Episode Highlights:

  • 00:15 – Journey On Bit Connect Starts
  • 01:13 – Registering On Bit Connect
  • 02:50 – Activating Your Account
  • 03:01 – Avigating The Bit Connect Platform
  • 03:49 – Etting Up The Platform’4:38-Putting Money Into Bit Connect
  • 05:33 – Ending Requirements
  • 06:07 – Ow It Works
  • 09:01 – How To Purchase Bit Connect Coins
  • 11:36 – Onfirming Purchase
  • 12:05 – Ending Bit Connect Coins

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Hey guys what’s up its Dan from cryptocamacho.com where each day I teach you something about cryptocurrency.

00:15 – Journey On Bit Connect Starts

And today I am super super excited I am going to dive in headfirst I’m going to start my journey on bit connect I am going to start investing in the platform, I’m going to start blogging about it and letting you know my experience and letting you know how it goes.I haven’t signed up for an account yet. I’m about to register, I’m about to deposit Bitcoin I have my coinbase account ready to go. I have my wallet funded and I’m about to transfer some money to bit connect and see how this whole crazy hype madness works. So if you guys want to do a lot and be part of this journey you can follow me you could join my team go to the links below sign up on cryptocamacho.com/bitconnect and I’ll send you updates on my journey, on how this turns out for me.

01:13 – Registering On Bit Connect

So without further ado let’s get started and let’s start investing in the bit connect platform alright so first as you can see I’ve gone to bitconnect.com and I want to lend, I want to do Bitcoin connect lending sorry bit connect lending so what I’m going to do first is I need to register for an account so I’m going to go through and register so let’s just type in my information and we’ll say at cryptocamacho.com we’ll say crypto Camacho and we’ll put in my password here and we’ll put in some of this info.

All right okay let’s see I don’t have a sponsor today so I’m not going to do that I’m going to put in my birthday here and now I feel like I’m getting old a little bit let’s see where’s 1981 here that’s my birthday. All right and I agree I’m not a robot, I agree to the terms which I have read and I’m going to sign up. There we go signing up to bit connect I’m guessing I need to log into my email thank you for registering. Let’s go into my email and let’s see what email I got here okay all right.

 02:50 -Activating Your Account

As you can see I got my bit connect welcome email thank you for registering to bit connect I’ll find my activation link, please click the link all right I’m going to click on the activation link and let’s see what happens. All right my account is activated now what so let’s click back over to lending let’s go ahead and try to log in here into the new platform that I just signed up to. All right again I’m not a robot so I’m in perfect and now it’s going to ask me security questions I’m going to pause this while I go ahead and fill out my security questions.

03:01 Navigating The Bit Connect Platform

All right so I’ve added my security questions I am in, looks like I’m in the bit connect platform here and you probably want to check out the lending guide here I’m not going to dig into this right now but you do want to probably check that out just for reference.

03:49 Setting Up The Platform’

And let’s go ahead and setup things let’s see my referral link here let’s go ahead and set that up as well. So as you can see my team is a team of one and if you do want to join my team you can certainly do so by going to bitconnect.co/ cryptoCamacho or you can go to crypto Camacho.com /bit connect. And let’s see I guess that’s all. Here’s my referral link right here okay. I’ll copy that and put the link in the video just so you guys can see it. My security settings I want to figure out probably a little bit later here which I’ll figure out here in a moment.

04:38 Putting Money Into Bit Connect

But let’s go through and let’s put some money into my account here so I’m going to go back to my dashboard and figure out how to do this here. All right so I am ready to go everything’s ready. I think I just need to deposit my Bitcoin now so let’s do that let’s go ahead and deposit my Bitcoin right here and a quick deposit here’s my deposit address. I’m going to go ahead and copy my deposit address copy and I’m going to invest.

Here’s my coinbase account I am going to invest about a thousand dollars into bit Connect although first let’s take a quick look at the rules, not the rules but the table that I showed you before that’s just a bit connect let’s go to.

05:33 Lending Requirements

Let’s go ahead and look at lending just want to see that the requirements here again okay so 1000 okay we got $1,000, 299 days and over a thousand dollars is 239 days okay, so yeah I will do about a thousand dollars all right I’m actually going to start with just a little bit over a thousand dollars so that I could get my money back in 239 days rather than 299 days.

06:07 How It Works

So let’s go back, let’s go back to deposit let’s grab my withdrawal address go back to coinbase I’m going to say send and just make sure receive okay got my receive address and my send address I’m going to send okay and I’m going to send I’m going to send 1025 actually let’s do $1,075 okay let’s say bit connect and we’ll say continue and we will confirm make sure the address is correct I think we’re good to go, confirm and the transaction is on its way. So now it should be popping up here pretty soon, okay there’s my payment it’s pending right now so we will go ahead and wait so now from the bit connect side I really just need to wait and then my Bitcoin should show up here any moment.

It may take a little while because the Bitcoin network has been extremely slow ever since the crash of Bitcoin or the cancellation I should say of the segue to hard fork for Bitcoin cash and Bitcoin. The networks haven’t been performing as well it didn’t really clogged up in Jam so we’ll probably have to wait a few minutes here. So while we do that let’s just explore the platform just for a few minutes right so we’ve already seen there’s a lending guide and there’s a reinvestment button and a lending button and so once we actually deposit our Bitcoin then we’re going to need to actually buy bitconnect coin and then we’re going to have to lend that bit connect coins. So that’s what we’re going to have to do next is first to get the Bitcoin, then we’re going to have to buy bit connect, and then we’re going to actually have to lend bit connect on their platform here.

So that’s what we’re going to wait to do as soon as I get my funds into the account so other than there’s just the basic things it’ll show you your total investment your active investment your capital released and your total earned which I don’t have anything, because I haven’t even put money in here yet but I’m trying to fund it with Bitcoin right now. So check out what some of these other things are let’s pop this out go to the exchange. Oh looks like I was logged out let’s go back. Oh no I wasn’t logged out okay here’s the exchange.

09:01 How To Purchase Bit Connect Coins

So basically this is just how you can buy bitconnect coin which we’re going to do here momentarily as soon as my Bitcoin comes in and this is how you would actually buy it I’ll go through this exactly in a moment as soon as I get my funds. So let’s go back to the dashboard I’m going to go ahead and pause this video until I get my Bitcoin deposited and confirmed so it may be a minute here but I will be back and I’ll show you the rest of the process all right so it looks like my Bitcoin that I just deposited from coinbase actually has come through to bit Connect there it is right there’s my Bitcoin that came through it’s just over a thousand dollars and now what I need to do is I need to go and buy some bit connect coin so let’s go over to the bit connect exchange over here then we scroll down to the prices. So we’ll go down to the exchange right here we’re going to go to buy BCC and there’s my total again and I’m going to click all on the total so it’s going to put in all my total. I’m going to buy bit connect and let’s do it it’ll give me 3.95 bit Connect coins.

All right confirm the Buy, confirm, all right fantastic I just bought 3.95 bit Connect coins let’s go back over to my dashboard now and okay so now let’s find them where my 3.95 bit Connect coins. Let’s go down to transaction and see what actually happened here nothing’s showing up yet. It might take a second all right, so I have .037 wait no that’s not right my open orders here we go here’s my open order all right so it’s opened up looks like it’s still on the market pending and it has not purchased yet but any moment now it should.

11:36 Confirming Purchase

Nevermind all right guys so it looks like my order did go through, my order history I bought 3.78 Bitcoin sorry–bit connect coins at this price. Now you can see my balance I have 3.78 bit connect coins in my balance perfect that’s what I wanted.

12:05 Lending Bit Connect Coins

So now I’m going to go back over the dashboard so now what I want to do is lend my bit connect coin so I’m going to lend it and let’s say I’m out let’s just bring this over oh it won’t let you carry it over here see you like it over this way. Let’s do something else here what was my balance of ear it is here’s my balance here’s my bit connect. I’m going to copy that then I’m going to go to lend I’m going to say you can’t sure it doesn’t let you actually okay so now I’m going to lend my bit connect coin right here and I’m going to get into the second tier here which is I get my capital back my initial investment for 239 days and I’m going to get an extra point ten percent daily interest for lending over a $1000. So that’s what I do 3.75 bit Connect coin I have enough there’s my balance. So I have enough there I’m going to say I read and I am going to pay from a bit connect wallet and start this process all right confirm.

All right it successfully landed a $1030 or 3.75 bit connect coin, perfect alright so now we wait now let’s check how much we’re lending here let’s just refresh this real quick and okay so you can see in my bit connect wallet now it’s gone down a bit my lending wallet should be populated here in a moment so let’s refresh this all right so my wallets been depleted but my lending wallet hasn’t actually been increased with my funds yet. So let’s look around here and let’s go over to transactions, so transaction okay here it is here’s here’s where you can see what I’ve done and my bit connect wallet okay I took it out and lent it I bought it and then I lent it in my Bitcoin wallet same kind of thing my lending wallet. Here’s my actual order that I put in so I’m lending it a $1030 here’s the timestamp and everything related and a big cache okay.

So it looks like I am done and now we wait. So tomorrow I’ll make another video I’ll show you the interest that I initially receive when I when I go through this process and I don’t know what interest I’m going to receive, I don’t know how much it’s going to look like I don’t really know what this is going to look like. But I’ll keep you posted on how it works out and also I want to let you know again to jump onto my team I have nobody on my team right now because I just started this process but I’d love for you to join you could go to bitconnect.co /script or Camacho you can go to CryptoCamacho.com /bitconnect and there will be my referral ID.

I hope you liked this video hopefully it was helpful I’m excited to start my journey using bit connect not sure what to think of it not too sure how it’s going to turn out but I’m hopeful I’m really looking forward to using the platform, I’m really looking forward to documenting it along the way and showing you guys how it works. Again I’m Dan from CryptoCamacho.com I hope you enjoyed this and I’ll talk to you tomorrow, see you guys.