Episode Highlights:

  • 00:11 – Vividtoken Ico
  • 01:25 – What Is Vivid Token
  • 02:42 – Collaboration With Experts
  • 03:15 – Publish And Earn
  • 04: 53 – Modular Indicators
  • 06:55 – Collaboration With Others In The Cryptosphere
  • 07:32 – Augmented Reality Is Dominating Computing
  • 07:53 – Exponential Growth Of Cryptocurrency
  • 08:41 – People Are Communicating More Digitally.
  • 09:12 – Billions Lost Due To Server Outages
  • 10:07 – Navigating The Markets And Their Communities
  • 10:56 – The Timeline
  • 11:50 – Private Mobile Beta
  • 12:26 – Vivid Token Sale
  • 13:07 – What Are We Selling And At What Price
  • 14:19 – Vivid White Paper
  • 16:02 – Faqs

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Hey, what’s up guys? It’s Dan again from cryptocamacho.com where each day I bring you the latest tips tricks and best ways to make money in cryptocurrency today.


Guys, I have a phenomenal ICO for you today to talk about to review I think this one is going to be a game changer for the cryptocurrency space, for the day trading and swing trading space, And really for the overall investment space in cryptocurrency. I think this one’s going to be a big, big game changer what I’m talking about guys? Is a platform called vivid token? So vivid token is a platform they’re raising funds through an ICO right now and what vivid is trying to do is they’re trying to build out the next generation, or revolutionary trading platform, trading community, content hub, and content portal for all of your cryptocurrency trading needs. So, let’s jump into it I think this ICO is really, really solid I’m very excited about it. I think this is needed. I think that you know the trading view is a platform that many investors use many day traders and cryptocurrency investors use that to draw charts, to do technical analysis on charts and so forth. Vivid token is essentially trying to build out a trading view on steroids. They build it out more as a community that you can get paid and you can send payments to those that make predictions, make trades, and make content revolving around cryptocurrency trading.


So, let’s dig into this, I think this platform is really interesting. Okay so, let’s dig into it. So, what is vivid token right? Let’s just jump right into it. So, essentially what they’re trying to do is they’re trying to build out a trading platform like I said similar to trading view, but they’re going to put it all on the Blockchain and then they’re going to offer incentives for people, offer for expert traders to actually publish their content on this platform. and then they’ll allow other more novice traders to then look at that content that experts are posting and to enable and you know re-enable features using the vivid tokens to gain more access to better content to better experts to better you know techniques tricks tips and what not to trade in cryptocurrency. So, basically what it’s going to be, it’ll be a platform that allows you to get all kinds of technical analysis on cryptocurrency markets, but it’ll also let you access additional features additional technical analysis and so forth Using your vivid tokens so that you can learn the best trade the best and ultimately make the most money while trading in day trading, swing, trading position, trading your cryptocurrency. So, let’s dig into it. I think there are some really; really cool features here and I think this platform is poised to really disrupt trading view, and I think they’re going to give trading view a run for their money. So, let’s just read through this a little bit right.


Collaborate with experts; vote on the content that matters the most and collaborate with experts. Our mobile and desktop application lets users add a wide range of custom indicators in technical analysis to their charts with vivid tokens that users can unlock more powerful indicators and one day upload their own for others to download right. So, they’re going to allow experts to put really good technical analysis content, indicators on different cryptocurrency charts and then they’re going to allow others to access that information by using or utilizing their vivid tokens very cool right.


And then publish and earn. Vivid’s ecosystem of content creators, publishing their market analysis commentary and technical understanding of a particular coin or subject earn them vivid tokens through voting from the community right. So, if you’re an expert and you publish technical analysis or any type of market analysis on the Vivid platform others will then be able to buy that content from you and pay you money to actually access that content and you’ll be able to earn money by literally doing what you love if that’s doing technical analysis on cryptocurrency markets, cryptocurrency charts you’re going to be able to earn money by publishing that content. I see a lot of folks doing this on Twitter, on YouTube all over social media people are publishing technical analysis. It’s a very, very popular to do right now, but right now a lot of folks aren’t earning any money directly from their efforts. They may be earning money you know indirectly through advertisements, affiliate programs things like that ,but they’re not earning money directly through their efforts directly, through their content and that is what the token is trying to change for expert traders. Here’s a glimpse at what the platform and they look like, but let’s keep going through right. They’re also going to offer a portfolio management suite so that you can track and understand your cryptocurrency investments. you’ll be able to log in to a dashboard and manage all of your crypto assets with the best-in-class charts and drawing tools, indicators and more again very similar to trading view, but on steroids with a much better design as you can see this website is a very, very nice website very good design. I imagine the dashboards the platform they’re going to create, will have a similar look and feel and a really, really nice robust design which is always very fantastic when you’re looking to build out charts right.


Modular indicators are mobile and desktop applications will let users add a wide range of custom indicators to their charts. With Vivid tokens, you can unlock more powerful indicators and will one day be able to upload your own for download right. So, modular indicators you can move them across to different charts and so forthright. And this feature I love the most this is kind of how vivid token he’s trying to gamify their platform which I think is very important not only in the crypto space but in the internet space in general and you think of Facebook right. Facebook is somewhat gamified and so it makes people addicted to the platform. People can’t help going on to Facebook because it’s so addictive, it’s so fun to use to browse through your phones, to browse through your news feeds, and to browse through games maybe that you’re playing farm town whatever it is you know whatever games you’re playing to use apps on their platform. Then Facebook is essentially gamified their platform vivid token is going to do the same thing but using augmented reality. So, add a new dimension to your data using augmented reality. View the overall cryptocurrency markets in your world. See the same coin charts and modular indicators in 3D space and bringing accessories such as the moon, a rocket ship or a bull to take an awesome photo of your crypto gains right. So, they give kind of a snapshot of how you can use augmented reality. If you guys remember that Pokemon game, I think it’s called Pokemon go where it was augmented reality right. You had the game on your phone right here and you would look and you would actually try to find a pokemon in the physical world by using and looking through your phone and they put augmented reality on here to make it look like there was a pokemon running around. They’re going to use a similar technology right here to actually gamify into to beef up your reports, your indicators, and your charts on the vivid token platform. I think that’s very smart. I think that’s very cool. I think it adds a gaming feature to the platform which will keep people hooked into the platform, keep people addicted to the platform and so forth. I think that’s a really, really clever strategy to use. And there’s a reason why they’ve done this right. And I’ll get to that in a second these folks that actually started this platform. They started their company way back in virtual reality and augmented reality space. And so, I’ll get some more of that in just a second.


Collaborate with others in the cryosphere. Learn from the best traders. Our focus is to build a thriving community for creating and publishing content. Voting and commenting on the content, and chatting with others to share your take on the author’s ideas and opinions is a core philosophy of our goal making of crypto trading more accessible right. So, they want to connect expert traders with newbie traders to help everybody, and to help the community, to overall help people get better at trading cryptocurrency right. You can watch this video; it’s very inspiring, very interesting how they’re actually positioning the company and what the company is doing. It gives you a good demo of what the platform may look like, what the mobile app may look like, what the augmented reality highly recommend you take a look at that.


Augmented reality is dominating computing. 50 billion plus in 2024, augmented reality market is set to exceed USD $50 billion by 2024. Which is why I think these guys are getting into the augmented reality business, but they’re putting a spin on it and they’re bringing it into the cryptocurrency space which I think is really cool.


Cryptocurrencies are obviously growing exponentially. 500 billion right now we’re just getting started. We’re just at the early stages. We’re like internet circa 1993. Cryptocurrency is just, just starting to take off another 5-10 years from now cryptocurrency is going to be literally the only thing that you’re going to see in the market right. It’s going to rebuild the internet. It’s going to rebuild a lot of different types of third-party regulatory institutions. It’s going to disrupt banks. It’s going to disrupt governments, it’s going to disrupt manufacturing, it’s going to just from so many different things and you know this is just saying that cryptocurrency is right for exponential growth which is why these folks are getting into not only cryptocurrency but also augmented reality. They’re marrying two together marrying up two very, very, very large markets and markets that are poised to explode in the coming years. They’re marrying those two things together on the Blockchain which is why I think this is a very, very smart move on their part.


People are communicating more than ever digitally right. I mean 3.2 billion people are online right now using applications like Discord, Tradingview, Slack, Reddit, Bitcointalk, YouTube so forth. And so, people are publishing their technical analysis like I’ve said, but they’re doing it on all these social media platforms and they’re not getting paid for it. Why not do it on something like vivid token. The vivid platform and get paid for the hard technical analysis work that you put so much effort into right. Get paid for it.


Billions are lost due to server outages. When users relying on a broad range of services in order to achieve their overall crypto trading and management workflow, loss of any of these applications can mean major issues this has actually happened to me before right. I mean there’s been times when I’ve had major funds invested you know in cryptocurrency exchanges, for example, Binance or Coinbase and they’ve gone down and I actually can’t access my cryptocurrency. I can’t access my funds, and the market may tank, it may dip, it may go way up right. And I want to be able to move my position around as easily and whenever I want to and it’s been a problem. And so, by doing what they’re doing, by creating this platform on a decentralized exchange, on the Blockchain it will have a better uptime and virtually a 24/7 uptime essentially right. It won’t go down when it’s on the Blockchain because it’s distributed. It lives on many different computers, many different servers in the cloud right. So, that’s how they can guarantee this decentralized content device agnostic so forth. You guys are all kind of knowing this stuff.


Navigating the markets and the communities is hard right. So, using vivid tokens you’re going to be able to purchase professional features by unlocking a technical analysis, indicators, expanded portfolios, themes and so forth. So, what you’re going to do as a newbie you know you’re going to go onto the platform you’re going to buy Vivid Tokens, you’ll be able to spend your Vivid Tokens to access better content from better experts that know what they’re doing and that’s exactly how you’re going to do it Using the Vivid Token. if you look at the team. The team is very, very, very well seasoned. I mean IAN NOTT, Harrison D. Lee. These guys are very seasoned in what they do go check out their LinkedIn profiles. They’re all legitimate right here. The founder and the CEO of this company Ian Nott.  He’s been around for a while. I’ll jump into that in a second here but I just want to show you how extensive the team is here.


So, the timeline is very interesting. The company started in 2014. it was a sister company and they were really focused more on exploring augmented reality and virtual reality like I said or and they knew that it was going to be a big play that the market was going to grow very, very extensively. They kept exploring it more in 2015 right. And then in 20…let’s see one of the platforms…Vivid was born in 2017. So, after the company had been around for a while they’ve been working in virtual reality you know I meant in reality and so forth. They decided to move it over to the cryptocurrency space and to build out the vivid platform right. So, I think that’s very cool means they have a solid understanding of VR and what that entails which will enable them to add additional features to their Vivid platform and take advantage of that right. So, I think that’s really cool and of itself. And let’s see


Private mobile beta is going to be released in Q2 of 2018. So, later on, this year actually not far from now they’re going to open up a private mobile beta of the platform and then they’re going to offer an advertising platform same time period. And then they’re also going to open up a desktop application all within guys, the next couple of months here. So, we’re very close to having this on the horizon. So, it’s a good time to get in right now. They’re going to be publishing their platform in beta in Q1 of 2019. So January H1 of next year they’re going to actually push out the live platform. This gives you kind of a sense of what the VR is.


Okay now, let’s talk about the token sale, the token economics and how it works. Token in business economics that works a token economy and cash flow focused business Our token sale event will be held for the distribution of Vivid tokens, which is your gateway to premium features, voting, and services offered throughout the vivid ecosystem. Vivid is a fixed supply of 140 million Ethereum tokens with the ticker Vivid. So, they’re going to have 140 million tokens overall as the total supply. The tradable tokens are based on the ERC20 standard which is the Ethereum Blockchain and operate on the top of the Ethereum Blockchain that facilitates the creation of decentralized applications very, very cool.


What are we selling at this price? Okay so, the token sale breakdown is right here right. So, they have an early access to a whitelist. Early access has already passed. whitelist presale is going on right now. So, if you want to sign up and go to the top or click on this button buy tokens now. You could sign up for that list and be included in the pre-sale. The actual Tier one of the ICO will go live a little bit later. It doesn’t actually give a date, but it’s going to happen after the pre-sale signup to make sure that you know when that announcement will come out. Here’s how the tokens will be allocated nothing really new here you can take a closer look. Funds distributed again nothing new here you guys are all fairly familiar with this. They’re raising a hard cap of 9,950 ETH tokens with a base price of one Ethereum being 10,000 Vivid tokens right. So, I think that’s actually a very good price. Ethereum right now today is approximately $600 per Ethereum token at the time of this recording. And so, you’re going to actually get pretty quite a few Vivid tokens for $600 approximately if you buy it now right. And that’s really it I mean I think this ICO has a very, very solid foundation. I do want to take a quick look at the PDF here real quick so much time.


Okay so, here’s the white paper and like all white papers right. Augment your portfolio with augmented reality. That’s pretty cool how they introduce that. I’m not going to spend a whole lot of time in here it gives you some definitions of what everything means here. Let’s just look at the abstract because I think that’ll be interesting to look at. Vivid is disrupting the way people interact, understand, and communicate their crypto portfolio from advanced technical indicators to viewing your holdings in a whole new dimension to collaborating with others on advanced trading concepts. Our aim is to advance the possibilities for both seasoned traders and enthusiastic newcomers alike. I love-love-love…they’re thinking on this. It is our vision to take what is the exciting and adventurous market of cryptocurrency and build not only a platform that can enable new covers and veterans alike to be more than they thought they could be, but also to build a medium that pushes the boundaries of what spatial computing offer the world. That’s in and of itself that’s revolutionary right. If they’re just going to be creating a augmented reality platform that interacts with the physical world that in and of itself is revolutionary right. And the fact that they’re coupling it with cryptocurrency makes it even more all the rage right. There’s an actual use case behind the augmented reality and there’s a huge market behind that as well which i think is very, very cool. Okay so, I’m not again…I’m not going to go into this whole white paper, but this kind of breaks down with the management landscape looks like there’s some really, really good stuff in here. This gives what the Vivid ecosystem looks like. taking some existing platforms that exist today is showing how vivid is actually a lot more superior to those platforms today and then it just kind of breaks down the use cases of how you know and why they’re building out this platform which I think is awesome. I think it’s really, really cool.

16:02 – FAQS

Now jumping over to the FAQ s. you can get FAQs for platform the token and the team. There is a lot in here. They spent some time on this to answer any questions you have. So, I definitely encourage you to go to this FAQ section, this question I like here right. Are there any major obstacles to reaching the first phases of product development? This is important when you’re talking about buying an ICO. because we are an industry specific team each coming from different background and her team and growth project management, our focus is expanding our manpower to amplify the core team into developing and delivering the overall product ecosystem phases outlined in the whitepaper. So, they’re going to be using the funds from the ICO to build out the team to actually build out this platform as they envision right. So, that’s very, very cool as well. I’m not going to go through all the FAQs as I said, but I do want you to take a look at it, because it’s important guys. There’s sixteen days before the presale ends at the time this recording. They’ve already you know got 40% of their raise completed, but now is the time to get in. just sign up on this form if you want to you know this video I really just wanted to make you aware of this platform. I think there’s potential, I’m not a financial advisor, and I am not your CPA. So, please do not treat me like one. This is not financial advice and please do not go on the internet and watch a video to get financial advice. Remember back in Bitconnect days you don’t want to do that again guys, don’t be another Bitconnect. Don’t do anything like that again. Do your own research you know don’t watch a YouTube video, make an investment, lose your money and then go and blame the YouTuber. That is absolutely ridiculous. Okay so, don’t do that, but I do want you to know that I am bullish on Vivid token. I personally will probably be investing some money into this. I’m guessing I’ll invest at least a couple hundred dollars maybe even $500 or thousand dollars. I’m not sure yet. I got to do a little bit more the research and due diligence on myself, but Vivid is solid, their platform is solid, their team is solid, the vision is solid. I think it’s all there, it’s just now can the team execute? And that’s the big question for a lot of these ICOs. Can the team execute? That’s really what it comes down to in many, many cases. So, we’ll see can Vivid execute? I think they can. I’m bullish on Vivid and I hope you are as well, because I think it’s a good opportunity. Again I’m Dan from cryptocamacho.com if you haven’t subscribed to my YouTube channel, please do by clicking on this little red button underneath the video and if you don’t I’m not going to be mad guys. This is free information for you to consume. I love making these videos. I love exploring ICOs. I’d love to hear the comments you guys give me. So, please leave comments, leave me feedback rip it apart do whatever you will, but please remember crypto Camacho said it first. See you guys.