind of created a quick little spreadsheet to show you some of this right.

08:52 – List Of Exiting Hypes Programs

So, here is a list of existing height programs. High-yield investment program. Opportunities of lending platform, opportunities that exist today. Here are several that are coming up as new ICOs in the next probably two weeks right. For example; there’s a total of 24 hype programs. This is not all of them by any means, is just a list that I’ve compiled myself. And I’m going to start actually investing little bits of money into each of these platforms. Just to kind of see how the platform works, and how everything plays out with them. Because what I would like to start experimenting with is lending on some of the most trusted platforms right, which is bitconnect for example; because it’s been around the longest as the most users the most trustworthy. It’s paid out the most so forth. And so, it’s most likely to not be a scam. So, what I’m going to do and how I’m thinking about this is, I’m going to start rather than reinvesting in the bitconnect platform. I’m going to start taking my money my daily interest that I’m getting. I’m going to start pulling it out of bitconnect, and I’m going to start then depositing it into all of these other platforms right here. And start to try to invest in these other newer hype programs, or hype platforms. And basically, do the same thing I’m doing on bitconnect, but then track the earnings and track the percentage payouts and soforth and see how much I can accumulate through that method right. My theory here is that I could if I can invest in these other platforms, my term is probably going to be a lot less you know. I won’t have to wait 220 days for my initial capital and my upside will be higher right, because it’s a newer platform. They’re likely paying out higher percentages. There’s likely a higher likelihood that I can get referrals underneath me versus bitconnect. And so that’s kind of how I’m going to start thinking about it now in all of this right now if you can tell this is from no referrals. I have no referrals whatsoever; I mean I do have two referrals sorry take that back. I do have two referrals none of these referrals have actually invested in the platform underneath me yet.

So, everything that I’ve been doing, it’s purely from the money that I’ve invested, or reinvested. And I’m just going to expand this out right. I’m going to expand this out to Devore coin, to idea coin, to Western coin, to all these other coins that are popping up. You know some of these are surely to be a success. And let’s assume that you know the success rate after six months is 50%; that means half of these let’s say go out of business in six months. If half of them are successful, I will more than double my money and some you know that also indicates that those programs may last for longer than six months. So, I think it’s a very good opportunity I think. It’s a great way to attack this. I’m going to try it out see how it works. If any of you guys have experience doing that let me know, but I’ll have to say that on day 12 for my bitconnect journey. I’m actually very-very-very pleased with the results. And I’m thinking again like I’ve said before, I’m thinking to invest you know 5, 10 K back into the platform to kind of keep this rolling forward and keep this snowball getting bigger and bigger and bigger. So, I’d be very curious to know what you guys think about this strategy. I’m super, super excited and happy with the results I’ve seen so far on bitconnect. And I’ve only invested $1000 so far, but after 12 days I have 1/10 of my investment back already which is fantastic right after 12 days. I have one-tenth of my investment $112 after investing $1030. I think I can wait another hundred days to get all my capital back. And then from there it’s all upside. So, hopefully you guys have liked this video? Hopefully you guys like this update? Before you leave don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel. Click the red button down there below. Go to cryptocamacho.com for more information, but as always, it’s a pleasure to talk to you guys. I look forward to having a live session with you guys soon and until then make some money. See you guys.